Slavery and the money system

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Slavery and the money system

Posted 2016     Updated 4-1-2017
It's time for us to rely on the power of our own faith in the creator for our needs rather than money. Folk's, it's time to "Catch The Dream".
Phoenix Journal 34 Page 83: You do not need miracles or magic--you have all the wondrous supplies right at hand--if you have love and desire and connection with God-- there MUST be creation and manifestation.
Phoenix Journal 7 Page 11: Even my "native" brothers of the ancients have been corrupted and few recognize the Great White Spirit who promised to return--how many are trying to see my arrival through the dollar bill of paper or eyeglass lenses of thickened gold? So be it, for he who refuses to listen will only hear the final trumpet and it will be finished.

From Marina Jacobi:
"I remember the most thing is how you act with people. What do you do? As we all know the story here what happened. So it cannot be ego, it cannot be about the money. Again if you put in money and if you do that for a business understand that this is in the name of humanity as long as you stop putting something in between the structure it separates. It becomes duality. You cannot have duality. You have to have unity for this nano especially this ether technology because it's mimicking. how do you want to perceive something from the ether and everything through synchronicity when you have a condition? You can't have a condition. If you have a condition through the monetary, the only way you're going to get something is through the monetary. Why not start manifesting from the ether? It's that simple." .......................See video to the right---------> Note, she is trying to explain how the reality we project through the ether is mimicked by the physical or lower astral realms. Therefor if it is about money, then that too becomes our reality.
The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. That's abundance. Period. Bashar explained in one of his videos  of our earth being the most self imposed limitations planet ever known or heard of in our universe.
Book of Oahspe Page 666: Whoever is born into the world is in part possessor of the world by fact of his birth.....To hold more land than one can till is to sin against them that have none, who have no wherewith to live or to earn a living.
Nothing belongs to Caesar, He stole it from us.
Phoenix Journal 23 Page 196: Firstly, Caesar has no world. God has a world which means that YOU have a world-- anything that "Caesar" or your puppet governments and rulers have--is STOLEN FROM YOU!
Phoenix Journal 14 Page 79: We are but your brethren but we KNOW of our oneness with God and Creation and we can cause you to remember your truth of being--no more and no less. When the mass of man realizes his power, the show will almost instantly change. As a matter of fact, if the blood flow of money were cut off, the conspiracy would begin to crumble instantly--instantly. But you have been convinced you must support the octopi of the slave-masters. **** Phoenix Journal 23 Page 120: I see not how it could get more doomy or gloomy!! All of you who have "things" in abundance and live "high" on luxuries, I suggest you trade that Mercedes for an old half-ton pickup for the "rich" will be sitting ducks for the picking and plucking by your own people. I suggest, further, that if you have available money for investment or if you can get your hands on some--get rid of it. Give it away if necessary but get it away from yourself for it will represent your death notice. The plan is to confiscate everything......Page 121: I would suppose that you who do not heed my words will cling to the false promises and horde of thine wealth and luxury and lose your lives--and your ticket home to God. That, dear ones, is each individual choice to make. Selah!
The Embodiment Series SHOUD 7 by Saint-Germain Presented to the Crimson Circle February 5, 2005 Original Website "I never had a bank account in my times as Saint-Germain. I didn't believe in the banks. That is a whole other story that we can go into (some laughter). I didn't have to have a bank account because I was able to manifest gold whenever I needed it. I had an abundance of wealth. And, I never had to think about it."
ST. GERMAINE WITH A FABULOUS UPDATE! What I wish to share with you is that excitement of literally finding new lands, new adventures, new ways of thinking and being. That is what fascinated me! It was not gold and jewels, which I could create out of thin air. It was the adventure of discovery – and, my beloved friends, the excitement of any journey, when it is truly honourable and based in the excitement of discovery, is wondrous.
Now I am not one – yes, even though I am well known for manifesting gold and jewels and what have you – I am not one that simply focuses on abundance. Yes, I am infamous and famous for it, but the key is the emotional, mental, spiritual readiness to use wealth.
Simon Petrus via Ann Dahlberg I am with you, I walk amongst you now trying to give you courage, hope and love. I support the vulnerable and poor and the projects that are focused on the so-called Third World of peoples. A new area is now starting with freedom and prosperity for all. It warms my heart when I see the mercy that is shown the small and vulnerable in society. Also my heart is weeping from all the suffering caused by people in order to gain more power and wealth – A wealth and power that has destroyed their minds and caused them to loose themselves. The little Light they have left is quietly flickering into eternity. It is time for restraint and to take responsibility for one’s actions and indemnify oneself and one’s fellow man and woman.
Life and Teachings vol. 2 page 33  "Jesus increased the few loaves and fishes the little lad had, until he was able to supply ample for the multitude. You will observe that he bade them sit down in an orderly expectant attitude, ready to receive the increased supply by fulfilling the law. If you are to find joy and satisfaction in the life of Jesus, you must fulfill the law of his life by acting in harmony with his ideals. You cannot stand and worry as to how you are to be fed. If Jesus had allowed this, the multitude never would have been satisfied. Instead, He quietly blessed and gave thanks for that which he had and the supply was increased in sufficient measure to meet every need. "Living did not become a difficult problem until man disobeyed and refused to listen to the Inner Voice. When he returns and again learns to listen to that Inner Voice he will cease to labor for the means of a living, but he will work for the joy of creating. He will enter into the joy of creating and he will create under the law of the Lord or Word of God. Through His Word he will find that he can move upon the all-loving and all-enfolding substance of God and bring into visibility every ideal he holds in thought. It was in this way, step by step, that Jesus mounted to the heights and proved the supremacy of the Christ in Him over the limited concept of mortal thought. When this is realized, work  becomes a joyous quality of one's being. Jesus proved that the truly spiritual life is the only joyous life. He became clothed with dignity and glory because of his victory; yet that victory left him as free as a little child. Although the world is not wholly awake to its desire, it is this desire of joy and great blessing that it is seeking. Man may seek satisfaction in the pursuit of personal things, unmindful of the law that says he shall lose that which he seeks for selfish gain. But through the losing he soon finds that the fall of the personal but marks the ascent of the spiritual. He realizes that MAN'S EXTREMITY IS GOD'S OPPORTUNITY. Page 42 "When Jesus said, `My words are spirit and they are life,' he touched that inner word that created all things; and he knew that his word was filled with a life essence and the moving power that would produce the thing he desired. If these words would ring through the souls of all men and nations, they would know that they have access to the fountain of Eternal Life which flows from God. "Some may express the Christ by seeing the Christ enthroned just back of the heart, the seat of love. From this throne see the Christ directing every activity of your body in perfect accord with God's immutable law and know that you are cooperating with Christ in the ideals received direct from the Divine Mind. Then see the Christ seated on His throne, expanding and including every atom, cell, fibre, muscle, and organ of your whole body. In fact, He has expanded until your whole body is the pure Christ, the only begotten Son of God; the pure temple where God is at home and loves to dwell. From this throne you can call upon every center of your whole body. You can say to those centers that you are positive, loving, powerful, wise, fearless, a free spirit. You are pure with the purity of Spirit. No mortal thought or desire or impurity can come near you. You are immersed in the pure Christ. the Spirit of life in the Christ makes you the pure temple of God. Here you may pause and say, `Father, in this as well as in all things, reveal the Christ, Your perfect Son to me.' Then bless the Christ. "When you have realized the Christ, you may hold out your hand and, if it is gold you want, the gold will be there." Here he held out his hands and there was a circular disc of gold somewhat larger than an English sovereign in each hand. He passed them to those sitting at his right and left and they, in turn, passed them on until the discs had made the rounds of the whole table. (We preserved them and had them examined by experts, who pronounced them pure gold.) "If you wish to assist others, see the Christ enthroned in them as he is in you and speak to the Christ in them as though you were talking directly to them. "If you want to get a clearer view of any subject than you have at present, let the Christ speak mentally to the abstract soul of that subject or thing. Then ask the intelligence within the thing to tell you about itself.
The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon  Page 542 The other thing I'm being told to tell you is that for every action, they can make an opposite reaction. Where there's birth, there's death. And everybody must let go of any greed, any domination, materialism. Any of those issues that are stopping them from doing this work, must be let go. Because these issues are not going to serve anybody in the new Earth. There's not going to be the need for money, as such. So why would you bother about it? Those who are working for the Earth, for the universe, are being provided for, and will continue to be. What you need will come to you. So it's time now to let go of that ethic of working to get the money. You're working to change the Earth. You're working to save this situation. That's where the driving force must be. It must come from love and service. And that's the only way we will maximize this effort. It must come from love and service, not from greed.
The Law of One, Book IV, Session 83 Ra: I am Ra. It was our understanding that your query concerned conditions before the veiling. There was no unconscious slavery, as you call this condition, at that period. At the present space/time the conditions of well-meant and unintentional slavery are so numerous that it beggars our ability to enumerate them.
page 757 from the The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011): Come, reason now with me. if a basket of potatoes is valued at so and so tums, then the man who dug them is worth so many more. But in this system, is the man anything but so many tums more than the basket? And if a house is valued at so many dekels, is the man who built it worth so many more? Then, is not the man simply so many dekels more than the house? If man is only tum or dekel, then he can be bought for so many also. Behold, he unto whom we give authority to value a man, we give, also, all men to be his slave. Yea, and when we give way to a system of money, we give unto that system authority to enslave us all. Now, I say unto you, and I do not trifle with this saying, Zion cannot and will not be established where there is any form of slavery. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- page 1023 He has indicated that the one sure Covenant that is dictated is that the Creator is recognized as the possessor of the creation, and that we are stewards of His possessions. He has satisfied us that the Nemenhah of the Mountains understand this principle enough to have all things in common, because of the fact that the Creator blesses us all equally with the gifts of creation. His people are stewards of the Earth and they are Healers. This is Nemenhah. They covenant one with another, and with God, to consecrate their walk and their talk, and because of it, there are no poor among them.
Below is an explanation offered in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Levi Dowling: CHAPTER 109 14) Then to the people Jesus said, Take heed, and covet not. The wealth of men does not consist in what they seem to have - in lands, in silver and in gold. 15) These things are only borrowed wealth. No man can corner up the gifts of God. 16) The things of nature are the things of God, and what is God's belongs to every man alike. 17) The wealth of soul lies in the purity of life, and in the wisdom that descends from heaven. 18) Behold, a rich man's ground brought forth abundantly; his barns were far too small to hold his grain, and to himself he said, 19) What shall I do? I must not give my grain away; I must not let it go to waste; and then he said, 20) This will I do; I will tear down these little barns and build up larger ones; there I will store away my grain and I will say, 21) My soul take now your ease; you have enough for many years; eat, drink and fill yourself and be content. 22) But God looked down and saw the man; he saw his selfish heart and said, 23) You foolish man, this night your soul will quit its house of flesh; then who will have your garnered wealth? 24) You men of Galilee, lay not up treasures in the vaults of earth; accumulated wealth will blight your soul. 25) God does not give men wealth to hoard away in secret vaults. Men are but stewards of God's wealth, and they must use it for the common good. 26) To every steward who is true to self, to other men, to every thing that is, the Lord will say, Well done.
Below is a similar story as the above. It is interesting to note that the above Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ by Levi Dowling was published in 1908, whereas the below Nag Hammadi Library was not discovered until 1945 and translated in 1970. The Nag Hammadi Library-The Gospel of Thomas: 63 Jesus said, "There was a rich person who had a great deal of money. He said, 'I shall invest my money so that I may sow, reap, plant, and fill my storehouses with produce, that I may lack nothing.' These were the things he was thinking in his heart, but that very night he died. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!"


Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog
Aagje F .....(a friend from "When does mankind understand that material things ultimately have no value. The material things that exist are toys of mother earth, that her children can play a while with, the time they are on the earth. We come with nothing and we go again with empty hands. But everyone fights with everyone and claims that there are personal belongings. This is not true. The actual values ​​are in the human, the fellowship, the love and respect. Those are things that are valuable and that our soul also takes with him if we go back there where we came from." --------
My Response to Her: Craig Balunsat: "I like what you're saying. I had just been thinking how hard it is for us to realize this when the language of lies and the very words we are taught, like property, owner, such words are lies and should be stricken from our language. As you were talking about above, I also feel it is impossible to own anything visible to the eye. It all belongs to the creator, mother, father, parent god. We children make use of the resources we see with our eyes, but it is not ours. Therefore, it is wrong to lust after resources and try to think we are masters of it. When will we learn we are all children of the creator. The plants, trees, animals and all living things are our relations. We are not the masters. We are supposed to love and protect our relations, not own them as masters, thinking to make slaves of what we see with our eyes. The only thing we have to share that is truly ours, is our heart, our love, our life, that we work to put into the resources we see with ours eyes. It is this love that we put into the resources that we have the right to share and claim as ours, but not the material objects. The objects only represent and house the love that we share with our relations. This is why when you give but your heart is not in it, you have given nothing."
defy the money gods Jane Evershed I must pay my bills, I must leave my child in the care of others, I must let other people educate them, I must pay insurance, must pay taxes in case they come after me, must must must muster the strength to beat the system, please come with me I need you to back me the f UP! Its all a money making scheme!!! Whats in your wallet? Well frankly nothing, you stole it all. Your fabricated laws have left me penniless you f bastards. You are supposed to be my servants yet you rob me day and night??? Wassup dudes??? I was born on planet earth and I deserve to share in her wealth, hoo the hell gave you the right to "SELL" her to me?????
BOOK OF MORMON MOSIAH 4:22 And if ye judge the man who putteth up his petition to you for your substance that he perish not, and condemn him, how much more just will be your condemnation for withholding your substance, which doth not belong to you but to God, to whom also your life belongeth; and yet ye put up no petition, nor repent of the thing which thou hast done.

all things were free unto all

Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog From the works of Christopher Marc Nemelka: TSP 16:81– 16:91 89 And this society began to use gold and silver and the precious elements of the earth to measure and control the gain that they desired. For behold, among the children of Adam there did not exist a means whereby the value of the things of the earth was measured. For all things were free unto all. And everyone did that which they could, according to their individual abilities, and all received according to their individual needs. And this was done by the sweat of their brow, which was commanded of them by the Father in the beginning. 90 Nevertheless, it had come to pass earlier among the children of Adam, that there lived some who did not want to work by the sweat of their own brow, but who had put themselves up above their brothers and their sisters. And these thought that because of their words, or because of their intelligence, they should not have to work by their own sweat.
Below is an account of the Egyptians explaining their involvement in establishing a slavery system through the use of a money system: The Law of One Session 23 February 11, 1981 23.13 Questioner: Thank you. Can you tell me what the average life span was at the time of Akhenaten for the Egyptians? Ra: I am Ra. The average life span of these people was approximately thirty-five to fifty of your years. There was much, what you would call, disease of a physical complex nature. 23.14 Questioner: Can you tell me of the reasons for the disease? I think I already know, but I think it might be good for the book to state this at this time. Ra: I am Ra. This is, as we have mentioned before, not particularly informative with regard to the Law of One. However, the land you know of as Egypt at that time was highly barbarous in its living conditions, as you would call them. The river which you call Nile was allowed to flood and to recede, thus providing the fertile grounds for the breeding of diseases which may be carried by insects. Also, the preparation of foodstuffs allowed diseases to form. Also, there was difficulty in many cases with sources of water and water which was taken caused disease due to the organisms therein. 23.15 Questioner: I was really questioning more about the more basic cause of the disease rather than the mechanism of its transmission. I was going back to the root or thought which created the possibility of this disease. Could you shortly tell me if I am correct in assuming that the general reduction of thought over the long time on planet Earth with respect to an understanding of the Law of One created a condition in which this— what we call disease could develop? Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct and perceptive. You, as questioner, begin now to penetrate the outer teachings. The root cause in this particular society was not so much a bellicose action although there were, shall we say, tendencies, but rather the formation of a money system and a very active trading and development of those tendencies towards greed and power; thus, the enslaving of entities by other entities and the misapprehension of the Creator within each entity.
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling CHAPTER 114 AS Jesus taught, a man stood forth and said, Rabboni, may I speak? 2) And Jesus said, Say on. And then the man spoke out and said, 3) A storm upon the sea last night wrecked many fishing boats, and scores of men went down to death, and lo, their wives and children are in need; 4) What can be done to help them in their sore distress? 5) And Jesus said, A worthy plea. You men of Galilee, take heed. We may not bring again to life these men, but we can succour those who looked to them for daily bread. 6) You stewards of the wealth of God, an opportunity has come; unlock your vaults; bring forth your hoarded gold; bestow it with a lavish hand. 7) This wealth was laid aside for just times as these; when it was needed not, lo, it was yours to guard; 8) But now it is not yours, for it belongs to those who are in want, and if you give it not you simply bring upon your heads the wrath of God. 9) It is not charity to give to those who need; it is but honesty; it is but giving men their own. 10) Then Jesus turned to Judas, one of the twelve, who was the treasurer of the band, and said, 11) Bring forth our treasure box; the money is not ours now; turn every farthing to the help those in such distress. 12) Now, Judas did not wish to give the money all to those in want, and so he talked with Peter, James and John. 13) He said, Lo, I will save a certain part and give the rest; that surely is enough for us, for we are strangers to the ones in want; we do not even know their names. 14) But Peter said, Why, Judas, man, how do you dare to think to trifle with the strength of right? 15) The Lord has spoken true; this wealth does not belong to us in face of this distress, and to refuse to give it is to steal. 16) You need not fear; we will not come to want. 17) Then Judas opened up the treasure box and gave the money all. 18) And there was gold and silver, food, and raiment in abundance for the needs of the bereaved.
RECENT ACTIVITY   Pratik G Patel How many of you here, really want to live without money? Why? Bekka Odeall  I doubt you'll get too many that will respond to your question, but I believe the possibility to live without money is a VERY viable solution to the world's ills! There are over 6,000 people in this group, but I sense that most of them are here simply for the purpose of "monitoring" those of us who are serious about seeing this in "trolls" or "stooges" for the controllers! frown emoticon   Doreen Dodge  We can be more self reliant and reliant on one another. THAT is what would be better about living without money......not dependent and crippled by governmental and corporate control.   Craig Balunsat For me it's a nice back-up plan for when money fails. I'ts nice to be self sufficient, grow our own food, etc. More healthy too. People need people, not money.
The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011) The Nemenhah
page 481 15. Now, the cities were built around a certain population and a certain need, and the inhabitants were accustomed to producing according to that need. And behold, the need was visible to all and required no accounting or verification. Wherefore, the people were content to have all things in common and to produce sufficient for their own need and a little extra for trade and to provide for the needs of their neighbors and any sojourners in the land.
529 Or what power does the Council have over the people of Mentinah if no complaint of injury against any person has been placed before them? I say to you, they have none.
 537 26. Now, it is the priest who is given the charge and the stewardship of the care and keeping of the synagogue, and this does often take away from the time necessary for the priest to labor for the support of the family and for the creating of surplus. And the Nemenhah do not begrudge the priest anything that is required in order to maintain the synagogue in good order. Wherefore, the people all do give of their surplus to the priest because of the labor which is required on the part of the people. And no priest is ever left in a state of want, for this would be the shame and the dishonor of the people. 27. But the teachers are not asked to do more than the people themselves do in order to fulfill the stewardship that has been placed upon them. Wherefore, they are not made beggars by their stewardship and make no entreaty because of it.
29. And when a sojourner or a stranger first arrives in the city, they go unto the priest and make themselves known. And their needs are made known to the priest first, and also their intention. And the priest takes their petition to the High Priest immediately, and their want is fulfilled out of the storehouse of the city. Then, once care is taken to assure that they do not want for their physical needs, they may make their introduction to the Council and, if it is their intention to stay and become part of the community, they receive their stewardship from the Council. 30. Wherefore, the Nemenhah are careful to maintain that the priest of the synagogue always has somewhat of a surplus to care for the wayfarer and the stranger. And they also bring as much of their surplus as they cannot keep adequately themselves to the storehouses of the city, that there be no waste of the surplus of the people. And this is kept in good order by the High Priest of the city and those the Council calls to assist in this labor as part of their stewardship. 537But behold, all that can be adequately kept in the homes of the Nemenhah, they do keep themselves and they do administer it to the needy. 31. But neither the priest of the synagogue nor the High Priest are left without that which is needed to immediately assist the stranger, the visitor, or the wayfarer. For, it is oft the case that such is their state that the wayfarer arrives in the city in desperate need and the priest is called upon to assist with haste. Wherefore, we always maintain that the priest, whom we call to be a shepherd to the people and a servant, has a store of that which is needed to be of speedy assistance.
35. But behold, it is the stewardship of every individual to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. And it is the calling of each man and woman to give rest to the weary and to lift up the hands that hang down. This is the commission of every man or woman which is given unto them of Jesus Christ, who is the Peacemaker. 538Above all other stewardships that might be given of men, this one stewardship is given of the Lord and the Nemenhah need no commandment or reminder in it. They do assure that all who come wanting into their cities are cared for speedily. 36. For, are we not all wayfarers? Do we not all travel together the road upon which our Lord has placed us? And can we say that this road is always pleasant and never rough? Or is it true that we always go upon our way knowing exactly what will become of us or how our journey will fare? Can any of us predict one day to the next with certainty? 37. I say unto you, Nay. For we have not all things before us and cannot see the end from the beginning. And if we are all wayfarers, it is good to remember that we may at time fare ill in our journey and require speedy assistance to save our very lives. If this be the case with us, how can we begrudge our substance to any other? Yea, and how can we, who have plenty and to spare, fail to make preparations before the time of need to provide for them who have not? Because we are blind to all that might befall us, is it not wisdom to make preparations? 38. But behold, it is a peculiar thing among the Nemenhah that we do make preparations not for ourselves, but it is for others that we make preparation, yea, we do it to be of service to our neighbor. For, what good would our surplus be to him that immediately needs if he must first find us who have made preparation to make his entreaty? For immediate aid, such a thing would profit no one. Wherefore, we put up in store in order that no petition may go up unheard and unheeded, nay, not even for a moment.
641 58. Wherefore, I do not praise you out of reason. I observe your doing and foreknow the good that the Lord shall do with it. Do but continue in it, Nemenhah, for in this is your happiness now, but also out of your doings shall the Remnant of the House of Israel set in order the House of God and renew the stewardship. And in that day the just shall receive their stewardship not by the dictate of any man, but by the voice of the Lord and their surplus shall they render up to the poor of their own and without commandment. 59. Yea, they shall read of your works in days far sundered from you. And some shall scorn them because they did not flow unto them from out of the mouths of their shepherds, whom they have justified. Behold, for no greater sin than to have come from out of the dust and to be delivered by one other than their own prophets, many shall turn the heal from your words.
645 13. And they shall receive again the stewardship of the Lord. Yea, He shall install them once again over the vineyard and they shall be good stewards unto Him, not being commanded in all things, nor subject unto the bondage of any man. But willing and fruitful servants unto the Lord they shall be and obedient to His will. 14. Then shall they have all things once again in common, for there shall be no poor among them. Yea, each shall be the good steward of the Lord and they shall all labor with their might for their own maintenance. But they shall also labor day and night to provide for the needy. And the beggar shall have no place to set up his stall, for he shall be brought in and never allowed to put up his petition. Yea, and thus shall be their villages and their settlements. Behold, they shall all labor for the good of each and every other, that there shall be no poor in the House of the Lord. ------------------------------
646 21. But they who establish Zion in the latter days shall not hold the things of the world in greater esteem than they do their Lord. They shall want for nothing, for their desires shall not be to amass riches but to provide for their needs. And the surplus of their goods they shall freely give unto the needy.
