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Cowgell & Cowgill in Daviess, McLean & Jefferson Counties KY



Whence Cowgell?

Some time in the mid 1800's a Cowgill family moved from TN to KY near Horse Branch in what is now Ohio Co, KY. They soon moved into nearby McLean Co. In the post Civil War era this family began to spell their name Cowgell, changing the "i" to "e",and that family name spelling remains a small, stable variant within the larger group of Cowgills in the United States. I am sure that there are families using this spelling who are not descended from these McLean Co Cowgells.  It is likely that this spelling change has occured independently in  Cowgill lines from time to time. But, so far, it  has been my good fortune to find that most of the Cowgell lines that I run across appear to be closely related to me.

What You Can Find Here

You'll find a link to a my family database below. In the future I'll add other related links to this page, links to other Cowgill sources as well as pages related to my family database. Please check back again. Currently by far the best resource on Cowgill on the internet is to be found here . The site is comprehensive and well crafted. You'll find there a rich account of people as well as the essentials of the colonial origins of the family and it's subsequent American history.

If there is a Daniel Cowgill in your family tree you may want to read my A Confusion of Daniels.

This compilation is a working document; much of the information is not anchored in primary sources. I hope you'll find my information helpful to your own pursuits and I welcome your sharing connections with me. Corrections, suggestions, additions, comments are all very welcome. You can email me, of course.

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Come, then, meet my family.

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