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A Discussion Paper Excerpted From


Contents of this document include my original research ONLY on the George Sizemore family of Ashe County, NC. All other information is my interpretation of the research of others shared with me during 28 years of correspondence. Readers are cautioned to use this information only as a starting point for doing their own primary research to develop a family tree.

Issued for: Proofing, Revisions, Corrections, Additions

Ron Blevins
4250 Mockingbird CT
West Point, VA 23181
email [email protected]

First issuance: September, 1998
1st Revision with input from Frances Sizemore: October, 1998
2nd Revision March, 1999
3rd Revision July, 1999

This document is organized such that it uses a sequential numbering system to provide easy tracing of family members from generation to generation. The + symbol beside the number given for a child indicates that further information on that individual appears under the heading of that number later in the document, or that the writer has more information on that person in my files accumulated over the past 28 years. In those instances where a child is listed without the + symbol, I have no additional information on that individual. I would welcome communication from others who are seeking to research and preserve the Sizemore family heritage.

ca. = about, i.e. ca.1775 means about 1775
m. = married
b. = born
d. = died
ECA = Eastern Cherokee Application, i.e. the number of the Claim filed by that individual with the U.S. Court of Claims in 1906 and 1907, and now available on microfilm at The National Archives
Ashe = Ashe County, North Carolina
Wilkes - Wilkes County, North Carolina
Wyoming = Wyoming County, West Virginia
Hawkins = Hawkins County, Tennessee
Halifax = Halifax County, Virginia
RBOWCH = Reference Book of Wyoming County History


Ann = Nancy (Frances Sizemore advises that Nancy and Ann were used interchangeably
Betsy = Elizabeth
Biddie = Obedience
Eph = Ephraim
Hallie = Mahala
Hetty = Hester
Jane = Virginia
Jenny = Virginia
Lottie = Charlotte
Molly = Mary
Ned = Edward
Oma = Naomi
Patty = Martha
Peggy = Margaret
Polly = Mary
Sally = Sarah
Zeke = Ezekiel


Few researchers encounter as much challenge in separating fact from legend as does the Sizemore family researcher. For over two hundred years there has been a widespread tradition of Cherokee Indian ancestry in multiple branches of the Sizemore family. This writer works on the premise of “Where there’s smoke, There’s fire”. As such I strongly believe that there are one or more Indian connections in various branches of this family. BUT, I have NOT succeeded in proving the exact individual and generation where the Indian blood line enters this family.

We do know that the Sizemore name is of English origin and that William and Martha Sizemore were in Charles City, VA (near Jamestown) as early as 1619. Sizemore records in Virginia have not been located by this compiler from the time of William and Martha until more than 80 years later when a Margery Sizemore witnessed a will in 1712 in Henrico County, VA. No further information on Virginia Sizemores has been located until William Sizemore pays for a survey in Henrico County in 1736. This 1712 Margery and 1736 William appear to be of the same Sizemore group that is then found in 1741 Lunenburg Co, VA and leaves plentiful records thereafter.

There is a record of a Jacob Sisemore or Visemore in Craven Co, NC in 1707; then in 1716, a Samuel Sizemore appears in Chowan County, NC records. Samuel is found in several land transactions in 1719-1720, but was deceased by 1723 when his widow remarried. He did leave one or more sons who carried on the Chowan County Sizemore name. I have found no evidence to link these early VA and NC Sizemore groups, and further have found no evidence that William and Martha of 1619-1626 Charles City, VA left any children. Most of this document will deal with descendants of the Sizemores who are found in Lunenburg Co, VA by 1741.

Some researchers have theorized (and unfortunately published information on the Internet) that a William Sismore, the son of Michael and Martha Sismore, who was christened in London in 1670 and apprenticed to Francis and Elizabeth Weeks in 1685, came to Virginia and is the progenitor of the Virginia Sizemores. That is a theory which I certainly cannot disprove, but neither can I find any documentation to prove it. That theory is apparently based on the following: William Sizemore was apprenticed to Francis and Elizabeth Weeks of London in 1685 Francis Weeks', unmarried, will probated in London in 1714 mentions land on the Rappahannock River in VA The 1704/1705 Virginia Rent Roll includes Francis Weeks in Middlesex Co, VA which is on the Rappahannock River. The 1704/1705 Virginia Rent Roll also includes a William Seamour with 236 acres in King & Queen Co, VA which borders Middlesex County. In 1708 in Middlesex Co, VA, Thomas Seamour, son of William and Joannah Seamour was baptized.

To base such theory on this limited information is a "stretch", but it is currently the best theory that we have. However, the fact that the given name Michael was non existent in the early Virginia Sizemore families has to raise a "red flag" that seriously questions the theory of William, son of Michael, as the progenitor of the Virginia Sizemore families.

Beginning on the following page, I will list several pages of early chronology of Sizemore families and then discuss some of the families included in the chronology. Very little is known of the descendants of these more than 20 early Sizemores listed in the pre 1750 portion of the Chronology. The genealogy portion of this paper will deal with descendants of Sizemores born in the 1750 timeframe without attempting to guess the identity of the parent, with few exceptions. Deep gratitude for much of this chronology goes to two individuals: (1) Joy King whom I consider to be the pre-eminent researcher in documenting early Sizemore records, and (2) Dawn Westfall who is the editor and publisher of the quarterly Sizemore newsletter SEEKING SIZEMORE which began publication in early 1996 and continues today (July, 1999). Most of the early Sizemore chronology listed below has been published in SEEKING SIZEMORE based on data submitted by Mrs. King. Dawn Westfall, editor has given approval to this writer for non commercial use of information published in SEEKING SIZEMORE. Mrs. Westfall has also provided the suggested format of referencing the source for each entry taken from the newsletter. It is my intent to personally verify from original sources all chronology data prior to publication of any information on the Sizemore family.

