Pedro Sauer

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Pedro Sauer is a Certified 8th Degree Red/Black Belt Instructor under Rickson Gracie.   I first met him around 1992 in Orem Utah at the Gold's Gym. The gym has closed down but at the time he was giving classes in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He was just starting out and had a small following of about 20 people. One of his group members and trainee was Mark Shulz who was the BYU wrestling coach at the time.  I had no Ideo who these people were at the time. I was on my first vision quest at the time and had packed my bags and left Maryland headed west to seek my fortune.  I wrote a song about this called "The Cup":   I saw him giving training lessons at the gym and since he was offering free lessons I decided to join. I thought I was a tough guy since I had taken Kung Fu lessons when  a kid and could pretty much win most of the fights and completions I had been in. In Pedro's classes, the trainees would take turns alternating with the members where they would take turns fighting each other trying to make the opponent tap out. My first opponent was Mark Shulz.  I was so used to winning, that it took me by surprise when I was defeated by Mark.  I didn't know who he was at the time, but I found out he was the toughest guy I had ever met  Even when I trained against Pedro, I could hold my own.  I was strong enough to hold him down for the entire session preventing him from tapping me out. Some times I would let him get me in a hold just so I could learn. Ever since I got defeated by Mark Shulz, I realized I was not as tough as I thought.  I realized that this style of grappling and fighting was superior to any training I had.  I was convinced that I needed to learn this new style of fighting.  So I trained with him off and on for the next 3 yrs.  So what is it that makes Pedro the best instructor that I know of? It is because he has a unique ability and desire to perform the act down to the minutest level of perfection. His goal is to teach superior techniques to the level of perfection in the greatest detail possible.  It was my privilege to know him when he was first starting out. And it was my privlage to train with Mark Schulz: