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            Elijah The Prophet               Published 10-21-16      Updated 4-21-2017

The  office and function of  Elijah the prophet also called Elias etc. seems to be that of a precursor of a greater office. It doesn't' seem to be specific to any one particular place, jurisdiction or entitle. Usually the greater office has to do with the Christed entity as in the Jesus of the Christians, the book of Mormon Characters, the quetzalcoatl and others. There seems to be a pattern of this beginning with John The Baptist who functioned in this office,  and later conferred this priesthood on Joseph Smith as well as others and said this priesthood was to remain on the earth. The angel Moroni also seems to administer in this vibratory office and function in that part of the world of the America's. There seems to be a jurisdiction of the east under  John The Beloved and here in the west under others of the Quarm of four of which is also held by the Three Nephites.  Read more about this in the article John The Baptist. John the baptist worked with  Otto Fetting and lately we heard of entries  performing this function with Billy Meier and continued with Doris Ekker: Phoenix journal 23 Page 190--- "The time is at hand for coming into Truth and I am sent forth as a precursor and preparer of the way for this very "Christed being" that you claim to adore and await."........Page 213: My only service is unto Holy Father God of Source, Truth-bringer, and Way-shower--to prepare a place for the Highest of the Heavenly realms to come. I, further, am assigned to bring a remnant through the time of chaos and into survival and rebuilding in transition.
Phoenix Journal 24 Page 144: I claim to be naught save that which I am--a prerunner with the Hosts sent in preparation for the coming again of the Master Teacher upon your placement.
Phoenix Journal 31 Page 67:  Further, she would bear the symbol in her name of Elijah which prophet always is sent in precedence to God's appearance and the bringer of Truth from and with God.
Phoenix Journal 42 Page 137: I travel with the one you call Jesus. If ones will allow me to speak--I come as a Host, as a pre-runner for, in preparation.
My focus has been with the Meninah Archives characters with relation to their role as Elijahs.
Elijah the prophet is to return and connect the children with the fathers. This is a social and patriarchal function. The ruling patriarchal tribe was blessed to the tribe of Joseph. They are to take the lead in this patriarchal priesthood of Abraham. The gospel of Abraham has to do with this priesthood. The eastern tribe of Manasseh was located in Gilead where Elijah was from. Portugal is associated with Eastern Manasseh. Portugal was given access to colonize south America. Spain is associated with western Manasseh. Spain was given access to colonize the lower areas of the northern American continent. Lehi, who was a progenitor of the book of Mormon people and some native Americans, was also said to be descended from Manasseh.  (see Alma 10:3 And Aminadi was a descendant of Nephi, who was the son of Lehi, who came out of the land of Jerusalem, who was a descendant of Manasseh, who was the son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt by the hands of his brethren.)  
The Mentinah Archives
Volume One thru Nine
(As of Jan. 12, 2011)
Page 711
7. And Hagoth descended from Father Lehi, whom the Lord commanded to
take out of the Land of Jerusalem, even the City of Jerusalem with all his family.
And this same Lehi was a descendent of Manasseh, the son of Joseph who was
the son of Jacob, even Israel.

He and his descendants were given access to colonize south America. This is because he is related to eastern Manasseh, the Portuguese and Elijah. This is one of the reasons why the remnant who are related to this book of Mormon people are associated with the patriarchal function of connecting the children and the parents and are a collective part of this Elijah the prophet role.
The Book of Helaman Chapter 6
10 Now the land south was called Lehi, and the land north was called Mulek, which was after the son of Zedekiah; for the Lord did bring Mulek into the land north, and Lehi into the land south.

The Doctrine and Covenants
Section 110:12-16

12 After this, Elias appeared, and committed the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham, saying that in us and our seed all generations after us should be blessed.

 13 After this vision had closed, another great and glorious vision burst upon us; for Elijah the prophet, who was taken to heaven without tasting death, stood before us, and said:

 14 Behold, the time has fully come, which was spoken of by the mouth of Malachi—testifying that he [Elijah] should be sent, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord come—

 15 To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth be smitten with a curse—

 16 Therefore, the keys of this dispensation are committed into your hands; and by this ye may know that the great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the doors.

The Return of Elijah
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog

This Elijah has, is, and will return. His purpose is to:

  1. Turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers.
  2. Reveal The Patriarchal Priesthood.
  3. Introduce us to ourselves.

The Book of Lambspring
Figure XV

This Elijah has, is, and will return. His purpose is to introduce us to ourselves. When we become aware of ourselves as the fathers within and at the same time, as the child without, his mission would have been accomplished. Simply put, we become aware of our our divinity, "We are God"

Jane Roberts - Seth Speaks Page 185:
I would like, therefore, to introduce you to yourself.
You will not find yourself by running from teacher to teacher, from book to book. You will not meet yourself through following any particular specialized method of meditation. Only by looking quietly within the self that you know can your own reality be experienced, with those connections that exist between the present or immediate self and the inner identity that is multidimensional.

An explanation is also offered in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ by Dowling:
Chapter 68
4) And Jesus said, I cannot show the king, unless you see with eyes of soul, because the kingdom of the king is in the soul.
5) And every soul a kingdom is. There is a king for every man.
6) This king is love, and when this love becomes the greatest power in life, it is the Christ; so Christ is king.
7) And every one may have this Christ dwell in his soul, as Christ dwells in my soul.
8) The body is the temple of the king, and men may call a holy man a king.
9) He who will cleanse his mortal form and make it pure, so pure that love and righteousness may dwell unsullied side by side within its walls, is king.
10) The kings of earth are clothed in royal robes, and sit in state that men may stand in awe of them.
11) A king of heaven may wear a fisher's garb; may sit in mart of trade; may till the soil, or be a gleaner in the field; may be a slave in mortal chains;
12) May be adjudged a criminal by men; may languish in a prison cell; may die upon a cross.
13) Men seldom see what others truly are. The human senses sense what seems to be, and that which seems to be and that which is, may be diverse in every way.
14) The carnal man beholds the outer man, which is the temple of the king, and worships at his shrine.
15) The man of God is pure in heart; he sees the king; he sees with eyes of soul:
16) And when he rises to the plane of Christine consciousness, he knows that he himself is king, is love, is Christ, and so is son of God.
17) You men of Galilee, prepare to meet your king.

In this more enlightened age, he can share his entity with us in multi dimensional ways. Inside of our own bodies, the microcosm of atoms as miniature solar systems, contain life. As many entities as on this earth. The lives of soul people are the intelligent make up of our very soul. Our ancestors passed down their own DNA and atoms from their own bodies. These contribute to the make up and substance of our bodies. Some of the lives and entities living on these microcosm worlds we call atoms, are passed down and incorporated into our own bodies. These are those past lives of our fathers manifesting in us. These are our incarnations of past lives which is really the past lives of our ancestors incorporated into the body of our own life becoming our own. There are as many lives living on a single atom within our own body as there is on this solar system we find ourselves living on. The dynamics of how this is possible has been more fully explained in the article The 4 Estates Of Man. Further more, I postulate that the memories of the lives of our ancestors are imprinted in each atom and corresponding sub-logos subdividing into the infinite. At some point in my life, I developed an ability to travel in astral body form to different dimensions. Although I have traveled to the dimension I call Eleleth, because it is a expanded world, I am a micro oriented person being born of that sign which  is to the south. Thus I find myself a gate keeper of sorts of the south and my signature is the cat or Spinx. For those more knowledgeable of the dimensional mysteries will know what this means. I have visited these micro-worlds in astral travels and in dream states and have seen museums and halls of records of artifacts and libraries of the histories of these societies. The following is an account of one of my travels to the dimension I call Armozel which is a micro world of the scale of atoms located in my own body and I am the universe containing this world.  Some time during the year 2013  I dreamed of a place with a long building. This was a hall like building that went around in the shape of a horse shoe. I remembered a young boy whose job it was to work with these records. I remembered seeing him walking down the halls with both hands stretched. Out as he walked down the halls. An energy seemed to radiate as he walked past the museum type artifacts and records of all kinds, such as in stone or on metal plates, and all kinds of strange artifacts some of mysterious meanings and origins. The light type of energy radiated from them,and they seemed to light up as he walked down the hall. It was as if he was feeling them and sending out a feeling rather than actually reading them.
Below is an explanation of how our ancestors passed on their seed through our bodies. These seed can be good or bad. Again, these seed are actually people like us of a micro dimension living on small worlds within the atoms of our body. These beings will eventually progress and expand to our size from inward to outward as will we too in our expanded dimension:
Phoenix Journal 5 Page 50: It was realized that any who allowed such darkness into themselves ran a greater risk of failure because of the darkness within. Therefore, it was decided that those who volunteered to accept these darkest fragments would be helped in two ways: 1) they would also receive a fragment from one of the astral beings who had NOT fallen and who had remained pure, and 2) they would be given special help throughout their series of incarnations. I hope I am not taking away all your fun and mystery.........There are still human beings on the earth, right now, who were these special volunteers. (Recognize anyone?) They are generally those who appear to have more "essence" or "spirit" than others. Often they are responsible for the greatest "good"-- BUT, also for the greatest evil. Some among them lost the battle which they had assumed and became the worst of men. Others succeeded and became the best.
Phoenix Journal 5 Page 55: THE BAD SEED PROVIDES DBBs ENTRÉ Widespread is the influence which the DBBs have upon average individuals. It reaches from the depths of the depravity which is found in drinking and drug dens and brothels, all the way to the boardrooms of large corporations and the very highest levels of government. In fact, the more degraded and higher the probable influence the harder and meaner the impact. It becomes totally integrated so that all facets play into the whole. In essence, what the DBBs are able to do is to bring to life the embers which were taken into each human being at the time when the "gift of permanence" was conveyed. This I have already covered. Because the gift entailed adding to each human entity part of the essence of one of the fallen beings, these same beings, now of the DB, are readily able to tune themselves to the vibrations of any human soul frequency that has allowed itself to be colored strongly by the negative qualities of the "seed" which was taken in at that formative birthing. Through this attunement between a human being and a DB, a magnification of the effect of that negative seed can take place. This is the origin of the concept that, just as each human soul has its guardian angel, so too it has its own "demon" or fallen angel and/or "bad seed". Strictly speaking this is not true, since the essence of a given one of the fallen beings is distributed among a large number of humans. The notion that a given human soul is more susceptible to the influence of one particular evil entity than of others is in general true, for the reason that I have now differentiated. When the plan to distribute fragments of the fallen beings among humans was adopted, it was expected that the human entities would strive to purify and cleanse the dark seeds that were then implanted. Many have indeed accomplished this purification, and such individuals are far less susceptible to the whisperings of the DBBs than are their fellows who have never attempted to eradicate the darkness within. An attempt to spur the human soul toward a particular action or thought which leads away from soul-advancement and which, followed far enough, would lock that human being into a downward spiral from which it could not escape, is attempted.