12. Edward "Old Ned" Sizemore1; born prior to 1725; possibly died 1780; is first found in Lunenburg, VA records in 1746. He apparently remained in Virginia for at least three years to 1749, then possibly moved to South Carolina for about 15 years, then to Georgia for about 8 years, then was on a Surry Co, NC Tax List in 1774, and in Virginia signing a loyalty oath in 1776, and in court there for his Tory activities in 1779. Records indicate that Ned, and his sons Owen and George were apparently Tories during the Revolutionary War, and it is possible that Ned was "the Tory Sizemore" hung by Col. Benjamin Cleveland in Wilkesboro, NC in 1780. Virginia records show that Edward Sizemore was closely connected with the Green, Griffin and Jackson families.

Edward Sizemore is found in the Lunenburg, VA records beginning in 1746 when he entered 400 acres of land "below the Little Rock House above mouth of Little Polecat Creek on the south side of Banister River" in what is today probably Halifax County. His name then appears in 1748 on the Lunenburg, VA Tithables List and on two more land transactions, one a 270 acre survey on both sides of Winn's Creek on Banister River, the other for 400 acres on Little Buffalo Creek, and also he witnessed the will of Henry Green in 1748. Then in 1749, he again appears on the Lunenburg, VA tithables List. After 1749, I am unable to locate him anywhere until 1764 when an Edward Sizemore is found petitioning for land in Georgia in the Parish of St. George on the north side of great Ogechee, (with that March, 1764 petition indicating that he had only been in Georgia from South Carolina for 8 months). He is involved in subsequent related land transactions in St. George Parish with records indicating that he had five or six children. In 1772, his land in St. Pauls Parish, GA is deeded to William Jones.

Two years later in 1774, a court case settlement in Tryon County, NC involving George Sizemore, includes language "William Gilbert came into open court and releases and acquits Edward Sizemore of the above sum recovered against George Sizemore. (Joy King speculates that this language may indicate a father and son relationship between Edward and George Sizemore.) In that same year well north of Tryon County, Edward Sizemore and James Hart are listed as taxables in the same household in Surry Co, NC. In 1776, Edward Sizemore signs an oath of allegiance to the United States in Botetourt County, VA. The Draper Manuscript contains several references to the 1780 hanging of "the Tory Sizemore" by Col. Benjamin Cleveland in Wilkesboro, NC (part of Surry County in 1774). (Researcher Jack Goins reasons that Edward "Ned" Sizemore may very likely be the Sizemore hung by Col. Benjamin Cleveland in 1780, based on the fact that Edward was the only Sizemore listed in Col. Cleveland's District in that 1774 tax list.) In 1781, South Carolina Loyalists pay records include Edward, Owen and George Sizemore. If Old Ned was the Tory hung in 1780, this 1781 record for an Edward may be his oldest son. Owen Sizemore in that 1781 South Carolina Loyalist pay record is the son of Ned, and George is believed to be the George that was Edward's son. Likewise it is believed by this writer and selected others that the Edward Sizemore who died in Hawkins County, TN by 1810 was Ned's oldest son. (Readers should note that it is possible that the chronology of Edward Sizemore discussed herein may refer to two different men, one of whom may be Ned's son.)

Since earliest childhood, this writer (Ron Blevins) has been made very much aware that my 3rd great grandmother Lydia (Sizemore) Blevins was a descendant of "Indian Ned Sizemore" I was brought up with the tradition that Ned Sizemore was a full blood Cherokee, a tradition which I believe is NOT supported by facts. He may have been part Indian and his wife is referred to in numerous Eastern Cherokee Applications (ECA's) as a Cherokee. In all probability, Ned was the son of one of the four Sizemores who appear in the first land records of Lunenburg County, VA in 1741, i.e. William, Mary, Ephraim or Henry Sizemore. It should be noted that a 1753 court record in Orange County, NC refers to Ephraim Sizemore as a mulatto, the designation then used for any person of mixed race whether it be Black, Indian or otherwise. In fact, I don't consider it out of the realm of possibility that all of the Sizemores who have claimed Indian ancestry may be descendants of Ephraim. There is at least one source who speculates that Ned's wife may have been Elizabeth Jackson. (Note that the Sizemore family was in the same area as the Jackson family in both Henrico and Pittsylvania, VA.) The fact that both Ned and George and George’s children were landowners raises serious questions in my mind as to whether either could have been a full blood Indian. I have difficulty believing that our Indian hating “WASP” (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) forebears would have welcomed an Indian or half blood as a land owning neighbor, voter and church member.

I have been fortunate in researching this part of the Sizemore family because of the wealth of information contained in the Eastern Cherokee Applications (ECA’s) in The National Archives in Washington, DC These ECA’s are in the form of applications, affidavits, and supporting letters to obtain benefits under an Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906 in accordance with Court instructions. ECA’s frequently provide up to five generations of a family back to the mid to late 18th century. The fund provided by Congress was to reimburse the descendants of Cherokee Indians for loss of their lands when they were forced to abandon their homes for the infamous “Trail of Tears” to reservation lands in Oklahoma in the 1830’s on the orders of President Andrew Jackson. Benefits were payable to descendants of Cherokees who had participated in the Indian Census enumeration’s of 1835, 1846 or 1851.