753 Chapter Ten 1. Now, it is known throughout the land that the Nemenhah have striven to keep to a system of economy and of government which does bring about the unity of the people, that they may have all things in common. And this is according to the necessity that our forefathers perceived in their own times and that we have also recognized in ours. 7532. Behold, many have thought to equate our laws of economy to the Law of Consecration, which is the fourth great law that our Creator did teach unto First Man and First Woman. But the Law of Consecration cannot be likened unto any system made by man. Wherefore, all you who read these writings, give thought to my words and ponder them. Shall the economics of God ever be compared to the economics of men? I say unto you, Nay. 3. For when men and women do covenant to keep the Law of Consecration, it is not because they have become so versed in the use of money and riches that they finally become enlightened as to the right way of the Lord. Nay, do not think that puffing oneself up with pride can put you in any better stead in the understanding of this law than the spendthrift, for it has nothing to do with money. 4. And I perceive the misconception that shall arise in latter days concerning this law. Yea, you shall have it, for it shall be taught unto you and many shall bow their heads and say yes in covenant to keep this law, without knowledge. Yea, in the latter days, men and women shall value all things according to their riches or their lack. 5. Now ponder with me upon that which shall vex the Gentiles in the latter days. Yea, for a time, they shall be your taskmasters, but they shall not ever understand the Law of Consecration, even though the Lord Himself should teach it unto them. For they are bent upon the subduing of the earth and the exploiting of her resources. Wherefore, though the Lord God teach the law unto them, they shall interpret His words and place a value upon them, even as they place a value upon all things. 6. For, unto the Gentiles in the last days, even in those days in which these writings shall come forth to be read by my own descendants, all things shall have a value in money. Their homes shall be worth a certain amount of money, as also their furnishings. It shall not be shelter for them, nor comfort, but it shall be money. And behold, it shall become the custom of the people, and even the law of the land, that all men and women shall make an accounting of all that they possess, and also the worth in money of all the work which they performed during the year, that they might be constrained to pay in money that portion which the governors shall deem appropriate to their value. And even in the churches, men and women will make this same accounting that their stewards may declare unto them how much money they must pay in order to be esteemed worthy. 7. And their conveyances shall also be valued, as also all that shall pertain unto them. And their tools and implements shall be esteemed worthy only 754because of their value in money. And when a thing is no longer new, they shall devalue it and cast it aside, though it loses none of its utility. 8. And their raiment shall also be valued. All things shall be listed and accounted unto them by a money value, and this thing they shall esteem good. Believe me, unto the rulers of the people, even the people themselves shall have a value put upon them. And this last thing shall be a sign unto you that you do live in the last days, even in that day when the Lord shall take away the stewardship from out of the hands of the Gentiles. Behold, even they who call themselves the shepherds of the Lord‟s flock shall place a money value upon the heads of all the believers. Yea, every man and woman, every child, and even the elders of the people shall cost something and have their appropriate value. 9. Behold, they who have eyes to see and ears to hear shall watch for these things. And when you see this doctrine creep stealthily into the policy of the stewards of the church, then shall you know that they have forsaken the Lord and His policy. They shall have no knowledge of the Law of Consecration and shall teach folly unto all the church. 10. Yea, even they shall at times and seasons gather in all the faithful and demand of them all that they possess. And this they shall declare a faithful saying from the Lord. Yea, they shall say that all things must be delivered up that all men may be esteemed equal. Do you see how they shall value a man because of money? Even in giving up all that he has, that he might be equal with his brother, equality is defined by the lack of money. 11. Then the shepherds shall assign unto the man; and the value of a man shall be the same, for all shall have nothing; that which they shall esteem is equal unto his needs. Therefore shall he receive in houses and cattle and provender and raiment, that which meets their evaluation of him. This they shall call his stewardship. And this shall they call having all things in common, in that each man shall have a common value and it shall be that value assigned to him by they who have possession of all that which has money value. Yea, this shall be the nature of their consecration. 12. But unto what do they consecrate? Is it unto God or mammon? I say unto you, they shall consecrate all that they possess unto they who do the valuing. Yea, they shall bring all their possessions into the storehouse, not that there might be meat in the Lord‟s house, but that all men might be equally evaluated. Then shall they call themselves worthy and not before. I say unto you that they shall consecrate their time, talents and all that they might possess unto money and there shall always be poor among them. They shall have all common things, but not all things in common. 75513. And when they have proven unto their satisfaction that the Lord‟s commandment to live a united order and have all things in common is impractical, they shall set even their interpretation aside and abandon it. Yea, in those days they shall covenant to keep the Law of Consecration without any knowledge of the law and without any anxiety about living it. Their stewards, seeing that the Law of Consecration cannot be evaluated by money, shall declare that it is not expedient in the Lord that they even experiment upon it. Yea, they shall put such words into the Lord‟s mouth. Yet, they shall continue to require all men to swear with an oath to consecrate their time, talents and all that they might possess to the building up of that system that makes impossible the living of the law. Such shall be their confusion in the latter days. 14. Wherefore, my children, it is most expedient that you teach your little ones the true nature of this great law, for the Lord shall call upon them to live it. Yea, and it is by this understanding that Zion may be brought again into this land. And behold, this is the thing that the Lord shall require of His children in the last days. Yea, He shall require them to live the Law of Consecration and not simply promise to live it. 15. Behold, all they who understand this law hold to the principle that all things created have their worth, but that nothing can be truly valued in gold or in silver or any precious thing. Yea, they shall understand that intrinsic worth is not the same as value in the eyes of men. 16. For behold, a plow can be weighed and valued upon the materials and labor of its construction. Yea, you may say that the iron has a given weight and that this weight of iron is the equivalent of so many tums of gold. And the wood has a given weight and dimension and these things are also worth so many. And behold, the carpenter and the smith each put so many hours into the construction of the implement and this time is valued at such and such. Wherefore, in fine, the value of the thing may be tallied up in this manner, but is this the worth of the implement? 17. And with a plow a man or a woman may take of their time and energy and they may turn up the earth that it might be readied for the planting. And when that earth is dunged and planted, and the ear grow up and the vine ripen, behold, it shall be the salvation of the multitude from starvation. Now, what is the value of the plow? Can it be made in tums or in dekels? And I ask you, what is the value of starvation? 18. And behold, a man may use the plow for a generation and pass it on unto his son, and his son unto his son. But if the plow is worth such and such in money, what shall be its value in money after two generations of feeding the hungry? Behold, it must be worth all the value of all the food it produced. And 756this is not all, it must also be given the value of all that which was produced by all the people who lived because of the food produced by the plow. Therefore, is the worth of the plow to be equated with the weight of the metal or the wood with which it was constructed, or the time in constructing? 19. Behold, the Lord has placed men and women to be the stewards of the earth, not the lords thereof. He has asked us to take good care of her, not to subdue her and bring her under our dominion. Wherefore, beware how you make judgment of the earth and all that she does possess. For behold, she brings no such judgment upon you who do rely upon her for all that you have. The blessed earth does give forth unto all in accordance with her native ability, and this for no apparent gain on her part. In fact, it is often to her own despite that she does pour out all that she does possess unto men who faithlessly use her. 20. How great instruction is this unto men, that we may observe that which the earth does for us and apply it even unto that which we do for the earth and our fellow. And this is the Law of Consecration, that every man and every woman shall covenant to work to provide for their own needs, but also put forth all the effort which lies in their own native ability to provide again a surplus for the provision of they who are less fortunate, all the while caring tenderly for the earth. And behold, this is done not with an eye to profit or to the counting up of one‟s money and possessions, but with an eye single to all that good that may be obtained through unity with one‟s fellows, all my relations. 21. This makes all things that man might seek to accomplish with the strength of his might and the sweat of his face, holy unto the Lord. Then, by using their strength to make holy all things with which they have to do, men and women do also begin to sow the seeds of Zion in their own hearts. Wherefore is Zion called Wahakunheno in the tongue of our fathers, for it truly is a heavenly place. And the man who walks in Zion, even he who does walk upon the Way is called Shihayinhit Paloshami, and the woman who walks upon the Way is called Pahanhits Palojami, for they truly walk in a fair land and a fair country. 22. To make a thing holy is to consecrate it unto the Lord. Now, can the valuing of a man be transformed into a holy thing? Come, reason now with me. If a basket of potatoes is valued at so and so tums, then the man who dug them is worth so many more. But in this system, is the man anything but so many tums more than the basket? And if a house is valued at so many dekels, is the man who built it worth so many more? Then, is not the man simply so many dekels more than the house? If man is only tum or dekel, then he can be bought for so many also. Behold, he unto whom we give authority to value a man, we give, also, all men to be his slave. Yea, and when we give way to a system of money, we give unto that system authority to enslave us all. Now, I say unto you, and I 757do not trifle with this saying, Zion cannot and will not be established where there is any form of slavery. 23. And from this verity comes a saying that is common in our speech, that man and woman must cast off the world and forsake it, in order to build Zion in their hearts. Yea, they must be no slave, but free, that they be not acted upon only. Does this mean that they shall esteem themselves to be no one‟s servant? I say unto you, Nay. For, if they will build Zion in their hearts and establish her in the land over which they have stewardship, they shall become the servant of all, all my relations, but the slave of none. 24. Wherefore, value them not in tums nor in dekels, but great is the worth of men and women in the eyes of the Lord. Yea, the worth of a soul exceeds the value of any basket or house. Wherein the world does value the basket, the Lord esteems the hands that filled it. Wherein the world does value the house, the Lord esteems the hands that built it. Can you perceive the difference? If you can, then you have it in you to live the Law of Consecration.
882 15. And there is one Payran Tsiointsi who is a great fisher of whales. And he has devised vessels so well built that two men may go out in them and safely hunt the great beasts of the sea in safety. Yea, and so great has been his success that he has been able to bring in much meat and bone. 16. Now, he could have used this boon to gather unto himself great wealth, for the bone of the whale is valued by all for many uses. Yea, he could have retained to himself all that he did bring in from the sea. But behold, when he had taken all that he needed for his own support, he did lay the rest out for the village to take up as each person saw fit, and the surplus was taken in by the High Priest for 882distribution to the poor. And he has also taught unto all this manner in which he does build his vessels, that all may equally benefit. He too has set a mighty ensample for us.
913 And we make an offering unto the Healer which is a sacred giveaway. Yea, it is in the stewardship of the Healer to make good use of our offering. 4. And it is the same offering that the Fisher makes to the community when he brings in and lays out the product of his labor for all to take thereof as they have need. And behold, the miller makes this same offering, as does the weaver and the potter. Behold, we all make this donation unto our community. So also does the Healer, but there is a difficulty that is hard to overcome, in that, the Healer must often have on hand the medicine needed to make a healing ceremony. The offering that the Sufferer makes helps the Healer provide for the fact that we all different in our bodies and no two suffer alike.
915 1. And the Healers make their own Society within the Communities of the Nemenhah. The same do they who cultivate the corn and all Husbandmen. And the Millers also make their own Society, and the weavers, the fishers, the potters, and so forth. Each stewardship, when there is more than a single steward, do make their own Societies, and they function in the Lodges and Communities. 2. Now, the members of the Lodge are unified in purpose, and they choose a principle which they call their foundation. And there is usually a stewardship which the Communities have declared needful and to which men and women apply themselves. And the members, thus assigned in their various stewardships, make a Lodge which has it for a unifying purpose. This same is called the Principle of the Lodge and a Sacred Bundle is prepared to represent it.
922 19. And the people do bring of their surplus offerings, even that which is not taken up by the people, into the synagogue, and the High Priest has the stewardship of it. This is because the office of High Priest of the synagogue, or Peli of the Community, does often require so much from the individual called to that stewardship that they cannot labor enough with their own hands to make a living. Wherefore, the people, seeing this, do make offering to them, that the servant of all is not made a beggar because of the stewardship. We call the offerings of the people a Sacred Giveaway.
997 Chapter Thirty-Four Give Back to the Earth 1. Shall a man take up a stewardship but keep all his fruit to himself? Wherein, then, is the fruit good to eat, if he give it not unto his children? And how long may he think to provide for his family if he give nothing back? Behold, this is Nemenhah, even a people who will take thought in these matters. 2. Fathers and mothers who shall call themselves Nemenhah shall concentrate their labor unto the Lord and their energy shall be a blessing upon their family. And they shall hold as relations more than their own, but shall give some of their labor for the provision of that relation who might raise up a petition unto them. 3. And the Council shall not take from the village that which their members are not also willing to give. Yea, the giveaway shall extend to the foundation and from it equally, that there be no inequity in any thing. 4. This is the Law of Consecration, that every person does labor with their might in that calling and stewardship which their Lord has seen fit to bestow upon them for the relief and good of their own family and also for the good of the community. Yea, providing for the needs of their own, but not esteeming the beggar to be a stranger, but laboring somewhat more than is expedient for their own only, that none shall be without. Behold, to give back some is to make holy all. This is the heart of consecration and only in this may the Nemenhah claim that they have all things in common. 5. In everything that the Council takes up in offering from the people, they shall give back even to the utmost. For, where the father does labor for the good of his family, behold, the Council does labor only for the good of the foundation. And there is no foundation if the people suffer. 6. And fathers and mothers who fail to teach their children to succor the beggar and to provide for the needy, even if only in principle because there are none to be seen, behold, the same shall be called slothful in the eyes of the Peacemaker. Behold, let none such be called after His name, even Nemenhah. For this cause do I raise up my lamentation, yea, for this cause do I cry unto the Lord. My people gave not anything back and, therefore, lost all. Fathers gave thought not of the old ways but assigned their duty unto others. Mothers learned not the Healer‟s way but relied upon another, to the ruin of all. For behold, because the fathers and the mothers relied upon they whose stewardship was healing, and they saw not to the duties of that portion which ought to have been their own, they had nothing to give back when their children became beggars. 7. Behold, because they gave not back, there was nothing held in reserve, or rather, there was no abundance to call upon when extremity required it. The 997farmer cannot expect to take continually and give nothing back without the land giving out completely. Behold, our great nation took what it needed from the Earth and gave not back. This is our legacy, for we are not.
1010 33. And they have all things in common, but they esteem not riches. Wherefore, there are no beggars among the Remnant. But behold, they long since ceased all contention concerning the foundation, for they walk with me and they talk with me. Wherefore, wherein might contention arise? And because they walk with me and talk with me, there is not one that standeth above another in rank, or file, or authority. Behold, the Remnant doth choose Councils for governance and for policy, but there is none among them that riseth up above another. 34. And here is another sign unto thee, that the times of which I speak hath surely come; behold, the Remnant shall consecrate their time, talents, and their surplus unto me, yea, and they shall make their hands and feet holy. But this doth not mean that they take all that they have and surrender it up to some steward. Nay, but they are the stewards and need not such regulation. And behold, this is the right way. 35. And many in that day contesteth, saying: 101036. Behold! They follow not this Order or that Order, wherefore, they cannot be the people of the Lord. But I say unto thee, they who say such things need only look to my own record and study my teachings and they shall see things differently. For, when I was on the Mount and taught many people, behold the day extended and they did hunger and thirst. And I asked of my disciples what there was to eat, and there were some loaves and but a few fishes. And when I did begin to break bread, behold all the people come forth with the little that they had with them and we did break together. And when we had all thus supped of the surplus, there was yet a surplus, and this was deemed a miracle, for so it was! 37. But come, let us reason together. Did I ask of the people to bring all that they had with them and add it with our own? I did not. Did they give up their oxen and their asses? Did they render unto me, or to some steward, their houses and their goods? Nay! But they stepped forward with that surplus which they had with them and together all our bellies were filled. Behold, let this be a sign unto thee that the times of which I speak have surely come at last, and that I am at work bringing about the restoration of all things.
1051 Receiving the Stewardship 39. Every Nemenhah Man or Woman makes a sacred covenant to uphold the foundation and to sustain and support the Community. Behold, their name is added to the Long Count of the Community in which they reside. Through this covenant, each person commits to labor with their might in some useful stewardship to provide for the needs of their family, and also to create a surplus which they freely give unto the needy. It is because of the surplus that there are no poor among the Nemenhah. 40. Behold, the stewardship is given by ceremony, and this is the manner of it: 41. The recipient is seated in the Council Lodge of the Community, or in the well of the High Place Lodge where the Community has no Council Lodge. And when the recipient of the stewardship is seated, the Community Council take their usual places in the circle. 105142. And the Peli makes a Bundle Opening Ceremony and shares Sacred Smoke. Then the Peli introduces the recipient by name and recounts the recipient‟s virtues to the Council. And, if the recipient has a preference as to which stewardship best suits, it is spoken by the Peli at this time. Nevertheless, there is not always a need for the stewardship most preferred, but the preference is spoken. 43. And when the Peli has made an end of speaking, the Council reviews the stewardships that are needed in the Community and discusses them with the recipient. When a stewardship that is suitable and agreeable is seized upon, it is described in great detail, and nothing is left out. 44. And when all is understood about the stewardship, the Peli does lay hands upon the recipient, along with any from among the Council whom the recipient might choose to assist in the ordinance, and the recipient‟s name is clearly pronounced. Then the stewardship is pronounced also, and a blessing is spoken which binds the recipient to the stewardship. When this has been accomplished, the Peli speaks such words in blessing as the Spirit directs, and the ceremony is closed in the name of the Peacemaker. Then the Peli once again shares Sacred Smoke and the Bundle is closed.
1059 13. Know this, all you Jews and Gentiles who shall read our writings! The Lord shall command you to take all your lands, and all your property, your goods and your chattel, and lay it down before His servants. And you shall be invited to receive of them an inheritance meet for the maintenance of your families. But you will not see that the Lord never asks such things of they who will recognize that all things are already His and consecrate all things unto Him. Nay! He never commands the same of such, for they have already done it! 14. Because the Gentile thinks that he can own this thing or that, he is ruled by the law of man and, therefore, he must be commanded to lay all things down. This is the Babylon in his heart. It were better if he could depart out of this Babylon and flee unto Zion, even that true Zion which does away with such things. Yea, if he could put away the desire to own the Earth, and all the things in Her, and declare that he cannot own such things, for to desire it would be to rob God of that which is His own footstool, then shall the Lord, who is the Master of all, give unto him of the abundance of the Earth without commandment and without law. 15. I have seen how the Gentile would not accept the manner of consecration which the Lord shall first give unto him through the prophet whom He shall raise up out of his midst. For the Gentile cannot think of stewardship without property. And the Lord will yet offer him a second path which could still serve well the purpose. Yea, He shall command the Gentile who would be grafted into the vine, that he shall lay down all and sacrifice all, and he shall receive back a secure inheritance. Then by principle and by precept, the Lord will have tutored him in consecration, that his children might not learn the ways of his fathers. But even this shall the Gentiles corrupt, yea, and many shall shake the heel at it with distain. Shall any such be saved in the last day? 16. And beginning in the very generation wherein the Lord shall raise up a Peculiar Prophet unto the Gentiles in this land, to prepare the way for His 1059peculiar work, there shall be wars that shall flood this land with blood. Yea, brother shall be arrayed against brother and father against son. They shall not spare each the other, and from that day on there shall be such a study of war and of bloodshed as has never been known by mankind. Yea, the very study of the nations shall be of war and of bloodshed and they shall cover the Earth with desolation. And the end thereof shall surely wreak havoc upon the Earth, even to the consuming up of Her abundance. All this has been foretold by the Peacemaker Himself, and none can do ought to stop the progress of this prophecy, except, that is to say, none who will not set Babylon aside and flee unto Zion. For who shall the Lord preserve in the last days? He shall preserve His own in that day, and none other. 17. And I have walked upon the WAY, and I have seen your day. And I have heard you ask your wise men, “How shall we live, that we might inherit eternal life?” Behold, the Lord has already opened up these mysteries before your eyes! Why ask you yet of your wise men questions which your God has already answered? Has He not taught you of the blessing and the curse which He has placed upon this land? Nay, do not deny it! 18. “I, even He who is God, am under stricture when they who are mine do as I command them. But when they will not do as I command them, there is no stricture.” Are these not familiar words? Is this not your Lord informing you of a strange and wonderful thing that does exist in the Universe which He has created for you? Behold, if you are His, and you follow His word and will, He is bound by that same word and will. It is only His will that His children should enjoy eternal life. That is the stricture! You cannot but obtain that which you desire, if you do as He commands you. 19. But if you will not do as He commands you, then you shall have need of your wise men all the day and every day. But they shall have no consolation for you. For, if you do not the word and will of the Lord, He is not bound by it either. You shall not obtain anything from the Lord. 20. Now behold, when the Lord shall bid the Gentile lay down all his property at the feet of His stewards, whom He shall have called up to this purpose, and the Gentile does lay down his property, he did it in obedience to the word and will of the Lord. Why then was he driven from city to city? Behold, I have seen it, and so it shall be! I say unto you, It is because in laying down his property he failed to lay also down his desire for property. 21. And when the Lord commanded the Jew and Gentile to think more of their neighbor and of the needy than of themselves, and they sacrificed all that they had so that the storehouse might not be empty, why were they scattered? Behold, 1060I have walked upon the WAY and seen your day! I say unto you, It is because they laid not down the desire to get gain, but held it close within their hearts. 22. And shall such call themselves purified before the Lord? Shall such call themselves the elect of God? Shall the same think themselves justified and can they think to ask a boon from the Lord their God? I say unto you, Nay! Then, if they may not even ask a trifling boon from their Lord, can they hope to obtain eternal life, which is the greatest gift of all? 23. Behold, Zion shall not be established in truth until the People of the Lord comprehend that the property is not that which is consecrated. The Lord owns it already! Do you think that because you say that you sacrifice a thing unto the Lord, that the thing ceased somehow to be His in the beginning? Or can you give Him something which is not yours to give? 24. But this shall be called consecration in the last days and men shall justify themselves because of it. Here is my land, Lord. I give it to you freely, wherefore, give me eternal life. Here is my cattle, Father. I sacrifice it up unto you, wherefore, sit me down on your right side. Here is my gold and my tin. Behold, I surrender it to your steward, Abba, wherefore, give me a mansion. Here is my fine clothing and my adornments, my gorgets and my pendants. I offer them up unto you, Savior, wherefore, redeem me as you have promised. 25. But in their hearts they still lust after the land, the cattle, the gold and the tin. The adornments and the gorgets are still that which they value. Behold, how they give up their belongings, but their righteousness they still enumerate in money and in possessions. This is the thing that corrupts their offering, for it is not they who consecrate a thing and thereby make it holy. They may only make holy that which is theirs, wherefore, their walk and their talk they may consecrate of themselves. All else requires the Lord to make it holy. If they consecrate the possession but not their own hearts, it is folly. 26. For the Lord can make a thing holy, but because of His word and His will, by which He is bound, we are given freedom to decide our own path, whether we will follow our Lord in righteous paths, or whether we will trust rather to our own understanding and the strength of the arm of flesh. Whereas, the Lord may make the potter‟s field a place of holiness, and thereby consecrate the thing, only the potter may covenant to be the servant of the Lord. 27. Behold, the Gentile believes that he may make himself holy by giving up his belongings, but his intention, yea, even the intent of his heart he keeps hidden. This is the great transgression which I have seen while I walked upon the WAY, and because of it, there shall be but few of the Gentile race who shall be justified in the last day. For the whole world shall be as Sodom and Gomorrah, and only 1061they who flee out of Babylon and unto Zion shall be found spotless before the Lord. 28. Behold the Nemenhah, oh Jew and Gentile! There is nothing with which we are blessed that we may claim is our own possession. This is an understanding that, once obtained, liberates the mind and the heart. Obtaining the whole world and all its riches gains us nothing if the beggar may put up his petition in vain. And we have claim upon the storehouse of the Lord only because we labor with all our might for the good of our neighbor. This is consecration, whereby the Lord does make holy the things, and whereby the people make holy the Children of the Lord.
1066 2. Now, every Nemenhah man or woman, when they have been welcomed into the Council as adults, takes up a stewardship from among those things that the Council deems the community needs. Yea, they chose a stewardship when they come of age. And some people remain in that stewardship all their lives, but yet others change in their stewardship from time to time.
1078 7. Now, a person obtains from the Steward of the Storehouse that portion out of that which is produced by the Community which is appropriate for their wants, but this is not all. Each individual may also give according to the guidance they receive from the Spirit also, and none seek to restrain or control them.
page 40 8. If a man has a complaint against his neighbor, with regard to his person or his property stewardship, he brings it before his own village council and presents the case himself. He does not represent the matter through any other person but must face him whom he has accused himself. Then the accused is given equal opportunity to present his own defense. Yea, he represents himself. Then the council decides the case. If, after the council has heard and seen all the evidence and has made its decision, but there still remains much doubt as to the guilt, then the council shall publish the action to the mothers and seek the common consent of the people. The common consent is always final.
95 3. Both the men and the women, as also the children, labor to earn sufficient to the support of the whole family. Yea, the support of the family is not the sole duty of the men, but all give what labor they are able. And each person does something extra in order to produce an increase over that which is sufficient for the family living. This they gave unto the needy. Because of this practice, there were never any poor among them, and also no hunger, and no suffering for want of the necessities. 4. But this is not all. Behold, because every person in the village strove with their might to make some little gain so that there was always something in the house to give to the needy, their labors and goods and property did not cause the People of Ammon to become puffed up in pride as the Nephites. 5. Now, the people did labor to produce all the necessities of life in each village. Wherefore, when fish was wanted, the fishers of the village all went fishing. And when they were done, they brought them into the village and all the people gathered in the fish to clean it and dry it and pound it. 6. Likewise, when the potters had fired their works, all the village came and took them up according to their wants, and so forth, the wool of the flocks, the fruit of the vine and the grain of the field. All the people labored diligently each day and the fruits of their labors, which surpassed their own needs, were considered the gain of the village and all things were had in common. 7. Now behold, each family labored diligently as the Lord gave them stewardship and they did take joy in their sufficiency. But also they labored to produce an increase that they might always have that which must be passed on to others. And this they all did freely of their own will, for in this they consider that they did give honor to their God for the stewardship He had given them and for the sufficiency with which He did bless them. 8. And the families met often together to take counsel one with another in order to decide what must be done.