Some collaborating sources are listed below:
Malachi Chapter 4 5 ¶Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: 6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Whitley Strieber with The Key, Part Four
"All physical being contains the same elements and thus all are part of the Earth and of each other. Living bodies are the consciousness of the Planet; Man is Earth's mind. If Man kills Earth, then Earth has committed suicide, because its mind could not reach the next level, which is ecstatic union with the rest of the Universe."

"All leave," he said, "Nobody leaves. Ascension is not a matter of flying off to some place in the sky, it is a matter of expanding the being to fill the Universe. You may ascend beyond time and  infinity, but you will still be here as we all are."

"The energetic body has a spin or vibration. This can go infinitely fast; it can reach beyond the speed of light and exit time altogether. When this happens, the body begins to radiate of its own accord; it becomes at once God and co-creative with God, a companion." We've talked about this before and he repeats it a number of times: The motive of God is for us to become, to realize that we are a part of God, but also to be a separateness. This is why we live these isolated lives, to gain separate experience and build a separate reality, to become separate so that we can become companions of God. "A single bit of God, which you are, does not only join the whole like a crumb in a cake, it can obtain so much ecstasy that it becomes the whole." This is another way of saying it's holographic. We can contain, each one of us, all of the ecstasy of God, and this is why Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within us and that now, not tomorrow, not after death, but today, right now, the destiny for each of you is to become all of God. "But this process is slowed by contact with the points of attachment, and there are trillions and trillions of them between energetic and elemental bodies. So detachment, as Buddha said, is essential to ecstasy. The proper use of meditation will enable you to see life as both an outsider and as a participant."

Man And Planet
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
God and man in his most primitive form is exemplified in the principal of the relationship between man and planet.  Relative to this is the relationship between The visible physical and the unseen spirit. Spirit cannot be seen, but it's effects are evident.  From a distance one can see the stars. But what is not seen by us are the people living on those stars. Who can see the billions of people living on a distant star. Those people are spirit. The planets make up the visible physical. As in atoms, which are planets on a smaller scale. What is not seen are the people living on these planet like atoms. These unseen intelligent beings are spirit. Just as collective mankind make up a intelligent force eminating from this planet. This is what we can see from our perspective and is a good example of what unseen spirit is.

In This Together
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
I saw this picture and realized how close to the truth is the likeness. Mankind, men and women collectively are Adam, and the earth is Eve. We all took a part of our own being and cast it into the earth allegorically from our rib. The earth and mankind are in an infant state, that's why the earth is round as an infant in the womb. If you could see the earth as she really is, you would see the form of a little girl and mankind including the plants and animals as a young Adam, collectively. When we grow up, Adam and Eve are joined as one being of entity. When the planet and mankind become one entity, the woman (planet) and the Man (Humans-male and females combined to comprise the male entity described as Adam) in like manner become an Adam. Then you will see giants walking on the sun. This is our future self. Now these giants walking on the sun are playing the role of Adam. The sun is now playing the role of Eve, or woman. The cycle repeats itself from the microcosm to the macrocosm. For man, these steps are four inter-dimensional layers deep, although there are many steps in between. See the 4-ness of man

An explanation of the macrocosm is offered at:

Milky Way galaxy is a cosmic cell

A Little Child Seven Days Old 


 Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom]."

Noah's Ark Has Been Found?
The story of Noah is also allegorical of us exporting life from this planet to colonize other worlds. Read more about this at: Star Dust

Smash Mouth - Walkin' On The Sun
But if the offer is shun you might as well be walkin' on the sun

"All beings includes all elements of the earth, and thus all are part of all bodies. We are the consciousness of the planetary level that it has spent all of its life evolving, each and all of us. My being is the awakening earth. As is yours. The destiny of earth and the destiny of man are one. If we kill earth, we kill ourselves. If we die before our time, then we will not be able to enter ecstasy as a whole being. You are not a whole being, child. ...All mankind in all time is a whole being." (The Key, by Whitley Strieber page 35)

Weep with joy because you're in love with the earth! Weep with joy because the earth can talk to you through your feet. Did you know that? You're so stuck in that odd paradigm that everything comes from above! It must be shocking to know that so much comes from below! [Laughter] It comes from your partner, Planet Earth.

19.4 Questioner: Then after the transition into the third density, am I correct in assuming that these entities would then be in— we’ll take Earth as an example. Would the entities then look like us? They would be in human form? Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, taking your planetary sphere as an example.

I'm speaking of an Akashic situation that marries you to the land.

King James Version of Isaiah 62:4; "Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate; but thou shalt be called Hephzibah and thy land Beulah; for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married."

Isaiah 51:16 And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people.

Chronicles of Jerahmeel, by M. Gaster [1899]
"What shall we take possession of, as we do not see anything else but the sun, the moon, and the stars?" And he said, "Take hold of them." When Levi heard it, he took a staff (rod) in his hands, and jumped upon the sun and rode on it. When Judah saw it, he did in like wise; he also took a rod and jumped upon the moon, and rode on it. So also every one of the nine tribes rode upon his star and his planet in the heavens; Joseph alone remained upon the earth.

Collected Works of Plato
In the first place, let me treat of the nature of man and what has happened to it. The original human nature was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman, and the union of the two, of which the name survives but nothing else. Once it was a distinct kind, with a bodily shape and a name of its own, constituted by the union of the male and the female: but now only the word 'androgynous' is preserved, and that as a term of reproach.
In the second place, the primeval man was round, his back and sides forming a circle; and he had four hands and the same number of feet, one head with two faces, looking opposite ways, set on a round neck and precisely alike; also four ears, two privy members, and the remainder to correspond. He could walk upright as men now do, backwards or forwards as he pleased, and he could also roll over and over at a great pace, turning on his four hands and four feet, eight in all, like tumblers going over and over with their legs in the air; this was when he wanted to run fast.
Now the sexes were three, and such as I have described them; because the sun, moon, and earth are three; and the man was originally the child of the sun, the woman of the earth, and the man-woman of the moon, which is made up of sun and earth, and they were all round and moved round and round because they resembled their parents. Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their hearts were great, and they made an attack upon the gods; of them is told the tale of Otys and Ephialtes who, as Homer says, attempted to scale heaven, and would have laid hands upon the gods.

Upon this request it is said that Krishna opens his mouth in front of Yashoda who sees the Seven Oceans, the entire Universe with its vast expanse
An explanation of the Seven Oceans is offered at: 7 times 7

An Exercise In Divinity
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
This is an exercise in divinity since we are god experiencing himself in us. An emanation of himself in various stages of development. This picture is from the Book of "YOU" (Jeu) illustrating a pattern of where we came from and where we are returning. Since we began as something small and grow and expand to some thing large. As an atom expanding to a solar system, a cell expanding to a galaxy. 7 expansions from inward to outward, and 7 from outward to inward. The whole on the one side and the defect on the other. The 8th showing Sophia in a fallen state and the bottom of her defective child as the 9th. We came from the father of all and we are returning to the father of all. We are the father of all even though we are experiencing our self as a portion of the all. So we can begin understanding ourselves in my adaption of the Monad Based on the Secret Book Of John from The Archetype at: mocuno