# 12. Edward Sizemore - continued

The largest majority of the more than 2,200 Sizemore related ECA's that were filed in 1906/1907 claim their Cherokee ancestry through this Ned Sizemore. The majority of those ECA's claim through one of the seven children of Edward's son George who was born ca. 1750, but fail to mention George, instead claiming that those children born 1770/1797 were children of "Old Ned" There are however many that correctly identify George and name him as the son of Ned and Ana Sizemore. Under the leadership of a great grandson of George Sizemore, “Chief” William Harrison Blevins (grandson of Lydia Sizemore Blevins), they banded together as the “Whitetop, VA Tribe” to file their claims. ECA’s were filed by each of the seven children of George Sizemore as well as by descendants of George’s brother Owen Sizemore who had moved from Ashe County, NC to Hawkins County, TN between 1803 and 1809, and several other Sizemore families whose relationship to George and Owen can only be speculated. The names Owen and Lydia have been heavily used in this family for over 200 years.

Most of the ECA's that appear to be accurate were filed by descendants of those Sizemores who moved ca. 1835 from Ashe Co, NC to what was to become Wyoming Co, WV. Very possibly there was a family Bible or other record that went with them to WV. None of Ned's descendants were on the Cherokee census lists, and none were entitled to benefits, and of course none were approved for benefits. None-the-less these ECA's on file in the National Archives in Washington, DC are a treasure for the Sizemore genealogist. In reviewing the ECA's with their great amount of family history, the researcher must however remain cognizant of certain realities:

The ECA's were filed in 1906 and 1907, probably more than 125 years after Ned's death, based only on family tradition The purpose of those that filed ECA's was to obtain money from the Government Many of the claimants said that they had never heard of Ned or of having Cherokee ancestry until close to 1906. Several (less than 5%) of the ECA's are outright fraudulent claims.

In working on this family, I have received valuable assistance from many cousins too numerous to mention. However there are two individuals without whom this manuscript would have been extremely difficult if not impossible. Archie Blevins of Clinton, TN began this research about 1952 and I had the good fortune to become aware of his work in 1972 and to be the beneficiary of much of his efforts as he retired from active research. Another cousin Ralph Schuler of Falls Church, VA spent hundreds of hours at The National Archives in the early 1980’s preparing a synopsis of each Sizemore related ECA, and Ralph has generously shared those ECA briefs with me. He has also placed a copy of these ECA’s synopses in the Ashe County, NC Public Library and selected Virginia libraries.

A chronology of record excerpts for persons named Edward Sizemore appears below:
1746 EDWARD SIZEMORE - enters 400 Acres on the S'th Side Banister River, begin: a little below the little Rock House above the Mouth of Little Polecat, thence up and down the river. (10)

1748 Sunlight on the Southside Lunenburg Co, VA 1748-1783 p.276 by Landon Bell, pp.64-66) Lunenburg Co, VA Tithables For 1748 List taken by Cornelius Cargill..(last 7 names on list each with 1 tithe) William Sizemore, Thos. Franklin, Ephraim Sizemore, Henry Sizemore, James Sizemore, Edward Sizemore, Reps. Orzbond (16) Lunenburg Co, VA Entry Record Book, page 86 - 7 Apr. 1748 - Edward Sizemore 400A on Little Buffalo Cr. Beginning where the Path crosses thence up both sides this Grassy Creek path (6) Lunenburg Co, VA Wills 1746-1845, by Bell, recorded in Deed Book 1, p.477-478 Will of Henry Green, dated 15 Oct. 1748: "mentions wife Elizabeth Green, Sons: John Green, Henry Green, Stephen Green, Frederick Green, Richard Green, and daughter Dorcas Green; sister-in-law Abigail Green wife of brother John Green. Executors: brother-in-law Richard Griffin, and son John Green. Witnesses: Edward Sizemore (his mark), William Jackson (his mark), Thos. Gristwood. (6)

1749 Sunlight on the Southside Lunenburg Co, VA 1748-1783 p.276 by Landon Bell, pp.115-121 Lunenburg Co, VA Tithables For 1749List taken by Cornelius Cargill: p.115 Joseph Oen,Edward Oen; p 116 Lewis Green, Ralph Owin; p 117 Richard Griffin,Senr,Constable; p.118 Wm. Sysmoore, Edward Sysmoore, Francis Griffen, William Griffen; p. 120 Henary Owen, John Owen, overseer for James Cock; p 121 John Green, Henry Green, James Sizemore. (16) # 12 Edward Sizemore - continued

1764 Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Vol.9, drawer 40, Box 55, excerpted by Joy King March, 1764 - pp. 136-137 - Petition of Edward Sizemore setting forth that he had been eight months in the province from South Carolina and had no land granted him and was desirous to obtain land, having a wife and five children. Therefore praying for 150 acres on the north side of great Ogechee about a mile and a half below the mouth of the great spring …Resolved that on condition only that the petitioner doth take out a grant for the said land within seven months from this date and that he doth also register the said grant in the Register's Office of this province within six months from the date thereof, ….the prayer of said petitioner is granted. (9)

Plat Book M from drawer 51, box 22, excerpted by Joy King 29 March 1764 - p.66 - Recorded from the Surveyor Generals certificate annexed to the original Grant, 5 June 1816 by E.B. Jenkins Sgenl Georgia. Pursuant to a warrant from his Excellency…to us directed the 6th day of March 1764 we have caused to be admeasured and laid out unto Edward Sizemore a tract of land in the Parish of St.George containing 150 acres bounded easterly by Robert Heaton…Certified the 29th day of March 1764 by Henry Yonge Will DeBrahon Sru.Genlr. (9)