136 7. Yea, and likewise did we, the people of Corianton, find that the Great Plains proved a bulwark between us and the Gadiantonhem. And we were preserved for many years from their encroachment. And we did trade with the Nemenhah by routes which we did cunningly devise and which we guarded diligently. 8. But, notwithstanding our efforts, we knew that it might become increasingly difficult to maintain close contact with our brethren in the west. Wherefore, it seemed wise to me to provide entirely for ourselves and to maintain our self- sufficiency even while we worked to maintain trade with the Nemenhah in the mountains. Wherefore, in all that we could, we sought to produce our own goods and to serve each other in our villages and in our cities. 9. For, I did distrust any system that might bring the people of Corianton into any kind of bondage. For it is upon such things that the Gadiantonhem build their power. Wherefore, if we had the capacity to grow a kind of food that we favored, we strove to grow it in our own country. And if we had the capacity to make cloth of our own, we made cloth. And we built our homes out of materials close to home. And we raised our own cattle and horses, and the like. 13610. And when we had a surplus, we did trade with our brethren in the west. But we did not depend on them, nor did we try to develop a dependence on their part upon the things we did produce. In this way we did all work to maintain the peace and freedom of our land and of our society.
265 Revelation Given upon the Way to Cloudpiler The Law of Consecration 1. Behold, when you covenant to keep the Law of Consecration, you covenant to trust in the Lord in all things, and to lean not upon your own understanding. For, the laws and dictates of men center on property. But I say unto you, man has no property, for the world is My footstool. Wherefore, how may anyone claim it unless they claim Me? And if I know not the claimant, how then may he lay claim to that which does not belong to him? Verily, he bears false witness and I will spew him out. 2. Wherefore, think not of your possessions as your own property. I give My substance unto you to prove you, whether you will be a good steward of My property. The good steward shall gain more than this world can produce in the kingdom of My Father. Wherefore, if you desire riches, remember that they are Mine and I give them to that steward who will do My bidding continually. Accordingly, if you are the good steward and desire riches, you will desire them only because they allow you to perform those things which I will command of you. Yea, you will seek riches for My purposes and not your own. 3. Verily I say unto you, the Law of Consecration is simply that you will accept from Me the call to be My steward and you will use the blessings I give you willingly and prudently for your own maintenance. And that which you do not require for your maintenance, you will freely give to those of My children 265who have need. Yea, you shall give of your excess to the poor, to the halt, to the sick, to the needy. You shall visit the widow in her loneliness and you shall expeditiously judge the needs of the fatherless and be as a father or mother unto them. 4. And this you shall do freely, with joy in your heart, not being commanded to it and not grudgingly. For he who does begrudge the needy, robs Me. Yea, he who retains his increase and gives it not to he who has not enough, steals the fruit of My vineyard and shall be judged. I will not approve of his works and, in the great and dreadful day, all those who needed My substance of him, and he would not, shall stand up against him with hard things and I will not justify him. 5. Then must that one stand alone in the pride of his heart before My Father. Let him then rely upon his property. Verily, he shall stand naked before the judgment seat and there will be none to call him friend. And he shall be in complete conscience of his guilt and his unworthiness. Yea, in his nakedness before the Father, all will be known and there shall be none to say: Yes, Father, he has sinned and is unworthy. But he is my friend and I have paid the price for him because he believed. Wherefore, let him enter for my sake. 6. Let him cry his case alone. Let him make his claim against the poor and the needy. Yea, let him contrive to convince the Father, as he convinced himself in his pride, that the poor and the needy are beggars and have brought upon themselves their condition by their own folly. Let him suggest that the widow had no right upon his property. Let him profess that the fatherless had no claim upon him. Woe unto such a one. 7. I say unto you, he shall make no such profanation before the great God of Heaven, but will shut his mouth. And there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. For this one covenanted to keep the Law of Consecration and then desecrated the footstool of the Creator and ground the face of the poor. Wherefore, be a good steward all you who would take upon you this covenant. If not, it were better that you never knew of Me. 8. Let man labor with the sweat of his brow to earn his keep. For, the laborer is worthy of his hire and I begrudge no one My substance. For, are you not all needy before Me? Then how shall I not provide for you from My substance? But let him labor honestly before My face and I will prosper him. And if he be needy indeed, then let My saints not begrudge him My substance in My name. 9. Let all who have surplus give it to those who have not enough for their maintenance first. Then, when all the needy are cared for out of the purity and singleness of the hearts of their neighbors, let the surplus be used to create opportunity for the needy to overcome their difficulties. This is usury of which I 266am well pleased. And every person who would use My substance to make property, let it be done with this singleness in mind. 10. Behold, this is not the Law of the Tithe. For it is still mete in My sight that My church should have sufficient for its needs also. Wherefore, let part of the surplus go toward building up My church. But, the greater part ought to be in the hands of My stewards to distribute according as the Spirit will dictate. Let all who would be My servants take up this stewardship. 11. Therefore shall My church grow and the needy shall not want. Behold, my saints shall have all things in common and there shall be no poor among them. Yea, no child shall ever know want, or hunger, or thirst, or cold, and there shall never be heard in heaven the cry of the widow. 12. For, it is a great shame unto me that so many in this day do take upon them the Law of Consecration by covenant, and yet the cry of the needy doth rise up continually from My saints. How can this be? How can so many claim themselves worthy to enter into My Holy House when so much is amiss in their own? And how can so many think themselves justified in heaping unto themselves riches, in the face of such need? 13. Yea, the children cry unto Me and their bellies are empty. And the lame cry unto Me, and the sick. And there is no end of distinction between they who have and they who have not. Wherefore, can you show unto Me any of My Wards and Stakes wherein there are none who stand up before the body of my saints and extol their own virtues because their Lord has so blessed them, but who refuse to provide their surplus to the poor and who withhold to themselves and for the sake of their own future the bounty that I give unto them? I say there are none to be found in all My church. Verily, all tables are filled with vomit. 14. How has My word been altered? How has the pulpit of My church become a Rameumptum? It is because My shepherds have not taught the Law of Consecration. My little ones have been raised up with a love of money and a worship of property. My saints sit and listen to My shepherds and follow their teachings. Why should they not? Yet, man‟s law of property has taken root in the hearts of men and it overshadows their souls. 15. Else find Me the man who takes no thought in the morrow, even as I taught My servants. Is there such a one in Zion who does not bring down upon him the hailstorm of railing from his neighbors? And what man among you who has labored all his life to provide for his family, but provided not against his old age, does not reap a whirlwind of scorn from all around him? What young man in My church does not labor to gain the world? And who among you does not wish for more, though he has sufficient for his needs? 26716. Behold, let him whose eyes are opened see and understand. My whole church stands upon the brink of a precipice because of the teachings of My shepherds. Verily, the times come that will test the strength of My people. In that day, if they have set their hearts upon their property, they shall be bitterly disappointed. And let all they who have laid up store of money and not of righteousness, take of that money and buy pottage with it. Behold, I say unto you, all their money will buy but one measure of meal and a little oil, and they shall make up one last cake to eat before they perish. And if they have not laid up stores of righteousness, who shall be their prophet to extend the meal and the oil until the famine end? 17. But they who keep the Law of Consecration shall have sufficient for their needs and a surplus still, even in the day of wrath. Then shall the pure in heart prosper, though property they have none.
303 4. And your experiences shall be an ensample unto them insomuch that they will have much which they might use in experimenting upon the words of Christ that they cannot find in their own time and in their own customs. Therefore, see to it that much is written unto them about the Law of Consecration as you do live it, for the manner in which the Nemenhah do live this great law is approved of the Lord. 5. But behold, looking forward into your generations, communities will be formed without regard to the welfare of its members. Each person shall think to own their property and any who do not must become the tenant of one who does. And also each person who has substance and uses it to produce or manufacture 303more substance, shall employ those who have not to do their bidding, and shall pay them what they think such labor is worth. But they shall not impart unto they who have less than they need from out of their great store, but will enslave them because of their lack of substance, and through their need to make a living. 6. Yea, as difficult as it may seem for any who now lives among the Nemenhah, a time will come in this fair place when the poor shall be in bondage to the rich for their very subsistence, and the rich will feel perfectly justified in such a state of affairs, yea, and even extol the virtues of such a system. 7. Do not be confused. Their wise men shall stand up and teach them and instruct them in the importance of rising above such bondage, and they will suggest many means by which they may do it. But none of their suggestions will have any resemblance to the manner in which the Nemenhah do live the Law of Consecration. 8. For, they shall teach the poor that they must wear out their lives in serving they who have more than themselves and, setting aside their surplus each year, they will eventually rise out of their poverty and bondage and be free to enter in among the ranks of the rich and have what they have. This they will present as a means by which they may arise out of their state of want and have what they need for more than mere subsistence. 9. Hearken to my words, ye Nemenhah. For the day comes when even the Shepherds of Israel shall teach this for doctrine from raised platforms before the face of the people. Yea, even they who lay claim to the keys of the priesthood of God shall stand up and teach this false doctrine in the hearing of all people as a means, and really the only means, whereby a poor man may rise out of his poverty. Yea, in this way the very leaders of the people shall teach and support the doctrine that brought upon the Nephites their great destruction. 10. And what, I ask you, marks the great difference between the people of the Land Southward today and their grandfathers before the coming of the Lord? It is the manner in which they observe to keep His commandments. And do they own each man his property and withhold it from those who are in need? I say unto you, They do not. But they do give freely one to another and there is no want or poverty found in their midst. 11. Look you to the manner in which the Nemenhah do conduct their business today. When the fishers go out on the great lake to catch fish, do they retain all the catch and sell it for money? They do not, but take unto themselves what they need or desire for the use of their own family and bring the surplus into the marketplace and the people take of the catch freely. 30412. And when the potter makes his wares, does he retain all in order that he might sell it and take the spoil thereof? He does not. He takes for his own needs and the needs of his family. The remainder he brings into the marketplace and the people take of it according to their needs. And, if it so be that one potter cannot produce enough for all to have pots, then he does train up another to work with him. And in this way are the needs of all the community provided for. 13. Now, when one region contains a product that cannot be had in another, the communities in that area do produce the product for they who cannot, and they exchange that product for something they cannot produce. In this way do the communities of the Nemenhah sustain and support each other in the same manner in which individuals sustain and support their neighbors. 14. And behold, I look forward in your generations and I see men and women joining their substance together in order to purchase property and gain the ownership of the land, and all it produces, unto themselves. For, such is the state and degree of Babylon in their days. But I see great hardship in this system. For, they do begin to dispute the worthiness of their neighbors to live in such a system and to enjoy the community ownership. 15. The earth is the Lord‟s. Yea, it is His footstool. Can you or I own any of it? Can the people of Mentinah, this great city, own the land and all the blessings the Lord does proffer because of it? I say unto you, Nay. In all this we may become stewards only of that which is rightfully the Lord‟s property. As stewards, we have a responsibility to provide for the needs of as many of our neighbors as our stewardship will support, in addition to our own needs. This is our surplus, and our great blessing of the Lord. We labor according to our strength and our ability to provide for ourselves. And we also labor for more that we might have wherewith to share with our neighbors who might need. This surplus is also the gift of God and part of our stewardship. In this, we take good advantage of all wherewith the Lord does prosper us, not wishing to dishonor the Lord in His great desire to provide for all that we need. 16. And this great desire to prosper us in all things is reflected even in the ordinances of the High Place. For, the Lord does ask us all to receive the Law of Consecration by covenant. And what is this law? It is that each of you covenant to dedicate all with which the Lord has blessed you, all with which He does now bless you, and even all with which He has promised that He will yet bless you, to the building up of Zion. 17. Does this mean that we must wear out our lives in laboring to build our homes, our workshops and our orchards and our fields and our flocks, only to give them into the hands of another? It does not. The Lord asks us to dedicate our substance, even all that wherewith He has prospered us. Yea, and He asks us 305to take up the task of being the steward of all these things. And, if we have the Spirit of God in us, then we will be instructed of the Holy Ghost in the proper way in which to dispense the blessings we have received of the Lord. 18. I say we, assuming myself to be Nemenhah, for I do also so labor, and I do dedicate the product of my labor in the same manner in which the Nemenhah do. Wherefore, I feel part of a great community of Saints who do shoulder each other‟s burden and lift up the hands that hang down. And I have been blessed that I shall not have need of much of that which you need to sustain your lives. Even so, I do labor with my might to produce a surplus, in order that someone less fortunate than I may receive a blessing from the Lord at my hands. Wherefore, if I, who have little need of provender, for I have been blessed and relieved of such need, do work to provide for the support of my fellow man, and I do esteem such labor worthy and expect to receive a blessing by it, how much the more ought you to do the same who have greater need of such blessings than I? 19. And behold, it is easy for you to look about you and see the blessings that come of such a system, for you live it in its fullness. But behold, I say unto you, There shall come a time when your own descendents shall not know how to live this law. Yea, they shall be convinced that they must covenant to keep it, but they shall neither have any understanding of it, nor shall they have much opportunity to live it. They shall pay but a meager portion of their surplus to the church for its upkeep and shall be taught to neglect the greater law. In that generation there shall be a dearth of the light of truth and knowledge that ought to prevail and the people shall languish in a form of darkness not of their making and of a character and kind they shall find themselves almost powerless to either recognize or overcome. 20. Yea, and I declare unto you that there shall be some few who feel moved upon to attempt to live the higher law. They shall be persecuted and cast out from among the people. Yea, you may believe it! 21. Wherefore, write in a book all the ways in which you do observe to keep the Law of Consecration in your towns and in your villages. For there will be many unto whom the light of restoration does begin to shine in the last days who shall look unto you for an ensign in this matter. 22. Yea, and there shall be some particularly from among the descendents of Hagoth who, reading these records, shall make an attempt to live this law in its fullness after the very manner which you do observe to live it. And their efforts shall bring about Zion in every place wherein they do congregate. 23. Yea, I prophesy unto you that your descendents shall awaken to the truth of the covenants they make in Holy Places and they shall gather in many places and form communities that shall set aside the teachings of the world. They shall 306come out of Babylon and shall turn the desecrated land of their forefathers into a beautiful garden with every delightsome herb. 24. Their husbandmen shall work for the good of their potters. And their potters shall work for the good of their fishers. And the fishers shall work for the good of their weavers. And their weavers shall work for the good of them among them who work in timber and in stone. And they all shall work for the good of the widow and the fatherless. All this shall they do in a time when such things shall bring upon them the wrath of the shepherds of the church and the onus of their neighbors. Wherefore, their consecration shall be consecration indeed, and they shall do it at their peril. 25. Nevertheless, though they lose much of what the world esteems as valuable, they shall be added upon in virtue, in righteousness, in blessing and prosperity, and in the gifts of the Spirit. They shall be blessed and prospered when their neighbors shall fall by the wayside for want of bread. And even they shall take up their burdens and bring in among them they who ridiculed them and persecuted them for their strange belief. 26. Nay! Do not wonder! For in the day that the Lord shall move upon the hearts of your descendents to begin again that restoration which He shall have commenced among the Gentiles, which restoration shall have faltered because of the unbelief of the Gentiles, the understanding of the consecration shall have been so corrupted as to fit itself neatly into the doctrines and the teachings of men. Wherefore, when your descendents do make an attempt to restore the things which you now enjoy, they shall be esteemed as evildoers and shall be driven from the halls of the church. 27. And even they shall be prevented from going up into the Lord‟s Holy House because they think to receive a revelation from God concerning the covenants of that sacred place, but it shall be contrary to the teaching of the shepherds of their day. How strange this must sound to you, but I say unto you, Such shall be the trials of the righteous in the last days. 28. How wondrous and strange it is that they who would truly labor to live completely the Law of Consecration shall be they upon whom fall the condemnation of they who claim the oracles of God. Woe unto the shepherds of Zion in that day. For, the persecution of the Saints shall not be covered nor erased because that they do it in the capacity of apostles and prophets. 29. Believe me when I tell you that they shall have the Law of the Tithe in that day, but the more part of the people shall shun the Law of Consecration. How absurd this must sound, and how far from sound reason, I must admit. Nevertheless, thus shall be the state of affairs in the church in the day that the Lord moves upon the hearts of the remnant of your descendents left in the land. 30730. And behold! Because of this Law of the Tithe, which shall be the concentration of the people, the Lord shall fully tithe His people Zion. Yea, one in ten shall abide the day, but they that are left shall be those who shall have exercised to live the Law of Consecration. Behold, all others shall consider themselves the servants of the Lord, but He shall turn His face from them for a season and shall give the kingdom up unto the administration of them who shall have been driven and persecuted for their integrity in following His counsel above the counsels of the world. 31. Now, the things I say unto you concerning the Law of Consecration should in no wise dissuade you from offering a tithe of your surplus to the church for its support. For, the Law of the Tithe is an ancient law and is also ordained of God. But it is not the Law of Consecration, whereby the Lord has ordained that His people should bare each other‟s burdens, but it is a law by which they who have the church but no communities do sustain and uphold the body of Christ and His work. But where Zion is established among the children of men, the Law of Consecration shall also be established such that there shall be no need for the Law of the Tithe to support the church. 32. Know this, oh House of Israel! When the Law of the Tithe shall be esteemed greater and more praiseworthy than the removal of Zion from the bondage of Babylon, it shall be a sign unto you that all is not well. But, in that day, men shall cry, “Peace and Safety! Peace and Safety!” Then speedily shall come the destruction of all they esteem, and all that shall remain to them shall be the books out of which the Remnant of the Lord‟s House shall teach. Let them repent then of the sin they shall have committed against the gospel and be grafted into Zion and numbered among the remnant left in the land.
313 2. Now, I do take seriously the words of Timothy. Wherefore I felt to add unto this record a more clear vision of the manner in which the Nemenhah do live the Law of Consecration. Behold, this is the manner of it: 3. Each family maintains a plot of ground within the city of Mentinah itself. And when a young man and woman engage themselves to each other to be married, the Community Council meets to appoint a place for them. In this we strictly follow the ways and customs of the Ammonihah as laid down in the writings of the prophet Shi-Tugohah. 3134. On this ground the family of the bride and groom, but more usually the brothers of the groom, labor together to build a house sufficient to meet the needs of the family. Now, this is not always so. For, sometimes the groom has few or no brothers, and in this case the family of the bride, and even the whole community, steps in to build the house. But there has never been an instance where a new bride and groom have had to begin their lives together in a homeless state. 5. Around about this house, the family sows those plants that are useful for food and which may be grown in sufficient quantity in this manner. Each family is careful to grow more food than is needed by them alone so that there is a surplus of food from their garden. Now, because each family does this, there is always an overabundance of such fresh food in the season thereof, as also of that amount of foodstuffs as may be safely preserved against the day of cold. 6. Each family also labors in some industry which can be done at home. Some put up garden foods to be used by the community in the day of cold. Others prepare dyes and colors from the same produce. Still others labor to provide seeds for subsequent seasons. Yet others prepare many items of common use from the fibers of the plants. Many concentrate their efforts in producing those plants that are especially needed because they provide medicine for the removal of the causes of disease. 7. But this is not all. Many families maintain workshops where goods of common use of all kinds are manufactured. These goods range in kind from the smallest and most inconsequential to the largest tools used by the smiths and mechanics. All these goods are consumables used commonly either directly by the families or by those engaged in larger industries. All of our tools are produced by families in the communities. 8. All of these things are produced by the members of the family, both young and old, depending upon their age and their capacity. And behold, they are not produced for the purpose of getting gain, but are exchanged for goods produced by other families. As there is always a surplus, it is brought to the storehouse and distributed liberally and without constrain unto all those who may need such things. 9. Now, there are many kinds of foods the growing of which is not suited for the small family holding. These things are produced on large tracts of land which do surround the city. Such things as grains of all kinds, cattle, and those plants we use for fibers for the making of cloth, especially linens, are grown outside the city. And behold, all the people go out in turns to work that crop which must be worked, or to labor in caring for livestock. All these things are brought into the city in the time of its harvest and are distributed liberally unto all that might have 314need of them. The surplus is held in storage and is used in trade with other cities and is exchanged for such things as may not be produced here. The surplus goods are traded equally for goods brought in the caravans from other cities of the Nemenhah, as well as other peoples with whom the city of Mentinah does hold commerce. In this way, we maintain a constant state of association with all the Nemenhah in all parts of the land, as well as with our brethren in the Land Southward, and with other places in the world. 10. The Nemenhah of Mentinah understand that many people in many places do consider themselves the owners of the land upon which they sojourn, and behold, that is their right, for we would not constrain any person to believe as we do. But, the Nemenhah do not consider themselves the owners of the land, but rather, we are stewards of the Lord‟s footstool. This has been our way since the inception of our city, yea, even since the first of our people left the settlements of Hagoth and resorted into our place of fastness. And it pleases me to say that, for the most part, all of the Nemenhah both of the mountains and of the plains, as well as the Nemenhah of Corianton, do so consider themselves. 11. For, how may a man think to own the earth? How may he possess that which is the Lord‟s? Will a man rob God? It is not to be considered. Nevertheless, we know that many peoples of the earth have different ideas than ours and we seek to constrain no one in their thought. 12. But behold, all men and women of the Nemenhah are made equal stewards of the land and no person may dictate to another the stewardship of another. When a family is appointed to steward a holding, their neighbors leave them to it and do not seek to manage what is not their stewardship. If a family neglects their stewardship, the matter is taken up by the Community Council, but no individual ever takes such things upon themselves. But, whereas every family labors diligently for their own support and for the surplus that is to be given unto others, there have been no such cases of neglect, except where there has been incapacity.
321 3. Now, from time to time, a traveler comes into our city, or into one of the cities round about, requesting that they be allowed to enter into the law with us and become part of our community. And this is the way that we do admit them into fellowship with us: 4. Behold, we do examine them as to their understanding of our ways and our customs and if they do know much about us and are willing to be one with us, we do welcome them in and assign space for them. If they know little about us, we do ask them to stay in one of the hostels that are provided for those who come to visit the Temple and we do take much time and care with them to be very sure that they know us and our ways before they make any commitment as to how they will live. When we are satisfied that they know us and our ways sufficiently to know whether they can live as we live or not, we do welcome them in and assign a place for them. 5. Now, the place that is assigned for them depends largely upon that function they wish to fill as members of our communities. For behold, if the man or woman wishes to be artisans in baskets, it is not good that they build a home close up unto the mountain because of that they will have need of much travel to and from their home in order to gather and prepare the reeds. Therefore, it would be better for them to build their home close unto the lake where the reeds are plentiful. And this is an ensample of the thought that is taken for each family holding within our cities. 6. And when the family has been assigned their place within our community, they are taken to the Temple and an ordinance of adoption is performed for them in the sight of the community. And this is the manner of the ordinance: 7. The individual is taken by the right hand in the right hand of the Peli who performs the ceremony. And they raise their hands together in the sight of the people. And the Peli proclaims the person‟s name in a loud voice and also that the person is now kin of our kin and flesh of our flesh, for we are all relations. After they have done this, the two of them go down into the font and the person is baptized as a token of the covenant of the making of family. When the person comes up out of the font, all the people embrace. 8. And when the person is thus introduced into the family of the Nemenhah, the people whose homes are nearby to the place which has been assigned come together to assist the new member of the family to build a home. And this is done in the same manner as when a young man and woman are first married. Yea, we all join together in building a new home and a new holding for the new member 321of the Nemenhah. And, when the home is completed, all the people come to celebrate it and they bring gifts from their own homes to help the new one settle in. 9. Now, sometimes a new person comes into our communities who has much substance and this was once the subject of some debate in the councils. It was believed by some that such a one ought to give all that they have into the storehouse and then receive back again sufficient for their needs. But I disagreed with this practice, for, on the one part, it judges the person harshly and, on the other, it necessitates the placing of one person as steward over property that once belonged to another. 10. On the one hand, who may stand in judgment of the worthiness of another? Who can say that the substance brought in by another is filthy lucre? Is it not part of the stewardship that the Lord has given? How then can we judge such a thing? And if the gain of another was won by hard labor, is it right to take that substance from them? 11. On the other hand, to assign a steward over the storehouse is the usual custom among our people to care for the increase that is offered freely out of the labor of our hands. But to place in the storehouse all of another‟s substance and then give back again that which is deemed sufficient for their needs, is the backwards of the custom of the people. For behold, each person is the steward of their own substance and they offer the surplus of it freely to those who are in need or to the storehouse to be kept back for them that may find a need later. But none are compelled to offer their surplus. It is part of the covenant we have made one to another and also unto the Lord. Wherefore, how can we compel one person for his much substance but not another for his little? And how can we compel one person because he is unknown to us and not all those who are our friends and neighbors? 12. Yea, we did debate these things for a long time and the Council did finally come to a decision with the help of the Spirit of God in us. Verily, it was decided that each person ought to be the steward of all that the Lord does see fit to bestow. Yea, and each person should labor to have a surplus, but also to be the steward of that surplus, remaining ever watchful that when the needy come for assistance that he give what assistance he may. And when there is a surplus for which special needs exist, then that surplus ought to be given to the storehouse. 13. But behold, no one is to judge another for their substance or their offerings. And in this thing, the Council deemed that there would be much greater peace in the communities and in all the land. 14. And again, from time to time, there arose disputations because that one person or another failed to live the Law of Consecration as another thought it 322ought to be lived. These were kept to a minimum because of the constant teaching of the principles and ordinances of the High Place. And indeed, it was difficult to imagine much contention about such things. For, the people were in such accord that there was seldom much disagreement. 15. But now and then there arises someone in the community that refuses to labor for their own support, but becomes dependent upon the labors of their neighbors and take advantage of them. Now, these are not they who are sick or halt or blind or in any way are unable to labor. But they are they who see how easy it might become to live upon the labors of others. These are always brought before the Community Council and chastened. And if they do repent and take up again some useful purpose, all is forgotten. But if they refuse, or they repent the moment and return to their sloth, they are brought once again before the Council and they are chastened. 16. And if the person repents not and does refuse to return to some useful purpose, then assistance to them is curtailed. They must rely upon the charity of their neighbors. And, if it so be that they have taken such advantage of their neighbors that there exists bad will between them, they do usually move away from them. Then they are treated as neighbors and all the people trade with them, for, in trade we do assume that they have become once again fruitful, wherefore we do trade with them. But they no longer receive of the surplus. 17. Now, this may seem harsh, but, how may one live solely off the labor of another if he be of good body and right mind? And if he be of sound body and his mind is right, how should he feel to live off the labors of another? Wherefore, let all they who live the Law of Consecration do so with all their heart, for it does establish a Zion on earth. But let him not take the advantage of his neighbor.