What is priesthood?
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
  To understand this, we need to understand  who and what we are.  The universe in made up of swirling galaxies which , on a macro scale,  are like the cells in our body. These galaxies make  up the body of a child being resembling us. We people living on the planets in these galaxies are the mothers and fathers of the cosmic child we call the universe. Those people wishing to take part in the creation of this child would need to join the group of people who are given  permission to be stewards of the resources of this universe. They get this authority from our progenitors. This is a priesthood. This could be called our 3rd estate. Our first estate was when we became spirit children. Our second estate is when we obtained our mortal bodies. And Our 3rd estate is when we join that group of people who create organize and plant the heavens in order to grow and create a cosmic child.
      Just like a mortal child, the comic child has a blue print or design of sorts. There is an overall plan. This is like the genes or DNA in a human, Our freedom of creation would need to stay within the parameters of this plan or design.  Love and charity for this cosmic child is the key. As parents, we want the best interest of our child. We want our child to be healthy.
   Our first and second estates are like this too. Lucifer was unwilling to follow the design of his second estate.  He didn’t want to obey the rules.  So he was not allowed to be part of the group of parents of a mortal body. He was not allowed access to the resources. In the end, he is to be thrown out of the body of this cosmic child. His future exit of this universe has been called the bottomless pit.  Perhaps his destiny is to take part of a different type of comic body more to his liking? Such as a goat type?  Either way,  he is not to take part in the creation of this comic child we call our universe.
    As future  parents we join humanity on a larger scale. We join the order of priesthood as held by others in our solar system, then our galaxy and so on to be parts of larger groups. This is our progression in authority and priesthood.  When we gain access to these planetary resources, we  also become companions to  other creators we could call gods.  We also are future gods. In joining this order, we gain the company of our fellow creators. Even though we may not see them right away, we can feel their presence.  This authority is often  accompanied by  the shared experiences of our fellow creators and companions who are more advanced and enlightened.  These feelings are like the holy ghost.  The holy spirit is something that becomes increased  with priesthood.
    WE already have priesthood. We had to have authority or permission to gain access to the resources necessary to get mortal bodies in our second estate. This also happened in this way in our first estate when we became spirit children. If we choose to join the 3rd estate to become part of the order pertaining to this cosmic child we call the universe, we become able to progress much faster. This is like a short cut in our return to the eternity we came from.
There are many paths and ways to progress.  In this way, we can gain access to help and enlightenment from more advanced beings, including the holy ghost people. The holy ghost people are from a very distant part of creation and came here to help us advance more quickly.  They also share with us a more advanced and refined spirit which has been called the holy spirit. This is an influence unseen and often undetected by people, although we can generally can feel the presence and effects.  This agreement to help and participate in our progress is between our parents, the cosmic child , the holy ghost people, and us.  This has been termed the new and everlasting covenant.  The plain everlasting covenant is what we participated in when we agreed to our second estate to gain access to our mortal bodies. So the New and Everlasting Covenant, is that which pertains  to our participation in joining the order of creators of this cosmic child universe. There are different orders within this priesthood, which I have more fully explained in the following chart. The priesthood is also for being guardians , or proxies and helpers,  for less developed people who are unable to understand or accept their own divinity.

From The Gospel of Thomas:
 Jesus said, "The person old in days won't hesitate to ask a little child seven days old about the place of life, and that person will live. For many of the first will be last, and will become a single one."

Milky Way galaxy is a cosmic cell
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
We are living in a cosmic cell, the Milky Way galaxy. This galaxy is a skin cell on the big toe of a seven day old child. This child is our universe. We got stung by a cosmic bee on the toe. The bee stinger penetrated our Milky Way galaxy and injected poison on our earth. That's why our world is so sick. The cure is by releasing controlled diluted amounts of this same bee poison, so we can study it and discover the anti venom. We are the ones who are curing the universe of this dreadful sting.

The Cosmic Bee
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
I remember an event involving my little sister in the 70's. The family was having a day outing at the park. My little sister was playing on the swing. Suddenly she was screaming and running across the park. She had gotten stung by a bee. She was 3 or 4 years old, and this was her first experience being bitten by a bug. To her it was the most traumatic thing she had ever known. She had lived a sheltered life, and the knowledge that something out there in the big world would intentionally injure, harm or cause her pain was the most horrible experience imaginable to her. I ran over to see what happened to her. She found mommy, and mommy held her in her arms and was comforting her. There , there, I know, it's so sad, it's just terrible. Oh, the baby got stung by the bee, it's just awe-full.
Well, this is what came my mind of what happened to our world.

We, that is, the milky way galaxy is a skin cell on the right toe of a 7 day old child who is the cosmic entity or being that is our universe. For the first time in our universe’s sheltered little life, we got stung on the toe by a cosmic bee. The bee's stinger penetrated the milky way galaxy (a cosmic skin cell) and the poison infected our solar system and the earth. This is the most horrible experience our sheltered little universe has ever had. This has caused our earth to be the most dense matter in the universe.
But this is only our perspective, or the from the mind of this little 7 day old cosmic child that we are, or that our universe is. Consider that this 7 day old cosmic child lives on a great cosmic world shared with billions of other people, plants animals and things in a great comic solar system. From this perspective, we can see that our situation is not as bad as we think. For us, it is very traumatic, but from the greater point of view, it is only the beginning of a life time of experiences to come. As we grow older and live our lives, we will, fall and scrape our knee, fall off a tree and bump our heads etc...and all the things that happen in peoples lives.

We humans, or mankind, exist in 4 of these dimensions, generations or ages, depending on how you choose to perceive or understand this. We are in the 3rd from the largest otherwise known as 3 “D”.

The Vine
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog

Each world has it's own savior. This Savior is the one chosen by each world group to represent the collective parents of the child we call our universe. These are the collective mankind that make their home on the planets that make up this child universe. In a similar way that the atoms in our own body make up the substance of our bodies. The collective man-kind who make up the collective parents of this child universe are the Father. This collective father are a collective life form that makes it's home on the designated savior of each planet. This life form are intelligent beings who colonize the worlds which make up the fleshly bodies of these saviors. They are intelligent beings who make their homes on these planet like atoms which make up the bodies of people. The Saviors are the first ones to have this collective lives of the fathers expand and colonize the atom like worlds that make up their bodies. These intelligent beings colonize the bodies and are transferred to the bodies of the saviors to us by physical contact. Which is why Christ is the vine, and life is transferred by the laying on of hands. When we are touched by the savior, the intelligent beings are transferred from his body to ours. They colonize our worlds which are the atoms that make up our bodies. They have offspring and move grow and colonize our bodies as a new birth of a being which is a spirit like child. This is how people obtain their third estate. This third estate means that people become the fathers of this child universe. They become gods, creating organizing and colonizing other worlds with their own offspring and growing the body and spirit of the child universe. People may choose not to be part of the body of this universe. They can choose to leave and be part of a different universe more to their liking.

The Remnant
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog

For my purposes, they are the descendants of Joseph as referred to in the Book or Mormon as well as in the Mentinah archives. Both contain histories of these people.
Our story begins with Abraham who obtained the keys to the Patriarchal priesthood. This Priesthood in particular, came down to us from our father Adam, who was the seeding creator and progenitor of the species of this planet as it pertains to us. The order of this patriarchal system is passed down to all descendants of Adam and carried within their blood line.
All people carry priesthood, and inherit gifts and powers from their respective family lines. People are called to be and do and exercise their powers according to their own worthiness, and appointed by the general consensus of mankind as administered by those in charge of representing us and our interests. Many of these work anonymously and are not always known or seen by the fledgling peoples of this planet.
The ruling patriarchs are appointed by the most worthy, with preference being given to the right of the firstborn, or olde
Craig's Blogst worthy family line. Special note being given to the term worthy. Only the worthy are appointed and given commissions in the priesthood orders. So claims to authority by virtue of lineage and rights of the firstborn and also claims from confirmation and ordinations to and from certain priesthood lines and or personages become irrelevant. Every human being has priesthood of some kind or another. It is worthiness which allows the person to be appointed and commissioned to function in whatever priesthood capacity they may have.
In the biblical days of the judges, the priesthood was carried in the bloodline of all Israelites. Samson never claimed any priesthood. He just grabbed a jawbone of an ass and went to work. The fact is, he inherited the gift and power to do so by priesthood. But he exercised the power of a judge in Israel because he was worthy and had the ability to be and do so.
Abraham obtained the ruling patriarchal priesthood over the family of Adam. He was blessed and all kindreds of the earth were to be blessed through the authority continued in his blood line.
If the most worthy person does not have the priesthood in his bloodline, there is the available power of adoption, where the most worthy is adopted into that family line. A notable example of this is Jesus. He inherited the keys to the political kingdom, from King David of the tribe of Judah, which tribe inherited the order of priesthood of the political order of kings. It was by this authority he was able to be crucified for the sins of the world and grant a civil pardon to the inhabitants. But he could also claim lineage from King David by way adoption from his stepfather Joseph.
Joseph inherited the patriarchal order which presides over the family of Adam from his grandfather Abraham. And the keys were passed on to Saint Peter. Hence, the Pope and the Orthodox patriarchs get their line via St. Peter. But the Ruling patriarchal order went to the Tribe of Joseph with a preference given the the tribe of Ephraim.
It was this patriarchal order that was brought to the Americas by The book of Mormon father Lehi. And then on to the modern day native Americans. The native Americans also have the bloodline of King Zedekiah of the tribe of Judah as well as the bloodline from Aaron of the tribe of Levi.
Some British Ephraimites obtained a limited authority via
The LDS Church. It has been prophesied that they would become abusive and the authority would be passed on to the native Americans. These are the remnant of which I refer to.
This remnant was to have blood intermingled with Jesus. Jesus isi the son of Adam who's anonymity has been cloaked in the office of Michael the archangel. In other words, Adam is and holds the office of Michael the archangel.
Since Jesus is the son of Adam, he carries the priesthood of the archangels in his bloodline. This is one of the reason Jesus's bloodline is to establish a race of people called the branch and also the remnant in the end days. Again, it is based on worthiness.
If a person becomes worthy and lacks the bloodline, the
option of adoption in Jesus's family or any family is availabile.
The plan and method of establishing a one people is in the intermingling of all races on the planet with particular emphasis on the bloodline of Jesus. The eclecticism of eighteenth-century France is an of example of a movement in sexual politics which allowed the intermingling of the blood lines on a larger scale. The free love movement of the 60's is another example. This is part of the blueprint and design of Humanity's growth. Polygamy was implemented for this purpose as well. Although the principle and purpose has been misunderstood and abused. The object was for the people with a strong amount of certain bloodlines to intermingle with other races and multiply on a large scale. Not for long term control, slavery or for sensual gratification. Rather, the idea was for people to have very short term affairs to allow for mingling of the blood lines with minimal commitments and not the long term commitments which were the cause of so much suffering and enslavement of family groups of women and children to one man.
These people of the patriarchal family and order collectively comprise a role of Elijah the prophet connecting the fathers to the children. This is a social and a patriarchal priesthood function. They, like Elijah of old are to challenge the authority of the priests of Baal, or in this case Lucifer and his servants also referred to as Babylon and the seat at Vatican city and the seven hills of Rome as it has been called.
Malachi 4:5-6 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

