Alcona Cemetery-Stockton KS


Pictures of Sammons related stones

The Combs family are all in the fenced in area.  
It is a really old fence with a gate and is really rusted.

Joseph Sammons and Sarah Marguerite London
He was s/o Edmund Sammons & Ann Mariah Hays

Henderson Legrand
b1838 -d24 Jul 1897 
h/o Mary Maria Sammons
d/o Edmund Sammons & Ann Mariah Hays

Devrix Sammons
b Sept 1849 d Dec 1898
Son of Edmund Sammons &
Ann Mariah Hays Sammons
h/o Sarah America Legrand &
Minerva Jane Swift

Minerva Jane Swift Sammons Pulley
1856 - 1935
w/o Devrix Sammons

The stone for Devrix Sammons, Minerva Jane Swift Sammons Pulley,
and James Devrix Sammons is just one stone with the names on three
different sides of it.

James Devrix Sammons
bApr 6 1894   dNov 26 1895
s/o Devrix Sammons & Minerva Jane Swift Sammons

Alice Ann Sammons Combs
2nd w/o James Rodney Combs
d/o Joseph Sammons & Sarah Marguerite London Sammons

James Rodney Combs
b22 May 1855 d22 Oct 1922
h/o Alice Ann Sammons

Mary E
1st Wife of James Rodney Combs
Daughter of JS & SJ Campbell
Died Feb 1887

James Harley Combs
b10 Sep 1913 d 7 Jun 1915
s/o James Rodney Combs and Alice Ann Sammons

Joseph Roy Combs
b26 Mary 1898 d15 Mar 1941
s/o James Rodney Combs & Alice Ann Sammons


(Notice Edna instead of Etna on stone)
Etna Eletca Robinette Sammons
b10 Sep 1890 d3 Jan 1931
w/o George Washington Sammons

George Washington Sammons
1883 - 1966
s/o Devrix Sammons & Minerva Jane Swift
h/o Etna Electa Robinette Sammons &
Ellen L Phillips Sammons

Donald Sammons
b14 Oct 1919 d16 Jun 1988
s/o George Washington Sammons & Etna Eletca Robinette

Effie Light
Etna Eletca Robinette Sammons sister

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