327 13. And again, in the day that you do read these things and you are that little gathering of the Lord‟s people who would once again seek His face while yet in the flesh, look around you and behold! A man shall build him a house and it shall be a possession unto him, not a stewardship. In this is he cursed. And the wise shall teach him that because his wife shall have a claim upon him, that he shall be responsible for the support of his family, and this is right. But behold, the world shall teach him that he is to be the sole support for the family. And this shall the world use for a pitfall unto the man. For, the rulers of the land shall make the price of bread so high that he, with all his might, will be unable to provide for his family and his wife shall be forced to labor as well. But they shall labor away from the family and the rulers of the land shall take the children and they shall raise them up into bondage even greater than that under the weight of which their parents do labor. 14. Then shall every person labor away their lives for a tiny piece of land or a house or a conveyance and all shall be impoverished because of their need for property. This is Babylon the Great which shall fall and the fall thereof shall be great. And behold, none shall escape her fall except they shall have gathered out of the world and except they shall have given up the pursuit of her unclean things. 15. And behold, my children, be awake to these things and let not your eyes be dimmed so that you do not see them when they are ripe before you. For, in the day that the children of men have embraced the way of the world, even Babylon, they cannot approach the Way of God. And their prophets and seers shall be of no use to them in that day for they too shall have taught the ways of the world. In that day there shall not be a single community in the whole face of this fair and blessed land wherein the inhabitants thereof do succor each other as the Nemenhah do succor their neighbor, except for those very few who have come out of Babylon. 16. But behold, their wise men and their prophets shall have taught this way, even the way of the Gentile, for generations and they shall have been brought up in it themselves. And they shall teach the man that he must labor all his life for the things of the world and for the support of his family. And the day shall come that the family that labors together for their support, and not simply for their greater convenience and entertainment, shall be ridiculed and shunned. That man will be persecuted by the wise and by the shepherds of the flock as one who is not worthy of the things of God because he does teach his children to labor with him in providing the things that they need and in order that they might have somewhat more to give to them that need. 17. Yea, you shall see them driven from among the people. Yea, even as has been written in another place, because they shall be poor in the eyes of men, 328albeit they are rich in their own hearts and in the eyes of God, they shall be driven from the churches and the synagogues and they shall not be allowed to worship with the saints. Woe unto such a day! For the saints are become dross and shall find no comfort in their substance. 18. Yea, in that day the man shall not labor beside the woman, nay, nor beside the child, for his support, but he shall be separated from them all the day. And the mother who must labor because of the price of bread, she too shall not labor beside the child for their support but shall be separated from them all the day. And the child shall be taken into houses set up for their training that they too might be raised up into the ways of Babylon and labor out their lives alone and separate from the ones they love. 19. And behold, when the man and the woman do come out of Babylon and mend their ways such that the family is once again together in all their labors, the rulers and the prophets shall alike see this as a sign of evil and shall punish them. Yea, they shall be cast out from among the people. And they shall be called negligent and abusers of children. And there shall even be some who shall be cast into prison for that they shall desire above all else to come out of Babylon. And they shall be forced to touch the unclean things again in order to come again into the community. How great shall be the evil of that day! 20. And yet, there shall be some few who are able to abide the day and begin again to build Zion in their hearts. These shall be most blessed. For the Lord shall raise them up an ensign unto all the nations. And their works shall be works of righteousness. And they shall labor together, the father and the mother, the parents and the children, and they shall begin to build again Zion in their communities. And men and women shall labor again a labor of love and they shall begin to build again Zion in all the land. 21. And behold, they shall take into their own homes they who have been beaten with stripes and cast out. And, while their neighbors shall shun them, they shall succor them. And they shall take the children of them that have been cast into prison and shall shelter them and teach them to love their parents because they have been abused for their sake. 22. And fathers shall labor beside mothers, and parents beside their children. And behold, families will be together all the day long laboring for their own good, as also for the good of others. And children shall learn righteousness from their parents. The children shall not idle away their days in worthless learning, yea, they shall not learn to be the thralls of dishonest men and masters, but shall lift up their heads. 23. In the day of their sore probation, they who do experiment upon the principles of Zion shall not cast out from among their midst any who have not the 329things the world says they must have. They shall not judge them because of their lack of substance, but shall embrace them and labor with them also, side by side. 24. But still, they shall be persecuted by they who were once their prophets and the shepherds. And after they have been cast out from among the people because they followed not the dictates and ways of the world, they shall gather together to labor and to live, to worship and to serve and to observe to keep the commandments and covenants of God, following the dictates of their own consciences, as also the guidance of the Holy Ghost. And in this they shall bring down upon them the judgments of men, the wagging finger and the shaken heel of they who would call themselves ministers unto the people. Woe be unto the ministers and the shepherds of the flock in those days! For they shall reap the judgments of a just and righteous God!
377 23. Behold, I spring from a line of teachers and healers who offer their services not for hire, though the laborer is worthy of it, but they do their work freely and beg of no one. For, in Mentinah, the baker is free with his bread and the fisher is free with his fish. And behold, when there is corn, there is corn for all and none puts up his petition unanswered in the City of Mentinah. And because of this, there are none who may claim poverty, for all receive of their wants freely. And, when the city puts up its stores, it is for all people that the storehouse is filled. Yea, even the stranger in our streets is as welcome to the abundance of the Lord as the citizen. 24. And the people asked him: 25. Does no man own his field then? And shall all men tread the winepress together? And he answered them, saying: 26. Nay, but person, be they man or woman, has the stewardship of their own land, or shop, or press, or ship, and does work by the sweat of their face. But behold, they do offer up the fruit of their labor over that which is necessary for their own living. And, if a man make shoes, he does put shoes on his family, that they be not naked. But the increase of his labor he does give freely to his neighbor, that he be not naked. And if a man go to catch fish in the lake, he dries the fish and pounds it, and that which is necessary for his own family he keeps back, that they be not hungry. But behold, the increase of his labor he does give freely to his neighbor, that he be not hungry.
435 85. Now, among the Nemenhah, we have not been troubled with covetousness, because that we have all things in common. And this is a great blessing unto us, for, to covet the belongings of ones neighbor in any of the cities and villages of the Nemenhah is to covet their need or their want. And all the needs and wants of the people are alike provided by the people. Wherefore, wherein may anyone covet? But behold, we teach against pride and against greed. For, such things would prove the breakdown and the destruction of all our blessings. 86. And we hold all sojourners to the same laws with which we do govern ourselves, after that we have taken them aside and instructed them in the laws of our land. And after that the sojourner has learned of our laws and our ways, if they do break the law, then they are dealt with the same as any Nemenhah. Behold, we hold this to be equitable. 87. Now, in the experience of our people, because we have founded ourselves upon these simple precepts, we find that we do not need a larger body of law. For, when there are complaints or offenses of lesser nature, we do insist that the parties settle the matter between themselves privily. And this is wisdom. For, every matter of lesser import ought to be settled in this manner, to preserve peace between neighbors. 88. And behold, needing no greater body of law, we find no need for bodies of lawyers and legalists either. Wherefore, we prevent great evil in the land. For, as is too evident in the Land Southward where their laws enlarge to the point of being more populous than the people, a great body of men to interpret so great a body of law is naturally necessitated. With such comes also the need for a hierarchy of judges to judge the people, for every act does become in one way or another against so great a volume of law. 89. And, because these men do labor all the day long in arguing the law, they do not labor for the maintenance of the people nor of the community. Wherefore, they must earn a wage and buy with money that which they need from they who actually produce. This also necessitates the use of money and the storing up of much provision to be sold for money. 90. And behold, in this there is great iniquity and great danger to the community. For behold, great stores of stuff of value brings about the building of riches and of pride. And it is easy to become covetous of the few who have the stewardship of so much. And it is easy to use such stores of stuff to buy up lawyers and judges to one‟s own purposes. Yea, and this is the downfall of all and the eventual ruin of Zion. 91. Wherefore, because we do constrain our body of law to that which the Lord has given, we have no need of great bodies of lawyers and judges, a great blessing to us.
436 5. For, our laws provide a means by which the disinterested may assist in resolving issues in which the parties have interest. And it is by this means that strife and abuses are prevented in the resolution of such disputes. But, when the dispute rises above such disinterest and the parties begin to pile abuse upon the council for its service in the matter, then the injury is to the entire community and all have interest. Wherefore, the very last council, and last resort, is the community at large. 6. Once the community and general assembly has heard all there is to say about a thing, then a vote is taken and the decision of the community stands. If the parties continue in their strife, they are cast out from among the people. If they repent of their strife and forgive each other, then they may continue in the community and peace prevails.
460 6. Above all, I believe we owe our success as a nation and a community of nations to the Law of Consecration. For, it is by observance of this law that this nation and its neighbors do come out of Babylon. Yea, we do forsake the world and adhere to the Lord‟s Law of Economy, having not a desire to get gain unto our own holding and dominion, but rather, only a desire to gain abundance both for ourselves and for our neighbors. 7. Behold, we would not have riches, fine apparel and costly things, and also see our brothers and our sisters languish in want and necessity. But, if it becomes the fashion to have such things, it is only because all may have them together. And this has become a law unto us and to all the villages and settlements round about us. 8. And this shall be a sign unto whom the Earth might yield up this record: In the latter days the Lord will raise up His Church once again unto the people. Yea, through a prophet He will begin to restore that which had lain seemingly dormant for many lives of men. And through His Church He will cause the Gifts of the Spirit once again to pour out upon the earth to heal her. 4609. But behold, before this little church shall have had but one generation in which to grow, and the Saints begin to enjoy once again great blessings from Heaven, they shall reject even such things as the Lord shall provide with His own mighty hand. Yea, before one generation has passed, the Lord shall declare the very Saints of God under His mighty condemnation, and this condemnation shall not be lifted to the sixth generation. 10. Yea, this condemnation shall stand in effect until the children of the restoration shall finally begin to turn their hearts away from the world and from Babylon. And this shall be a sore vexation for them. For, they shall have the great gifts which the Lord shall have given them before they turned from His paths, and they shall remember still the Gifts of the Spirit which He did cause to be poured out upon their forefathers. 11. Yet behold, they shall have been led by shepherds whose concerns are for the getting of gain and of great wealth, and even their attempts to live the Law of Consecration shall be muddied and polluted by the principles of the world that their leading men shall introduce into their experiments. Yea, and they shall fail utterly to live the law that contains and controls the abundance. In the end, yea, and by the time the Lord shall wax in His impatience with them, they shall have cast aside the Law of Consecration almost entirely. 12. Now, I would exhort you to contemplate upon the patience and the longsuffering of the Lord. Is it ever of short duration? I say unto you, Nay. He does wait long upon His patience and He does give unto the children of men much opportunity to repent. But, do not think that He may be relied upon to turn away His eye as you make sport of His holy laws. He is not to be trifled with, nay, nor shall He be mocked. 13. For they who think they are Saints, yea, they who do trust in His longsuffering, but do so with bad intention, shall think themselves safe in a place where the Lord shall hide and protect His choice and elect children. But can this be so when His children do spurn His counsel and set aside His commandments? What is worse, can this be so when they make solemn vows and covenants unto Him to keep His laws and His commandments but turn away from them almost in the same breath? I say unto you, Nay! 14. Behold, the condemnation, that shall have fallen upon them even from their first generation, shall not begin to be lifted until the sixth. In that day there shall be some few among the Saints who shall see the path to redemption from the curse laid upon their fathers. Yea, they shall turn away the face from Babylon and shall cease to lay up in their hearts the things of the world. Yea, they shall no longer view their stewardship as having to do only with themselves, but shall regard the suffering of others as theirs as well. 461 15. Yea, they shall cease to build beyond that which they actually need, but with their surplus they shall even build a canopy for their neighbor. Yea, they shall become stewards of the Lord‟s footstool and cease to puff themselves up. They shall cease to attempt to wrest from the Lord what is His. They shall cast down their towers and their great buildings and once again embrace the Earth. 16. For, is it not written that, even as the Heavens shall pour forth a blessing such that there shall be no room to accommodate it in the storehouse, so shall the Earth also give of her bounty abundantly? Yea, the Earth shall pour out the words of warning also and the hearts of the children shall be turned to the fathers. Yea, all that the Earth does hold up and guard securely, She shall pour out upon the inhabitants of the land, and the hearts of the fathers shall be turned to the children. 17. Wherefore, blessings shall fall down from heaven and blessings shall pour up from the Earth, and the whole Earth shall be filled to overflowing. Yea, then shall the face of the Earth be flooded with righteousness. Wherefore, out of a curse shall flow blessings, and this is within the power of all the Saints in the last days. But only if they will. Yea, only when they will.
829 17. Wherefore, we do build up our High Places upon hallowed ground. Yea, the sacred places of our relations in times past do become once again sacred places for us. And we know that the same shall happen once again in this place, for the Peacemaker restores every good thing. And behold, the good that we do here will be remembered of the earth and the land will remember the healing that has taken place here. Yea, and when the Lord does bring again His people to possess the land, they shall surely find that which we have hidden up for them and because of that which we have written, surely the land will be made whole again. Yea, of a surety, the Nemenhah will restore the waste places. 18. Yea, behold, I have seen them and I know their doing. They shall revere once again the land and cease to abuse it. And they shall learn to use the land 829with thanksgiving and make a sacred walk upon her. Every step upon the earth shall they call blessed and they shall walk upon her with a song of thanksgiving upon their lips and in their hearts. Surely, they shall restore all things carefully. 19. Behold, I do not say that they shall be so numerous as the Nemenhah in our day. Nay, there shall be many people in this land, but the Nemenhah shall not be many. They shall come in small groups and in families and build up their waste places. And they shall not come with great possessions or with riches, but with only that which they require to establish themselves once again in the land. And none will be jealous of them, for they shall have little of that which the world desires. Yea, the world shall not consider them at all, for they will have none of that which the world esteems. But they shall be filled with the purposes of the Peacemaker and they shall have Zion in their hearts. Is this not riches enough? 20. But behold, they shall build up the High Place again and their settlements shall restore that which was once lost in this land. And behold, many of them will be descended from a race of people whom the Peacemaker might have established in this land in prior generations, but they would not. But they unto whom the Peacemaker shall reveal these records, many of them shall descend from those same who were condemned of the Lord because they would not fulfill His purposes, but preferred to build up a nation unto themselves. Out of them shall spring up a remnant and they shall combine with the remnant of Lehi left in the land. Together they shall build up and restore many things. 21. Yea, the purification of the Ammonites shall be restored by them. And they shall, also, baptize often and celebrate the sacraments of the Lord again in righteousness. Surely, the Sons and Daughters of Levi and of Aaron shall make a sacrifice again, one that shall be acceptable to the Peacemaker. And by and by, as they restore the ordinances of the High Place, the people shall begin again to understand things as they really are, and there shall be peace again in the land. 22. Behold, they shall be cleansed from the iniquity and filth of the world and they shall be anointed with the oil of sacrifice. They shall know their Lord and they shall hear His voice. There shall be fidelity and love in their settlements and they shall, line upon line, learn once again to have all things in common. And behold, they shall call themselves blessed, for these are the things which do prepare men and women to walk upon the Way. 23. And the condemnation under which their forefathers labored for six generations shall be lifted in them and their ordinances and all that they do for the Lord shall be acceptable once again before Him. Yea, their condemnation shall be lifted, they who descend from out of that generation which did not what the Lord commanded them. And also they among them who descend from out of our loins, who had become a hiss and a byword to all nations, shall raise up their 830heads and speak with mighty words. Yea, they shall sing again the song of the righteous because the days of their patience shall have been completed. 24. They shall not surely cover the face of the land, as we do. But behold, they shall begin again to heal the earth and to prepare her for the coming of the Peacemaker. They shall be His disciples and His children. Yea, and through them shall He heal the hurts that have been done to the earth. 25. Behold, and this shall be a sign and a surety that the Peacemaker has again lifted up the hands that hang down. For they shall call themselves Nemenhah and they shall hurt no more the Earth, but all that they do therein shall be a healing thing. Surely, the Earth shall bless them. 26. For they shall have hurt the Earth in everything that they did know by her. Yea, they cut down the tree and hew it. But this is not enough, for they waste most of it to make some few usable pieces with which to build. And when they build, the structure is all sticks and air. Wherefore, they do create of the Earth that which can be attached to their houses of air. And they dig up the Earth and plate it, and this they attach to their houses to make them solid. But the walls of their houses are still but sticks and air, wherefore, they fill them with waste to keep out the cold. 27. And this shall be a sign of those times, that there shall scarcely be one thing that the men and women who shall inhabit this land shall use for houses, or for raiment, or for food , or to move about upon the land, that they do not buy from others. Yea, and if I were to visit them in their homes and in their shops, behold, there might not be one or two things in them that they shall have made with their own hands or even that was made by an artisan of their own village. 28. And in that day, a man shall labor in order that he might buy his living, but his labor shall not provide sufficiently. Yea, and in all that he does labor, he cannot be satisfied. For with what little of gold and silver that he does earn for his day‟s labor, he shall be only able to purchase the day‟s sustenance. And this shall be a kind of thralldom unto them, for all the people of the land shall thus wear out their lives in labor that does not satisfy. 29. But behold, the Lord shall work upon the hearts of a few, that they shall turn away from this slavery. And they shall go into the wilderness and take up again the good earth. And they shall cast up their walls as we do, and their houses shall no longer be things of air, but they shall be solid as the ground upon which they shall stand. And they shall produce with their own hands again that which satisfies. 30. And among the little flock, behold, there shall be no more of aimless labor, for they shall have sufficient for their needs, but also a little surplus. And they 831shall not seek to buy up the things of the Earth, but they shall cherish her and take good care of her. Yea, and in this shall they receive but little acclaim and the world shall not esteem them, but the Earth shall bless them abundantly. 31. And behold, the Lord shall surely instruct them in this thing, and it shall be a great ensample unto them. For, many shall say unto them, when they go out to begin their enterprise, that such things cannot be. Yea, they shall scoff and refute, saying: 32. You must build the way all things are built, for it is the way of the world. Yea, and if you choose to build another way, it shall be to your hurt. Why think you to be different than all people? Come, build your homes properly. Work with your might and all will be well with you. 33. But behold, the manner of building in that day shall be so wasteful and costly that a man shall have to become a slave to the possession in order to provide shelter for his family. Yea, and the woman must also go out from the home to labor for the upkeep of her children. And this shall be because of the wastefulness of the manner in which they shall build all that they build. Yea, and there shall not be one thing built in that day that shall not be so costly as to require the break up of the family. 34. But the Lord shall teach a more excellent way, both in spirit and in body. For He is the Creator and the Peacemaker. Shall He desire man to use up the earth and to consume it all up? Behold, He shall not. Wherefore, He shall instruct His remnant even in all that they must do to restore the earth. And He shall begin this schooling in the manner in which they shall build their dwellings and their meeting places and even their High Places. 35. Yea, where the world shall teach them that their High Places should be built of the most costly goods, in order that proper reverence shall be given unto the God of Heaven, behold, He shall teach them to build with humility. Yea, their High Place shall seem very low when esteemed by the eyes of the world. Behold, in this shall the Lord teach His people to heal the Earth. 36. And when they go to adorn their High Places, shall they fill them up with the costly things of the world? For this shall be the habit and the custom of their times. Yea, when the world builds a temple, behold, it is filled with costly and fine furnishings. But this shall not be so among the Lord‟s remnant in the last days. For they shall sit them down with but a blanket between them and the earth from which they did cast up the bench. And when they build a chair, it shall be the work of their own hands, or of the hands of a neighbor. And the floors upon which they stand shall not be made of stone cut and crafted by unknown hands in unknown lands, but it shall be earth that is poured and cast, and when they walk upon it, it shall sustain them gently. 83237. And this shall be an ensample unto them, that they do the will of the Lord. For, the way of the world does use up the good thereof. But behold, the way of the Lord does sustain and edify. The way of the world does destroy the will of man to do good, for all his labor must go to the using up of the Earth. But the way of the Lord does edify him, for his labor shall return unto him a blessing from the Earth. 38. But behold, this thing shall be hateful to the world, but in this there is wisdom, also, in the Lord. For, if the world does hate a thing, the world does avoid it. Yea, and when the world shall judge this ensample of the Lord, behold, the remnant shall be esteemed as a thing of poverty and want. Yea, who shall molest them? For they shall have nothing that the world might desire of them. Who shall covet a house made of earth? Yea, when all the world esteems that retreat from useful labor into which men and women shall have fallen as virtuous, who shall covet the house built of such labor? Nay, the world shall think itself above such things. 39. But in the day in which the Peacemaker shall whisper again in the ears of them that hear, the remnant shall take up again the Earth without hurt. And they shall no more cut down the tree to waste the more part of it. But they shall learn providence again and they shall care for the Earth. And behold, when they do this thing, the Earth shall give forth abundantly and they shall have sufficient for their needs, for they shall not have enslaved themselves to the costly thing. 40. And they shall learn from this ensample that the wisdom of their shepherds has been foolishness. Yea, they have been taught from their youths to labor with their might, that they might have security in their homes and in their families. But, because the shepherds teach them to labor for the things of the world, they shall enslave all the people. 41. But when they do take up the Earth again, without hurt, but with an eye single to the service of their God, they shall cease to esteem the costly as security. Yea, they shall see once again that the Earth does provide abundantly for those whose hearts are not bent on destroying her and on using her up. And the Earth shall loosen the bonds of their captivity and she shall gently remove the shackles of their slavery. 42. Yea, and the scales shall fall from off their eyes and they shall see more clearly. And in all else that they do that does use up the Earth, they shall begin to curb themselves. Yea, they shall cease to buy with silver and gold that which does not edify, and the Earth shall give abundantly all that which cannot be bought with money. Yea, their eyes shall be opened and they shall see as they have not seen before, the wonder and majesty and beauty of the Earth around 833them. And she shall hold them in her embrace and they shall feel again the love of the mother which gives them life. 43. These are the doings of the Lord‟s remnant whom He shall bring once again into this land. And behold, they shall be in the midst of a great people, wherefore, do not marvel that I say that the Lord shall bring them once again. The Gentiles shall cover all the face of the land, and yet, the land shall not claim them as her relations. Wherefore, the blessing and the curse that lies upon this land shall affect them, and they shall all be in bondage. But there shall be the seeds of liberty planted by their forefathers yet living in their breasts and this shall be enough to ensure that the Lord‟s remnant shall have peace to establish Zion. 44. For, it shall be for the sake of this liberty, which the Gentiles shall cherish above all things, that some measure of freedom shall be granted unto they who turn from the getting of gain, even unto the establishing of Zion in the land. For behold, the manner of thralldom under which the Gentile nations shall place all the people, shall be in the love of gold and of silver. Wherefore, they shall build up their cities and their towers and they shall hurt the Earth. And it shall be the hurting of the Earth that shall form a foundation for the subjugating of the people. For, when they hurt the Earth for the sake of gain, behold, their gain shall become slippery and hard to hold. And all their labor shall not be sufficient to hold onto the things they deem to be precious. Yea, their day‟s labor shall not be enough to buy their day‟s needs. Wherefore, they shall wear out their lives for the sake of gain, but they shall be old and have gained nothing. Now, all this shall be because they do hurt the Earth to get their gain from it. 45. Now, the Lord‟s remnant shall not seek after gold nor silver, but shall seek after that true abundance that can only be acquired by that people who nurture and care for the Earth. Yea, and they shall find true riches in the abundance which comes from her bosom, and their labor shall satisfy. Wherefore, in the midst of slavery, wherein all men shall labor for the governors for their bread, the Nemenhah shall eat of the bread of life and be filled. And in the midst of bondage, wherein all men labor with their might to provide wine for the governor, the Nemenhah shall drink of the wellspring and they shall not thirst. 