The patriarchal priesthood also has a role in blessing and curses on the temporal or the world. And also the sealing of promises and contracts that are viable in the eternal worlds made available through them to the people in this temporal world realm.

The higher order of Melchizedek has no need of this since they already have a power and presence in the eternal worlds or heaven as it has also been called. Therefore, they of the Melchizedek order have no need of any sealing powers of the patriarchal order, because they already are there and have this spiritual power availble to them already. They are as the angels and translated beings and have access to this power through this Melchizedek order.

Another role of a precursor is mentioned below:
Malachi 4:5
5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

According to the Nemenhah, this prophesy had to do directly with them whispering their instructions from the dust to their own descendants. This was to be accomplished through the records that they wrote coming to light in the last days as well as tradition passed down and revelation, gifts of the Holy Ghost and visits upon the way between ancestors, children, fathers and grandfathers and their descendants.
The Mentinah Archives
Volume One thru Nine
(As of Jan. 12, 2011)
The Nemenhah
page 164
But behold, I do leave this one last prophecy unto you my own descendents.
For I was once called Samuel the Lamanite, a prophet called to preach repentance
unto the wicked Nephites in my day. And the Holy Ghost has come upon me to
preach once again against the wickedness that will prevail in the Church and
kingdom in the day when the Lord shall bring again my writings from out of the
dust. Yea, thus does the Lord constrain me to declare unto my own descendents
in the last days:
4. When all that has been foretold by the prophets of old, as also by prophets
whom the Lord shall raise up among you, and the nations do conspire to enslave
the saints and compel them to wickedness, out of the place of fastness shall hiss a
voice from out of the dust. And that voice shall speak of my times and the times
of my fathers, and of their doing. And this voice shall remind the people of their
obligations unto the Lord. Yea, out of the holy place shall a light begin to shine
and it will go forth against the will of many. Yet shall it touch the hearts of the
righteous and call them to a remembrance of the things which they have
covenanted with the Lord their God.
5. For they shall have promised a thing to the Lord for generations, a thing
which they are unwilling to do. Look well into the covenants you make with the
Lord, you children of God! Know whereof you speak. For, every oath and
covenant you make with Him will be accounted to you to the very lowest
denomination. Yea, do not bow your heads and say, yes, but that you mean to do
the thing wherewith you do bind yourselves. For, God will not be mocked!
6. And a hiss and a memory shall issue out of the fast place, and books shall
be opened. And prophets and apostles shall say:
7. What is this book and what is this writing? For we cannot read such things?
Who is there who can make a translation of them? For we have no knowledge of
this writing.
8. In that day shall the Lord assemble His saints. Yea, He shall make up His
jewels. And there shall be seers among you. Wherefore, despise not the work of
God. For He will bring to pass a mighty work out of the hands of the weakest and
most praiseless of His children. But in their weakness shall they show forth great
faith, and in their diligence shall they weaken the bulwark of pride and of
163wickedness. Look not to the wisdom of the wise nor to the might of the mighty in
that day.
9. For in that day the wise old men shall look steadfastly upon the prophets,
and upon the wisdom of other wise old men. And they shall esteem their words
more praiseworthy than the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Yea, in that day shall a man
become one with the saints but receive no gift of the Holy Ghost. And it shall be
better for them than for they unto whom the Lord Himself speaks. Behold, the
Church shall be out of order and the kingdom of God shall grow but shall not
prosper in the gifts of the Spirit.
10. If you are wise, you shall look in those days for the records and
remembrances of your fathers and your grandfathers. Howbeit, in their words you
will find an ensign. Behold, we have made an experiment upon the covenants
made in the High Place. Yea, seeing what would befall the Nephites in the Land
Southward, we did come out of Babylon and we did gather together to establish
Zion. And, behold my children, we did enjoy peace even when the Land
Southward did reel to and fro under the wickedness that the Gadianton robbers
did cause to come among the people.
11. And are your days so unlike ours? Are your governments filled with
corruption and wickedness? Do your rulers buy their seats of power and
authority? Does one nation rise up against another for gain‟s sake? Do the rich
persecute the poor, and does the rich man withhold his substance? Behold, I see
your day and I know the conditions in which you labor. Yea, and I also see that
many of my own descendents, even the most part, walk in confusion in the
daylight, and in complete blindness do they their secret works at night.
12. You who would call yourselves saints, listen to my words. I am a voice that
whispers out of the dust. I lived in this land in a day when the people had all
things in common. And behold, when all things were in commotion and the
hearts of men had waxed cold, yea, and when the Lord did call His fury down out
of heaven to destroy the wickedness from off the face of the earth, behold, we did
see the sign and were filled with joy. Yea, when all others quailed in the smoke
and darkness of destruction, we did raise up a song of praise and of thanksgiving.
13. You live in such perilous times. Yet may you also look up with joy and with
thanksgiving. In faith you may take up that covenant which your forefathers
made and again establish Zion in the land.
14. But, if you heed not the warning voice that the Lord shall provide for you
out of the dust, behold I say unto you, You shall be caught up in the pride of your
hearts, and you shall not be found guiltless in your days. And when the wrath of
the Lord is kindled against you, how may you beseech the Lord to stay His
mighty hand? Yea, what excuse can you make? Shall you say unto the Lord:
16415. Of a surety we did know of the records you raised up unto us Lord, but we
did ignore them and the warning contained in them. But see, Lord, how we
worship you now. Wherefore, forgive us and stay the destruction.
16. Behold, the hour shall have passed wherein the Lord might have forgiven
such folly. When His anger is kindled, He shall not treat with you. Nay, you shall
not even be able to plead your case, for the hour shall have passed.
17. But when the Lord shall bring these things from out of the earth, the light of
truth contained in them shall inspire the pure in heart. And they shall build a
refuge place in the tops of the mountains. Then shall the remnant of the Lord‟s
house build cities of refuge in the everlasting hills and they shall be a resort
whereunto, if man will covenant to take up the sword no more against his
neighbor, he may find peace and safety there.
18. And a light shall shine forth from the place of fastness and shall begin to
take hold of the hearts of men. And they shall seek again the Holy Ghost and the
face of their Savior. Then shall that light begin to spread until it covers all the
land. And the pride of the hearts of men shall be extinguished, and they shall
succor one another and seek not the things of the world.
19. And behold, in that day shall the gifts of the Spirit be had by many and
miracles shall once again abound. Yea, there shall be disease and suffering, but
the saints shall exercise faith again and they shall lay hands on the sufferer, and if
they have faith to be healed, behold, they shall be healed. And if they have not
faith to be healed but have covenanted, then shall they who have the healing gifts
nurture them and succor them.
20. And the dead who fall in the service of the Lord shall rise again to do His
work. And the lame shall walk, who walk in the Lord. And children shall sing
again in prophecy to the Lord. Yea, your young men shall see visions again and
your young women shall dream dreams.
21. Wherefore, who would not wish to obtain these blessings? For, I cannot
help but to ask the question: Shall my descendents look and yet not see the signs
of the times? Or shall they be so wicked that they too shall be caught up in the
pride of their hearts? Even that being so, I believe that there shall be those who
are not so caught up, or who, being caught up, will not see through the obscurity
and into the light. For, I have been commanded to write these things and to give
this prophecy. And I ask then, for what purpose?
Chapter Thirteen
Now I must say farewell to all my people. For, I am waxed greatly with age
and my time is come. But I leave this record for a remembrance of my days and
of my works. As I have said, I believe that my people do rightly. For, they do lift
165the hands that hang down and they do remember to do all that which the Lord did
command us to do when He visited us in His power.
I bless the Lord for all His doings and all His works. Worthy is the Lord our
God and I shall praise Him all the days of my life. And I do exhort all my
children and all my people to raise up their voices continually unto the Lord. And
behold, I do believe that this is the ensign which shall shine forth through the
darkness of their day, as also through the corruption and the smoke of darkness in
the days that come.
Pray always. Observe to keep the Covenants of the High Place, even the
Temple of the Lord God. Keep His commandments. Hold to His truth. Ascertain
that truth through communion with the Holy Ghost. Walk upon the Way
receiving revelation upon revelation. Seek the face of Jesus. Yea, and if you do,
you shall surely find Him. Amen.
Page 726
25. Behold, it is good that we have kept our records well away from our places
of dwelling and from our cities. For, had we not, they too shall have been
despoiled. And I know that they shall come forth out of the dust in some far
distant future and my descendants shall once again know their grandfathers. For,
of all the things that our society shall lose, one thing shall be preserved. Yea, the
records of our doings shall last through these times and the Lord shall bring them
once again to the light of day.
And also keep your records, for this shall be of
great worth to your posterity. Yea, in the last days, your words and your
teachings shall guide and inform the restoration of all things.
17. Wherefore, we do build up our High Places upon hallowed ground. Yea,
the sacred places of our relations in times past do become once again sacred
places for us. And we know that the same shall happen once again in this place,
for the Peacemaker restores every good thing. And behold, the good that we do
here will be remembered of the earth and the land will remember the healing that
has taken place here. Yea, and when the Lord does bring again His people to
possess the land, they shall surely find that which we have hidden up for them
and because of that which we have written, surely the land will be made whole
again. Yea, of a surety, the Nemenhah will restore the waste places.
18. Yea, behold, I have seen them and I know their doing. They shall revere
once again the land and cease to abuse it. And they shall learn to use the land
829with thanksgiving and make a sacred walk upon her. Every step upon the earth
shall they call blessed and they shall walk upon her with a song of thanksgiving
upon their lips and in their hearts. Surely, they shall restore all things carefully.
19. Behold, I do not say that they shall be so numerous as the Nemenhah in our
day. Nay, there shall be many people in this land, but the Nemenhah shall not be
many. They shall come in small groups and in families and build up their waste
places. And they shall not come with great possessions or with riches, but with
only that which they require to establish themselves once again in the land. And
none will be jealous of them, for they shall have little of that which the world
desires. Yea, the world shall not consider them at all, for they will have none of
that which the world esteems. But they shall be filled with the purposes of the
Peacemaker and they shall have Zion in their hearts. Is this not riches enough?
20. But behold, they shall build up the High Place again and their settlements
shall restore that which was once lost in this land. And behold, many of them
will be descended from a race of people whom the Peacemaker might have
established in this land in prior generations, but they would not. But they unto
whom the Peacemaker shall reveal these records, many of them shall descend
from those same who were condemned of the Lord because they would not fulfill
His purposes, but preferred to build up a nation unto themselves. Out of them
shall spring up a remnant and they shall combine with the remnant of Lehi left in
the land. Together they shall build up and restore many things.
21. Yea, the purification of the Ammonites shall be restored by them. And they
shall, also, baptize often and celebrate the sacraments of the Lord again in
righteousness. Surely, the Sons and Daughters of Levi and of Aaron shall make a
sacrifice again, one that shall be acceptable to the Peacemaker. And by and by,
as they restore the ordinances of the High Place, the people shall begin again to
understand things as they really are, and there shall be peace again in the land.
22. Behold, they shall be cleansed from the iniquity and filth of the world and
they shall be anointed with the oil of sacrifice. They shall know their Lord and
they shall hear His voice. There shall be fidelity and love in their settlements and
they shall, line upon line, learn once again to have all things in common. And
behold, they shall call themselves blessed, for these are the things which do
prepare men and women to walk upon the Way.
23. And the condemnation under which their forefathers labored for six
generations shall be lifted in them and their ordinances and all that they do for the
Lord shall be acceptable once again before Him. Yea, their condemnation shall
be lifted, they who descend from out of that generation which did not what the
Lord commanded them. And also they among them who descend from out of our
loins, who had become a hiss and a byword to all nations, shall raise up their
830heads and speak with mighty words. Yea, they shall sing again the song of the
righteous because the days of their patience shall have been completed.
24. They shall not surely cover the face of the land, as we do. But behold, they
shall begin again to heal the earth and to prepare her for the coming of the
Peacemaker. They shall be His disciples and His children. Yea, and through
them shall He heal the hurts that have been done to the earth.
25. Behold, and this shall be a sign and a surety that the Peacemaker has again
lifted up the hands that hang down. For they shall call themselves Nemenhah and
they shall hurt no more the Earth, but all that they do therein shall be a healing
thing. Surely, the Earth shall bless them.
26. For they shall have hurt the Earth in everything that they did know by her.
Yea, they cut down the tree and hew it. But this is not enough, for they waste
most of it to make some few usable pieces with which to build. And when they
build, the structure is all sticks and air. Wherefore, they do create of the Earth
that which can be attached to their houses of air. And they dig up the Earth and
plate it, and this they attach to their houses to make them solid. But the walls of
their houses are still but sticks and air, wherefore, they fill them with waste to
keep out the cold.
27. And this shall be a sign of those times, that there shall scarcely be one thing
that the men and women who shall inhabit this land shall use for houses, or for
raiment, or for food , or to move about upon the land, that they do not buy from
others. Yea, and if I were to visit them in their homes and in their shops, behold,
there might not be one or two things in them that they shall have made with their
own hands or even that was made by an artisan of their own village.
28. And in that day, a man shall labor in order that he might buy his living, but
his labor shall not provide sufficiently. Yea, and in all that he does labor, he
cannot be satisfied. For with what little of gold and silver that he does earn for
his day‟s labor, he shall be only able to purchase the day‟s sustenance. And this
shall be a kind of thralldom unto them, for all the people of the land shall thus
wear out their lives in labor that does not satisfy.
29. But behold, the Lord shall work upon the hearts of a few, that they shall
turn away from this slavery. And they shall go into the wilderness and take up
again the good earth. And they shall cast up their walls as we do, and their
houses shall no longer be things of air, but they shall be solid as the ground upon
which they shall stand. And they shall produce with their own hands again that
which satisfies.
30. And among the little flock, behold, there shall be no more of aimless labor,
for they shall have sufficient for their needs, but also a little surplus. And they
831shall not seek to buy up the things of the Earth, but they shall cherish her and take
good care of her. Yea, and in this shall they receive but little acclaim and the
world shall not esteem them, but the Earth shall bless them abundantly.
31. And behold, the Lord shall surely instruct them in this thing, and it shall be
a great ensample unto them. For, many shall say unto them, when they go out to
begin their enterprise, that such things cannot be. Yea, they shall scoff and
refute, saying:
32. You must build the way all things are built, for it is the way of the world.
Yea, and if you choose to build another way, it shall be to your hurt. Why think
you to be different than all people? Come, build your homes properly. Work
with your might and all will be well with you.
33. But behold, the manner of building in that day shall be so wasteful and
costly that a man shall have to become a slave to the possession in order to
provide shelter for his family. Yea, and the woman must also go out from the
home to labor for the upkeep of her children. And this shall be because of the
wastefulness of the manner in which they shall build all that they build. Yea, and
there shall not be one thing built in that day that shall not be so costly as to
require the break up of the family.
34. But the Lord shall teach a more excellent way, both in spirit and in body.
For He is the Creator and the Peacemaker. Shall He desire man to use up the
earth and to consume it all up? Behold, He shall not. Wherefore, He shall
instruct His remnant even in all that they must do to restore the earth. And He
shall begin this schooling in the manner in which they shall build their dwellings
and their meeting places and even their High Places.
35. Yea, where the world shall teach them that their High Places should be built
of the most costly goods, in order that proper reverence shall be given unto the
God of Heaven, behold, He shall teach them to build with humility. Yea, their
High Place shall seem very low when esteemed by the eyes of the world. Behold,
in this shall the Lord teach His people to heal the Earth.
36. And when they go to adorn their High Places, shall they fill them up with
the costly things of the world? For this shall be the habit and the custom of their
times. Yea, when the world builds a temple, behold, it is filled with costly and
fine furnishings. But this shall not be so among the Lord‟s remnant in the last
days. For they shall sit them down with but a blanket between them and the earth
from which they did cast up the bench. And when they build a chair, it shall be
the work of their own hands, or of the hands of a neighbor. And the floors upon
which they stand shall not be made of stone cut and crafted by unknown hands in
unknown lands, but it shall be earth that is poured and cast, and when they walk
upon it, it shall sustain them gently.
83237. And this shall be an ensample unto them, that they do the will of the Lord.
For, the way of the world does use up the good thereof. But behold, the way of
the Lord does sustain and edify. The way of the world does destroy the will of
man to do good, for all his labor must go to the using up of the Earth. But the
way of the Lord does edify him, for his labor shall return unto him a blessing
from the Earth.
38. But behold, this thing shall be hateful to the world, but in this there is
wisdom, also, in the Lord. For, if the world does hate a thing, the world does
avoid it. Yea, and when the world shall judge this ensample of the Lord, behold,
the remnant shall be esteemed as a thing of poverty and want. Yea, who shall
molest them? For they shall have nothing that the world might desire of them.
Who shall covet a house made of earth? Yea, when all the world esteems that
retreat from useful labor into which men and women shall have fallen as virtuous,
who shall covet the house built of such labor? Nay, the world shall think itself
above such things.
39. But in the day in which the Peacemaker shall whisper again in the ears of
them that hear, the remnant shall take up again the Earth without hurt. And they
shall no more cut down the tree to waste the more part of it. But they shall learn
providence again and they shall care for the Earth. And behold, when they do
this thing, the Earth shall give forth abundantly and they shall have sufficient for
their needs, for they shall not have enslaved themselves to the costly thing.
40. And they shall learn from this ensample that the wisdom of their shepherds
has been foolishness. Yea, they have been taught from their youths to labor with
their might, that they might have security in their homes and in their families.
But, because the shepherds teach them to labor for the things of the world, they
shall enslave all the people.
41. But when they do take up the Earth again, without hurt, but with an eye
single to the service of their God, they shall cease to esteem the costly as security.
Yea, they shall see once again that the Earth does provide abundantly for those
whose hearts are not bent on destroying her and on using her up. And the Earth
shall loosen the bonds of their captivity and she shall gently remove the shackles
of their slavery.
42. Yea, and the scales shall fall from off their eyes and they shall see more
clearly. And in all else that they do that does use up the Earth, they shall begin to
curb themselves. Yea, they shall cease to buy with silver and gold that which
does not edify, and the Earth shall give abundantly all that which cannot be
bought with money. Yea, their eyes shall be opened and they shall see as they
have not seen before, the wonder and majesty and beauty of the Earth around
833them. And she shall hold them in her embrace and they shall feel again the love
of the mother which gives them life.
43. These are the doings of the Lord‟s remnant whom He shall bring once again
into this land. And behold, they shall be in the midst of a great people,
wherefore, do not marvel that I say that the Lord shall bring them once again.
The Gentiles shall cover all the face of the land, and yet, the land shall not claim
them as her relations. Wherefore, the blessing and the curse that lies upon this
land shall affect them, and they shall all be in bondage. But there shall be the
seeds of liberty planted by their forefathers yet living in their breasts and this
shall be enough to ensure that the Lord‟s remnant shall have peace to establish
44. For, it shall be for the sake of this liberty, which the Gentiles shall cherish
above all things, that some measure of freedom shall be granted unto they who
turn from the getting of gain, even unto the establishing of Zion in the land. For
behold, the manner of thralldom under which the Gentile nations shall place all
the people, shall be in the love of gold and of silver. Wherefore, they shall build
up their cities and their towers and they shall hurt the Earth. And it shall be the
hurting of the Earth that shall form a foundation for the subjugating of the people.
For, when they hurt the Earth for the sake of gain, behold, their gain shall become
slippery and hard to hold. And all their labor shall not be sufficient to hold onto
the things they deem to be precious. Yea, their day‟s labor shall not be enough to
buy their day‟s needs. Wherefore, they shall wear out their lives for the sake of
gain, but they shall be old and have gained nothing. Now, all this shall be
because they do hurt the Earth to get their gain from it.
45. Now, the Lord‟s remnant shall not seek after gold nor silver, but shall seek
after that true abundance that can only be acquired by that people who nurture
and care for the Earth. Yea, and they shall find true riches in the abundance
which comes from her bosom, and their labor shall satisfy. Wherefore, in the
midst of slavery, wherein all men shall labor for the governors for their bread, the
Nemenhah shall eat of the bread of life and be filled. And in the midst of
bondage, wherein all men labor with their might to provide wine for the
governor, the Nemenhah shall drink of the wellspring and they shall not thirst.
46. And behold, the governors shall not esteem them at all, because they shall
have not gold nor silver nor any manner of gain. Wherefore, they shall be hidden
amidst the host and shall not be discovered. For behold, only they who have
substance whereby the governors might gain shall warrant their attention. And
