The 9 in 12

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The 9  In 12
This article will explain how the 9  fits into the 12 by 12 cube.
Upon reflection, I realized that the 9 fits in the 12 and inversely, the 12 fits in the 9.
Upon further reflection, I realized that the 9x9 chemical and other grid systems were an invention of Russell. A 9x9 grid is incomplete an not completely accurate. A more accurate grid system would be the 12x12 grid system. So the Russell chemical table based on the 9x9 grid system should be a 12x12 grid system. So yes, this means that we are missing some chemicals and also explains why the recent discoveries don't fit in the 9x9 grid system and have to be added as isotopes.
Essentially we are god projecting himself inversely and bi-directionally through a mirror we we would perceive as a planet or world type entity of the female orientation.  From this mirror, two photons or light projections are emitted in opposing directions. One representing female and the other a male. The female takes the form of planet, and the male the form of man, or the Christed being in the image of the father. Thus from the orginal projection of the Monad and father, we have man and planet. Thus the female planet has 9 mirrors and is organized in the 9x9 grid system. The male takes on the 12x12 grid system. They both are made up of each other. The question of which came first is like that of the chicken or the egg.

The original creating factor is one. It came into being when the Monad or Singularity projected it's thought into 2 divisions. Thus the one became three. These 3  are expressed as an electrical projection in cube form. A cube has 6 sides. If you make six pyramids of equal size and put them together they become a cube. These six sides are paired in 2 representing the positive and negative polarities. This creates 3 sets of 2. This is the original creating factor expressed as 3.  Each of the 3 pairs of 2 are further divided into 3 more sets of 2. And this 3 times 3 equals 9. This 9 is further divided by another 9. The 9 by 9 system cannot be expressed in 2 dimensionality. Each of the six sides of the cube are divided into a 12x12 grid. The 12 are separated into 3 sets of 4.  Each of the 4 are further divided into 4 sets of 3.  These 4 sets of 3 are like the 3 kingdoms called Telestial, Terrestial, and Celestial. When applying the 9x9 scale to chemicals, it might be more appropriate to call these 3 states of matter such as gas, liquid, and solid. To me, this seems complicated. But this is because multidimensional factors are involved.
Phoenix Journal 35 Page 44: The symmetry of the waltz can be better comprehended if you make six pyramids of equal size and put them together. They become a cube. The symmetry of the waltz is, therefore, one-sixth of a cube, which equals a pyramid. In this three-dimensional universe, the length, breadth and thickness of the pyramid is three, but six pyramids within a cube constitute three pairs if you divide them to take a waltz rhythm out of a cube. The undivided cube is nine in its unity, which is made up from it's three inner planes that give length, breadth and thickness and it's six boundary planes. By repeating the nine of nature's light-wave field symmetry, an accent is forcibly injected into the position of rest in the heartbeat symmetry. This compels the body to continue its action instead of resting. It is a wonderful sensation, a happy and joyous sensation, but it is still an unbalanced physical expression. It is a cultured physical expression, however, for it contains a great measure of the spiritual rhythm in it, as it is a happy rhythm, not a frenzied one. The three of the waltz rhythm is also an unbalanced expression, for three triangles, or triangular pyramids, cannot unite as ONE in Nature. UNITY is possible only with balanced pairs such as you see in the unity of a pair of hemispheres which constitute a sun. In the octave wave, four pairs unite as one to conform to the balanced cube- spheres of Nature, while the waltz rhythm includes but three pyramid pairs to constitute a cube-sphere, which is not enough for octave symmetry. The above may be a bit difficult for you to comprehend when thus stated in words, but you MUST comprehend it. You must FULLY comprehend it, and you can, for it is basically quite simple. It is only the necessity of trying to describe it in words that makes it seem complex. To really simplify this great principle of higher knowledge for you so you will see why it is so necessary for you and this primate world to understand it, we will exemplify it in action instead of words. This example will be your first lesson in the deep meaning of rhythm in Nature.
Phoenix Journal 35 Page 80: We have talked long about divided pairs and the uniting of those pairs. The greater portion of mankind thinks of those sex-divided pairs as males and females of the human and animal species. They do not even think of mineral and vegetable life as sex-divided males and females. We have now reached the point where we desire to have you think of all Creation as divided pairs of males and females. This includes light itself and the wave. This also includes all of the elements of matter in the mineral kingdom and all of the gases and vapors of matter. It includes also all of the colors of the spectrum. Red and orange are as much male as man is, and blue and green as female as woman is. In other words, this entire universe consists solely of male and female bodies which unite to live and to create life and divide to die and be reborn again into life. Let us help your visualization of this by arranging six of the nine octaves of matter in their true marital relations as equal pairs. See Fig. 8. These six octaves are rearrangements of the Russell Charts which will be reprinted later. Please study these charts in their octave arrangements. The symbol of Fig. 8 (+/-) means one of an equally divided pair, and this symbol (+/+) means a united pair. Science deeply errs by using symbols like these (+ -) to symbolize equally divided pairs which have equal power and calling one positive and the other negative. Each of these pairs in Fig. 8 will unite as stable, balanced mates. They are perfect marriages in Nature. If you will think of them as seesaws and their centering zeros as fulcrums, they will be like the example given on a previous page in which many children played seesaw with each other. Being fully balanced and equal, they demonstrate the fundamental principle which Immanuel and Krishna taught, each in His own words but each being the essence of true science. Each of them, therefore, demonstrates the EQUALLY DIVIDED AND EQUALLY UNITED principle which completes a wave cycle of God's creative thinking.

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