46. And behold, the governors shall not esteem them at all, because they shall have not gold nor silver nor any manner of gain. Wherefore, they shall be hidden amidst the host and shall not be discovered. For behold, only they who have substance whereby the governors might gain shall warrant their attention. And how can a man who eats from the Earth that which he has planted and lives in a house made of that same earth wherein he does plant, have wherewithal to be 834taken from him evensomuch that the governors might pay even the cost of taking it from him? 47. So greatly blessed shall that man be, for he shall not be seen nor esteemed. Yea, in the midst of the thrall there shall be slaves enough, and he who has not shall not be desired. And the Earth shall be so despised that he who shall stretch forth his hand to embrace her and care for her, shall also have no merit and no beauty that shall be desired by the world. Even so shall the Lord instruct His people and bring them once again. Chapter Nine 1. Now, this is not all that I have seen concerning that time in which the Lord shall bring this record into the light. Behold, I am blessed of the Lord exceedingly. For I did ask of Him to reveal the times and the seasons, and behold, He has shown unto me many things. Yea, and I have seen the times and the seasons surrounding the restoration of Zion in this land in the latter days. 2. And this is a choice land, a land of covenant. Upon it lies a blessing and a cursing, and this is the will of the Lord. And it is also His will that the Gentiles shall also be brought to a knowledge of Him and of His Zion. Wherefore, He shall drive them into this land. And because of the blessing and the curse, they shall learn more of Him and of His ways than they could have should they remain in their own land. Wherefore, He shall drive them. Yea, with the wind of their own ambition, He shall toss them up upon the shore. And behold, He shall try them in this land. 3. And He shall show unto them a beginning, even a commencement. And He shall raise up prophets unto them, and unto them He shall give commandments and instruction. But they will not. Yea, they will call themselves His Saints, and yet they will not do what He bids them. They shall claim to speak in His name, but their hearts shall shun the task He places before them. 4. Yea, He shall command them to go even unto the seed of the House of Lehi left in this land, not to instruct them but to be instructed of them. But they shall esteem them lower in station than they and shall shun the work which the Lord shall lay upon them. And the Gentiles shall abuse and drive the remnant of Lehi from place to place, because that they shall remind them ever of that which they ought to have done in the name of the Lord, but that they chose abomination of desolation in the stead thereof. 5. For the children of Lehi might have taught them to temper their lust for gain. For, we have much in our history concerning the outcome of justice in this land when the lust for gain does take control of the people and of the government. And even they shall have the record of the Nephites as witness unto 835them of the same. But behold, they shall do unto the remnant of Lehi like as they would do unto a beast of the field which is bought with gold and brought even to the slaughter. 6. Yea, I have seen what shall befall my own descendents at the hand of the Gentiles. And I have seen how that the people shall suffer and perish. But behold, they shall not be utterly destroyed, and because they shall not be utterly destroyed, the Lord shall preserve that part of their customs that shall set them apart from all the world. And even He shall raise up seers who will take of these records which we leave in sacred places and they will translate them by His peculiar power into their own tongues. Then shall He teach the Gentiles a mighty thing indeed. 7. And some of them shall take heed to His word and they will learn a new and better way, casting away their lust for riches and looking only to that which they need. But this shall not come without a true trying of their faith. Yea, in the day that they cease to hide up their treasures against the day of need, but use them abundantly to the good of many, then shall He graft them into the vine and they shall be one with Lehi. Then are the times of the Gentiles fulfilled. 8. But behold, they who are grafted in shall not be many. For the whole world shall lust after riches and the hearts of men and women shall not be upon the good gifts of Heaven, but they shall seek every day to get more gain than the previous. And with each day‟s passing, they shall hide up more of their precious things, that they might be esteemed rich by their neighbor. 9. But a time shall come when they shall go even unto the place wherein they have hid up their wealth, to withdraw it from its hiding place, but behold, it shall not be found. Yea, it shall be taken from them. Or, if it is not taken, it shall have lost its worth and shall not buy bread. And this disaster shall come upon all people at once. Yea, and so great will the disaster be that whole peoples shall run headlong before it and shall not be found in their place. 10. And even shall all nations be at the ready to tumble and fall to pieces, and the governors and the rulers shall all shake their heads and wonder. Yea, and the money lenders shall all flee, for there shall be no interest in anything. And the merchant shall sit idly by, for there shall be no buying of his wares. And the artificer shall set down his tools, for there shall be no profit in his hire. Yea, and the mother shall have not that which might sustain her children, for her man shall have no means to support her, though she have right claim upon him for her support. 11. You may believe it! And this shall be a sign unto you that the time of refreshing shall be at hand, yea, even it shall be at the door. Behold, a man shall not labor to build his own house, but shall sell his birthright to the money lenders 836for the means to engage other men to build him a house. And because of the dearness and the cost of the house, he shall work the whole generation to pay the lenders. And when he has paid the lenders and the house is free, behold, he will discover that they whom he did engage to build the house made poor work of his commission. Yea, the house shall have no value and shall fall, after a generation of labor to redeem it. 12. And this sign shall be even the same upon all things made by the hands of men. Yea, they shall pay dearly for all that they have, and yet the workmanship shall be such that the object of their desire shall have no worth ere it is redeemed with his labor. Yea, this shall be the bondage into which the man in the last days shall sell himself. He shall be instructed by his shepherds in the things that he must do in order that he might be respectable. But, when the stuff is redeemed and he has worn out his life obtaining it, there is nothing but dust, and there shall remain none who esteem him for his fugality and wisdom. Yea, his neighbors shall not esteem him, for they know that he shall not esteem them in their poverty. This is the nature of slavery that the nations shall thrust upon all people. 13. But the Lord‟s remnant shall learn of Him to cast off this bondage. Yea, they shall be released from slavery because that they shall be instructed of Him. And when men and women take up this stewardship again, as they did in the past, behold, they shall begin to see all things differently. Because the house is the beginning of the community, they shall take stewardship of that as well, and they shall esteem all things differently. Yea, they shall see clearly that which they esteemed of no value previously, and that which the world shall esteem low, shall be riches unto them. 14. And they will cease to hide up their wages, but they shall begin to use them for their immediate good. Yea, they shall work with their might to build a tangible future and they shall take the Lord at His word, and live each day for its own merit. And behold, they shall not be in bondage to their own future, for they shall each day work toward a better future for all people. 15. Thus shall the Lord instruct them in the manner in which Zion is built in the heart. Yea, it shall be through the building of His house that He shall instruct them in the building of their own. Yea, and it shall be through His instruction, yea, face to face, He shall be their mentor, and they shall learn the meaning of His words. And the record of Heaven shall be written upon their hearts. 16. Behold, I declare it unto whom this record shall be lifted up; you shall discover yourself in the midst of slavery and wonder that you could have wasted your life in voluntary bondage. Yea, you shall have lived in that bondage all of your life, without knowing it, and the discovery of it shall cause you to wonder. 837Your wise men shall have taught it to you and you shall have been raised up from your youth believing it to be the best way. 17. Yea, and so virtuous shall all men have esteemed this slavery, that the governors shall teach it in all the world. And they shall cause that many nations shall sell themselves into this bondage. Yea, the governors shall do it, and the people shall support them in it. And even many who do already live a more perfect way, shall be compelled to lay down that better manner in which they live, so that they might be esteemed equal in the eyes of the world. Behold, they shall be made to lay down abundance and take up poverty, so that the world might esteem them to be the same as other men. 18. But the governors and the shepherds shall not esteem men to be men and women to be women in those days. Nay, men shall be but the means to produce gold, and the women shall be but a sack of provender. And a man may not stand and declare himself, for he is not a son, but so many hours of labor. And a woman may not stand and proclaim her generations, for she is not a daughter, but so much stuff to be counted and stored. 19. This is the evil that shall mark the fulfilling of the times of the Gentiles. Behold, in eight generations they shall have lifted themselves up from weakness into great might, and they shall rule the world. And all nations shall bow for a time before their obvious superiority and their opinion shall be greatly esteemed by all the rulers of the world. But, ere the ninth generation fails and the tenth generation culminates, the eyes of the world shall be opened and the rulers of the nations shall no longer be blinded by the riches of the Gentiles. For they shall all see together that they have become slaves, and that, even with all the riches of the world, there is no virtue in bondage. 20. And men shall once again stand in their lot, sons of God, and declare themselves. And women shall proclaim their generations, daughters of God, and they shall take up abundance. And the esteem of the world shall fail in their eyes, for they shall walk and talk with the Peacemaker. Yea, they shall esteem not gold nor silver, but they shall know their own worth and they shall esteem that abundance that comes of the liberty of the soul. 21. And they shall cast down the slavery into which they were sold and which they were educated to uphold and revere. They shall walk away from all that the world taught was sweet and desirable, but has made bitter and good for refuse. That which the world esteems highly, shall be distasteful to the remnant. Yea, that for which all men labor and wear out their lives shall be hateful to the Lord‟s remnant in the day that He shall teach them. 22. Yea, they shall be ashamed of the ways and the customs of their fathers and their grandfathers, for they shall be such ways as shall cause the destruction of 838the earth and the losing of all that she does freely offer her children. And the Remnant shall take up the earth into their hands, not to spitefully use it, but to make sacrifice for it. Yea, when the Sons of Levi do offer again a sacrifice in righteousness, then shall the Lord restore all things. And when the Daughters of Levi do make sure their offering again, then shall He keep His promises that He made unto the Children of Lehi, to restore them in their bishopric.
885 14. Seek not great possessions or accomplishments, nor to be seen above another, but seek in all ways to remove the poverty of your neighbor. For, there is great dishonor in possession when your neighbor is naked or hungry.
57 137. Continue in your manner of governance, for it is the way of heaven. Yea, succor the poor, feed the hungry, visit the widow and judge the fatherless. This is true religion. Yea, do not accept for doctrine the teachings of men, but let the Spirit distill upon your souls. Therefore shall your statutes be faithful and your laws be righteous. Set no man above another. Nay, esteem not one man above another, but let each receive according to his wants and give according to his ability. And if any give not honestly, let him be reproved before the councils of the people. And after ye have reproved him and he repent, treat him not as a malefactor. But if he repent not after ye have reproved him, he shall have no part of your abundance. Nevertheless, ye shall not cast him out into the wilderness, but of your abundance he shall not partake until that he does repent.
151 12. Now listen to my voice all you who would call yourselves mine, Zion cannot be established in any form of slavery. Yea, and when men do seek to compel, or in other words enslave, their fellowman, I am grieved in the Spirit. Yea, and the Holy Ghost withdraws. And when the Holy Ghost withdraws, the heavens are sealed. In this darkened state, you cannot seek my face nor be instructed of me. Wherefore, you must turn unto your leaders to determine your worthiness. But howbeit if your leaders are also in this state of darkness? How may you be justified? 13. Wherefore, seek not to place yourselves higher than your neighbor. And if your calling seem to give you power over your neighbor, then behold, you have not understood your calling. And if your occupation seems to enlarge your station over that of your neighbor, behold, let this be a sign unto you that you have fallen into pride, not understanding the abundance wherewith I do bless the saints, nor the purpose for which I have so blessed you. Take of your abundance and enlarge the station and condition of your neighbor. Then shall you establish Zion in your own heart, and I shall surely reward you abundantly in my kingdom.  

Greed and Secrecy

Greed and secrecy are the evils that destroyed past civilizations requiring us to start all over again, and are the evils threatening to destroy ours. This is mentioned in Whitley Strieber-The Key and also in The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon Page 112 "They have told me this many times, and it has been reported in my other books. There have been many civilizations in Earth’s distant past that had reached the height of perfection, only to be brought down byman’s inherent greed for power."
Phoenix Journal 34 Page 132: Until human relations are based upon the love principle of giving for regiving, which God gave as His One Law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE IN ALL TRANSACTIONS OF MAN AND NATURE, MANKIND WILL BE ON THE DESCENDING DIRECTION OF SELF-ANNIHILATION IN THE MASS--WHILE THE FEW WHO DO KNOW, AND WHO LIVE THE LOVE PRINCIPLE, WILL SURVIVE. And out of these few a new civilization will be born unto the glory of God. I tell you this because of the present decadent state of man-in- the-mass whose ever- growing greed for possessions, even to whole world ownership, will as surely break him in the measure of his own breach of the law. These present wars of man are the manifestations of KILLING FOR GREED, and greed must disappear before love can be in the world.

Secret societies  are explained below: The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011) Page 23 29. And we became an exceedingly numerous people and an exceedingly happy people. And the Nephites became a wicked and loathsome people in the Land Southward, yet the Lamanites in the Land Southward became more righteous. And we, being not willing that the secret combinations come among our people, began to trade only with the Lamanites in the south. Nevertheless, because migrant Nephites had established themselves in other parts of the Land Northward, these secrets were also published among us because of our trade with them. But we strove diligently to root out this evil among us. And Nephi, even the son of Helaman, came often among us and showed us how the Lamanites had wiped out from among them the Gadiantonhem by preaching the gospel among them. Therefore, he did ordain teachers from among us and taught them. Verily, these did hunt out the beginnings of robbers and combinations among us and, at great peril to themselves and their families, they preached unto them the gospel and converted many. And in this way we did maintain peace and prosperity even though it seemed that bloodshed and war reigned all around us.
Phoenix journal 34 Page 75: When you pray to God asking for all the things you want, enumerating them carefully- -even to timing their arrival as your desire possessions--yea, even informing God as to what His method should be in giving them to you--detailing your business and family needs--never giving thought as to your worthiness to receive them, or whether it is wise to have them, or what you shall GIVE to deserve them--you are but making yourself into your own selfish image and not in the image of God's spirit in you. You are thus telling God how He will serve you without thought of how you will be worthy of that service. When your child prays for a long list of birthday or Christmas presents, ending with "God bless Papa--God bless Mama", you tell the neighbors how CUTE that prayer is and then buy everything the child wants, to uphold its belief in prayer. IT IS NOT CUTE IT IS TRAGIC. It is helping the child build its own selfish image. It is also helping the whole world to build its own selfish, greedy image. It is helping to perpetuate this barbaric age of greed, selfishness, and fear of neighbor against neighbor.
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 143: In order to understand how the AB's acquired their absolute power over the nations, it is necessary to understand some history which has been omitted from your history textbooks dealing with this matter--for your history books are so devoid of history that we have a myriad of subjects which are left out and buried under the shroud of deceit Page 143and lies. Nonetheless, let us consider this subject at hand. This knowledge is also necessary so that you do not repeat it--if you ever get the opportunity of control-- AGAIN! In the beginning, there was no money and there was no civilization. Every man obtained his own necessities of life--food, shelter and clothing, through his own efforts in some manner or another. This was probably the only period in history short of that ill-perceived "Eden" that man was truly free and independent--and that, too, is a dream, isn't it? However, this was a very difficult, dangerous and insecure lifestyle at best, what with tantalizing apples and deceitful ladies of the night and serpents in all the trees and nothing but fig leaves to cover thine assets, and so forth. Fig leaves are most uncomfortable in the middle of a windy blizzard or especially--sandstorm. Eventually, there developed a system of exchange of goods and services which we can call barter. In that economic system every man benefitted because he would only trade something he had for something that was of greater value in some manner to himself. For instance, if Jim had ten potatoes and Bill had ten fish, they could trade five potatoes for five fish and each would have a complete meal for his family. So there was "light". It was soon realized that, by specializing, a man could produce a given commodity much more efficiently and trade his surplus with other specialists to obtain all of his needs. Thus everyone who efficiently produced something which many people needed or wanted could make a very comfortable living with "markers" for a variety of items in exchange for his own production. The value that each man placed on his own produce was primarily a function of the time he spent to produce it, what he spent for raw materials and tools--AND MARKET DEMAND FOR HIS PRODUCT.
It was soon realized, however, that barter was a very inconvenient system and, fun though it might be, consumed much time in bargaining over the value of commodities. After all, every man values everything differently from every other man and at different times, places and circumstances. Eventually, the use of certain durable commodities, such as gold and silver, became popular as a medium of exchange and greatly facilitated trade. Civilization began to develop as more men became specialists and an increasing variety of goods was produced for both production (tools) and consumption. The use of gold and silver bullion as media of exchange, although far superior to trading cows and corn, was still somewhat difficult, because their weight and purity had to be determined. Weighing them was relatively easy with balance scales but determining purity and quality was quite difficult. These problems were overcome with the introduction of "coins", which were certified by the issuing authority to be of the weight and purity represented by the denomination and purity stamped upon them.
As wealth increased, one of the trades that developed was that of making gold jewelry, or goldsmithing. Because goldsmiths dealt in large quantities of gold, it was necessary for them to have secure vaults, or safes, in which to store their valuable commodity for protection from theft. Other people who acquired significant amounts of metallic money, especially merchants and craftsmen, also required security for their money. It soon became common practice for them to "deposit" their money with the goldsmiths for a small fee. In return, the goldsmith would give the depositor a receipt for the amount of the deposit. A depositor could then give his warehouse receipt to a supplier in payment for goods, rather than transferring the metal itself. This method of payment was so convenient and simple that it soon became common practice. On paper an amount was simply transferred onto the books of another. Thus was born the business of banking. So good so far.
The shrewd Babylonian Elite goldsmiths soon realized that, of all the gold deposited with them, only a small percentage was reclaimed each month with the warehouse receipts they had issued. As wealthy men, they were often asked for loans. As shrewd men, they were soon lending out as much as 90% of the gold placed on deposit with them, typically requiring that four talents of gold be returned to them in one year for every three they loaned, an interest rate of 33 1/3%! Since there was a limited amount of gold in circulation, they soon "cornered" the market on gold and became the richest men in Babylon. Their descendants still are and are referred to in Revelation 18:23: "For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmacia = drugs) were all nations deceived." People who are drugged (poisoned) with alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, medicine, sugar, chlorine, fluoride, TV, government, "education", and "religion", have short-circuited brains and simply cannot think logically. If you are having difficulty understanding this, hopefully you now understand WHY! I am sure we left out a thing or two which has poisoned you as a society.
Ah, rears the head of the deadly poison serpent. With virtually all of the gold in their possession, the goldsmiths could loan out their "warehouse receipts" for amounts totalling more than ten times the amount of gold actually in their vaults and charge interest (usury) on something which had cost them virtually nothing (clay tablets were very cheap at the time for labor was so thrifty). Page 145When this debt money was created and circulated in the society, it caused a temporary increase in trade and the production of real wealth until the loan was repaid. However, when the money was created, the amount of the interest was NOT CREATED and the ultimate result was a net reduction of money in circulation, causing depression and foreclosure, unless, of course, more money was loaned into circulation. Thus was born "fractional reserve banking" and the system of usury which today rules the world. This is the lifeblood of the system identified in Revelation 18 as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT."
Occasionally, the people holding these "gold certificates" would get wise to the fact that the goldsmith did not actually have enough gold on deposit with which to redeem his certificates. This would result in a "run on the bank" and his sudden demise, unless he had previously escaped with his hoard of gold. Being shrewd, the goldsmiths recognized this as an unhealthy situation. Therefore, after very little thought, they decided to bring the king in as a "partner". After all, the king was always in need of gold to support his concubines and palace guard. Thus the king was only too happy to provide government sanction and protection for this racket in exchange for greatly discounted interest rates, even lower than the prime rate. But the shrewd goldsmiths thought that government protection might not be sufficient. After all, the police couldn't protect them 24 hours a day. Since the king was also god in the combined state religion of Baalism, the AB's decided that it would be safest for them to practice their black art under cover of religion. After all, there might be many who would revolt against slavery and risk imprisonment or death; what's the difference? But few religionists, even though enslaved, will challenge "authority" and risk eternal torment by being "excommunicated". Thus, many AB's became BAAL Priests and practiced their banking scam in the temples with complete safety--even picking up as much as 10% tithing, free, for being there. Thus was joined the unholy Babylonian trinity of; Government, Religion, and Banking (GRAB) which rules your world this day as a Great Mystery to the deceived "goyim", especially Christians, who are their prime target. Great pains and cares were also taken to REWRITE portions of the rule books for these goyim to fit with the Baal religion and keep the good little contributors happy and feeling "saved" at the same time.
The beginning and rise to world dominion of this Babylonian system is detailed in your own Book of Daniel. The gold standard was established by King Nebuchadnezzar when he erected a monument of gold on the Plain of Dura and commanded that everyone bow down and worship it. This was about 500 BC when the Judaists from the southern Kingdom of Judah were in Babylon as captives of the good old Khazar by whatever name they used that particular year. Apparently, all but four of them complied with the King's orders--Daniel, Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego. This is not too surprising, since those Khazar/Judaists had previously shown a strong proclivity for gold at the very foundation of their nation. While encamped at the foot of Mt. Sinai after being led out of Egyptian slavery, Moses went up on the mountain to receive the Law from God--and when he returned, the foolish masses were worshipping a golden calf--so be it. Isn't this fun? Dharma, we need a break and then we'll move right on with Daniel's vision so we pick up a bit of historical value. These are the connections which caused the Elite to separate Church and State, just in case anyone desired to check out either, or both. Salu. Hatonn to stand-by, please.
By the way, chelas, you who might have forgotten--Daniel was the prophet who deserved the very most attention and so this is not just an exercise in games and fun--it is filled with timely and timing information regarding the Revelation and time of culmination of cycles. Even tampered with, there is incredible truth and warning of things to come through Daniel's writings--for no one could really decipher them throughout the generations. Daniel was given a vision of the Babylonian succession of world powers. The vision was an image of a man with a head of gold, representing Babylon itself, arms of silver representing Medo-Persia, body of brass, representing Greece, and legs of iron, representing Rome. The feet were of mixed iron and clay. A stone "cut out without hands" was to come out of heaven and destroy this system by striking it in the feet, "at the time of the end" after it secretly gained control of the world, therefore becoming "MYSTERY, Babylon the Great, the whore that sitteth upon many waters (NATIONS) committing fornication with the Kings of the earth." I guess we are together so far? Archeological searches have uncovered, dear ones, much evidence of Babylon's social and economic systems there in Iraq near Baghdad, which were very similar to yours today--during the time that the Khazarian Elite ran the world. For instance, the Igibi Bank was found with thousands of clay tablet "notes" and "interest"(usury) (see how important that Khazar history now becomes and we must get back to more of it) bearing contracts, which served as their money. Babylon loaned much money at interest (usury) to Persia (Iran) which, of course, Persia could not repay. Therefore, Persia conquered Babylon to eliminate its debt AND ACQUIRE BABYLON'S GOLD. (Is this beginning to make you nervous?) Persia adopted the Babylonian usury system and loaned Greece much money at interest (usury). Greece, of course, could not repay the debt and conquered Persia to eliminate its debt AND ACQUIRE THE GOLD IN PERSIA. Greece adopted the Babylonian usury system and loaned Rome much money at interest (usury). Rome of course, could not repay the debt and conquered Greece to eliminate its debt AND ACQUIRE THE GOLD IN GREECE. After the fall of Imperial Rome, the various nations of Europe were kept in bondage and poverty by the AB's for many centuries, known as the "Dark Ages"! Where do you think you might be headed, world? When the Babylonian civilization collapsed, 3% of the people owned all the wealth. When old Persia went down to destruction, 2% of the people owned all the wealth. When ancient Greece went down to ruin 0.5% of the people owned all the wealth. When the Roman Empire fell by the wayside, 2,000 people owned the wealth of the civilized world.... It is said, dear ones, that at this time less than 2% of the people control 90% of the wealth of America. Now that you know some history (His Story) DO YOU DETECT A PATTERN IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN AND NATIONS? Do you begin to understand that wars are created by the AB's, who Christ called Pharisees and accused them of shedding all the innocent blood from the time Cain killed Abel? Now you might understand why Christ was crucified only three days after He threw the money-changers out of the Temple. BETTER YET--NOW YOU MIGHT RECOGNIZE WHY "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL."