how can a man who eats from the Earth that which he has planted and lives in a
house made of that same earth wherein he does plant, have wherewithal to be
834taken from him evensomuch that the governors might pay even the cost of taking
it from him?
47. So greatly blessed shall that man be, for he shall not be seen nor esteemed.
Yea, in the midst of the thrall there shall be slaves enough, and he who has not
shall not be desired. And the Earth shall be so despised that he who shall stretch
forth his hand to embrace her and care for her, shall also have no merit and no
beauty that shall be desired by the world. Even so shall the Lord instruct His
people and bring them once again.
Chapter Nine
Now, this is not all that I have seen concerning that time in which the Lord
shall bring this record into the light. Behold, I am blessed of the Lord
exceedingly. For I did ask of Him to reveal the times and the seasons, and
behold, He has shown unto me many things. Yea, and I have seen the times and
the seasons surrounding the restoration of Zion in this land in the latter days.
And this is a choice land, a land of covenant. Upon it lies a blessing and a
cursing, and this is the will of the Lord. And it is also His will that the Gentiles
shall also be brought to a knowledge of Him and of His Zion. Wherefore, He
shall drive them into this land. And because of the blessing and the curse, they
shall learn more of Him and of His ways than they could have should they remain
in their own land. Wherefore, He shall drive them. Yea, with the wind of their
own ambition, He shall toss them up upon the shore. And behold, He shall try
them in this land.
And He shall show unto them a beginning, even a commencement. And He
shall raise up prophets unto them, and unto them He shall give commandments
and instruction. But they will not. Yea, they will call themselves His Saints, and
yet they will not do what He bids them. They shall claim to speak in His name,
but their hearts shall shun the task He places before them.
Yea, He shall command them to go even unto the seed of the House of Lehi
left in this land, not to instruct them but to be instructed of them. But they shall
esteem them lower in station than they and shall shun the work which the Lord
shall lay upon them. And the Gentiles shall abuse and drive the remnant of Lehi
from place to place, because that they shall remind them ever of that which they
ought to have done in the name of the Lord, but that they chose abomination of
desolation in the stead thereof.
For the children of Lehi might have taught them to temper their lust for
gain. For, we have much in our history concerning the outcome of justice in this
land when the lust for gain does take control of the people and of the
government. And even they shall have the record of the Nephites as witness unto
835them of the same. But behold, they shall do unto the remnant of Lehi like as they
would do unto a beast of the field which is bought with gold and brought even to
the slaughter.
Yea, I have seen what shall befall my own descendents at the hand of the
Gentiles. And I have seen how that the people shall suffer and perish. But
behold, they shall not be utterly destroyed, and because they shall not be utterly
destroyed, the Lord shall preserve that part of their customs that shall set them
apart from all the world. And even He shall raise up seers who will take of these
records which we leave in sacred places and they will translate them by His
peculiar power into their own tongues. Then shall He teach the Gentiles a mighty
thing indeed.
And some of them shall take heed to His word and they will learn a new
and better way, casting away their lust for riches and looking only to that which
they need. But this shall not come without a true trying of their faith. Yea, in the
day that they cease to hide up their treasures against the day of need, but use them
abundantly to the good of many, then shall He graft them into the vine and they
shall be one with Lehi. Then are the times of the Gentiles fulfilled.
But behold, they who are grafted in shall not be many. For the whole world
shall lust after riches and the hearts of men and women shall not be upon the
good gifts of Heaven, but they shall seek every day to get more gain than the
previous. And with each day‟s passing, they shall hide up more of their precious
things, that they might be esteemed rich by their neighbor.
But a time shall come when they shall go even unto the place wherein they
have hid up their wealth, to withdraw it from its hiding place, but behold, it shall
not be found. Yea, it shall be taken from them. Or, if it is not taken, it shall have
lost its worth and shall not buy bread. And this disaster shall come upon all
people at once. Yea, and so great will the disaster be that whole peoples shall run
headlong before it and shall not be found in their place.
10. And even shall all nations be at the ready to tumble and fall to pieces, and
the governors and the rulers shall all shake their heads and wonder. Yea, and the
money lenders shall all flee, for there shall be no interest in anything. And the
merchant shall sit idly by, for there shall be no buying of his wares. And the
artificer shall set down his tools, for there shall be no profit in his hire. Yea, and
the mother shall have not that which might sustain her children, for her man shall
have no means to support her, though she have right claim upon him for her
11. You may believe it! And this shall be a sign unto you that the time of
refreshing shall be at hand, yea, even it shall be at the door. Behold, a man shall
not labor to build his own house, but shall sell his birthright to the money lenders
836for the means to engage other men to build him a house. And because of the
dearness and the cost of the house, he shall work the whole generation to pay the
lenders. And when he has paid the lenders and the house is free, behold, he will
discover that they whom he did engage to build the house made poor work of his
commission. Yea, the house shall have no value and shall fall, after a generation
of labor to redeem it.
12. And this sign shall be even the same upon all things made by the hands of
men. Yea, they shall pay dearly for all that they have, and yet the workmanship
shall be such that the object of their desire shall have no worth ere it is redeemed
with his labor. Yea, this shall be the bondage into which the man in the last days
shall sell himself. He shall be instructed by his shepherds in the things that he
must do in order that he might be respectable. But, whe
Craig's Blogn the stuff is redeemed
and he has worn out his life obtaining it, there is nothing but dust, and there shall
remain none who esteem him for his fugality and wisdom. Yea, his neighbors
shall not esteem him, for they know that he shall not esteem them in their
poverty. This is the nature of slavery that the nations shall thrust upon all people.
13. But the Lord‟s remnant shall learn of Him to cast off this bondage. Yea,
they shall be released from slavery because that they shall be instructed of Him.
And when men and women take up this stewardship again, as they did in the past,
behold, they shall begin to see all things differently. Because the house is the
beginning of the community, they shall take stewardship of that as well, and they
shall esteem all things differently. Yea, they shall see clearly that which they
esteemed of no value previously, and that which the world shall esteem low, shall
be riches unto them.
14. And they will cease to hide up their wages, but they shall begin to use them
for their immediate good. Yea, they shall work with their might to build a
tangible future and they shall take the Lord at His word, and live each day for its
own merit. And behold, they shall not be in bondage to their own future, for they
shall each day work toward a better future for all people.
15. Thus shall the Lord instruct them in the manner in which Zion is built in the
heart. Yea, it shall be through the building of His house that He shall instruct
them in the building of their own. Yea, and it shall be through His instruction,
yea, face to face, He shall be their mentor, and they shall learn the meaning of His
words. And the record of Heaven shall be written upon their hearts.
16. Behold, I declare it unto whom this record shall be lifted up; you shall
discover yourself in the midst of slavery and wonder that you could have wasted
your life in voluntary bondage. Yea, you shall have lived in that bondage all of
your life, without knowing it, and the discovery of it shall cause you to wonder.
837Your wise men shall have taught it to you and you shall have been raised up from
your youth believing it to be the best way.
17. Yea, and so virtuous shall all men have esteemed this slavery, that the
governors shall teach it in all the world. And they shall cause that many nations
shall sell themselves into this bondage. Yea, the governors shall do it, and the
people shall support them in it. And even many who do already live a more
perfect way, shall be compelled to lay down that better manner in which they
live, so that they might be esteemed equal in the eyes of the world. Behold, they
shall be made to lay down abundance and take up poverty, so that the world
might esteem them to be the same as other men.
18. But the governors and the shepherds shall not esteem men to be men and
women to be women in those days. Nay, men shall be but the means to produce
gold, and the women shall be but a sack of provender. And a man may not stand
and declare himself, for he is not a son, but so many hours of labor. And a
woman may not stand and proclaim her generations, for she is not a daughter, but
so much stuff to be counted and stored.
19. This is the evil that shall mark the fulfilling of the times of the Gentiles.
Behold, in eight generations they shall have lifted themselves up from weakness
into great might, and they shall rule the world. And all nations shall bow for a
time before their obvious superiority and their opinion shall be greatly esteemed
by all the rulers of the world. But, ere the ninth generation fails and the tenth
generation culminates, the eyes of the world shall be opened and the rulers of the
nations shall no longer be blinded by the riches of the Gentiles. For they shall all
see together that they have become slaves, and that, even with all the riches of the
world, there is no virtue in bondage.
20. And men shall once again stand in their lot, sons of God, and declare
themselves. And women shall proclaim their generations, daughters of God, and
they shall take up abundance. And the esteem of the world shall fail in their eyes,
for they shall walk and talk with the Peacemaker. Yea, they shall esteem not gold
nor silver, but they shall know their own worth and they shall esteem that
abundance that comes of the liberty of the soul.
21. And they shall cast down the slavery into which they were sold and which
they were educated to uphold and revere. They shall walk away from all that the
world taught was sweet and desirable, but has made bitter and good for refuse.
That which the world esteems highly, shall be distasteful to the remnant. Yea,
that for which all men labor and wear out their lives shall be hateful to the Lord‟s
remnant in the day that He shall teach them.
22. Yea, they shall be ashamed of the ways and the customs of their fathers and
their grandfathers, for they shall be such ways as shall cause the destruction of
838the earth and the losing of all that she does freely offer her children. And the
Remnant shall take up the earth into their hands, not to spitefully use it, but to
make sacrifice for it. Yea, when the Sons of Levi do offer again a sacrifice in
righteousness, then shall the Lord restore all things. And when the Daughters of
Levi do make sure their offering again, then shall He keep His promises that He
made unto the Children of Lehi, to restore them in their bishopric.
I believe that this record will come into the hands of my descendents for a
good purpose in the Lord, for He has shown them to me and my heart is returned
to them. Yea, the Peacemaker has shown me that my few words, and the record
of the establishment of our people in this country shall be of benefit to my
children in the last days.
And I perceive that they will be a dispossessed people and shall give up
their homeland for money, and this shall become a great stumbling block to them.
But, in time, they shall return once again to the knowledge of their ancestors and
they shall begin again to establish themselves in their own land and become a
people again.
And the record of my words shall flow unto them through one whose
connection with them is far sundered. Nevertheless, help shall come to them
from diverse quarters and in diverse means. Wherefore, I do greet you, my
children, and I do commend this record unto you.
I do not mean to suggest that this record narrates the beginning of people in