1765 Colonial Records of the State of Georgia Vol. No. XXVII Part II-A drawer 40, box 63, excerpted by Joy King: 19 Aug. 1765 - To Edward Sizemore for 150 acres of land in the Parish of St. George, registered 19 Aug.1765 Grant dated 6 Aug. 1765 (9)

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Vol.9, drawer 40, Box 55, excerpted by Joy King May 1765, p. 354 - Petition of Edward Sizemore setting forth that he had 150 acres of land lately ordered him and was desirous to obtain an additional tract having a wife and six children. Therefore praying for 150 acres at a place called Boggy Gut above Briar Creek upon the road leading from Savannah to Augusta - Ordered that the said petition by rejected. (9)

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia Dec. 1765 - p. 450 - Petition of Edward Sizemore setting forth that he was settled in the Province and had 150 acres of land ordered him and was desirous to obtain an additional tract having a wife and five children. Therefore praying for 200 acres upon Boggy Gut about five miles above Briar Creek upon the road leading from Savannah to Augusta - Ordered that the further consideration of the said petitioner be postponed until the Petitioner produces a certificate of his character. (9)

1766 Colonial Records of the State of Georgia Mar. 1766 - p. 475-476 - Petition of Edward Sizemore (postponed the 3rd day of December last)…Resolved that on condition only that the Petitioner doth take out a grant for the said land within seven months from this date and that he doth also register the said Grant in the Register's Office of the said Province within six months from the date thereof….the prayer of said Petition is granted. (9)

1771 p. 91 - 14 Nov. 1771 - Robert Swann - 475A in Tryon Co, NC..both sides of a branch of Broad River, called Second Broad, including Edward Sizemore's improvement, joining a point near a small branch and Kerkendal's line. Holcomb, ibid (19)

1772 St. Pauls Parish (now GA) deed Needham Jernigan to Wm. Jones, granted to Edward Sizemore 6 Aug. 1765 (18)

1774 EDWARD SIZEMORE, James Hart 2 - Surry, NC Taxables by W.P. Johnson, (listed in same household) (20) Tryon County, NC Minutes of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1769-1779, by Holcomb, p. 81 - Oct. 1771 - Wm. Gilbert vs. George Sizemore. Case July 1774….Jury impaneled and sworn find the defendant did assume and assess the plaintiffs damages 11# 17 6 and 6d costs. In consequence of the above judgment, William Gilbert came into open court and releases and acquits Edward Sizemore of the above sum recovered against George Sizemore. (19)

1776 Edward Sizemore Botetourt County, VA loyalty oath to U.S. (21)

1777 GEORGE SIZEMORE - Surry, NC Taxables by W.P. Johnson (20)

# 12 Edward Sizemore - continued
1779 Early Adventures on the Western Waters, Vol. 1, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days 1745-1800, by Mary Kegley, page 137 "..Not all men of the New River Valley were willing to serve in the militia of the Continental Army for the cause of liberty and at the expense of their lives. Many of the 'disaffected' citizens maintained the authority of the King and were considered enemies of the State."p. 140 "...At the request of Captain John Cox, those who were engaged in the late insurrection - Edward Sysmore, Owen Sysmore, David Smith, Thomas Penrose, and James Green - were allowed to take the oath of allegiance and post bond for their good behavior....(xx)

Wilkes County, NC Land Entry # 827, 11 Feb. 1779 - "Isham Westmoreland entered 100 acres on Little River including Sizemore's claim...(Isham Westmoreland marked out;Clesbey Cobb and Jonathan Harris written in. (23)

1780 Lyman C. Draper Manuscript - Letter to Lyman C. Draper from W. W. Lenoir - "Gen. William Lenoir's defense of Campbell; letter acquitting him of cowardice at King's Mountain; Incident of Col Benjamin Cleveland hanging the Tory, Sizemore, in presence of James Gwin, one Frobis or Bishop whipped...." (25)

Letter to Lyman C. Draper from J. Gwyn of Elkin, Wilkes Co, NC.."Tory Sizemore hung on writer's plantation; circumstances leading thereto; refers to Capt. W.W. Lenoir for services of his grandfather. (25)

Letter to Lyman C. Draper from L. Harrill of Brier Creek, Wilkes Co, NC.."Col. Benjamin Cleveland owned "Round About" farm, now the property of Major Hickerson; biographical sketch by James Gwyn of Cleveland; his capture by Tories; his rescue and subsequent hanging of Tory, Sizemore......Cleveland's numerous hangings in Wilkesboro, NC; indulgent treatment of slaves; his extreme size; died July, 1808. (25)

1781 Edward Sizemore and Owen Sizemore paid as SC Royalists for Feb 24 - Apr. 24 (27)
Edward Sizemore and George Sizemore paid as SC Royalists for June 14 - Dec. 13 (27)

1789 Wilkes County, NC Land Grants, 1789-1793
File # 1080, Warrant Entry #1495 dated 7 Apr. 1789, Grant # 1270 dated 26 Nov. 1793 - John Cox, 250 acres on Pine Swamp Creek, a branch of the New River, recorded in Book No. 81, p. 254. chain carriers: Edward Sisemore and John Cox.

