ABRAM P. LUFKIN b. 10/1/1816 d. 4/24/1877
Mary STONE of Haverill, MA
Catharine Stone LUFKIN b. 8/24/1858, d. 1/9/1939
m. 10/23/1877
Albert Alfred VAN ALSTYNE
Mary Lufkin VAN ALSTYNE b. 7/17/1878 Galveston, TX, d. 4/21/1963 Galveston, TX
m. 8/24/1899
Col. Wm. Stanley SINCLAIR
b. 9/27/1877, d. 7/17/1961 Galveston, TX
William Stanley SINCLAIR, Jr.
b. 2/6/1913 Seattle, WA d. 5/10/1997 Houston, TX
m. 2/4/1937
Mary Kate CROW
b. 1/22/1915, Galveston, TX d. 6/10/2001 Houston, TX

Abraham P. LUFKIN, of Bucksport, ME, was a sea captain. He married Mary STONE of Haverill, MA. They came to Galveston, TX in 1845.

The towns of Lufkin, TX, and Van Alstyne, TX, were named after these families.

William VAN ALSTYNE, from Scodack Landing, NY, came to Texas in 1841 to seek his fortune. In 1866, he lived in Houston on Rusk between Main and Fannin and became a wealthy man. The Van Alstyne Building was on Main and Congress. Put up the first 3-story building in Houston and was on the board to bring the first train to Texas--the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway--which later became part of the Southern Pacific's main line.

We don't know how VAN ALSTYNE made his money but he lost it in the crash of 1890's.

His son, A. A. VAN ALSTYNE, moved to Galveston where he married Catherine Stone LUFKIN of Galveston, and they had 2 daughters:


Valedictory given by Mary Lufkin VAN ALSTYNE, around May 31, 1896, and published in a Galveston, TX, newspaper on May 31, 1896.

Mary Lufkin Van Alstyne's class. The drawn line points to Mary.

The Van Alstyne house, on Broadway (Avenue J), Galveston, Texas.

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