the region, for there were people here when we arrived whose origins are their
own. But to my children I say this, your history is known and written. Your
grandfathers and grandmothers came into these coasts and these mountains from
a far country and they established themselves in villages and settlements. And I
see that you shall have little before your eyes to prove my words to you. Your
wise men shall say that this record is a mere fancy. Notwithstanding, I witness it
unto you, that you are Nemenhah, even the People of the Spirit, and your
ancestors remember you.
And behold, your sacred sacrifices, your ceremonies, your healing ways and
all that you utilize to relieve suffering, yea, in fine, all that you make in the day
that these things shall come even unto your shores and your mountains, are
remembered of your ancestors, who I assure you yet live and perceive your
doing. And behold, they are remembered of the Lord. Yea, your fathers and
your mothers do look upon you with great joy, for your healings, your
861ceremonies and celebrations, yea, and in fine, all that you do to raise up a joyful
and righteous sound unto heaven are heard by us.
And behold, we do celebrate with you. You may believe it. When you
make your ceremonies, we sit with you, and when you make your sacred dances,
we dance with you. Yea, when you hold the suffering in your arms and
administer unto them, behold, you hold them also in our arms, for we are in you
and with you. When you raise up a celebrative sound, behold, we sing with you
and when the sound of your drums rise up, we are there also. The smoke of your
pipes bring us nigh unto you and your prayers summon us. We are ministers unto
you and we bring peace into your hearts.
And this is the manner of our stewardship. Do not be amazed that I say that
we work among you and minister to you. I know that your holy people, your
priests and your seers and your healers, shall have taught you the truth of these
things. Yea, the world may scoff at you and call you childish, but doubt not.
Wherefore, do not be amazed that such utterances should come up to you even
out of the dust and that you should receive by the hand of a stranger, words from
your ancestors.
10. Take that stranger by the hand and rejoice with him because the hearts of
your fathers are turned to you, and that your hearts are turned to them. Behold,
only this can prepare you to stand face to face with the Peacemaker. Only then
can you receive Him in your countenance. Yea, then shall the record of heaven
be written in you again. Amen.
Chapter Seven
In the last days, there will arise again in this land all the manifestations of
the healing ways of that Spirit which does quicken the Earth and all Her parts.
And behold, because of the work of prophets and seers, the Healers shall once
again arise from the midst of the people. Yea, and they shall do great wonders
and even miracles. The lame shall walk again, and the blind shall see. The
canker and the wasting shall be cleansed from the loins and from the sinews. The
ache shall relieve and the issue shall abate. Surely, the Healers shall once again
work with power and wonders shall not cease.
Yea, and these same shall extend the gifts they shall have received even to
the healing of the Earth, and behold, the Earth shall arise again from Her sickbed.
Yea, even as a man who has been stricken many months with a wasting and a
fever does rise himself up when the fever is broken. Yea, what man stays in bed
when the sickness has passed? But the Earth that does sustain you shall also arise
and make a commotion when the days of Her confinement are accomplished.
Yea, when the fever is broken and She does begin to shake out the linens of Her
862sickbed, behold, the gifts that have lain long dormant during the time of Her
ailment shall come again unto Her children.
And they who call themselves Nemenhah in those days shall be Healers.
Yea, they shall be Healers of the Earth and all that in Her dwells. For they shall
recognize once again that the soil upon which they depend is not property, but it
shall be a stewardship unto them. And they shall see with eyes that see, and they
shall realize that they have been taught an untruth in the name of God – that they
are masters of the Earth, to subdue it. But they shall open up their eyes and cast
down the scales from their sight, and they shall see that man is not the master of
the Earth, but the steward, and to keep the admonition of the Peacemaker is to
take good care of the Earth.
Behold, to till does not mean to rend. To harrow does not mean to shatter.
It is an unfortunate thing that the children of men shall take into their hearts in the
last days, that they interpret what is sacred into that which is unholy. Yea, they
take that which is good and make of it an evil. Because that God gave our first
parents dominion over all the Earth, behold how in the name of God the children
of men shall injure Her. In the last days, dominion shall have less to do with the
kingdom of God and our stewardship of it, and more to do with domination of all
things living.
But behold, in those same days, if a man call himself Nemenhah and yet
care not for the Earth, he shall be cast out from among them. And if a woman
call herself Nemenhah and deny the care of the Earth, they shall not abide her in
the Council. Yea, they who call themselves Nemenhah shall take up the Earth
again in cradling arms to nurture Her and to comfort Her. They shall surely see
things as they really are and shall no longer be blinded by the Gadiantonhem who
shall have paraded as their shepherds and their governors. They shall open up
their eyes and they shall take back up that stewardship which the Father gave
unto their parents.
And the Earth, even their Mother, shall reward them. Yea, She shall arise
from Her sickbed and bless them once again. And the cursing and the
condemnation under which they shall have labored for many years shall be lifted
from them, and they shall enjoy the great blessing that is laid upon this land.
Behold, part of this great blessing is that when they shall follow the
commandments of the Lord, they shall be prospered. And they shall have learned
this because of that little portion of the record of the Nephites and the Lamanites
which they shall have received of the Lord. But they shall esteem prosperity as
property. Wherefore, if there be any who have not property, the same shall be
condemned of them. And if there be any who have property, behold, these shall
they call prosperous. Wherefore, because of this interpretation, they shall not
863understand the condemnation under which they shall suffer, even to the sixth
But behold, when the Nemenhah shall arise out of the Remnant of the loins
of Lehi, they shall see again with eyes that see and they shall hear again with ears
that hear. Yea, to them prosperity shall mean a different thing, for, they shall care
for the Earth and magnify their stewardship. Yea, and She shall bless them and
magnify them in healing power. Yea, She shall extend to their hands even that
same healing by which She is healed.
Does this seem strange to you? Yet, you shall see all these things happen in
the days in which the Nemenhah shall once again take up their stewardship. Yea,
when you shall read these things, turn your head to and fro and see if these things
are not manifest. For the Peacemaker, even the Great Christ, is also called the
Great Healer, and He would have us become even as He is. It is for this cause
that, although we, each of us, have our stewardship in the foundation, yet are we
also trained as Healers, every one. And though there are those whose gifts are
very great, yet there are none among the Nemenhah who are not Healers
according to their own gifts and their own abilities.
And it is also for this cause that our historians have included all that could
be written about our manner of healing, that our descendents might know how we
esteem healing as part of our stewardship, yea, we consider it a commandment of
God. Wherefore, even they who feel they have no gift in healing are trained as
healers from their youth. And though all would prefer the administration of that
Healer whose gifts are strong and come from heaven, yet in their absence could
any one of us suffice to save the life and render competent aid. So much do we
esteem the admonition of the Peacemaker that we become as He is.
10. Now, this is not to say that all people administer, but rather that it is
difficult to find anyone among the Nemenhah who knows nothing of the healing
ways. Yea, the potter knows how to bind the wound, and the miller knows how
to soothe the burn, and the thatcher knows how to cool the blood. Yea, every
father and mother can render aid to their children and their old people, so that the
Healers are not overburdened with smaller matters.
11. Yea, and our historians also write how that the Nemenhah send to all the
world to find out their ways of healing and their medicines. Yea, in days of old,
our prophets walked in distant lands and our seers studied the ways of other
nations. And behold, all the knowledge that they learned in far away places, they
did also add unto our own. Wherefore, be not surprised to find how we did make
admission into our own language names of things from others.
12. In fine, it is the custom and the tradition of the Nemenhah to learn the good
and healing ways of all peoples and to bring them into the foundation. Yea, we
864accept the ways of many people, if they are healing ways, and this has been our
tradition from the beginning.
13. Or do you think that Hementah and Cumeni were of the same people and
tradition as Hagotl? And perhaps you consider Pa Hementem and Shi-Tugohah
of the same people as Hagmeni? They were not. For, Hagotl and Hagmeni were
of the Nephites in the Land Southward and Hementah and his brother were
Ammonites. Behold, the Nephites welcomed them in and gave them land to
make their inheritance, but they were never Nephites.
14. And the Nephite way was different than the Ammonite way, yet, when
Hagotl brought his company into the Land Northward, they were no more
Nephite nor Ammonite, but became Nemenhah every one of them. And they did
merge the ways of the Nephites that were good with the ways of the Ammonites
that were good. Yea, and their ways became one way.
15. Do you suppose that they argued over whose way was right or whose
traditions were better? Behold, I say unto you, they did not, but they did embrace
that which was good in both ways. Behold how their customs did emerge into a
better way. This is an ensample unto us and we continue in it to this day.
16. And behold, the people who shall emerge in the last days, yea, even that
people who shall call themselves Nemenhah, shall also have this custom and it
shall come from out of their own dust. Yea, we speak our ways into their hearts
and they, taking their own ways that are good, and also all the ways of all the
world that are also good, do also make an emergence.
17. For the unifying of all that is good is truly a teaching of the Peacemaker,
even Jesus Christ. Is it different than that which has been taught of Jesus in your
day? I cannot help that, for surely His teachings shall have been wrought upon
by wicked men. Nevertheless, these are His teachings as we have them, and they
are beautiful.
18. Yea, it shall become the custom of all they who call themselves Nemenhah,
though it go against the custom of the fathers, yea and even their nation, to take
up the good teachings from all nations and make them their own. And it is
because of the words of this record that they shall do this thing, wherefore, our
ways and our customs shall live in them again.
19. And there shall be many who shall deride them because of this custom.
Yea, there shall be many who shall say: Behold how they have no thought of
their own! Behold, how they corrupt the ways of our fathers with the ways of
other people! Behold how they take up that which is sacred and taint it with the
customs and traditions of other people!
86520. But the Nemenhah shall not contend one with another over whose tradition
is better, if it is good. They shall have no contention if the matter is healing. For
their purpose shall be the healing of the Earth and the relieving of suffering.
Behold, theirs shall not be a jealous custom or a selfish tradition, but it shall be
for the good and benefit of all people. Wherefore, there shall be no contention
among them on these points, only debate and discussion to ascertain the goodness
or the badness of a custom or tradition.
21. And governors shall revile them for that they do bring together the
teachings of other peoples. But this custom they shall have received from those
of us who have spoken to them out of the Earth, their grandfathers and their
grandmothers. And behold, in the end, this custom shall be a protection for them.
For they shall make peace in all their words and doings, in a time when
dissentions shall threaten all nations.

