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THANKS! cousins, for sending confirmation allowing me to list your name, along with the mainlines, photos, links, and/or queries you want posted.

CHARLOTTE CURLEE RAMSEY - Researching all listed lines.
Some folks are connected to several families.


| Delores Taylor Ames | James E. 'Jim Austin | Jeri Sammons Beitel | Gloria Futrell Bingham | John R. Browning | Wayne W. Browning |
| Linda Marie Hill Carter | Gene Clark | Georgeann Bartle Coleman | Cindy Roberts Colley | Debra Caldwell d'Argy |
| Gene & Marian Robeson Douglas | Elaine Randall English | Janna Smith Eversmeyer | Beth Atkins Gatewood | Karen Wainscott Gullish |
| Joyce Caldwell Johnson | Robert Earl Lewis | Linda George Maniaci | C. Curtis Mann | David & Dee Eckroat March |
| Glen B. Nicholas | Dean & Merrie O'Brien | Hope Coslett Pees | Darren Petro | Gail Wainscott Revell | Ted Rhoads | Earla Jean Peters Roberts |
| Ken & Barb Roberts | Carla Bingham Rollins | Jack & Doris Brown Rose | Jennifer Stice Rowe | John Henry Sammons | Scott Alan Sammons |
| Norma Jean Bruce Shewmake | Linda Altom Smith | Linda Beecher Starren | William G. & Anna Stewart | Barbara Wainscott & Perry Sutterfield |
Donald & Beverly Walker Tiernan | Roy William Wheeler, Jr | Angela Paige Woolford | Billie Ann Haley Young |


JACK & DORIS ROSE - Jack Norman Rose10, Pearl Elizabeth Elrod9, Joseph Daniel8, Alexander Franklin7, Joel6, Abraham Jr5, Abraham4, Adam Sr3, Christopher Sr2, Dietrich (Johan Deter) (Johan Detrich)1)
Researching WAINSCOTT, ELROD, among others. My lifeline to the extensive Elrods, and to finding them in the very county I live in now. Jack's grandparents donated the land for the cemetery my father is buried in. What a small world! I think Doris has supplied me with nearly every Elrod book ever published.

C. CURTIS MANN - Curtis is of the WAINSCOTT, MARCH, ROBERTS, ELROD, SOELLE, SAMMONS lines. We are first cousins, as our grandmother is Mandy 'May SAMMONS Mann Nicholas. My mother Maybelle NICHOLAS Curlee and his father Charles S. MANN were half-brother and sister. Grandmother May was married to his grandfather, George W. Mann and after his death in 1918 at age 28, she married my grandfather, Samuel 'Otis Nicholas.

ROBERT EARL LEWIS - (no email at this time) Is of the WAINSCOTT, SAMMONS. (His grandfather David Crockett Sammons and my grandmother, Mandy 'May Sammons are brother and sister.)

KAREN WAINSCOTT GULLISH - Karen Alma9 Wainscott, Lee Reynolds8 Wainscott, John William7 Wainscott, William Lee6 Wainscott, John M5 Wainscott, Lee4 Wainscott, Isaac Jr3 Wainscott, Isaac Sr2 Wainscott, Richard I1 Wainscott.

BARBARA WAINSCOTT SUTTERFIELD - Barbara June Wainscott8, Charles Walter (Buzz)7 Wainscott, Reuben Eugene6, William Grant5, Thornton Emitt4, Robert3, John C.2, Richard1 Wainscott.  She and Perry are researching WAINSCOTT, SUTTERFIELD, WILSON, DEAN, JONES. (Her GGG-GF Robert and my GGGG-GF Richard II Wainscott are brothers, sons of John C., g-sons of Richard I)

GENE CLARK - Gene8 Clark, Gene Sr7 Clark, Walter C6 Wainscott of Wichita KS, Charles Ernest5 Wainscott of KC, MO, William T4 Wainscott of KY, Joseph Jr3 Wainscott, John C2 Wainscott, Richard I1 Wainscott. Searching WAINSCOTT, ELROD.  His William T. WAINSCOTT is his deadlock. He thinks his parents were Joseph and Nancy Richardson WAINSCOTT, but he needs hard proof.