Was there ever a time when men were free of the usurers' yoke of bondage? Yes, and it was a glorious period that lasted for nearly six centuries and provided nearly "utopian" conditions for the working people in England, and for shorter periods in the other European nations. This period is known as the Renaissance, but the reason for it is a carefully kept secret. Why? Because the revelation of this knowledge would again result in the banishment of the AB's and a flowering of debt-free freedom. In 1100 A.D. Henry I became King of England and found the treasury empty. The supply of gold and silver coin had mostly gone with the Crusaders to Palestine (oh woe is me) and a medium of exchange was urgently required. Rather than seeking loans from AB's, Henry issued into circulation for payment of government debt, or as receipts for goods and services rendered, marked pieces of wood called tallies. These sticks varied in size from about four inches long up to some 8 1/2 feet long. The longest represented 50,000 pounds. Notches were cut into the side, the width of the notch representing the value in pounds sterling, and the amount written on two sides. (A pound sterling was originally an actual pound of silver.) The sticks were then split and one-half paid into circulation, debt free. They were readily used by the people in trade, because they derived their value from the fact that they were receivable in payment of taxes. When the tally was presented for payment of taxes, it had to exactly Page 149match, that is tally, with the half retained in the treasury, called a foil. Forgery was nearly impossible. Silver coins continued to circulate also. Usury (interest), being strictly prohibited by Scripture, was also prohibited by both the Christian church and government. However, there were those who continued the evil practice until they were banished from England in 1290 A.D.--and would you care to guess where they went? That's right! With an honest and convenient money system, an English working man could supply his family's needs for a year by working only 14 weeks! This left a great deal of leisure time available for intellectual, religious and charitable pursuits. This is the reason that the incredible cathedrals of England and Europe were built completely with volunteer labor. Do you think that is amazing? What is really amazing is how this information, essential to your freedom, has been so successfully kept concealed from you! This tally money system continued to operate in England until 1783, when it was abolished by statute. Nevertheless, tallies continued to be used in rural areas until 1826.
The death knell of the tally system was sounded in 1694, when the King, William of Orange, granted a charter to William Paterson and his AB associates to establish the Bank of England as a fractional reserve central bank with monopoly power to issue bank notes at interest (usury). This date, 1694, is the most important date in American history, for the Bank of England has had a direct bearing on every major event in America since before your War of Independence.
When the Pilgrims came to America, they did so with an abundance of faith and determination, but a dearth of knowledge concerning economics and human nature. They initially instituted a system of common ownership or "communism". As a result, over half of them died of starvation and disease. Quickly learning their lesson, every man was allotted his own parcel of land on which to grow his own food and build his own home. With little money available, the primary means of exchange was barter. Gradually, some foreign coinage came into the colony and facilitated trade. However, as the economy of Massachusetts quickly grew, due to its hardworking people, natural resources and free enterprise, the need for a medium of exchange became acute. Knowing about England's tally system, Massachusetts issued debt-free paper scrip into circulation in 1690. Despite problems that developed with this invention, due to there being no standard of value, the economy flourished with full employment. Other colonies adopted this system in varying degree and prospered also. Page 150During this period there was no official banking system. A few "Loaning Offices" were maintained by the Colonies, but less than thirty private lending institutions existed in all 13 colonies! Today, they are more numerous than churches, by far.
There have been many reasons put forth for the American colonies separating from England, their mother country, and the most powerful nation on Earth. Most of these were listed, in generalities, by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. The first two of these read as follows: He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend them. What were these "most wholesome and necessary" laws that were of "immediate and pressing importance"? Again, a knowledge of TRUE history is necessary to understanding. If you've guessed by now that the AB's were involved, you are absolutely correct. The root of your War of Independence was the issuance of their own paper money by the colonies, beginning with 7000 pounds issued by Massachusetts in 1690, and culminating with the issue of "Colonials" by the Continental Congress. In 1763, a century after The Bank of England was established, Benjamin Franklin was in England. He was asked to explain why the colonies were so prosperous while England was suffering. He replied: That is simple. It is only because in the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called "Colonial Scrip"--and we issue it in the proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry. The Bank of England soon learned of this situation and forced Parliament to pass a Bill prohibiting the Colonies from issuing their own money. Franklin said, "Within one year from that date the streets of the Colonies were filled with the unemployed." Later, Franklin said that this was the original cause of the War of Independence. In his own words: The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction. Page 151Yes, the laws referred to by Jefferson were primarily ones to provide for relief of the economic chaos then existing because of The Bank of England's usury money system that had been imposed on the Colonies. Rothschild supplied some of the financing for the War through his agent Haym Solomon who operated through Robert Morris. This may seem contradictory to the uninformed, but it is a basic strategy for the AB's to instigate war and finance both sides, especially if it involves Christians killing Christians! The Rothschild fortune began when Mayer Amschel Rothschild provided the Hessian mercenaries for King George to kill American patriots. All of the loans that the Continental Congress obtained were insufficient to totally finance the war. Furthermore, under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had no authority to impose taxes or issue money. Nevertheless, since desperate situations require desperate measures to correct, Congress began to issue the debt-free money known as "Continentals". Knowing, long before Lenin expressed it that, "The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency," the English proceeded to bring in shiploads of counterfeit Continentals which, combined with Congress' inability to tax them out of circulation, caused them to depreciate to practically nothing by the end of the war. But they had served their purpose and were the means by which you were able to obtain your liberty. Rather than being denigrated, they should be revered as much as your Declaration of Independence. SURRENDER This now brings you to the post-war period which was already somewhat noted. Having fought and won a bloody war against overwhelming odds, the politicians then surrendered your hard-won freedom to the same cabal of AB's who had brought on the war, by granting them a charter for the First Bank of the United States. You were free from their control for a mere 15 years. The AB's agent through whom your slavery was reestablished, Alexander Hamilton, was an Englishman from the West Indies whose real name was Levine (ouch!). He took the name of this step-father after his mother divorced and re-married. However, he claimed to be the illegitimate son of Hamilton, which was much more socially acceptable at the time than being a Khazarian Jew. DEFINE THE DOLLAR The Coinage Act of 1792 defined a "dollar" as 371.25 grains of .999 (fine) silver and 24.75 grains of pure gold, establishing a bi-metallic standard at a ratio of 15 parts of silver equal to one part of gold. Page 152The Mintage Act of 1837 again defined the dollar as 371.25 grains of fine silver but reduced the dollar of gold to 23.22 grains of pure gold, a new ratio of 16 parts silver equal to one part gold. In 1873, a "trade dollar" was established of 378 grains while a dollar in gold was retained at 23.22 grains, changing the ratio to 16.28 to one. But a defacto gold standard was established. In 1878 the Band-Allison Act restored the fine silver content of the dollar to 371.25 grains and the silver/gold ratio of 16 to one. The Gold-Standard Act of 1900 placed you completely at the mercy of the AB's who control the worlds gold. (They "fix" its price every day in London at the offices of N.M. Rothschild and Sons). While retaining silver as legal tender, it eliminated the bi- metallic standard which had precluded the AB's from completely controlling your currency. KILLING OF THE BANK Now let us again look back at the War of 1812. After winning the war the U.S. was in bad economic condition. But Congress again turned your victory into defeat by chartering the Second Bank of the United States, which was virtually a clone of the First Bank of the United States and The Bank of England, set up on the Khazarian Elite rules of the Protocols as far back as Babylon. When Andrew Jackson became President in 1829, he declared war on the AB's. He told them in scathing words, "You are a den of vipers and thieves and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." [They just don't make 'em like they used to!] He vetoed renewing the Bank's charter and in his message to Congress said: The bold efforts that the present bank has made to control the government, the distress it has wantonly caused, are but premonitions of the fate which awaits the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it.... if the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system there would be a revolution before morning. Jackson removed U.S. funds from the Second Bank of the U.S. and placed them in state banks. He also eliminated the national debt. It is a sheer miracle that he was not assassinated. An attempt to kill him was made on Jan. 30, 1835, by one Richard Lawrence with two pistols. BOTH misfired. How quaint! But, Lawrence was tried and found innocent after he was traced back into the inner circle of the AB's. He got off by pleading insanity. However, he later boasted of his contact with European bankers who had promised to protect him if he were caught. Page 153The AB's continued their nefarious efforts to establish another central bank without success. Nevertheless, they were able to create confusion and chaos in your money system through the state-chartered banks. However, they despaired of again establishing a central bank through which they could control the entire U.S.--until they could find a way to cause it to appear as something other than a central bank. CIVIL WAR PLOT This is how the plot was hatched to conquer by dividing the U.S. into two nations. The AB's decided to instigate a war between the North and the South over the slavery issue. The London branch of the Rothschilds financed the North (in part) through their agent, August Belmont (Schoenberg) and the Paris branch financed the South through their agents, Judah P. Benjamin and John Slidell. Have you heard these names before? I most certainly do hope so, chelas, lest we have wasted hours and hours for naught. However, the AB's, thinking that they had Lincoln at their mercy, overstepped themselves. When the Union requested loans from the private banks to conduct the war, the AB's demanded 28% interest. This angered Lincoln and he proceeded to have Congress authorize, in three issues, a total of $450,000,000 worth of U.S. Notes, called "Lincoln greenbacks", which were paid directly for goods and services required for the war. These issues of debt-free money not only saved the Union but would have destroyed the power of the AB's. The London Times, an AB's paper, editorialized: If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in the North American Republic, shall become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe. Lincoln said of the AB's: The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe. In July 1862, the infamous Hazard circular was circulated among American bankers by the London AB's: Page 154Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital (AB's) shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt (national) that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the war bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress. I honestly do not see how you as a nation are not in the wretching stage of pure sickness and vomiting at this very minute. What does it require to make you look at this beast? It has eaten you all the way up to your necks.
Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, and Congress succumbed to the pressure of the AB's--it never seems to fail. The National Bank Act of 1863 was the result. The AB's again gained the power to create your money as debt, but not exclusively so at that time. Later, Chase repented of his action, saying: My agency, in promoting the passage of the National Bank Act, was the greatest financial mistake of my life. It has built up a monopoly which affects every interest in the country. It should be repealed, but before that can be accomplished, the people will be arrayed on one side and the bank on the other, in a contest such as we have never before seen in this country. In a letter to the London branch of the Rothschild AB's, Congressman John Sherman of Ohio said: The few who can understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests. [Well, so much for that, eh? That is exactly what they thought and think of you-the-people]! In 1872, Horace Greely said about the National Bank Act: We have stricken the shackles from four million human beings and brought all laborers to a common level, not so much by the elevation of the Page 155former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery. In order to protect their money monopoly and prevent the expansion of the honest, debt-free money system instituted by Lincoln, he had to be eliminated. And so he was. JOHN WILKES BOOTH WAS A MEMBER OF "THE KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE", A SECRET SOCIETY WHICH WAS CONTROLLED BY THE AB's, AS ARE VIRTUALLY ALL SECRET SOCIETIES TODAY! They can be identified by their promotion of the AB's deceptive religious philosophy: "The Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God". This subject will be covered in future writings for once again the heinous has usurped the perfection in intent to defraud, distract and deceive you. Do you EVER wonder WHY GOD SHOULD WANT TO SAVE YOUR ASSETS? SO BE IT.
Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany, made the following statement regarding the death of Lincoln: The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots, and the bankers went anew to grab the riches of the world. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America, and use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. They will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become their inheritance.
With their increased power, the AB's managed to implement their ancient scheme of establishing a "gold standard" in the U.S., as well as in several European nations at about the same time. This was accomplished by bribing Congress to pass the Coinage Act of 1873 which became known as "The Crime of '73". This Act, while providing for the mintage of a new silver "trade dollar" of 420 grains of standard silver, was only made "legal tender" for payments not greater than five dollars, thus effectively demonetizing silver and destroying the Constitutional bi-metallic standard. The ensuing monetary crisis forced Congress to pass the Band-Allison Silver Act of 1878 over the veto of President Hayes. This act re-monetized the dollar of 412.5 grains of standard (.90) silver by repealing its legal tender limitation of five dollars. The mint was ordered to coin between two million and four million dollars per month and to exchange them for silver certificates on demand. The infusion of this debt-free money into circulation caused the economy to flourish.
The AB's could not tolerate this situation since it reduced the demand for their bank credit and enabled the people to pay the otherwise unpayable interest on their mortgages. Thus, the AB's inaugurated a propaganda campaign promoting the "gold standard" during the rest of the century, culminating in the heated Presidential campaigns between McKinley and Bryan in 1896 and 1900. Bryan, who made the famous statement, "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns--you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold"! lost both elections due to the frantic efforts of the AB's--and so has it continued to be.
The Gold Standard Act of 1900 was passed by Congress on March 14, stating: "That the dollar consisting of twenty-five and eight-tenths grains of gold nine-tenths fine... shall be the standard unit of value." Thus was enshrined the AB's "Golden Rule", "He who owns the gold, RULES!" THE "MASTER PLAN" OF THE AB's FOR ESTABLISHING THEIR RULE OVER THE WORLD CONTAINS THIS STATEMENT: YOU ARE AWARE THAT THE GOLD STANDARD HAS BEEN THE RUIN OF STATES WHICH ADOPTED IT, FOR IT HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO SATISFY THE DEMANDS FOR MONEY, THE MORE SO THAT WE HAVE REMOVED GOLD FROM CIRCULATION AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. [And so you can see WHY it can't work and WHY you have no gold in reserve in Ft. Knox or elsewhere--the Khazar Elite AB's have removed it from your nation and into their banks in foreign lands]. The MASTER-PLAN will get more attention but I want to continue with the Central Bank PLOT.
With the Gold Standard firmly in place, the AB's took aim on their greatest prize; a Central Bank. In order to generate popular support for banking reform, the AB's created the panic of 1907. Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. said, "The money trust caused the 1907 panic and thereby forced Congress to create a National Monetary Commission." The National Monetary Commission was established by Congress following the Panic of 1907 for the purpose of finding the faults in our economy and proposing corrective legislation. Senator Nelson Aldrich was named as chairman, thus assigning the fox to guard the hen house. After two years of high living in Europe at taxpayers' expense, "studying" the European banking system, the commissioners returned to the U.S. Page 157ALDRICH WAS GRANDFATHER OF THE ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS, and was the NAMESAKE of NELSON ALDRICH ROCKEFELLER, THE NOTORIOUS GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK, EMPLOYER OF HENRY KISSINGER AND PATRON SAINT OF RICHARD NIXON! Another member of this commission was Jacob Schiff of Kuhn-Loeb and Co. who had helped to finance the bloody Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to the tune of over $20,000,000 in days when that, dear ones, was a LOT of cash. Schiff was born in the house which his family shared with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt, Germany. Now aren't you sorry you didn't pay better attention to history? Immediately after the commission returned from Europe, Aldrich called a secret meeting of Rothschild agents. Those men met on November 22, 1910 at the Hoboken, N.J. railway station and boarded Aldrich's private parlor car with shades drawn. Their destination? The private hunting club of J.P. Morgan and associates at Jekyll Island, Ga. Their mission? To draft the document that would undermine the Constitution of the U.S. and enable the AB's to become the absolute masters of America. Yes, by golly--I certainly have told you all this before--why didn't you remember it? I am weary of repeating myself. The chief architect of this plan was Paul Warburg of Kuhn-Loeb and Co. who was sent from Frankfurt, Germany to accomplish this task, as a Rothschild agent. His salary was $500,000 per year and that, too, was a whole bunch in those "good ol' days"!
The Federal Reserve Act has been well covered in our JOURNALS and elsewhere so we won't bury you in more tiny detail. The Act has been amended more than 200 times. It suffices to say that Congress had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER TO TURN ITS POWER TO ISSUE YOUR MONEY OVER TO A PRIVATE CORPORATION, ESPECIALLY ONE WHOSE CLASS-A STOCK IS OWNED PRIMARILY BY ALIEN AB's. Those aren't space aliens, dear ones. Nevertheless, they did so, with large majorities of those voting in both houses violating their oaths of office--JUST AS TODAY! The Federal Reserve was established by the Owen-Glass Bill when it was passed by the Senate (43 to 25) on December 22, 1913 and the House of Representatives (209 to 60) [do you suppose they were trying to go home for the holidays?] on December 23, 1913. It was IMMEDIATELY signed into Law by President Woodrow Wilson. It has since been called The Federal Reserve Act and the private central bank which it established is called, simply, "The Fed". When the bill passed, Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. said: This Federal Reserve Act established the most gigantic trust on Earth. When the President signs this bill the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalized. Page 158The lengths to which the AB's went to insure passage of their Treason Act knew no bounds. For instance, to insure that their agent Woodrow Wilson would become President, they financed Teddy Roosevelt and his "Bull Moose" Party to split the Republican Party and defeat Taft. Twenty years later, Congressman McFadden said, "The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history." Indeed, indeed! Let us have a rest and then, yes, I AM! I am going to tell you AGAIN ABOUT MCFADDEN AND HIS SPEECH--I WISH I COULD REQUIRE YOU ALL TO COMMIT IT TO MEMORY!! Hatonn to clear, please.
Can you wondrous masses of Man win the war? Of course, for think upon it for a bit. The Anti-God/Christ Banksters (AB's) have cast God out of all operations. They are not any ONE group or race or nationality--even though they be headed by an original "group"--they were motley then and they are motley now. SO, HE WHO COMES INTO TRUTH WHICH IS GOD—COMES INTO THE UNION WITH GOD. NOW COME, CHELAS--IF GOD IS ALLOWED TO STAND AGAINST THE BEAST-- WHO WINS? EVEN THE BEAST KNOWS HE IS BEATEN AND THE POINT IS TO KEEP YOU ONES FROM FINDING OUT AS MUCH! The seventh seal was opened and read in Revelation. The adversary wiped it from the WORD so you would not know and would follow his lies. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO END THE WAY THE PROPHECIES HAVE BEEN PUT TO YOU--FOR THEY ARE NOT OF THE WORD OF GOD IN FULLNESS-- THEY WERE TAMPERED BY THE ADVERSARY TO CAUSE YOU TO MARCH TO DESTRUCTION AS THE LEMMINGS TO THE SEA WHILE HE GAINED CONTROL OF YOUR PLANET. AS WITH THE EVIL BROTHER HE ALWAYS DECEIVES WHILE FLATTERING YOUR IGNORANCE INTO BELIEF OF TRUTH—FOR HE IS THE KING OF DECEIVERS, THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS: HE WORKS MAGIC AND MYSTICAL NONSENSE AND TRAINS YOU TO FOLLOW LIKE THE PUPPET ON THE STRINGS WHILE HE IS PUPPET-MASTER. NO, NO, NO--IT NEED NOT BE THE WAY IT IS PROJECTED! Congressman McFadden, as chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee for over ten years, was the foremost Congressional authority on the Fed and fearlessly exposed their criminal activities. But his efforts to destroy the Fed could not overcome the power of the AB's. However, his warnings are even more pertinent and important today than when he spoke in the 1930's. Speaking to Congress he said: Page 161Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost this Country enough money to pay the National debt several times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it. Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain international propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime. These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia and thus drove a wedge between the Allies in the World War. They financed Trotsky's passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky's disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun the breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children. Mr. Chairman, there should be no partisanship in matters concerning banking and currency affairs in this Country, and I do not speak with any. In 1912 the national Monetary Association, under the chairmanship of the late Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, made a report and presented a vicious bill called the National Reserve Association bill. This bill is usually spoken of as the Aldrich bill. Senator Aldrich did not write the Aldrich bill. He was the tool, if not the accomplice, of the European bankers who for nearly twenty years had been scheming to set up a central Page 162bank in this Country and who in 1912 had spent and were continuing to spend vast sums of money to accomplish their purpose. We were opposed to the Aldrich plan for a central bank. The men who rule the Democratic Party then promised the people that if they were returned to power there would be no central bank established here while they held the reins of government. Thirteen months later that promise was broken, and the Wilson administration, under the tutelage of those sinister Wall Street figures who stood behind Colonel House, established here in our free Country the worm-eaten monarchical institution of the "King's Bank" to control us from the top downward, and to shackle us from the cradle to the grave. After McFadden was disposed of--for he HAD TO BE DISPOSED OF--the AB's continued their program of mass murder by instigating World War II, Korea and Viet Nam, bleeding America both literally and financially. Hundreds of books have been written by expert authorities detailing the treasonous activities of AB agents in the White House and Congress. Virtually all of these books have been suppressed. Occasionally, by miracle or accident, a true expose will reach your library shelves, only to be quickly removed. So be it--we shall simply keep placing them there--from now on in it will get harder and harder to silence Truth for God is sending the Truth. And God gives honor without limit unto those brave pioneers who have set the stage to allow for the WORD TO GO FORTH! I can't even begin to honor them all properly but we shall do so as soon as we get the information unto you for at some point you must start "action" with intent and stop searching for one more piece of confirmation. You have it, you KNOW it; so let us haul assets and get the darkness out of the temples. I don't care what "religious creed" you claim or the color of your skin--are you a creation called "human" or not? If you are, you are in trouble and it is to YOU I speak, for God has no favorites--that recognition is a conjured up thing of evil and the Elite Anti-God Banksters--the epitome of the god of evil who dwells only in the things and functions of the "physical manifestation". Virtually all of the books concerning the Truth have been suppressed and the authors destroyed. Is Dharma different? Golly no, I just told you that she is the top of the list for "REMOVAL". BUT--SHE WRITES FOR GOD AND THEY KNOW IT AND BELIEVE ME, THEY ARE NOT SO BRAVE WHEN IT COMES TO DIRECT CONFRONTATION WITH GOD FOR THEY ALWAYS LOSE THE ROUND. IT IS A STUPID AND IGNORANT HUMAN WHO EVEN "TRIES". THERE ARE SEVERAL VERY BRAVE AND GALLANT ONES IN OUR PROTECTION ACCORDING TO THEIR WISHES--THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE TOO GREAT TO NEED PROTECTION ARE SIMPLY CORRUPTED OR TAKEN OUT--BEING RENDERED USELESS UNTO TRUTH IN EITHER EVENT. IS DHARMA SOMEHOW SUPERHUMAN? IS COL. JAMES GRITZ SUPERHUMAN? NO, THEY ASK FOR GOD'S PROTECTION SO THEY CAN FINISH THEIR JOBS AND THEN GO HOME WHILE THEY ALSO ACCEPT THAT WHICH GOD SHALL CONSIDER TO BE THEIR "HOME". THEY HAVE Page 163NOTHING WHICH IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO COME INTO GOD INTENT WITHIN TIIE LIGHTED REALMS AND ASK! Well, how can God take a Man who was a pattern for the killing machine of a Rambo? GOD CARES NOT THAT WHICH A MAN "WAS"--GOD ONLY SEES WITHIN AT THAT WHICH A MAN "IS"! I have written so much detail about this subject that I make no attempt to elaborate on the matter. I am efforting to bring it into some type of "summary" whereby you can look at it more conveniently without interruption and as a "refresher" to the ones who have been following along constantly. WE know that it is all but impossible to live and make it through the equivalent of 35 books of over 200 pages each and all the Expresses as well as gain any confirmation from other suggested information. So you who think repetition is unnecessary, please KNOW THAT IT IS! It is important to you new watchers, for instance, to know right off of involvements-- such as how the AB's set the stage and orchestrated wars--i.e., World War II. The roots of the war go back to the end of World War I and the Versaille "Peace" Treaty. And you "old" readers need the refresher for you have been bombed with information and you MUST hear and see it again.
