John Salmon b 1790

John Salmon - 1790
Submitted by Nancy Salmon Hook
 John Salmon b, 1790  Halifax co. Va. d, before 1860 In Christian co. Ky.
   Married : Agnes Torian b, 1794 d, after 1843 & before 1850 in Christian co. Ky. (my GG-Grandparents)
           I am Still searching for John Salmon's father, I have 3 Salmon Men who
           Lived in Halifax co. Va. at the time of his birth they are William, John
           & Joel Salmon,,They all owned land on Lawsons creek in Halifax co Va. starting in 1760...
                    If you know of these men please E-mail Me, 
                    I hope to find out who his father was...

    Children of John & Agnes Salmon
     1. Nancy J. Salmon b, 1829, Halifax co. Va. d, Unknown
          Married: William G. Bobbitt b, Dec 8,1818 d,June 1863
     2. James J. Salmon b, March 22,1832 d, March 21,1892
          Married: Mary Ann Brasher
     3. William B. Salmon b, Oct.15,1832 Halifax co. Va.d, Jan. 3 1871
          Married: Nancy Adaline Clark b,April 7,1828 d, March 2,1862
     4. Leander D. Salmon (My GG-Grandfather) b,Dec.18 1834 Christian co. Ky. d, Oct.13,1898
          Married: Frances A. Woolridge b, Aug.20,1881 Ky. d, Nov.2 1914
     5. Martha A. Salmon b, 1839 Christian co. Ky. 
          Married: William J. Lewis
     6. Albert Salmon b, Dec. 15,1840 d, Feb.17, 1857 in Christian co. Ky.
    Children of Leander D. & Fances Salmon
     1. John G. Salmon Sr.(MY G-Grandfather) b, Sept.30,1871 Christian co. Ky. d, July 12,1950 Hopkins co. Ky.
          Married: Roxa Helen Eudaley b, June 9,1871 In Hopkins co. Ky. d, June 13,1955
     2. Carrie Salmon b, 1879

    Children of John G. Sr. & Roxa Salmon
     1. Dr. David Lee Salmon b, May 1899 Christian co. Ky. d, 1953 buried in Fl. at a Memorial Cemetery
     2. John G. Salmon Jr. (MY Grandfather) b, Feb.27,1903 d, March 8,1974
          Married: Mary M. Willis b, April 20,1906 d, Oct.3,1998
     3. Mary Salmon b, About Nov.11,1916

         Children of John G. Jr. & Mary M. Salmon
            1. Shirley Ann Salmon b, Nov.18,1925 d, Jan.3,1993
            2. Helen Salmon 
            3. David M. Salmon (MY Father) 
                  Married: Becky Ann Cunningham,
         Children of David & Becky Salmon
            1. Richard Antony Salmon 
                 Married Valerie Lovan 
                      One child: Allison Salmon 
            2. John Mark Salmon B, Aug.23,1959 d, April 14,1993
            3.  Nancy Ann Salmon (me)
                   Married: Richard G. Hook 
                Children: 1. Heather R. Hook    
                          2. David M. Hook

Submitted by Nancy Hook Aug 20, 2002
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