Emanuel Cox / Salathiel Cox

Emanuel Cox / Salathiel Cox

EMANUEL COX 1839-1878

Was born in Whitemarsh, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1839. He was living in Philadelphia and working as a paperhanger in 1861, when the Civil War broke out. Emanuel enlisted in Company I, 95th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, also known as Gosline’s Zonaves, (This command was originally known as the Pennsylvania Zouaves, then as the Forty-Fifth, afterwards the Fifty-Forth, and finally as the Ninety-fifth, was organized at Philadelphia in the month of August 1861) Colonel John M Gosline commanding. The regiment served with the Army of the Potomac.

Army of the Potomac (McClellan)

I Advance on Manassas, Virginia 10-15 March 1862 VI Corps (Franklin), 1st Division, 3rd Brigade, 95th PA (Gosline)

II Advance on Falmouth, Virginia 04-17 April 1862 VI Corps (Franklin), 1st Division, 3rd Brigade, 95th PA (Gosline)

III West Point or Elthams Landing, Virginia 07-08 May 1862 VI Corps (Franklin), 1st Division, 3rd Brigade, 95th PA (Gosline) (Slocum) (Newton)

IV Seven Day Campaign A: Mechanicville or Ellerson Mill 26 June 1862 B: Gains Mill 27 June 1862 C: Peach Orchard and Swamp or Savage Station 29 June 1862 D: White Oak Swamp or Charles City, Crossroads Glendale, Nelsons Farm, Fraopers Farm, Turkey Island Bridge, And New Market Crossroads 30 June 1862 E: Malvern 01 July 1862 VI Corps (Franklin), 1st Division (Slocum) 3rd Brigade (Newton) 95th Pa (Gosline)

V Second Bull Run or Manassas A: Cover Pope’s Retreat 01 September 1862 VI Corps (Franklin), 1st Division (Slocum) 3rd Brigade (Newton) 95th Pa (Gosline)

VI Maryland Campaign A: Crampton Gap, South Mountain 14 September 1862 B: Antietam 16-17 September 1862 Note: 95th PA captured confederate Hoivetur at Crampton’s Gap VI Corps (Franklin), 1st Division (Slocum), 3rd Brigade (Newton) 95th PA (Town)

Army of the Potomac (Burnside)

VII Fredericksburg Campaign A: Hamilton’s Crossing 12-15 December 1862 B: Burnsides “Mud Marsh” 20-24 January 1863 VI Corps (Smith), 1st Division (Brooks), 3rd Brigade (Russell) 95 PA (Town) (Hall) McCalla Note: this corp. was part of Franklins “Left Grand Division”

Army of the Potomac (Hooker) known as Fighting Joe from MA

VII Chancellorsville Campaign A: Mary’s Heights, Fredericksburg 03 May 1863 B: Salem’s Height 03-04 May 1863 C: Banks Ford 04 May 1863 VI Corps (Sedgwick), 1st Division (Brooks), 3rd Brigade (Bartlett) 95 PA (Town) (Hall) McCalla Note: Emanuel was promoted to Corporal as of 04 May 1863

Army of the Potomac (Meade)

IX Gettysburg Campaign 01-03 July 1863 VI Corps (Sedgwick), 1st Division (Wright), 2nd Brigade (Bartlett) 95th PA (Carroll)

X Pursuit of Lee VI Corps (Wright), 1st Division (Russell), 2nd Brigade (Bartlett) 95th PA (Carroll) Note: Sedgwick had overall command of the 5th and 6th corps

XI Bristoe Campaign 09-22 October 1863 VI Corps (Wright), 1st Division (Russell), 2nd Brigade (Bartlett) 95th PA (Carroll)

XII Rappahahannock Station 07 November 1863 VI Corps (Wright), 1st Division (Russell), 2nd Brigade (Bartlett) 95th PA (Carroll)

XIII Mine Run Campaign 26 November – 02 December 1863 A: Raccoon Hope B: New Hope C: Robertson’s Tavern D: Bartlett’s Mill E: Locust Grove VI Corps (Wright), 1st Division (Russell), 2nd Brigade (Bartlett) 95th PA (Carroll)