One of the most favored examples of "fiat" money or "printing press inflation" which the "gold bugs" or "sound money" advocates use to condemn government issued money is the inflation of the German mark after WW-I. They do so as either ignorant dupes or deceiving agents of the AB's. The true story of this crime against the German people has been beautifully detailed elsewhere so I shall skim over it quickly. The World War ended in 1918. As of March 31, 1919, just before the "Peace" Conference was called and the Versailles Treaty signed, the price levels of Germany were only 117% higher than they were before the World War began. This was a smaller price rise than had actually taken place in the United States. The public debt of Germany from the beginning of the World War until March 31, 1919, had increased one hundred thirty billion Marks. In terms of dollars that would be, roughly, thirty billion dollars. The United States had increased its own public debt to a similar amount. The German financial structure was not in any condition whatever to warrant the destruction of the currency, if that had not been the planned intention of the international money-lenders. Under the terms of the Versailles Treaty, practically all of Germany's gold was taken away from her, together with 75% of her iron ore deposits and mines. All of her Page 164colonies were taken away and about 25% of her other physical property. The terms of this Treaty were diabolical. They were directed to destroy the real German people. From the time of the signing of the Treaty in June 1919 until the beginning of 1922, the international money powers who were in control of the Reichsbank and the German Government were manipulating to gain control of actual physical property in Germany. They went so far as to get the banking laws of Germany drastically changed, so that they could borrow unlimited amounts from the Reichsbank and purchase physical property with the knowledge that the loans could later be repaid with worthless currency. To give one some idea of the volume of currency that was turned out in Germany, one has only to note what happened to the price levels. Remember that during the war the German price levels had not increased as much as they had in the United States. In 1920 the price level in Germany increased 1500% over the pre-war level; in 1921 it reached 3500% over the pre-war level, and by October 23rd, when the currency became worthless, it was 709 BILLION PERCENT over the pre-war level. In other words, predatory internationalists had printed private marks and forced them into the money stream with the avowed purpose of destroying the money system of Germany. That meant the destruction of all insurance policies and mortgages owned by the real German people. The international bankers had prepared themselves. They had obtained control of the physical properties and could later pay loans, many of which had been manipulated through the privately owned Reichsbank, with worthless money. The inflation in Germany was misnamed. It was not a German inflation. It was a private money issue inflation, perpetrated by international schemers. The inflation was not a government money inflation. It was an inflation of private Reichsbank notes. The officers of the Reichsbank--a privately owned institution-- were responsible for issuing money in sufficient volume to destroy the entire banking structure and make all of the money of Germany worthless. And if you can't see that which is coming down on America with the endless outflow of TRILLIONS of unbacked phony money into everything from welfare to the welfare programs of every other nation in the world, to support and financing of endless wars and defense--of other nations, not yours, then you are blind, chelas! If you are wondering why the Germans accepted such devastating terms, it might have had something to do with the fact that, among the dozens of AB's agents at the conference, Paul Warburg (one of the biggest bankers in your own nation), Vice- Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was advising the American delegation, while his brother, Max Warburg, who had been chief of the German secret service, sat across the table advising the German delegation. The Germans, not being exactly stupid, knew to whom they had sold their homes, farms and business for what quickly became bags of worthless Marks. Consequently, Page 165when the little corporal appeared pointing a finger in the right direction, he became quite popular (for they recognized the ones now labeled, by themselves, self-styled "JEWS"; NOT JUDEANS--SELF-MADE, SELF-STYLED "JEWS". AH, BUT THE SELF-STYLED ELITE MADE SURE THE HOSTILITY CAME AGAINST THE INNOCENT JUDEANS OF JUDEAN HERITAGE. AND WORSE, THEY STILL THRUST THE LIE UPON YOU AND YOU BELIEVE IT!). Seeking to control Hitler, the AB's initially financed his rise to power. However, after achieving power Hitler doubled-crossed the AB's and instituted a debt-free money system. This enabled Germany to go from being an impoverished nation to becoming the most powerful military nation on Earth in less than five years. Hitler had to be destroyed. And so he was. But in order to do so, it was necessary to involve the U.S. in the war before the Nazis (National Socialists) in Germany could destroy the Communists (International Socialists) in Russia. If your leaders had been acting in your best interests you would have let the socialists destroy each other and then picked up the pieces. Most Americans now know or suspect that the Japanese were instigated into attacking you at Pearl Harbor, but do nothing. You KNOW by now that the Japanese responded to Roosevelt's "back door" method of involving you in the war, which most Americans opposed. As planned, Russia was the real victor of WW-II. England supposedly declared war on Germany because of Hitler's invasion of Poland. But Roosevelt and Churchill treasonously connived with Stalin to turn, not only Poland, but all of the Eastern Europe as well as east Germany over to communist Russia. Lest the uninformed reader take offense at the charges repeated here against F.D.R., perhaps two statements of his own will create some enlightenment. In a personal communique to Stalin of Feb. 6, 1945, FDR said: "I hope I do not have to assure you that the United States will NEVER LEND ITS SUPPORT IN ANY WAY TO ANY PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT IN POLAND THAT WOULD BE INIMICAL TO YOUR INTERESTS". AND THEN WE ALLOW CREDIT FOR HE SUMMED IT UP: “IN POLITICS. NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT. IF IT HAPPENS, IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY”. You, and these captive nations have paid dearly ever since in ever increasing amounts. The only difference in them and you in America is that, for the most part, you do not yet realize that you, too, are a captive nation. However, this realization is happening, and suddenly with the next AB's harvest, which will make the Great Depression appear to have been a Sunday School picnic by any comparison. It has begun and what have you done about it? Have you brought any sums into any measure of shelter? We have made suggestions according to your requests and yet you look at the stock-market every day and revert to thinking all is fine and filled with good-news. How can it be? Because they are giving you exactly the opposite of that which is expected--rising or at the least, hovering stock prices and low gold (relatively for this sequence) prices. We care not Page 166about the price of gold but the relative value of gold--if an ounce of gold at $400 buys a suit of clothes, then in depression an ounce of gold at $35 will buy a suit of clothes. You must rise above the expectation of reaping great "quantity" of "dollars" in bad times--for the dollar is intended to be "gone", "gone", "gone". The gold backing has long, long since been removed from your reserves and taken to Europe in the accounts of the AB's--LONG AGO. All you have with which to work is that which can be ob- tained as buffering through reliable resources--which obviously, is limited. Further, the intent is to bring down regulations by which the remaining "stores of you-the-people will be confiscated" just as was done before. Hard times? Bad news? Yes--but do you think it better to just let the bricks hit you? Forget it--for the bricks might just not KILL you and you will be at greater disadvantage to get through this time totally crippled. THE AB's THROUGH THE POLICE FORCE OF THE NEW "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" HEADED BY THE SOVIET UNION (AND THE SOVIET POLICE ARE MAKING THE ROUNDS OF THE U.S. CITIES RIGHT NOW, IN PREPARATION) INTEND TO TAKE IT ALL AND ENSLAVE YOU. I KNOW OF NO WAY TO STRESS IT FIRMLY ENOUGH--IT IS ALL BUT DONE! What would I do? I would take my assets and run, RUN, to the Phoenix Institute, as example, and get that reserve funding you think you have safely tucked away against the rain and get it working against the collateral of gold--the last thing they will do is confiscate their own collateral--but they will do that also--but, you will have some projects in building which CAN give you some foundation for continuation. Will the AB's finally get that too? It depends solely upon that which you-the-people do. How long will you be able to utilize this method of investment? Until "they" realize it-- except that they are getting their blood, also, and until source runs out--they are happy to have you work "with" them, within their own laws. GOD FULLY INTENDS TO UTILIZE THEIR OWN CHAINS WITH WHICH TO BIND THEM! HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS!
The power of the AB's is now so great and their control so complete that they regularly expose themselves and their plans to a deluded and befuddled public. But only as fiction through their publishing and entertainment empires in New York and Hollywood. One such example is "Captains and Kings" by Taylor Caldwell, a well-informed, patriotic Christian author. This story is a thinly-veiled account of the Kennedy clan but deals with the real power behind the public puppets. The AB's were so impressed with this excellent, fictionalized revelation of their power that they made a major TV mini- series out of it. Ah, 'twill be the EGO which rings the curtain down. The AB's derive a great deal of pleasure from slapping you in the face with the truth, KNOWING THAT YOUR IGNORANCE, GULLIBILITY AND PENCHANT FOR DENIAL WILL PREVENT YOU FROM SEEING THE TRUTH. Their thought- control over the minds of Americans via the media is now so great that you respond to their "crisis management" like a pack of Pavlov's dogs salivating at the sound of a bell. Page 167Regularly, you are tested to check the status of their work, i.e. a nice little Gulf War where YOU are the aggressor and still, you wave your yellow ribbons, go absolutely mad while the blood drips from your hands--and proclaim GOD IS WITH YOU! YOU ARE IN THE SERVICE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST/GOD AND YOU WORSHIP IT IN MASS HYSTERIA AT THE FEET OF THE PUPPETS MURDERING YOU AND YOUR BELOVED NATION/WORLD. Let us look at a bit of Taylor Caldwell's writing: This book is dedicated to the young people of America, who are rebelling because they know something is very wrong in their country, but do not know just what it is. I hope this book will help to enlighten them. President John F. Kennedy knew what he was talking about when he spoke of "the Gnomes of Zurich". Perhaps he knew too much! Coups d'état are an old story, but they are now growing too numerous. This is probably the last hour for mankind as a rational species, before it becomes the slave of a "planned society". A bibliography ends this book and I hope many of my readers will avail themselves of the facts. That is all the hope I have." I, Hatonn, can emphasize the last sentence to be truth. The bibliography is the most important segment in her book!
The AB's did everything possible to conceal their identities as owners of the Fed, primarily through the use of interlocking directorates. One man, Eustace Mullins, who had been victimized by "the system", undertook the selfless task of researching the entire subject. Mullins is a man to whom I give great, great honor and have done so since the beginning of our writing. He has given his life to the intent of informing you- the-people at total risk to self. He is under our protection also--for HE HAS ASKED OF GOD TO ALLOW HIM TO REMAIN IN SERVICE. WE HAVE LITERALLY BLINDED THE EYES OF THE FBI AGENTS FOLLOWING HIM TO ALLOW HIM TO PASS AN INTERSECTION WHERE HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ASSASSINATED. WILL GOD TEND OF YOU? INDEED, IF YE ASK IN TRUTH OF INTENT AND PURPOSE. THESE ONES WHO "SERVE" DO NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE "GODLY" NOR "RELIGIOUS"--THEY STAND FOR TRUTH AND NATION UNDER GOD. YOU-THE-PEOPLE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT THAT MEANS! If you want further confirmation after reading the JOURNAL dealing with the subject, get SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE by Eustace Mullins' (if you can find it). Because it is removed over and over again from the shelves, I personally utilized other authors (who had utilized Mullins' work so that you could have confirmation of that which I bring you). I honor the authors for I have no intent of giving you anything which is "NEW"--EVIL WAS THE FIRST ONTO YOUR PLANET AND THEREIN WAS TRUTH FIRST SENT FORTH CHANGED INTO THE LIE. MY "BATTLE" Page 168IS AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL FOR I COME AS A HOST OF GOD OF LIGHT--YOU GET YOUR OWN CONFIRMATION, IF NECESSARY ABOUT THE FACT THAT I KNOW MY ENEMY AND YOU HAD BEST GET ACQUAINTED WITH HIM, TOO--FOR YOU ARE THE PAWNS IN THE GAME. The major owners of the Fed are given in several places but let us just consider the top ten families (inclusive unto this very day): Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Schroder, Schiff, Morgan, Lehman, Lazard, Harriman, Gould. These families are closely associated with one another through banking and marriage, but all are dominated by or are agents for the Rothschilds. Likewise, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York dominates and has controlling influence over the entire Federal Reserve System.
With the wealth of the world in their hands, what more could the AB's possibly want? Not surprisingly, they want nothing less than a world dictatorship, which is frequently referred to as a NEW WORLD ORDER.  The drive to such a goal is a common theme in fiction and history and its realization is prophesied in Scripture. Detailed plans to actually bring this about have come to light in the past two centuries. Most of these have been ignored as fanciful fairytales or the ravings of lunatics. Dharma's "work" has been referred to by one Bob Girard of Arcturas Press as the "ravings of an insane mind"! Now just guess who your REAL FRIENDS ARE! Deception after deception has been fed into your path to distract you into mysticism of the "New Age", corruption of your evangelical community and voted-in acceptance of evil as it is entrenched into and within the teaching from your pulpits of your great "churches", MOST ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES "CHRISTIAN" CHURCHES. NOTHING OF YOUR SOCIETY HAS BEEN LEFT UNTAMPERED WHILE THEY LAID THE TRAP FOR YOU-- ESPECIALLY ANYTHING SACRED AND OF GOD. I have written at length on the ILLUMINATI which was founded on MAY 1, 1776 (feel faint yet?). The plans of the Illuminatti were too well detailed and their activities too well traced to be a figment of the imagination--look on your Fed notes, dollar bills, etc. The pyramid with the eye atop it, IS THE VERY SYMBOL OF THE ILLUMINATI (ANTI-GOD). NOW, PAY ATTENTION--SINCE THE FIRST PRIORITY OF A CONSPIRACY IS TO KEEP ITSELF SECRET, THEY WERE FORCED UNDERGROUND AND HAVE OPERATED UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES EVER SINCE. Nevertheless, you can know them by their fruits. In 1848 Karl Marx published "The Communist Manifesto" under contract to "The League of the Just" which put forth a basic, ten-plank program to "SOCIALIZE " the advanced nations of the world. A comparison of his program with that which exists as law in America today reveals that you are now over 90% Marxist and the overwhelming majority of Americans are Page 169blind-but-practicing Communists (socialists)! "Nonsense", you say? Then take the test for yourself--again: The Marxist platform is summarized herein along with your Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. YOU DECIDE WHETHER YOU ARE AMERICAN, CHRISTIAN OR COMMUNIST (SOCIALIST). We will insert it in the ending of this dissertation. Dharma, allow us a break. May God in His infinite mercy allow Man to be given into SEEING. Hatonn, to stand by. Blessings, chelas, upon you of my most precious people. I salute you for that which you do for your brethren. You all work hard and long with seemingly small reward other than that which is most difficult--discounting, discrediting and destructive. Yea, but it has ever been so with the servants of God--it shall not happen again as it has in the past, hold it in your hearts! The Day of Radiance is at hand! And, I come with the King of Truth who shall bring ye home. I am most humbly grateful to you at this wondrous time--it is the most wondrous time of allowed manifestation of physical form upon a Universal planet. Thank you for your hands that we might together, serve. God is ABUNDANCE and so shall be given into that which we need to perfect our work. So be it. I am but thine brother, Gyeorgos.
This world dictatorship of which we are speaking, already exists defacto. It only remains to be established de jure. In order to do this a world monetary system must be established, but first, the current national monetary systems must be destroyed. Economic chaos MUST be created so that the people, suffering from extreme privation, will demand that the government "DO SOMETHING". Naturally, it will. The solution that will be presented, sooner or later, will be an "international currency" which is already printed and introduced in some parts of the world--the first swing at it came in the Soviet Union--right off German presses located in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. How can you know that it IS attached? Because the Soviets are babbling about going on the "gold standard" and that, brothers, is the full intent of presentation unto you-the-people: a return to a "gold standard" of which THEY have all the gold! This is going to make that bitter poison pill easier to swallow by the naturally patriotic but mesmerized and economically illiterate Americans, who have been sold a bill of spoiled goods by the "economists". Page 171Plans for this system have been under way for decades and are now READY FOR IMPLEMENTATION. DO YOU STILL THINK THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE NONSENSE FROM THE RAVINGS OF AN INSANE MINDLESS SCRIBE? THEN LISTEN UP TO THE FOLLOWING, FROM SOMEONE WHO SHOULD KNOW-- AND YOU SEEMED TO RESPECT AT THE TIME OF HIS REIGN IN POWER, RONALD REAGAN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AT THE 1983 ECONOMIC SUMMIT AT ROCKEFELLER'S COLONIAL EMPIRE ESTATE, WILLIAMSBURG, VA. "The evidence is compelling that reconsideration of the world monetary system is overdue. Therefore, national economies need monetary coordination mechanisms and that is why an integrated world economy needs a common monetary standard, which is the best neutral inflationary coordinating device. But no national currency will do--only a world currency will work." Yes indeed, in the original form, robotoid or otherwise, Ronald Reagan is an AB's agent, just as like almost every President since Woodrow Wilson has been. Even more so is George Bush, a member of Rockefellers' Tri-Lateral Commission, as was "born- again" Jimmy Carter. The numerous AB's front organizations, such as the Tri-Lateral Commission. the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, 1313, and hundreds of lesser recognized organizations, all of which are financed primarily through the AB's tax-free foundations, are virtually never mentioned by the news media, and corporations, whose presidents or chairmen belong to one or more of these semi-secret to secrecy-at-the-threat-of-death organizations. A monetary collapse is INEVITABLE, AND IT IS VERY NEAR. Without the knowledge provided herein, Americans in general and Christians in particular will become prey like sitting ducks for the AB's. But all is not lost--YET. LET US LOOK AT ONE PLAN PUT FORTH THAT COULD BEGIN REVERSAL; IF IMPLEMENTED, COULD ALLOW FOR TRADE OUTSIDE THE "MARK" OF THE BEAST.
The very first mandatory step in solving a problem is to analyze it. Every problem is a result, or effect, of a cause. The reason for analyzing a problem is to determine its cause. When the cause of a problem is clearly understood, the solution usually becomes obvious. Strangely, however, according to your monetary authorities and "experts" (has-been, drips under pressure), bankers, economists, investment brokers, politicians, etc., the subject of money is too mysterious for mere mortals to understand. Such things as the Page 172"business cycle", "inflation" and depressions" are blamed on everything from consumer, producer and worker "greed" to the astrological (no relation to logical) position of the stars--and ALWAYS ON YOU-THE-PEOPLE AS CAUSE OF WHATEVER FAILURE APPEARS. Of all the incredible facts presented herein, perhaps the most incredible of all is that Americans, who take great pride in their technological achievements, swallow these bald-faced lies completely and swallow even the hook baited with poison. The fact of the matter is that money is a relatively SIMPLE SUBJECT and that business cycles are deliberately and scientifically created by and for the benefit of those who control your money. Nonetheless--in the manipulation, historical evidence of the cycles are there for the viewing--as we have discussed many times prior to this. The cycles have "cycled" enough times now to see the symptoms before the disease blossoms in fullness. Inflation, depression and business cycles are symptoms, or effects, of a cause. What is the cause? The cause is an unstable supply of money with respect to the production of wealth! (A debt money system is inherently unstable.) Therefore, the solution is to provide an amount of money in circulation that is proportional to the production of wealth. This is relatively simple (if you do it before all production flees the nation) but there are several factors to be considered carefully. First, is the proper definition of some frequently misused words so that we have EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS REGARDING THAT WHICH WE SAY ACCORDING TO THAT WHICH YOU UNDERSTAND! Let us define "MONEY" as a medium of exchange and a measure of value, regardless of the form which it may take. There are two major forms of money: commodity money (gold, silver, etc.) and created or fiat money. A commodity money system is actually a barter system of trading one commodity with a certain market value for another commodity or service with a certain market value. Incidentally, no commodity has "intrinsic" value, which only humans have. All commodity prices in a free market result from the law of "supply and demand". The price of gold, which is probably the most worthless of all metals for human use, is artificially established by the "gnomes" of London and Zurich, by which they control the economic health of every nation. Created money is the only thing man can create. It is created out of nothing but paper and ink or computer bytes, but represents, or is a claim on, wealth. Created money is not wealth. Wealth is that which men produce for human use through the intelligent application of energy to natural resources. Fiat is a French word which means "So be it", and in operation applies to an order or edict by authority. ALL paper money is "fiat" money. However, as part of the AB's' semantic subversion to control your thinking, "fiat" is used as a term of approbation, applied to government issued, debt- free money (U.S. Notes) to obscure and protect their criminal racket of Fed and bank- issued fiat debt money (Fed Notes). Page 173
Money is the life-blood of society and performs the same function as blood does in your body, carrying food and oxygen to every cell and carrying away the waste products to sustain life. The blood system is actually a transportation system. Money may also be compared to a transportation system, as did Henry Ford: The function of money is not to make money but to move goods. Money is only one part of our transportation system. It moves goods from man to man. A dollar bill is like a postage stamp: it is no good unless it will move commodities between persons. If a postage stamp will not carry a letter, or money will not move goods, it is just the same as an engine that will not run. Someone will have to get out and fix it. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the rest of the world for you have a sound Constitution) your "engine" was deliberately designed with a fatal flaw which causes it to self-destruct and it can NOT be "fixed". It must be replaced with another engine of proven design but with a modern control system that will enable it to have cruise- control that will enable it to "automatically" adjust to changing power requirements (money volume) in order to maintain a constant speed (money value). If you pursue this analogy further, the steps necessary to implement an honest and stable money system become obvious: First, the un-Constitutional and criminal Federal Reserve System must be abolished and its primary function, money creation, taken back by the Congress to whom it belongs, both logically and legally (Art. I, Sec. 8, U.S. Const.). Second, the new engine, of proven design, must be a debt-free money system similar to the tally system of England, the scrip issued by the colonies and the U.S. Notes which enabled Lincoln to preserve the Union and which have saved American taxpayers over 100 BILLION dollars in usury which would have been stolen by the AB's. Third, a STANDARD OF VALUE for money must be established as a reference so that any deviation from it may be quickly detected and corrected. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A STANDARD OF VALUE ESTABLISHED FOR MONEY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN! At this point many will object, thinking, "The Coinage Act of 1791 established a standard of value," or "The Gold Standard Act of 1900 established one." No. What these and the other monetary acts of Congress did was to establish a temporary standard of weight and purity of gold or silver coins called a "dollar". Their "value" was determined in the market-place by vendors and buyers who bartered them for other commodities. In a relatively static, agricultural economy, they served Page 174quite well as money. That is, until the AB's cornered the market on gold, forced it upon the people as the "standard of money" and then, "removed gold from circulation, as far as possible". The myth that gold or a gold-based money system is the only way to provide stable money should have forever been put to rest when your nation suffered the worst financial panics and depression you ever endured between 1900 and 1934 when you were on a "gold standard". However, suffice it to say that the IDEA behind the premise was good--but the actual manipulation destroyed the validity. Those who continue to promote this alternative today simply do so as either shrewd agents or ignorant (without knowledge) dupes of the AB's. For one thing, as I said before, the gold upon which you once could base a currency is, at any rate, GONE INTO FOREIGN DEPOSIT. YOU IN AMERICA DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH GOLD UPON WHICH TO BASE ANYTHING EXCEPT TO KEEP THE DECEPTION GOING A BIT LONGER--HENCE SOME OF YOU WHO LISTEN AND ACT CAN GET SOME MEASURE OF PROTECTION IF FOR NOTHING ELSE-- COLLATERAL EXCHANGE. Incidentally, the Pavlovian conditioning of the American sheeple became obvious in 1933 when they turned in their gold under orders from the AB's agent, F.D. Roosevelt. (It will be interesting to see if the sleeping sheeple's grand-lambs will turn in their guns in such manner when so ordered--soon now, so check it out; certainly begins to look like they will so you sheeple trained the grandlambs very well indeed--to get totally fleeced!) One reason that a Standard of Value was never established is that it was considered impossible to do so. Well, we are possibility-thinkers and operators--WE LOVE THAT WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR, WITH GOD, ALL IS POSSIBLE! After all, every man values every thing differently from every other man and also differently at other times and places. Therefore, the first thing necessary to establish a "Standard of Value" is to determine what the general requirements for ALL "standards" are: First, a standard must have similitude. That is, it must be similar to that which it measures. A standard of weight must have weight, a standard of length must have length, etc. Second, a standard must have stability. That is, its value must remain constant under all conditions throughout the system which it serves. An inch is exactly the same length whenever and wherever it is used. But watch the bureaucrats--for a true story came out of New York where the legislature wanted to round off the value of "pi" because the fractions were an inconvenience. Third, a standard must have commonality. That is, everyone in the system must understand and have, or have easy access to, the standard unit. Most everyone in America knows what an inch is and has, or can easily obtain a rule (standard) with which to exactly measure it. Page 175
If you compare any commodity, and most especially gold, against these criteria for a monetary standard with which to measure wealth, you find them to be woefully inadequate. With respect to the first criterion, similitude, there is no relationship whatsoever. The value of gold is determined by its weight and purity. While the price of many commodities (coal, wheat, meat, fruit and---) is determined by weight, the price of manufactured goods bears little, if any, relationship to their weight, the major cost factor being that of "labor". With respect to the second criterion, stability, you find that gold is only chemically stable, that is, durable. (Is it possible that this word might derive from the Plain of Dura, where the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, first established the Gold Standard?) As a commodity in a free market its price would vary in accordance with the law of "supply and demand". As a controlled commodity, its price has been less stable than that of the stock market, and for the very same reasons. With respect to the third criterion, commonality, while many people have gold wedding rings and some have gold fillings, very few have any gold coins which could be used as money. Furthermore, the vast majority of the worlds' gold is owned or controlled by the AB's. THINK ABOUT THAT CAREFULLY. Thus, it is obvious that of these three criteria for ALL standards of measurement, gold and silver meet none of them as a monetary standard. Incidentally, the "gold bugs" insist that money, in addition to serving as a medium of exchange and measure of value, must also be a store of value, which most of them erroneously refer to as "intrinsic" value. But these are contradictory requirements. Money, in order to serve its function as a medium of exchange, must be kept in circulation and the faster it circulates (called "V" for "velocity") the better it serves that function. If it is "saved" or hoarded, it cannot function as a medium of exchange. This is the reason for the need to continually mint large quantities of pennies, because many people fill jars or "piggy banks" with them as a form of saving, often using them as convenient door stops as the jar fills. A better store of value would be gold. But the best are, in order of priority; storage food, water, fuel, seeds, tools and silver coins.