1810 Ashe County, NC Land Entries by Pruitt - Georg Sismore, land entry # 2323, 100 acres Long Br. Waters of Prators Creek; includes Ned Sizemore's old improvement. (48)

+ 21. George Sizemore b. ca. 1750 d. ca. 1820's Ashe Co, NC married Anna Hart
+ 22. Owen Sizemore b. ca. 1755 d. 1836 Hawkins Co, TN married Elizabeth "Betsy" Brigham
+ 23 possibly Edward Sizemore b. ca. 1740/1745 d. ca. 1810 Hawkins Co, TN
+ 25. possibly John Sizemore b. ca. 1743 d. ca. 1804 Halifax Co, VA married Molly Gregory
+ 26. possibly Ephraim Sizemore b. ca. 1748/1758 d. 1836 Spartanburg, SC married Winnie ________, 15 May 18\775
+ 36. possibly Hiram Sizemore b. ca. 1750's (no records, based only on ECA's)

21. GEORGE SIZEMORE2 (probably Edward "Old Ned" Sizemore1) born ca. 1750 probably in Virginia; died ca. 1820’s probably in Ashe County, NC; married Anna Hart, probably the daughter of James Hart whose household was shared by Edward Sizemore in the 1774 Surry County, NC tax list. (Researchers will find that many descendants today refer to this George and Anna as George Edward and Annie Elizabeth. In the first edition of this Discussion Paper, I listed those middle names and may have failed to remove them in some places in this update. Joy King who is the most thorough Sizemore researcher with whom I have the pleasure to work, has pointed out the fact that middle names were extremely rare at the time when George and Anna were born, ca. 1750, and in fact illegal in the Church. Further I have been unable to find a single instance of use of the name Edward or George Edward in any records. Additionally I consider it very possible that George is a younger brother of the Edward Sizemore # 23 herein who died in Hawkins Co, TN by 1810. I would guess that this practice of referring to George as George Edward comes from a few ECA's filed by descendants of his second youngest child Owen Sizemore which make reference to Owen's father as Ned Sizemore, saying "claimed by some that Ned is nickname for George Edward. Several ECA's use the name of his wife interchangeably as Anna Hart or Elizabeth Hart, leading this researcher to wonder if he was possibly married to two Hart sisters named Anna and Elizabeth.)

George is first found in official records when he appeared on the 1777 Surry Co, NC tax list. This George is believed to be the same George who was a Royalist soldier in South Carolina in 1781. He then appears in the 1787 Montgomery County, VA tax list with the notation that he and Owen Sizemore had moved to NC before tax could be collected (but I can't find them in NC until 1792). During the 1790’s George appears along with brother Owen in Wilkes County, NC tax lists, and then is found in the 1800, 1810 and 1820 Ashe County, NC census takings. (Ashe County was formed from Wilkes in 1799). Note from the chronology that brother Owen had received in 1786, a 400 acre grant in what was to become Ashe County. Ashe County land records indicate that George Sizemore and several of his children were residents of the Praters/Prathers Creek section of Ashe County (now Alleghany County) during the 1793/1805 period. Considerably more than half of the Sizemore ECA’s were filed by descendants of George and Annie.

The vast majority of ECA’s filed by descendants of my ancestor Lydia Sizemore Blevins and most of her siblings fail to mention her father George Sizemore and claim that she was the daughter of Ned Sizemore. There are also a large number of ECA’s (including that of my own grandfather) which incorrectly identify Lydia as the daughter of Owen Sizemore (apparently the Owen who was her younger brother). Actually Lydia’s uncle Owen Sizemore of Ashe and Hawkins also had a daughter Lydia, but she was married to George Sizemore, possibly the son of Edward Sizemore of Hawkins. This misidentification is understandable since Lydia's brother Owen Sizemore was the oldest person of the Sizemore name in Ashe County, NC from 1835 through 1870, thus the oldest Sizemore known to those filing claims in 1906 and 1907. None of Lydia’s children were living in 1906, but one surviving niece and one surviving nephew identified their grandparents as Ned and Ana or Annie Sizemore. Also there are several claims by descendants of youngest son George J. Sizemore born 1797 that list him as the son of his brother Edward “Ned” Sizemore who was born 1788.

ECA’s indicate that George and Annie had at least seven children whose descendants filed claims. Their four daughters lived their adult lives in Ashe County and son Owen spent most of his life there. However two other sons Edward B. born 1788 and George J. born 1797, moved by wagon train to Wyoming County, WV ca. 1835/1840. ECA’s filed by many of their descendants in WV indicate a knowledge of the family that is supported by land, census and church records of Ashe County. The fact that many of the WV ECA’s identify Owen and George J. as the sons of George and Annie (Hart) Sizemore may be evidence that they had access to a Bible or other written record. Many of those ECA’s identify George Sizemore as the son of Edward “Ned” Sizemore and his Cherokee wife. The apparent accuracy of these WV ECA’s conflicts with the NC and VA ECA’s in many ways.

Some NC descendants of son Owen Sizemore identify his mother as Elizabeth Jackson while his older sister Elizabeth b. ca. 1787 and brother Edward born 1788 are shown as the sons of Anna Hart, and much older sister Sally ca.1775 is shown as the daughter of Ana. Younger brother George J. is listed as the son of Elizabeth Hart, ( Annie Elizabeth?? Hart). Since these ECA’s also show Owen’s father as Edward “Ned”, perhaps they are skipping a generation and Elizabeth Jackson was really the mother of George Sizemore and the grandmother of Owen born 1793. A select few of the nearly 2,000 ECA’s filed by descendants of this family are excerpted below with the permission of Ralph Schuler who copied this data from The National Archives. At least one ECA filed by a descendant of each of the seven children of George and Anna (Hart) Sizemore is included in this selection. First we will excerpt the ECA’s filed by the few surviving grandchildren of George Edward Sizemore and wife Annie Elizabeth Hart:

