List of marriages recorded at the Parish of Aldbourne
( Aldbourne Parish Registers 1637 ~~ 1925 )

About 1736 Benjamin Coxed otp married Elizabeth Coxed

26-07-1761 Ann Coxhead otp married John Morgan otp

01-04-1770 Mary Coxhead otp married Thomas Gwynn otp

23-10-1796 John Coxhead otp married Miriam Barrett otp

17-04-1820 George Coxhead otp married Hannah Newman otp

27-10-1821 Miriam Coxhead wid otp married William Brind otp

21-12-1824 John Coxhead of Ramsbury married Mary Brackstone otp

12-10-1825 Jane Cockhead otp married George Griffin otp

04-12-1826 James Cockhead of Bishopstone married Elizabeth Drew otp

28-12-1849 Amos Coxhead of Aldbourne married Sarah Newman of Aldbourne

24-10-1857 Charles Coxhead of Aldbourne married Rebekah Durley of Aldbourne

29-10-1859 Stephen Coxhead of Al;dbourne married Elizabeth Hatherill of Aldbourne

24-03-1867 Matilda Coxhead of Aldbourne married George Anster of Doynton

26-10-1867 Eliza Coxhead wid of Aldbourne married William Ball widower of Aldbourne

26-07-1868 Eliza Coxhead of Aldbourne married Robert Fox of Aldbourne

03-04-1869 William Coxhead of Aldbourne married Ellen Swatten of Aldbourne

09-07-1870 Robert Coxhead of Aldbourne married Sarah Locke of Aldbourne

13-05-1876 William Coxhead of Aldbourne married Jane Plank of Aldbourne

12-05-1877 George Coxhead of Aldbourne married Lucy Ann Smith of Aldbourne

07-10-1877 Abraham Coxhead of Stratton St Margaret married Mary Ann Stroud wid of Aldbourne

29-09-1878 Martha Mary Coxhead of Aldbourne married Thomas Davis of Aldbourne

02-11-1878 Sarah Ann Coxhead of Aldbourne married William Hawkins of Aldbourne

21-06-1884 James Coxhead of Aldbourne married Sarah Ann Grant of Aldbourne

21-09-1889 Lucy Ann Coxhead wid of Aldbourne married William Walter Herring of Aldbourne

18-10-1890 John Coxhead of Aldbourne married Elizabeth Perrett of Aldbourne

28-03-1891 Tom Coxhead of Aldbourne married Esther Elizabeth Barrett of Aldbourne

20-02-1892 Sarah Coxhead wid of Aldbourne married Daniel Smith widower of Aldbourne

20-10-1894 Sarah Jane Coxhead of Aldbourne married George Grant of Aldbourne

23-11-1901 Rose Hannah Coxhead of Aldbourne married William Tom Liddiard of Aldbourne

27-07-1905 Nellie Coxhead of Aldbourne married William James Liddiard of Aldbourne

02-08-1913 Frederick George Coxhead of Aldbourne married Rose Elizabeth Barnes of Aldbourne

This is a view of our village from the air. Aldbourne, Wiltshire, is situated in an area of outstanding beauty. It nestles amongst the Marlborough Downs approximately 10 miles from Marlborough and Swindon in Wiltshire and approximately 6 miles from Hungerford, Berkshire. We have a village post office and store, a second grocery shop, 3 public houses, a sports and social club, two hairdresser shops, two garages, a picture framer, a pre-school and a Nursery. It is very much an active community spirited village with many different activities and clubs throughout all ages.


Aldbourne. Probably the best-kept village in Wiltshire, as their many nominations prove. Aldbourne is a delightful place to live and where village life has largely remained untouched by the growth of Swindon. Aldbourne's St Michaels Church dates from the 15th Century and has, among many notable features, the finely carved tomb of John Stone (1501). The centre of the village is particularly beautiful with attractive cottages of brick and thatch, a 16th Century courthouse and the old coaching Inn, The Crown, surrounding the village green and duck pond.