The entire regiment re-enlisted on 26 December 1863 near Brandy Station, Virginia. By spring of 1864, Emanuel was quite sick and was sent to the field hospital at Brandy Station, Virginia where the regiment was encamped. He was suffering from Inflammatory Rheumatism. On 20 April 1864, he was transferred to the USA General Hospital in Washington DC. He was then transferred to the USA Hospital, Turner Lane Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 03 May 1864. Then to Haddington USA General Hospital, West Philadelphia on 16 May 1864. Because of his chronic Rheumatism, Emanuel was placed in intensive care on 02 March 1865 and was transferred to company B, 24th Veteran Reserve Corps. Emanuel was discharged on 24 July 1865 as a Sergeant, Co B, 24th US Infantry. He died in 1878 at the age of 39, due to his illness from military service. He was buried at Mechanics Cemetery which in 1951 moved to Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazer, Pennsylvania. His first wife Annie S Shearer is buried at Mt Peace in Philadelphia. 2nd wife was Annie J Rose who later married a Thomas H Williams, carpenter, of Philadelphia in 1881, Aug 06.

Emanuel Cox had two brothers Salathiel Cox Company C, Regiment 91st Sylvester Cox Company I, Regiment 95th

Database: American Civil War Soldiers viewing records 126899-1268099 of 2642757 Promoted to full Private (As of Co C) Enlisted as a Private on 02 September 1861 Enlisted in Company I, 95th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 02 September 1861 Promoted to full Corporal on 04 May 1863 Transferred on 02 November 1864 Absent for sickness on 17 July 1865 Source: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865. (PARoster) Published in 1870

Off the papers from the War Department

Honorable Discharge as O.S. by G.O.N No 98 at Washington, D.C. on the 24th day July 1865. Capt J R Stone He held rank of Private 2 Corp’l 2 Luie’t to which transferred Oct 15 1864 from Co I 95. Pa Inf to which changed Jan or Feb 1862 from Co I 54 Pa Inf. ************************************************************************** * * General George B McClellan 1826-1885 Commander and Organizer of Grand Army of Republic under President Abraham Lincoln is buried at Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey. ************************************************************************* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Elizabeth) LIZZIE MAY COX State of Pennsylvania County of Philadelphia . I copied exactly as I read it . Front page says: Lizzie May Gouldy (hand written on top) . WM H LUCAS, Treas., Home Missionary Society, 533 Arch Street . The seal is of two hands, top hand reaching for the bottom hand. .

On this day 22nd of September A D 1898; personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the county and state aforesaid Lizzie May Goldy – aged 29 years, residing at Gloucester City, New Jersey – who, being by me duly sworn accordingly to law makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by the act of congress July 14, 1862: that she is the legitimate daughter of Emanuel Cox who enrolled under the of Emanuel Cox at Phila , PA on the first day of September A D 1861 in Co I 95th Reg Penna vol Inf during the war of the Rebellion and who was honorably discharged there from reenlistment on the 27th day of December A D 1863 and who reenlisted on the same day as Sgt in Co B 24th Reg U S Inf (Regular Army) and was honorable discharged as O S by G O No 98 at Washington D C on the 24th day of July 1865. Capt J R Stone. That the said soldier was 6ft high – of St comp and brown eyes - dark hair – AEt 24 – and by occ a paper hanger. That in consequence of disease or diseases contracted in said service and line of his duty he died at Phila on the 23rd day of October A D 1878. That he left a widow surviving him who remarried the 6th day of August 1881. That the said soldier was lawfully married to Annie Shearer, claimant’s mother, at Phila by Rev A Manship in the year 1865 and that neither party had been previously married. That the said Annie, nee Shearer, claimants mother died at Phila on the 9th day of October A D 1872 leaving Lizzie May, their only child, the claimant then under 16 years of age, who entered an Orphans home and remained there until she reached the age of 16 years. That the said Lizzie May Cox, now Goldy legitimate daughter of Emanuel Cox and Annie S his wife aforesaid was born on Cass St. Phila PA on the 3rd day of June A D 1869. That her mother had never applied for a pension in her life time to her knowledge and that she has made no further application. That said soldier was not otherwise employed in the U S service than herein mentioned declaration hereby appoint G J Brensinger of Philadelphia PA her true and lawful attorney to prosecute this claim. That her Post Office address is 405 Bergen St, Gloucester City, New Jersey. Filed 28 September 1898 Signed: Lizzie May Goldy *~*~*~*~*

