John A/H Sammons b 1842

John A or H Sammons - 1842
Submitted by Helen Sammons Hamilton
	John A or H Sammons was in Capt. Butler's Co., Co. H 5 Reg't Indiana Calvary.  He enrolled 
	on Aug. 20, 1862 in Greensburg, Indiana as a private.  He was detailed as Co. teamster Jan. 
        1, 1863.  He was wounded at Knoxville on Oct. 13. 1863 and was back in action by Jan., 1864. 
        He was taken prisoner July 31, 1864 near Clinton Georgia.  He wrote a book, "Recollections 
        of the Civil War" about his and his brother Lewis' experiences in Andersonville prison.  He 
        was paroled and exchanged Nov. 20, 1864 at Savannah, Georgia.  He then received a furlow 
        Dec. 6, 1864.   He returned  Jan. 14, 1865 to Pittsburg, Pa., then transported to Cincinnati, 
        Ohio and then on to Annapolis, Md.  He was discharged after 3 terms on June 15, 1865 by Capt. 
        Francis Jackson of the War Dept.  John was a 20 year old farmer when he enrolled.  He was 
        born in Decatur Co., Indiana.  John died in Napoleon, Indiana June 21, 1928.  

	John's parents were Lewis and Margret Todd Sammons.  I and everyone else in this line are 
        trying to find out the grandparent's names.  John's parents were married in Warren Co., 
        Kentucky.  Margret was born 8/11/1804 in Kentucky.  She died 9/27/1871 and is buried in Pana, 
        Illinois.  Lewis was born 3/13/1802 in North Carolina per the Indiana census.  He died 
        1/11/1882 and also is buried in Pana, Illinois.  
   	   John had a brother, Lewis Henry Sammons born 9/28/1833 in Indiana.  He enrolled 8/20/1862 
        and was mustered in 9/17/1862 in Greensburg, Indiana as a wagoner.  He was is in the same Co. 
        as John and was also captured and exchanged.  His wife's name was Maria Tremaine Sammons when 
        he entered.  She died while he was at war.  
   	   John was not married until 9/7/1866 to Mary Catherine Hazelrigg.  Then after her death, he 
        married Mattie Lucinda Bradshaw in 4/2/1891.  John's real middle initial was H but I have 
        seen it both A and H in his military records.  

        Please contact Helen if you are related to this family.

Submitted by Helen Sammons Hamilton Aug 20, 2002
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Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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