#21 (George Sizemore - continued)

ECA’s filed by grandchildren of George and Annie (Hart) Sizemore:

ECA # 1851 by James Osborn of Park, Grayson Co, VA, born 1822 in Ashe, son of Elias Osborne and wife Sally Sizemore. Says that both parents were born in Ashe County, and that his father died ca. 1849, and his mother ca. 1839. Says that his mother was the daughter of Ned and Ana Sizemore, and that their children were George, John, Owen, and Lida Sizemore, Sally Sizemore Osborn and Catharine Sizemore Hart. Lists his own siblings as Ezekiel Osborn d. 1848, Jesse Osborn d. 1853, Nancy Osborn d. 1849, David Osborn d. 1900, Epham Osborn d. 1894 and Geo. Osborn d. 1887. States ancestry as James Osborn, son of Elias and Sally Osborn, daughter of Ned Sizemore

ECA # 45884 by Nancy Stamper of Alleghany Co, NC, born 1841 (RLB sic), daughter of Solomon Stamper and wife Betsy Sizemore. Says father died about 1850 and mother about 1867. Lists her siblings as William, Jonathan, Solomon, Riley P., Polly, Frankie, and Sally Stamper. Says her grandparents were John and Polly Stamper, and Ned and Annie Sizemore. Lists children of Ned and Annie Sizemore as George, Owen, Sally and Betsy Sizemore. Under ancestry she says only grandparents were born near the date 1760.

ECA # 13329 by Owen J. Sizemore of North Fork, McDowell Co, WV, born 1829 Ashe, son of George J. Sizemore and wife Jenny Baldwin. Says father died ca. 1877 and mother in 1886. Says grandparents were George and Elizabeth Sizemore, and John Baldwin. Gives ancestry George J. Sizemore, father; George Sizemore grandfather; Ned Sizemore great grandfather.

ECA # 9042 by Virginia Cline of Baughn, Nicholas Co, WV, born 1836 in Tazewell Co, VA, now WV, daughter of George J. Sizemore and Ginnie Baldwin, and wife of Moses C. Cline. Says her father died 1877 and her mother ca. 1887. Says her grandparents were George and Elizabeth Sizemore, and John and Virginia Baldwin. Lists children of her grandparents as Lydia, Sarah Ann, Edward (Ned), Elizabeth, Owen, and George J. Sizemore. Gives ancestry as My father was George J. Sizemore, son of George Sizemore, son of Ned Sizemore.

Selected Additional ECA Claims by later generations:

(1)Claims through 1st child Catherine “Dolly” (Sizemore) Hart b. ca. 1770):

ECA # 11450 by Catherine Hart of Sturgills, Ashe Co, NC, not married, born 1829, daughter of John Hart and wife Nancy Floyd. Says that her father John Hart who died in 1859 was the son of James and Catherine Hart. Lists children of James and Catherine Hart as Ned, John, Sam, Washington, Marga and Catherine Hart. Lists her siblings as Stephen, Wiley m Margaret, Joseph, James and Andrew Hart. States ancestry as Catherine Hart, daughter of John and Nancy Hart, son of James and Catherine Hart, daughter of Ned Sizemore.

ECA # 1801 by William D. Lewis of Park, Grayson Co, VA, born in Grayson County in 1883, son of W. P. Lewis and wife Mary Caldwell. Says father born in Ashe and mother in Grayson and both living now. Gives ancestry as William D. Lewis who was a son of Mary Lewis who was a daughter of Nancy Caldwell who was a daughter of Catherine Caldwell who was a daughter of James and Catherine Hart who was a daughter of Ned Sizemore who was a full blood Cherokee Indian. Also James Hart was a Cherokee Indian.

(2) Claims through 2nd child Lydia (Sizemore) Blevins, b. ca. 1770/1775:
ECA # 5113 by Riley Blevins of Ashe Co, NC (Post Office is Park, Grayson Co, VA), born 1824 in Ashe Co, son of Eli Blevins and wife Milly Brinegar, both of whom were born in Ashe County, and lived there in 1851. Says his father died in 1861 and his mother about 1896. Lists his brothers and sisters as Jesse d. 1896, James, Geo, Bartlet, Lydia and Elizabeth Blevins. Lists his grandparents as James Blevins and wife Lydia Sizemore and their children as Armstrong, Edward, Daniel and Wells Blevins. Gives his ancestry as Riley Blevins a son of Eli and Milly Blevins who was the son of James and Lydia Blevins who was the daughter of Ned Sizemore a full blood Cherokee Indian.

ECA # 6126 by George Blevins of Silas Creek, Ashe Co, NC, born 1829 Ashe, son of Eli Blevins and wife Milly Brinegar. Says parents born in Ashe County and lived there in 1851. Says father died 1866 and mother 1888. Lists siblings as Betty, Susan, David, Lydia, Bartlet, and James Blevins. Lists children of great grandfather Ned Sizemore as George, Anderson, Owen, Ned, Lyddia and Catherine Sizemore. Gives ancestry as George Blevins, son of Eli Blevins, son of James and Lydia Blevins whose maiden named was Lyddia Sizemore, daughter of Ned Sizemore a full blood Cherokee Indian.