2nd page

Also personally appeared Salathiel Cox residing at 2533 Nichols St Phila PA and Emma Cox residing at 2533 Nichols St Phila PA persons whom I certify to be respectable and entilled (as spelled on paper) to credit and who being by me duly sworn before and say that they were present and saw Lizzie May Goldy the claimant, subscribed to the within declaration that they have every reason to believe from their acquaintance with her from infancy that she is the identical person she represents herself to be and that they are totally disinterested in this claim. Signed: Salathiel Cox Emma Cox 22nd day of September A D 1898 *~*~*~*~*

3rd page

On this 25th day of October A D 1898 personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid county and state Elizabeth C Cox aged 56 years, res at 1706 Bambry St Phila PA who being by me duly and lawfully sworn desposes (as spelled on paper) and say that she was personally acquainted with Emanuel Cox long before the war. That the said soldier boarded with her. That Sylvester, his brother was her husband. That he and Emanuel first wife died, both, in the year 1872. She asserts from her own personal knowledge that the said soldier was sound and hearty prior to his enlistment in 1861. That he was thoroughly examined for enlistment. That she saw the said soldier immediately on his return in 1865. That he came directly to her home and boarded with her until after the birth of Lizzie May, this claimant. That there was but one other child, a boy, who died six months before his mother. That the said Emanuel Cox brought his wife, claimants mother directly to her house and said at the time that they had been married by Rev A Manship, a prominent Methodist minister. Despondent was well acquainted with Annie S Shearer said soldiers bride long before their marriage and knows personally that neither of the said parties was previously married. That they lived together as husband and wife that they never divorce. Afferent personally knows that the said soldier was suffering from the effects Of a severe cold on his return in 1865, said to have been contracted by him during the “seven day fight”. Despondent observed carefully his symptoms and made him homebrewed tea and other -------- for colds. That he coughed and spit incessantly and continually from 1865 until his death in 1878. That she was his constant nurse during the whole 13 years of his sickness. He grew slowly and surely worse. He refused medical treatment but hers until within nine months of his death when a physician was called. When Dr J W Johnson came he pronounced it consumption of a lingering form and it had undoubtedly been contracted during his military service. He coughed and spit more or less everyday from 1865 until 1878. Despondent was present as midwife at the birth of the said Lizzie May Cox, daughter of Emanuel Cox by Annie S, his lawful wife. The said child was born on the third day of June A D 1869 by her memorandum. Affiant saw the dead body of claimants mother buried on Oct 11 1872. The said claimant was then sent to the orphan’s home in Phila and afterwards the home at “Chester Springs” where she met with an accident to her nose which maimed her for life. Claimants remained in said home until she reached the age of 16 years. Dependant knows that the said soldier remarried one Anna J Rose on the 14th day of September A D 1875. Dependant further asserts that she has read the foregoing statement understandingly before she subscribed to the same and that she is totally disinterested in this claim. Signed: Mrs. Elizabeth C Cox ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lizzie May never received any pension from the state. Why? Because her birth was never recorded. So she was denied, even with the witness’ saying who she was. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SALATHIEL COX abt 1833 – 1900

DURING THE CIVIL WAR He was mustered into service on 20 August 1861. He served as a private in Company C. Teamster. On 28 July 1863, he was detailed for duty with the brigade train. On 05 August 1863, he was temporarily detailed as assistant wagon master. On 10 December 1863 was detailed as wagon master of the division ordnance train. On 30 December 1863, Sinex reported that he was one of 38 men who have less then 15 months to serve who were unwilling to reenlist. He mustered out on 20 September 1864, when his term expired.