At right: Aldbourne St Michael's Parish

At left: Aldbourne St Michael's Parish Church





Re COXHEADs of Wiltshire posted by John Coxhead. USA. His email ‘hidden’ posted 12-9-2002 in ‘genealogy.com’

Reply to Annette Young

Hello Annette,

I am writing from Louisville, KY. Like you I am completely new at this. So new that I just got started when the PRO website came back up. I am beginning to research my fathers side of the family. I am not familiar with the county/region/city designations of the PRO other than that "Wilts" is the abbreviation for Wiltshire County.

My grandfather was a George Coxhead born in 1886 in Wilts Aldbourne. He had an older sister Ellen reported to be crippled from her birth in 1883. George immigrated to the US in 1920 with his wife Elizabeth (surname) Hughes born in 1887 in Lancshire Liverpool. George's father's name was Thomas born about 1852 in Wilts Aldbourne. His mothers name was Hannah (surname possibly Manlove), born about 1852 in Wilts Lambourne. Hannah remarried after Thomas's death to a surname Topping.

Thomas Coxhead (George's father) was a farm worker in Chiseldon at the time of the 1901 census. Would appreciate any leads you may have run across on Thomas Coxhead's parents or earlier relatives. Thanks.

George b 1886 Aldbourne marr Elizabeth Hughes in England. Had older sister Ellen ‘a cripple’. Went to America with wife 1920

George was son of Thomas b c1852 Aldbourne, spouse of Hannah ? Manlove b c1853 Lambourn
Thomas died and his widow Hannah Coxhead married Mr Topping.

1868 Thomas Coxhead marr in Hungerford, 3-1868, ref 2c 404

William Coxhead 51 b Aldbourne Wilts. Liv at Chisledon Wilts. ‘Gen. Lab.’ B c1849
William Coxhead b 24-12-1848 Aldbourne marr Ellen, of Hodson / Chisledon, Wilts. c1869, they had a dau Sarah Coxhead b 10-07-1870, of Hodson / Chisledon

1881 census: William Coxhead ‘head’ ‘ag-lab shepha+’ 32y, marr., b c1848 at Chisledon, born Aldbourne. Wilts. ----
Thomas Coxhead 50 b c1852 Aldbourne Wilts. Liv at Chisledon, Wilts. ‘Carter on Farm’ died
Hannah Coxhead 49 b Lambourne Wilts. Liv at Chisledon. Wilts. remarried to Topping
Ellen Coxhead 17 b c1883 Yorkshire Wath. liv at Wilts. Chisledon, ‘cripple’
George Coxhead 14 b 1886, Wilts Aldbourne, liv at Wilts Chisledon ‘Plough Boy’
Married Elizabeth Hughes, b 1887 in Liverpool Lancs.

about 1868 Thomas Coxhead b 31-05-1846, Aldbourne, ag-lab, of 232 Wentworth, Yorks marr Hannah. Wentworth is abt 9 mls nth of Sheffield Town, they had family son John b 7-3-1869 & Harriet, b 29-7-1870, both Aldbourne

1868 Thomas Coxhead marr in Hungerford, 3-1868, ref 2c 404
about 1870 William b 24-12-1848 Aldbourne marr Ellen, of Hodson / Chisledon, they had a dau Sarah Coxhead b 10-07-1870 of Hodson / Chisledon
Hodson next to Chisledon v-close / in Swindon Wilts.

Thomas b 31-5-1846
William b 24-12.1848 both in Aldbourne

George Coxhead marr Hannah Newman, 17-4-1820. Aldbourne
25-03-1821 John
02-02-1823 Amos marr Sarah ‘widow’ 1849
11-12-1825 George
13-07-1828 Anne
26-12-1830 Stephen
29-07-1833 Eliza
05-07-1835 William
big gap !!
31-05-1846 Thomas marr Hannah c1868

COXHEAD researcher, Sue O’Neill (in Rootsweb, submitted a lot of data on her Coxhead family of Aldbourne Wilts, Sent her an Email, offering help. Copied most / all of her family, (Salt family went to NSW) Sue comes from Mary Newman who marr Stephen Salt of NSW.

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