Surnames Currently
in the Project:

Cowan, Cowen, Cowin, Coyan, Cowand, Coen, Cowing, Cohen, Cowden, Cown, McCowan, McCown

Project Purpose:

To determine the relationships between various COWAN lineages and in so doing:

·          Prove or disprove theories regarding family lines

·          Solve brick walls in research

·          Validate existing research

·          Determine areas for further research

·          Develop a DNA database for future researchers

·          Establish a Genetic Signature for your research and your personal line

Project Participation:

This project is a Y-DNA study open to anyone having a male relative with the COWAN or similar surname(s) from any country. Males pass the Y-chromosome from father to son virtually unchanged through the generations, except for naturally occurring mutations. Thus, only COWAN males are eligible to participate in the DNA tests for this study. Cowan females can have their mtDNA tested.

Contact COWAN Project Coordinator:

Please contact the Project Coordinator for further information about the study, if it is not answered below.

As the Project Coordinator, I will not publish or provide any information regarding a participant’s identity without the participant’s express permission.


The test is simple, and involves NO blood. The FamilyTreeDNA lab sends a numbered test kit, which includes two cheek “scrappers” and two test tubes. The purpose of taking two samples is to ensure obtaining an adequate quantity of DNA from the inside of the cheek.  After performing the swab, each “scrapper” is deposited into a test tube. The participant returns the kit to the FamilyTreeDNA lab, along with a release form so the test results can be shared with the Project Coordinator.  

The lab will store the DNA sample for 25 years should additional future testing be desired and/or additional DNA tests become available..

No Medical Information:

NO medical information is identified in the DNA markers used in genealogical testing.  Thus, be assured that there is no possibility that DNA test results could somehow be used to identify inherited medical conditions, that insurance companies or employers, etc. could obtain this information.

Cost of Test:

FamilyTreeDNA provides a substantial group rate discount for participants. The 12 marker test at the group rate is $99, 25 marker test is $148, 37 marker test is $189, and the 67 marker test is $269.

Which Test:

The 12 marker test is better than no DNA test at all. I think that the 37 marker level gives the best balance between information and value. My choice is the 67 markers but you can always expand the testing. At the 12 marker level you can match a lot of people and as you increase the number of markers you move closer in time and if the matches hold, you have a better chance of finding the connection on paper.

The important thing is to establish a Genetic Signature for your surname research and then to have a cousin from a different spot on the tree to test and verify the results.

Join & Order Test Kit

To join the COWAN Surname DNA Project , click here

  1.  Click the JOIN button and fill out the form.

  2.  Fill in the requested information and select the desired marker test and by joining through the Cowan DNA Project there will be a group rate displayed.  

  3.   The Project Coordinator receives notice that you have joined. 

  4.   The test kit usually arrives within 2 weeks.

The Test Lab

Family Tree DNA is the test lab for the COWAN DNA Surname Study. It is a well-respected genealogy testing laboratory and have provided discounted rates to participants of the COWAN project.

Study Results

When the results are returned, view the results by clicking on the URL below: 


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