ECA # 2099 by John W. Blevins of Silas Creek, Ashe Co, NC, born 1879 in Ashe, son of Cicero Blevins and wife Elizabeth Childers. Says both parents were born in Ashe County and resided there in 1851. Says father died 7 Aug. 1881, and mother is living. Lists siblings as Susannah Blackburn and Lucy C. Testerman. Says his grandparents were Daniel and Anna Blevins, and Franklin and Susannah Childers. Lists children of Daniel and Ann as John, Wesley, and Lyddia Blevins. Gives ancestry as John W. Blevins, son of Cicero Blevins, a son of Daniel Blevins, son of James and Lydia Blevins whose maiden name was Lyddia Sizemore a daughter of Owen Sizemore who was a son of Ned Sizemore, a full blood Cherokee Indian. (RLB note: This ECA filed by my grandfather incorrectly lists Lydia as the daughter of her younger brother Owen Sizemore.)

(3) Claims through third child Sally (Sizemore) Osborn b. ca.1775:

ECA # 6739 by John Wesley Taylor of Crumpler, Ashe Co, NC, born 1844 in Ashe, son of Zeke Osborn and Polly Taylor. Says that both parents were born in Ashe County and that his father died in 1861 and his mother in 1899, and that his siblings were Tobias Taylor 1837-1851, William Taylor 1840-1862, and Grinilee? Taylor 1855-1872. Says that his grandfathers were Elias Osborn and John Taylor. When listing his own ancestry he merely says George Sizemore was father of Ned Sizemore. George’s children: Owen, George, Ned, Sally and Betsy. (RLB note: the Ned Sizemore to whom he is referring is the Edward B. Sizemore b. 1788 who was the son of George and Anna (Hart) Sizemore.

ECA # 12477 by David A. Osborne of Beldon, Ashe Co, NC, born 1869 in Ashe, son of James Osborne and wife Clemmanzy Bare. Says his father died in 1902 and mother in (1906?). Says grandparents were David and Nancy Osborne, and Joseph and Susie Bare. States ancestry as James Osborne my father was the son of David Osborne. David Osborne was the son of Jesse Osborne. Jesse Osborne was the son of Elias Osborne and Sally Osborne. Said Sally Osborne was the daughter of Ned Sizemore who was a full blood Cherokee Indian. There is much correspondence supporting this ECA. One letter dated 6 Dec. 1907 from Beldon, NC reads “Nathan Bickford & Associates - Washington, D.C. Gentlemen: ‘After investigation, I find Ned Sizemore’s wife’s name was Nettie and that she died in Ashe (now Alleghany) Co., NC about the year 1859 or probably a little earlier. I think the following is a correct list of names of his children. viz.: George Sizemore, Ned Sizemore Jr, Owen Sizemore, Hiram Sizemore, Catherine Sizemore, Sally Sizemore, Lydia Sizemore, Dolly Sizemore and Bettie Sizemore. Bettie was called for a nickname “Sookie” she married a Stamper; Dolly married a Hash; Lydia married a Blevins; Catherine a Hart and Sally through whom the Osborne’s claim married Elias Osborne. ....”

(4)Claims through fourth child Elizabeth “Betsy” “Sooky” (Sizemore) Stamper b. ca. 1787: ECA # 489 by Elizabeth Hurley of Silas Creek, Ashe Co, NC, widowed, born 1844, daughter of Eli Stamper and wife Susannah Stamper. Says her father Eli Stamper died in 1873, and her mother Susannah Stamper who died 1892 was the daughter of Betsy Sizemore Stamper. Lists children of Betsy Sizemore Stamper as William, Jonathan, George, Riley P. d. 1904, Solomon Jr, and Susannah Stamper d. 1892, and Sally Thompson and Franky Cox. Lists her siblings as Rosamond Taylor 1832-1879, Sarah Brown 1834-1896, Elihu V. Stamper 1838, Eliza Nelson 1840, Ira Stamper 1842-1877, Mandy Stamper 1847-1848, Frances Ella Plummer 1850, Mary Jane Jones 1852, Martha Stamper 1854-1857, and James B. Stamper 1856. Gives her ancestry as Elizabeth Hurley, daughter of Eli and Susannah Stamper, daughter of Solomon and Betsy Stamper, daughter of Ned and Annie Sizemore. They had five children: Owen, George, Ned Jr, Betsy and Sally.

# 417 by Geo. Washington Plummer of Saratoga, Carbon Co, Wyoming, born 1870 in Ashe, NC, son of Jesse Reeves Plummer and wife Frances Ella Stamper. Gives ancestry as Geo. Washington Plummer, son of Frances Ella Stamper Plummer, dau of Eli and Susanna (Stamper) Stamper, dau of Solomon and Betsy Sizemore Stamper, dau of Ned Sizemore. Betsy Sizemore Stamper died 1862 and was buried beside her father and husband in the Indian Graveyard on Cranberry Creek near Laurel Springs, Ashe Co, NC.

(5)Claims through fifth child Edward B. Sizemore b. 1788: ECA # 9096 by Daniel Brinegar of Pineville, Wyoming Co, WV, born in Wyoming, WV date unknown, son of David Brinegar and wife Sarah Osborn. Says his father David Brinegar was born in Ashe, NC and died ca.1890 and was the son of Jacob and Sheba Brinegar, and that his mother Sarah Osborn was also born in Ashe and died in 1886 and was the daughter of Jesse Osborn. Lists his ancestry as My great grandfather Ned Sizemore Jr. married Annie Baldwin; his father George Sizemore married Annie Hart. His father was Old Ned Sizemore.

