What is this About?

I know the locations on a map, the cities and towns where my relatives lived and died. My parents and myself visited them enough times i know of those places. I know the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents of my time growing up.

I do not know of all the others, who are my relatives whom i have never known but they are of my family. I have over the years found bits and pieces of information on my family but never enough. I dont spend as much time searching for the answers and the time is a hard thing to come by. There are less and less members of my family left that is older than myself, it seemed such a short time ago, i was the youngest. Time, my o my goes by far to quickly.
Kentucky is where they all have lived, and is where most of my memories are from. My parenets, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents are from there. There is of course, cousins and others who have gone to other places, but the majority of my relatives are from this state.

Hopkin's County, Kentucky is where my father comes from. There are many generations of family that have lived and still are living in this area. This branch of the Cox family starts in Virginia, moves to Lincoln Co. Missouri, and then to Hopkin's County, Kentucky. To track all of the branches of the tree is might nigh impossible.

Hart County, Kentucky is where my mother comes from. There are many relatives still in that area of the commomwealth. The first mention of Hodges in this area is the 1820's. They also moved from Virginia to Kentucky.

What you see here is a small set of genealogies from the main lines, without many of the details. They are researched and i believe are true to what the history shows.I can be reached my the email link to the left.

Given time I will add some other data i have accumulated.

Searching for My Past.

The founder of the earliest branch of the family in Virginia was Col. Richard Cocke. He patented in all 8000 acres of land 3000 of which he aquired in 1636 and the remainder on 1639, and 1652.
In 1662 he with John Beauchamp patented nearly 3000 acres more on the south side of the Chickahominy River.
He was of officer of high rank, a member of the House of Burgesses, and county sheriff in 1632.
The family was of Bremo or Malvern Hills both belonging to the same estate, located on the James River, about 15 miles below Richmond.
Second wife - Mary Aston, dau of Col. Walter Aston, g.dau of Walter Longdin of Stafford Co. England.

Just Who Are We..

Cecily's Neighbors
Neighbor to the south was John Rolfe, who married young Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan. After her death he married Jane Pierce, Capt. Pierce's daughter. John was killed by Indians in 1622.
Neighbor to the north was Cap. John Woodlief who in 1619 hosted the first Thanksgiving.
At his Berkeley Plantation. (not the one of 1621 at Plymouth Plantation) This can be proven by a mandate from the London Company to Capt. Woodlief "We ordain the day of our ship' arrival at the place for plantation on hte land of Virginia (Berkeley Plantation) shall be yerly kept holy as a day of Tnanksgiving to Almighty God".