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This is my first attempt, so please be patient & kind. Eventually, this will be a genealogy site for my research and family tree, especially those branches that ended up in the MidWest and Western States - CA, CO, IA, IL, IN, NE, and OH!

My people (as far as I know at this point, anyway!) came mostly from England, and some (according to family history & legend) came from Germany, Ireland, & Scotland. Depending on the individual line, they arrived here anywhere from 1748 thru 1897 and started off in NY, PA, VA, and VT (with a couple branches in KY & TN - some people just have to be difficult....) However, periodically someone would get tired of living in one place and pack up (sometimes with family, sometimes not) and move farther west (except for those stubborn KY & TN folks...) During their westward migrations, no matter where they started from, they all seemed to filter through the MidWest, especially IA & NE, on their way to someplace else.

This site will tell of my research, the stories of my people (such as the Samuel SMITH, born in NY ca. 1825, died in CA ca. 1915, with stops in MI, OH, and IA). I also hope to use this site to connect in with others who are researching the same lines and/or places that I am - there's no telling what two or more researchers can come up with when they put their heads together and start comparing notes! So be patient, come back often, send me email.

Take care, now, and HAPPY HUNTING! Dianne

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