ECA # 10128 by Sary Ann Rose of Pineville, Wyoming Co, WV, born in Wyoming, WV, date not given, daughter of Nathaniel Perdew and wife Sally Sizemore. Says her father Nathaniel Perdew died ca.1899 and was son of Jesse and Sarah Ann Perdew. Says mother Sally Sizemore born in Ashe Co, NC died ca. 1886, was the daughter of Ned Sizemore and wife Annie Baldwin and that their children were George Sizemore d. 1864, Owen Sizemore d. 1903, Tobias Sizemore d. 1906, Nancy Sizemore m. Daniel Perdew, Virginia Sizemore m. Joel Rose, Shebe Sizemore m. Jacob Brinegar, d. ca.1855, Mahala Sizemore m. Bige Baldwin d. 1854, Lydia Sizemore m. David Smith d. 1857, Rebecky Sizemore m. Thomas Cook, Sally Sizemore m. Nathaniel Perdew. Lists her own siblings as Daniel L. Perdew 1845, Leroy Perdew 1851, Nathaniel Perdew 1861, Virginia Clevenger 1858, Martelia Mullens 1868 and Polly Ann Green 1864. Lists her ancestry as Grandfather Ned Sizemore Jr. married Annie Baldwin, his father George Sizemore married Annie Hart; his father was Old Ned Sizemore.

(6)Claims through sixth child Owen Sizemore b. 1793: ECA # 12052 by Esther Smith of Poe, Nicholas Co, WV, born 1845 in Ashe, daughter of Hiram Sizemore and wife Jane Jenkins. Says her mother Jane Jenkins died Sep or Oct 1861, and her father Hiram Sizemore who died Nov. 1886 was son of Owen Sizemore and wife Rebecca Anderson. Lists children of Owen and Rebecca as Hiram, Anderson, Mary and William (sic) Sizemore. Gives her ancestry as father Hiram Sizemore, son of Owen Sizemore and Rebecca Anderson; Owen Sizemore was son of Edward Sizemore and his wife Elizabeth Jackson. (RLB note: I believe that the child of Owen and Rebecca listed as William was a transcription error for Charlotte). ECA # 8156 by Dora Garnes (half sister of Esther) lists her parents as Hiram Sizemore and wife Frances T. Morton and lists the children of Owen and Rebecca as Hiram, Polly, Charlotte, and Anderson Sizemore, and says “claimed by some that Ned is nick name for George Edward”.

ECA # 12684 by Hiram Sizemore of Shraders, Tazewell Co, VA, born 1852 in NC, son of Anderson Sizemore and wife Mary J. Payton. Says that father Anderson Sizemore died 1903 and mother Mary J. Payton in 1873. Says that father was the son of Owen and Rebecca Sizemore, and her mother Mary J. the daughter of Jennie Payton. Lists children of Owen and Rebecca as Hiram, Anderson, Tobias and Lottie. (RLB note: This ECA lists a child Tobias Sizemore where others lists that fourth child as Polly. None list the spouse or any children of that individual.) Lists ancestry as “Owen Sizemore grandfather; Andy Sizemore my father; grandfather Owen was a son of Ned Sizemore whose wife was a full Indian woman.

ECA # 12263 by John Henry Wagoner of Halls Mills, Wilkes Co, NC, born 1869 in Wilkes, son of Owen Wagoner and wife Polly Sturgill. Says that his father Owen d. 1875 and Polly (Sturgill) Wagoner d. 1904 were both born in Ashe Co, NC and lived there in 1851. Says that his grandparents were Henry Wagoner and wife Charlotte Sizemore, and John Sturgill. List children of Henry and Charlotte (Sizemore) Wagoner as Beckie, Owen, and Eli Wagoner, and Lousana Brown, Polly Brooks, and Sallie Stamper. Gives ancestry as my father Owen Wagoner, son of Henry Wagoner and Charlotte Wagoner, said Charlotte Wagoner was a daughter of Owen Sizemore who was a son of Ned Sizemore a full blood Cherokee Indian.

(7)Claims through 7th child George J. Sizemore b. 1797: ECA # 10133 by Frank Sizemore of Pineville, Wyoming Co, VA, born 1867, son of John M. Sizemore and wife Millie Green. Says parents resided in Wyoming County in 1851 and that his father died about 1894. Says his father John M. Sizemore was the son of George J. Sizemore and wife Jennie Baldwin, and that his mother Millie was the daughter of Polly Green. Lists children of grandparents George J. and Jennie Sizemore as Frank, Ned, Owen, Solomon, Joseph, and John M. Sizemore, and Oma Lambert, Jennie Cline, Reney Billips, Sess Milam, and Elizabeth Payne. List ancestry as My father John M. Sizemore, son of George J. Sizemore, son of Ned Sizemore Jr, son of George Sizemore, son of Ned Sizemore Sr who is said to have been of Indian Blood but his wife was a Cherokee woman. (RLB note: Frank erroneously lists his grandfather as the son of Ned Jr. who was really his older brother.) There is quite a bit of correspondence in support of this ECA and one letter in particular is of interest. It reads: “Mr. Miller, the Sizemores of old man Ned was the people that was actually entitled to that money tho we all got our blanks wrong. We claimed through his descent and we ought to a claimed through her descent. We all failed to give her Indian name and it was Aruna Hart. I suppose I had heard my grandfather G.J. Sizemore claimed the Indian Blood by his mother. He claimed her to be the Cherokee Indian. We are the people no doubts, but our applications was wrong I suppose. Yours Truly, Frank Sizemore” In another letter Frank writes “Mr. Guion Miller: My kind friend, will inform you that my great grandfather sometime in the 19th century, he married this Cherokee squaw woman. Ed Sizemore was his name and Elizabeth Hart, if mistaken not, was her name....”

#21 (George Sizemore - continued on next page)

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