Since no commodity has all of the criteria to serve as a monetary Standard of Value, what in the world does? A clue to what this might be is given in Revelation 18:12, 13, Page 176which lists the treasures of end-time Babylon in descending order of value. The first are "cargoes of gold and silver" and the last are "slaves and human lives". Yes, the lives of men are the least valuable thing in Babylon. Does this not prove that you live under Babylonian rule today, when you send your finest young men to fight, suffer and die in the AB's' no-win wars and, even worse, permit helpless, unborn babies to be murdered by the millions? If the Babylonian system is to be overthrown, then its value system must be reversed. Instead of everything being measured by gold or silver, the proper standard should be the lives of men. And how are the lives of men measured? By "TIME"! Yes, there comes to the forefront the FACT that the only REAL MEASURE of value is somehow established based upon the time of men's lives, or man-hours of work, etc. The price of all things can be, and frequently is, based upon the man-hours of labor required to make them and market them. The price of something is often quoted in terms of the average man-hours of labor required to purchase it, especially in comparisons between different nations or time periods. In fact, this is the conscious or unconscious means by which everyone determines the value of anything to himself; how much of his life "time" must he exchange for it? Most everyone is already aware of the fact that "Time IS MONEY". Certainly would clear out the garbage and non- producers right away, also--the politicians who spend no time in production of positive goods, for instance, would be quite poor indeed. The ones who could work but refuse, would be soon quite hungry or go into production.
You could arbitrarily establish your monetary standard as one average man-hour of labor, which would be equivalent to setting the cruise-control at, say, 60 mph. This new standard of monetary value should also have a name, so let us call it a "Manny" and its 1% division a "Minn", for obvious reasons. No, this is NOT original with Hatonn and I am not sure to whom I owe these clever terms but we can give up-side credit (or blame) to one Carl Gorton and work backwards from there. How well does a Manny meet the requirements for a standard? Let us compare them and see. First, similitude. Labor time is the primary factor in determining the price of everything and also the value of everything to each person, as already mentioned. Second, stability. There is nothing more stable than time, which remains fixed through all generations and nations. Third, commonality. Nothing is more common among men than time, which is distributed to all men equally; 24 hours a day and you can't take it with you when you leave. Everyone understands time and virtually everyone has its standard of measurement on his wrist or kitchen wall. You measure and regulate your lives by "time". It is, in attachment to "space", the only separation of the species within the third dimension, so it seems logical to measure progress through that third dimension by your primary commodity--"perceived time". For many things in your dimension, there is no other Page 177means of measurement. This REVELATOR, for example. There is no dollar value which you can place on the work required herein to produce this document which is about ten times longer than the scribe had allowed for today's writing, nor on the experience, discipline, communications, etc., required to study, research, analyze, understand, and solve the problem. The only cost that can be placed on the effort is the TIME involved to accomplish the finished product. Thus, you find that the Manny not only meets all of the requirements for standards in general, but uniquely serves as a monetary Standard of Value. To you who think I just referred to Dharma and Myself--nope, sorry--only in portion which will have to be adjusted to Manny Minn worth--THE REVELATOR is a fine publication from Cape Canaveral, Florida. In particular, for this article I honor one Carl Gorton. Look, chelas, it cannot be more difficult to figure out how to tend the increments of value than to carry eight-foot tally sticks. In fact, with calculators and computers, it should be simple indeed.
By the way, this is totally uni-sex, dual sex, equal sex. Manny only refers to "persons" called generically "Man". However, we could call them "Pernnys" for "Persons" if you prefer. Minns refer to minutes so you can have PernnyMinns--whatever grabs you to get away from the "GRAB" (Government, Religion And Banking). In honor of Mr. Gorton I shall continue to refer to the medium of exchange as "Manny". The Manny system may be instituted by any taxing authority anywhere in the world and trade could be conducted with any other Manny-based economy at par, since all Mannys would be issued against the same standard. The taxing and money-issuing authority would print, with a one year expiration date, as many Mannys as necessary to meet its authorized expenditures. These would be paid into circulation as wages to government employees and to contractors for goods and services. The average wage paid would be maintained at the rate of 1 Manny/hr. How? Very simply. For government employees, the actual average wage paid is determined by dividing the total wages earned by all employees by the total hours worked by all employees. If the result is more or less than one, the pay rate would be adjusted accordingly. (I would surely suggest monitoring truth in working, however.) For instance, if there are 1,000,000 man-hours in one week and their wages totalled 39,604,000, then each employee's actual pay would be increased 1% to maintain the standard of 1 Manny/hr. Actual individual wages might vary from base assessment of determined input. Now, "government" worklessers and recipients can't be figured accurately due to lack of production during many measured time slots, for the value of most government (especially ones in very high-ranking jobs) worklessers is indeed toward the negative side of the production scale and therefore should be considered for Manny demerit subtractions until such time as the worklessers get jobs in the production areas. Page 178The direct adjustment in pay would be fine, however, for the 1,000,000 government employees, as example for this dissertation, but what about the 90 million who are employed by business and the 9 million professional and self-employed people? The earnings of entrepreneurs and professionals would not enter into the balance equation. The average wage of the 100 million employees would be obtained from every employer doing business in the nation and the overall average wage easily calculated. If this figure varied from the standard, the government would increase or decrease its spending to maintain the standard--according to the laws of the Constitution and the State management to insure balanced budgets and maintain total freedom from debts. With the Manny system, taxation to PAY FOR GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY, since the government would print all the money necessary--according to the Constitution. However, money must be removed from circulation at a rate equivalent to its being spent into circulation or its volume would continue to increase until it became worthless (inflation). With the Manny system the removal, or taxation, could be the ultimate in equity and simplicity. As previously stated, the Mannys would be printed with a one-year expiration date, after which they would become worthless. However, they could be turned in to the tax-collector within thirty days after they expired for new Mannys which would be good for another year. However, the new Mannys issued would only be 90%, or other percentage determined by the taxing authority, of those turned in. The ideal situation would be to get caught with no Mannys whereby products could instead be stored. Practically all of the expired Mannys would be exchanged by businesses in relatively large volumes rather than by individuals, who would spend their about-to-expire Mannys, thus enhancing trade. Hence, most taxes would be paid by business in proportion to their profits and no income tax computations or payments would be required from anyone. Mannys which were lost or destroyed would accrue to the benefit of everyone since they would not be redeemed by the tax collector for new Mannys. Who can reclaim the precious commodity of a day or even an hour lost? Anyone convicted of tampering with the Manny--Pernny-Minn system, whether government employee, business employee or counterfeiter, should then be sentenced to a life working for the community with all other felons. Adoption of the Pernny-Manny-Minn system would produce numerous benefits, not all of which can be listed (or at least, were listed) here: 1. A stable money system based on a Standard of Value which everyone understands. 2. Elimination of the present legalized system of organized crime, theft and slavery through usury. Page 1793. Reduction of the tax burden by eliminating the income tax and the IRS. 4. No involuntary unemployment since ample money would be available to pay for labor that is available to do any needed job.
The only thing the AB's fear is that God's People will wake up to the fact that God's Law is still alive and that He meant what He said in Deuteronomy 23:19: Thou shalt not lend upon usury (interest) to thy brother. and Leviticus 25:36, 37: Take thou no usury (interest) of him, or increase; but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase. ONLY WHEN YOU, HIS PEOPLE, REPENT OF YOUR EVIL WAYS, AND OBEY HIS LAW, WILL HE "HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND HEAL THEIR LAND" (2 CHR. 7:14) If you are a patriotic American, you received a priceless heritage which it is your duty to pass on to your children. If you are a Christian, your first duty is to obey God. He ordered you to "Come out of her (Babylon) my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues" (Rev. 18:4). Now, before I go on with the AB's Master Plan, I am going to respond to one who inquired of me regarding a debt and usury from Father to Son. He being the Son having borrowed from the Father with interest and, now, inability to pay the usury. If you are truly NOT trying to get out of a debt agreed upon and owed--take this paper and go visit Man-to-Man with Father and come to a repayment schedule whereby the Father gets return of his funds--for you have no right to make agreements without full intent of repayment--for that is worse than the charging of the usury. If a Father is Godly enough to meet the needs in the first place, in Love, then the problem is non- existent at any rate--for the understanding will be reached. If the Father has no moral intent other than to earn money off his own son, I suggest you cease paying the interest and allow the Father to decide how he will respond--DO NOT STOP PAYING BACK THE MONEY LOANED IN GOOD FAITH. IT IS USUALLY THAT CHILDREN SOMEHOW DO NOT COUNT MONEY FROM A PARENT AS A WORTHY LOAN VALID FOR REPAYMENT. SIC, SIC, IF THAT BE THE CASE. INTEGRITY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME AND IT NOW REQUIRES MATURE INDIVIDUALS TO WORK WITH OTHER MATURE INDIVIDUALS TO RE- SOLVE THESE THINGS. A VALID PAY-BACK SCHEDULE WOULD BE FAR MORE REASONABLE FOR OFTEN THE PARENT DEPENDS ON THE SUMS Page 180FOR SELF-SUSTAINMENT. APPRECIATION FOR THE MAKING OF THE LOAN CAN BE GIVEN IN MANY OTHER WAYS THAN THROUGH USURY BUT THE SON IN POINT MUST OFFER THE ALTERNATIVES AND HEREIN "MAN-HOURS" OF FRIENDSHIP, DRIVING, YARD WORK OR OTHER THINGS IF LOCATIONS ARE NEARBY ARE OF FAR MORE VALUE THAN A FEW WORTHLESS PIECES OF PAPER. IF PARENTS AND CHILDREN CANNOT WORK OUT THESE TYPES OF THINGS--WE ARE IN FOR A FAR MORE DIFFICULT TIME THAN IS IMAGINED. HOWEVER, IF THE FATHER HAS TAUGHT RESPONSIBILITY, HE CAN ONLY ACCEPT MATURE REASONING AS AN HONOR TO THE LESSONS, AS THE SON SHOWS RESPONSIBILITY. IF THERE IS NO MEETING GROUND--SON, YOU MUST TAKE UP YOUR OWN MEASURE OF RESPONSIBILITY AND DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITHIN THE LAWS AND HONOR OF GOD. BUT TO ARBITRARILY BREAK AN AGREEMENT WITH A PARENT IS UNACCEPTABLE ON A UNILATERAL BASIS FOR YOU BOTH MADE THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT! HONOR AND INTEGRITY NOW DEMAND THAT YOU BOTH CHANGE THE AGREEMENT OR, IN THE LEAST--LAY THE TRUTH UPON THE TABLE FOR DISCUSSION. IF A CHILD OR PARENT IS "DISOWNED" OVER MONEY--THE CAUSE IS TOO BLASPHEMOUS UNTO GOD TO BE A VALID POINT AT ANY RATE. Dharma, I know that you are weary for the day has been endless, it seems, and you have laid forfeit another special day--but the children have called and come and rejoice in their care. I had to keep you, chela, for the deposition in Santa Barbara in the morning (tomorrow) causes us to lose a full day of writing. Let your heart be filled for the service is worthy. We shall write only a bit more and call it finished for this segment for we need to wrap it up and tie the ribbon upon the package. How do I perceive the above money system can work? Easy, for it is the identical plan the AB's plan for you after they possess the world through the operation of their thieving system of usury, in order to keep you "cattle" well-fed, docile and sleeping--just chewing thine cud in the pasture while producing contented milk for the Elite. So be it.
Not surprisingly, the AB's, who understand money better than anyone, intend to implement a similar system as just described. Since it encapsulates all that has been said herein we will simply quote at length from Pro. #20 of the "MASTER PLAN". Get your shuddering and queasiness out of the way up-front here--take your break or whatever; and then let us move along with this: Today we shall touch upon the financial program, which I put off to the end of my report as being the most difficult, the crowning and the decisive point of our plans. Before entering upon it I will remind you that I have already spoken before by way Page 181of a hint when I said that the sum total of our actions is settled by the questions of figures (money). When we come into our kingdom our autocratic government will avoid, from a principle of self-preservation, sensibly burdening the masses of the people with taxes, remembering that it plays the part of father and protector. The tax upon the poor man is a seed of revolution and works to the detriment of the State which in hunting after the trifling is missing the big. Quite apart from this, a tax on capitalists diminishes the growth of wealth in private hands in which we have in these days concentrated it as a counterpoise to the government strength of the goyim--their State finances. A tax increasing in a percentage ratio to capital will give a much larger revenue than the present individual or property tax, which is useful to us now for the sole reason that it excites trouble and discontent among the goyim. On no account should so much as a single unit above the definite and freely estimated sums be retained in the State treasuries, for money exists to be circulated and any kind of stagnation of money acts ruinously on the running of the State machinery, for which it is the lubricant; a stagnation of the lubricant may stop the regular working of their mechanism. The substitution of interest-bearing paper for a part of the token of exchange has produced exactly this stagnation. The consequences of this circumstance are already sufficiently noticeable. Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals have stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals. The present issue of money in general does not correspond with the requirements per head, and cannot therefore satisfy all the needs of the workers. The issue of money ought to correspond with the growth of the population and thereby children also must absolutely be reckoned as consumers of currency from the day of their birth. The revision of issue is a material question for the whole world. You are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible. With us the standard that must be introduced is the cost of working-man power, whether it be reckoned in paper or in wood (tallies). We shall make the issue of Page 182money in accordance with the normal requirements of each subject, adding to the quantity with every birth and subtracting with every death. Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the State and a want of understanding of the rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm of our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off of themselves or the State flings them off. But the goy States do not tear them off; they go on in persisting in putting more on to themselves so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood-letting. You understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggest to the goyim by us, cannot be carried on by us. But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves. Our accounts, which we shall present when the time comes, in the light of centuries of experience gained by experiments made by us on the goy States, will be distinguished by clearness and definite and will show at a glance to all men the advantage of our innovations. They will put an end to those abuses to which we owe our mastery over the goyim, but which cannot be allowed in our kingdom. You know to what they have been brought by this carelessness, to what a pitch of financial disorder they have arrived, notwithstanding the astonishing industry of their peoples. This is not new to you readers unless you just tuned in but it bears reading and re- reading until it sinks into your minds. The "MASTER PLAN" was revealed in Russia nearly a century ago, although parts of it had come to light long before, especially in the plans of the Illuminati which was organized by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. Their symbol, declared to be the reverse side of the Great Seal of the U.S., appears on the back of your one dollar bill and bears the inscription "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM"--A NEW WORLD ORDER! And now for the little test I promised:
1. No Gods other than THE ONE GOD OF LIGHTED TRUTH. 2. No graven images to worship. 3. No use of God's name in vain. Page 1834. Keep the Sabbath day holy, which is EVERY DAY. 5. Honor your father and mother. 6. You shall not commit murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, servants or anything that belongs to him.
1. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly. 2. Freedom to keep and bear arms. 3. No forced quartering of troops. 4. No unreasonable search/seizure. 5. No forced confession; due process; just compensation for property taken by government. 6. Speedy and public trial. 7. Trial by jury. 8. No excessive bail. 9. No denial of unwritten rights. 10. All powers not granted to the Feds reserved to states/people.
1. Abolition of private property by whatever means to the end. 2. Heavy progressive income tax. 3. Abolition of inheritance--all inheritance reverts to the State. 4. Confiscate rebels' property, presumed criminal acquisitions and anything deemed necessary or appropriate by the State. 5. CENTRAL BANK. 6. Government owns communication and transportation systems. 7. Government owns factories and farms. 8. Government controls labor. 9. Collective farms, regional planning, government control on all business and agriculture. 10. Government education for all children with chosen texts, subjects and hours. Which more nearly fits your present structure as well as tomorrow's? I won't even ask about the presence of God in the Manifesto for we all know that it is intentionally ABSENT! I leave these things with you to ponder. I pray that you will do so for your time is running short, beloved brothers.
 Since no commodity has all of the criteria to serve as a monetary Standard of Value, what in the world does? A clue to what this might be is given in Revelation 18:12,13, which lists the treasures of end-time Babylon in descending order of value. The first are "cargoes of gold and silver" and the last are "slaves and human lives". Yes, the lives of men are the least valuable thing in Babylon. Does this not prove that we live under Babylonian rule today, when we send our finest young men to fight, suffer and die in the ABs' no-win wars and, even worse, permit helpless, unborn babies to be murdered by the millions? If the Babylonian system is to be overthrown, then its value system must be reversed. Instead of everything being measured by gold or silver, the proper standard should be the lives of men. And how are the lives of men measured? By TIME! Yes, the perfect standard of value can be established based upon the time of men‟s lives, or man-hours of work. -- PJ 53 -- page. 161

Thoughts on spiritual ethics:
To claim to be able to channel god and at the same time ask for money is hypocritical. Jesus never asked for money. If he needed anything he manifested it from the ether. So did Elijah. How can anyone claim to be a prophet of god and yet have no ability to produce your needs from the ether as other prophets have done. By asking for money, are you not openly admitting your lack of ability to manifest through the power of god? Then how do you expect to instill any confidence in your ability to channel? In other words, if you truly have the power to channel, then you should also have the power to manifest money if you should need it. It would be more appropriate  to manifest needed resources and bypass the slavery system altogether.
 Phoenix Journal 50 Page 27:
What about it? If you are searching for wealth--ye shall not be given into either the finding or the receiving. If ye do of your work in service as directed, it shall come in fullness as it is discerned appropriate by higher Source. Much must be made ready-- mostly the workers so that unveiling is in Light and not brought forth birthed in evil intent. We can speak of individuals who have sought unsuccessfully to uncover this vast wealth. However, it is so well guarded that accidental discovery is impossible. The reason for this is obvious. Were this wealth to fall into the wrong hands, it could lit- erally destroy mankind. Furthermore, before this vast wealth can even be entrusted to the proper custodian, he must be most carefully and thoroughly groomed and tested; prepared through a series of lifetimes for service at the "door". Most critical is that the one who attends come into awareness of the Divine Plan unfolding and recognizes his/her counterpart in service. For it is only through recognition that he can properly cooperate with entities beyond Earth and coordinate the use of this "treasure" for the proper benefit of mankind and necessary passage of this remnant--a rebuilding, if you will, in integrity and life-sustaining passage. We must begin with the reclamation of portions of God's own "land" and then all else can be built upon and within that "land". There must be centers of activity but not noted as "centers" lest focus fall upon the projects and cause destruction.
Ah, no measure of the whole can be placed on such a commodity. The treasure as such consists of that which is beyond the definition of wealth--as in the form of precious stones or metals. The treasures are in concepts, inventions, technologies, knowledge as are preserved and made ready for use through such passage--but this is in addition to vast tangible resources of such precious metals and minerals, artifacts of past civilizations and secret locations of unmined natural resources. The most valuable asset of the treasure is literally priceless, since it could not be purchased with all of the material wealth of all the worlds. The asset to which I refer is the secret of overcoming death and transmuting oneself into the cosmic consciousness within Light. However, to reach that transition point, the things of the physical must be utilized lest the bodies not be ready and perish. It will finally be placed into the working hands of ones who have grown (or outgrown) the need for ego-recognition and who will serve only the purpose to greater evolvement for the greatest numbers of God's creations. The very secret of success lies in the learning of the "lessons" of "management" whereby the work can be done without note and behind the guise of smallness and multiple functioning so that all needs are covered, earth itself preserved and used in harmony and a network between my "centers" be stabilized and integrated. All of this CAN be accomplished if ones will attend Truth and turn from the lie and liars. It can and will be done within the workings of that which IS for you have nothing else upon which to work--you only have that which IS.
Why do you ask? If ye be in the preparations ye have no need to know for in the KNOWING you will recognize only the unfolding in proper sequence in return for your labor. The KEYS to the unfoldment will rest in the recognition of the messages as brought forth to understanding ones who will take their piece of the puzzle (tapestry) and HEAR THE CALL. The counterpart "receivers" will know and prepare. NO more and NO less. Would ye expect a trumpet blast and target drawings to allow for confiscation? Ye who have but for self--shall have a rude awakening, indeed. This (Page 28) does not mean that abundance should not bring beauty and return--but it will be only in intent of service that this measure will flow upon any one or any nation. IT IS ONLY THROUGH GOD THAT THE WHOLE OF SHIELDING CAN BE GARNERED--REMEMBER IT FOR WHEN YOU TURN FROM GOD INTO THE REACHES OF EARTH PHYSICAL--YE REMOVE YOUR ONLY PROTECTION THROUGH THE SHIELD WHICH DEFLECTS (ACTUALLY) THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES BROUGHT AGAINST YOU AS A SPECIES. Do not trouble self over "who", etc. It will fall to the ones who have done their work and demand it not but rather serve "as if" for it is only in the knowing of receiving that unlimited perception can allow. The guardians will know the custodian and the custodian will know the resource and stream of flow--it will not be through any self-appointed guru or person of "high ranking" physical presentation. Not only must the custodian have passed all testing and be fully prepared so recognition can be realized--but man's development must reach an acceptable level in order to be able to utilize such "treasures". We are now come into the time wherein the "Plans" must begin to come into fruition and ye shall not be given into knowing where, how, who, what and when. If ye be ready then you have no reason to ponder--if not, it shall not be of your deciding at any rate. There are many places wherein the "treasures" are kept for they are the remnant places of the long-ago experience of continents and civilizations--placed for the unfolding or brought again from places of security for utilization at this evolvement. We are entertained by your need for hoarding of things such as gold, etc. For there will be a time when it is totally valueless to physical man as it is to spiritual progression--for we can bring it forth from atmosphere into any shape and form deemed through thought. It is the use and the users which are of importance and God knows HIS PEOPLE. So be it.
Man dreams and ponders of how he shall come into inheritance of the great treasures of wealth and knowledge. He is sure that things are hidden within the places manufactured by man such as the Great Pyramids, etc. The places of the Lion and the Bird Tribes are places of God's provision and shall emerge in strange ways in strange manners and forms unsuspected by MAN. It is well worth our own while to focus man's attention upon those egotistical monuments of Man unto Man--for in so doing, man forgets to note that God is present and at work--ONLY THE VERY FEW SHALL REALIZE THE TRUTH OF IT. If you wish to have sweet dreams, little brothers, you must first plant the seeds which bear sweet dreams and fruit. If yours is a journey of ego-gratification--ye shall NOT be in the gifting of God's greatest treasures for ye are not a worthy vessel. The Man of God shall always wear an open mind for all possibilities of unlimited infinite God and so shall it come unto him who accepts the chalice and steps across the threshold in boldness within the circle of Light. Ye who come and walk with me are blessed indeed for I know the way for I come with the Life, the Way, the Word and the All of All. May ye ponder these things that ye might become "worthy" of the greatest gift of all. Salu. (Page 29) Let us have rest, please, as our day began very early indeed. May ye who have eyes to see, do so. If thine ears are clear and hearing--ye shall flourish in the Truth of passage. I salute ye ones who dare and step forward in service unto Truth. Peace shall rest upon you as the cloak of Light as day floods across the darkness. AHO!
Phoenix Journal 5 Page 57: The lust for material possessions has been aided and abetted by the rich life style of twentieth century having and living, at least for countries in the West. However, even in the so-called "have-not" (third world?) lands, there is a great desire for material possessions among those who have been exposed to the kinds of goods which are available in other places. This arises because, in most instances, the souls who are born into the "have-not" countries are there because, among other reasons, they must learn NOT to covet material things for their own sake. When these individuals again see the kinds of goods that might be available, they rekindle the old covetous streak which they have brought over from a previous life incarnate, and they suffer because their desire to possess these things cannot be fulfilled.