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31. Behold, shall they look up to their shepherds in that day – they who have all
been warriors and who come of warrior stock and creed – they whose notions
about freedom shall overturn their understanding of the commandments of God –
they who shall justify even wars prosecuted in far away places whose people had
not even seen their own fair homes or known their people? Shall they teach the
laying down of the unclean thing? Shall they teach any man or woman anything
about that Zion which must be built up in the heart before it may be established in
the earth?
32. I say unto you, Nay. But, they shall surely look to their fathers to find an
ensample to follow. Yea, their hearts shall indeed turn unto the fathers, and the
hearts of the fathers shall turn again unto the children. And the whole earth shall
not be wasted at the coming of the Creator. I say unto you, Men and women shall
once again walk upon the Way, and because of this, the records of the fathers
shall come again into the light and be had for an ensample unto them. Then shall
they take of the things they read of the ways and customs and covenants of their
fathers and, seeing distantly as if through a fog, they shall again begin to live in
33. Yea, they shall have all things in common even in a time when all else is in
turmoil. And when all other peoples are at conflict one with another, they shall
have peace and shall sustain and support each other. They shall find ways to
serve one another and assist each other in coming out of the world. And they
shall spread their way of life to other people and assist them also. Great shall be
the work of a tiny flock of the children of Lehi in the last days.
34. For behold, were it not so, the world would of a surety come to naught and
shall have been wasted at the coming of the Lord. And how shall you feel, oh
son of man, at the end of all things, to have as your report to the Creator of
Heaven and Earth that the world was not good enough for peace and the hearts of
men were not pure enough for goodness? How shall you feel, you mothers, to
have as your report unto the Creator of Heaven and Earth that the daughters of
Eve could not find love enough in their hearts to preserve the Earth and they had
not gratitude enough to give thanks for the good things of the Earth? And how
shall the Earth respond when she must report to her Creator that all things are
wasted and that it should have been better never to have been made at all?
35. I say unto you, All you who shall seek peace in the day of which I speak,
beat your swords into plows and your spears into hooks. Put forth your hand to
heal the Earth and take good care of her. Lay your hands upon no man or woman
to do them injury, but lay your hand to the plow and the sickle to cultivate the
good earth and to partake of her generous harvest.
36. Send not your sons to any war for any reason. Let not your leaders
convince you that any cause for war is righteousness, unless the Lord does
command it, but lay yourselves down before the blows of your enemies if need
be. Yea, in fine, do all that you see that the Ammonites did. Make peace. Live
with peace in your hearts. Love your fellowman and do not use him, but provide
a surplus in all that you seek to do, that the beggar might not put up his petition in
37. Yea, in fine, unless the Lord shall command it, make no war at all. Be no
part of, but rather shun the work of destruction. For, I say unto you, Unless He
504does command it, He shall not justify it. And, if He justify it not, it is an
abomination of desolation, even like as has been spoken of by the prophets.
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30. Behold, this shall be the state of things when the Lord shall bring again into
the light such records as shall be preserved by Him in His wisdom. And behold,
there shall be some who take of these things and shall use them for an ensample.
These are they who shall bring Zion once again. These are they who shall receive
the commission of the Lord and shall guide the people once again to come unto