After the was He attended the 1884 meeting of the 91st’s survivor’s Association, with 2 sons (this would have been William and Charles. There was also a William S Cox born 1825 and Civil War veteran attended) He died on 29 April 1900. He was buried at the Union Cemetery at Zion Lutheran Church, Flourtown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

SOURCES: Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5 Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71. 5 volumes. ‘Ninety-first regiment’. Volume 3, pages 186-233. (in the roster)...................................................................................................................................................................................... . . Summary: . Because of poor leadership, the 91st had no spectacular successes on the battlefield. They arrived the day after Antietam was over. Hooker kept the entire Fifth Corps in reserve during Chancellorsville, instead of using them at the crucial point. They would have been part of the force defending Little Round Top at Gettsburg, except that General Sickles compounded his error by sending them to defend an exposed battery. They took--twice!--a crucial hill during Spotsylvania, which the union needed for Grant to attack the Confederates but but he never attacked. And they captured the place by Petersburg where the mine was exploded, an oppprtunity wasted by a last-minute change forced by General Grant, together with General Burnside's response to it. . Zouave training: For at keast a short while, the 91st drilled the zouave drills; whether they ever wore the uniform is unclear. . “The Ninety-first”, Grand Army Scout and Soldiers” Mail, 20 December 1884, page 6 column 2.

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa. Vol Camp near Warrentown Va. July 28th 1863 Special Order No 42 In compliance with orders from Brig. Head Quarters the following named enlisted men are hereby detailed for duty with Brigade Train and will report to Capt S W Hoskins. Qr. Mr. without delay Private John Kneeth [sic] Co “A” Private Salathiel Cox Co “C” Private Joseph Clowny Co “E” Private John Kane Co “K”

By order of Joseph H Sinex Lieut Col. Commdg. B J Tayman adjt

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa. Vols Camp near Fayetteville Va Aug 5th 1863 Special Orders No 45 By request of Capt Hoskins Brig. Qr. Mr. Private Salathiel Cox Regiment teamster is hereby temporarily detailed as Asst. Wagon Master. And will report for duty without delay.

By Order of Joseph H Sinex Lieut Col Commdg B J Tayman adjt

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa. Vols Camp near Fayettville Va Aug 5th 1863 Special Orders No 46 Private Francis Co “E” is hereby detailed as teamster (temporarily) Vice Cox detailed as Asst Wagon Master By order of Joseph H Sinex Lieut Col Commdg B J Tayman adjt

Head Quarters 91sr Regt, PV December 10th 1863 Special Order No 110 Teamster Cox Co C is hereby detailed as wagon master of the division ordnance train and will report to Capt R F Beire without delay By Order of Lt Col. Comding Howard W Shipley Lieut and Act adjt

July 1863 #28 regiment was camped near Warrentown Va John Knect (co A), Salathiel Cox (co C), Joseph Clowny (co E) and John Kane (co K) were detailed for duty with the brigade train

August 1863 #5 regiment was camped near Beverly Ford, Va or near Fayetteville Va the only enlisted man employed as a servant etc was Frederick Fraters (cook for F H Gregory) Salathiel Cox temporarily detailed as assistant wagon master; Francis Toner, co E, replaced his as teamster. . Battles: Antietam (Maryland 16-17 September 1862)The 91st arrived on the 18th of September. Leetown, Virginia 16-17 October 1862 Fredericksburg 12-15 December 1862 Chancellorsville 1-5 May 1863 Gettysburg 1-3 July 1863 Wapping Heights, Virginia 23 July 1863 Brandy Station, Virginia 11 October 1863 Rappahannock Station 07 November 1863 Mine Run 26 November - 02 December 1863 Wilderness 05-07 May 1864 Laurel Hill 08 May 1864 Spottsylvania 08-21 May 1864 North Anna 23-26 May 1864 Pamunkey Tolopotomoy 28-31 May 1864 [Old Church 29-30 May] Bethesda Church 01-03 June 1864 Cold Harbor 01-12 June 1864 Petersburg 16-18 June 1864 [Norfolk Railroad, 18 June] Weldon Railroad 18-21 August 1864 Peeble's Farm 30 September 1864 Hatcher's Run 27-28 October 1864 Raid on Weldon Railroad 07-12 December 1864 Dabney's Mill 05-07 February 1865 Five Forks 01 April 1865 Appomattox Court House 09 April 1865. . .

1880 Census Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Salathiel Cox age 47 Brick Layer Emma Cox age 45 Keeping House. Born in Germany William S Cox age 20 Brick layer Charles H Cox age 6 At school Emma Cody daughter age 25, listed as married. Hair Dresser Emma A Cody age 5 At School Robert Snint, other, age 24 conductor Annie F Snint, other age 23 William W Snint, other, age 1 At Home

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