Talitha - Chapter 12

T a l i t h a

Chapter 12

   Several months had passed since Steve's death and it was soon to be harvest time on the Davis farm. Talitha had known that no sooner were her crops gathered than she would be moving away from the big house, and now she was making plans to that effect. But not before she had given thought to the welfare of Uncle Harry and Aunt Sara..

   Uncle Harry, now in his early eighties as best as could be calculated, was growing more feeble day by day, and realizing his condition, he was now ready to admit he didn't think he could make another crop. He had remarked, "If de good Lord will jes' give me strength to gather dis here crop, don't think I'se gwine start 'nother 'n."

   Talitha was going to live with Jason and Polly, so that she might still be near the store to continue to help Jason there when needed. John would return to his home to live with his mother, while Uncle Harry and Aunt Sara would be moving some miles across the country to live with their daughter. Some weeks later, when the crops were all gathered and Uncle Harry and Aunt Sara had rested from the ordeal, they were again busy preparing to move. The morning of their departure Talitha arose unusually early to help them with the last minute details and to make sure she would be present to see them off. With tears in her eyes, Talitha said good-bye to Uncle Harry and Aunt Sara, and Uncle Harry, pausing to dry his tears, said "I don't know when I'se gwine see you 'gin, Mis' Davis, but jes' as soon as Mass' Davis comes back and tells me whar to find your money, I'se shore gwine come back then and tell ye."

   With a feeling that Uncle Harry and Aunt Sara were well taken care of, Talitha was ready to relax and await her moving day, but there was not to be much relaxing for her. The nearer the day came for her to move, the more Talitha realized what the move was going to mean to her. She found she was regretting to leave the home she and Steve loved, the only home they had known apart from the Sammons family, the home she and Steve had looked forward to calling their very own. In regretting to leave she thought of how her mother must have felt to leave her home in Louisiana, her very own home, the one she and her husband had built together, the one filled with so many memories and the one her mother had loved for so long. In thinking of these things, she recalled how brave her mother had been, and for the first time she sympathized with her. Each time she dried her tears she hoped her mother would never know her feelings.

   The night before the move Talitha, still finding it hard to keep the tears back, asked the Lord, on bended knees, to give her strength and courage to meet the new day that she might be able to hold back her tears, only for the sake of her mother. The following morning, when the loaded wagons had rolled on, Talitha and her mother walked out of the house down the broad walk to the gate together to walk the short distance to Polly's home---Talitha not once shedding a tear. She was then confident the Lord had answered her prayers.

   Months passed; a new year dawned and into the new year Talitha was growing more satisfied and happy in her new home. Polly had been everything a sister should be and Jason had proven to be an ideal brother-in-law. Talitha's interest in her baby, the store and her family as a whole had put the sparkle back into her eyes.


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