TED RHOADS - Teddy R ‘Ted7 Rhoads, Iris Lee (Irene)6 Wainscott, Isaac5, John4, Robert3, John C2, Richard I1 Wainscott, /and/ Teddy R. ‘Ted8 Rhoads, Iris Lee (Irene)7 Wainscott, Isaac6 Wainscott, John5 Wainscott. Robert4 Wainscott, Catherine3 Elrod, Christopher Sr2, Dietrich (Johan Deter) (Johan Detrich)1
Working also on WAINSCOTT, ELROD, SOELLE, RHOADS, MCDONALD, BURKS. His deadlock is: The line that I have been attempting to get a lead on is my G-G-Grandfather, Jacob Rhoads. Believed born in Kentucky abt 1800 married Susan Skaggs (Scaggs) abt 1825-1830, around Edmonson (Grayson) Co. migrated to Macoupin Co. Ill. where my G-Grandfather was born, then migrated to Izard Co. Ark. abt 1836. In Izard Co. for 1840 census and the 1840's, then absent for 1850 census. May have gone to California for the goldrush but that is pure speculation. In searching, I have discovered dozens of Jacob Rhoads (Rhoads, Rhoades, Rhodes) but none fit the bill. The other lines I would be interested in are: Jones from Giles Co., Tenn.; Burks from Pike Co. Mo. Taylors from Tenn. to Ark.

JOYCE CALDWELL JOHNSON - (no email at this time) She is searching for WAINSCOTT, ELROD, BARR, WINN, SOELLE, MARCH, ROBERTS, LOGSDON, SAMMONS, LAWRENCE, BELL, LINES. Also her CALDWELL line. (Our grandmothers Clara Jane Sammons and Mandy 'May Sammons are sisters.) Thanks for the trips she made to BYU and for sending all the Ancestral Charts.

Joyce Ann6 Caldwell, AND Debra Lou6 Caldwell, Mannie Ray5 Caldwell, Clara Jane4 Sammons, Newton Cassius (Cannon)3 Sammons, George G.2 Sammons, Newit1 Sammons JOYCE'S CALDWELL LIST

DEBRA CALDWELL d'ARGY - [She and Joyce are sisters] She and Joyce are searching for the same names, along with their maternal lines: Brown, Tipton, Lambert, Rutledge, Tice, Buckanan, Harris, Bridges, and Gordon.

BETH ATKINS GATEWOOD - Mary Beth10 Atkins, Mary Ellen9 Deal, Jacob Henry8 Deal, Mary Belle7 March, Henry6 March, Francis Marion5 March, William4 March, Rudolph 'Rudy III3 March, Rudolph II2 March, Rudolph I (Martz)1 March.
Researching Atkins, Deal, Diehl, MARCH, NORTH, Niehart, Merriman, Williams, WAINSCOTT, Hambleton /Hamilton, Gatewood. (Her  GGG-GF Henry MARCH and my G-GM Armildae MARCH Sammons are brother and sister.) GO TO BETH'S KUZZIN'S & KIN

ANGELA PAIGE WOOLFORD- Angela Kay11 Paige, Rodney Kay10 Paige, Roland Robert9 Paige, Margaret Pearl8 Wainscott, William Nathan7, William Grant6, Thornton Emmit5, Robert4, John C3, Richard I2, Wainscott1 Searching Maternal side: Cavin, Savage, Hutchinson, and Seymour.  Paternal side: WAINSCOTT, ELROD, Rebecca Boone, Getchell and Paige.

EARLA JEAN PETERS ROBERTS - Earla Jean8 Peters, Cleo Imogene7 Hollon, Goldie Mattie6 Hunsaker, Shelby5 Hunsaker, Leodica4 Stice, Charlotte3 Wainscott, Abraham I2 Wainscott, Richard I1 Wainscott.
Searching for ABRAHAM WAINSCOTT and his wife Mary Catherine. Who were her parents, what was her maiden name, etc. Also searching the STICE family.

Earla is also searching for the:
1. Parents of Anna R. LAMBERT b. 05-19-1810 in  Russell Cty, VA, d. 09-06-1882 in Sullivan Cty, 
   MO, m. in Russell Cty, VA to John Jessie KNIFONG b.10-05-1805 in Russell Cty, VA, d.01-28-
   1864 in Sullivan Cty, MO. 
2. Parents of Anny THOMPSON b.1799 in Henrico Cty, VA, d.1829 in Howard Cty, MO, m. James A. 
   HOLLON 11-27-1818 in Howard Cty, MO, he was b 08-07-1791 and d 08-23-1868.  He married 
   a second time 10-29-1832 in Howard Cty, MO, to a Sarah Hutchinson PRUITT also born in 
   Henrico Cty, VA, and died 09-12-1866 in Howard Cty, MO. Also looking for Sarah Hutchinson 
   PRUITT's parents.
3. Am also looking for parents of Susan CALBERT/CALVERT b. 1805 in Kentucky, m Thomas Hoskins 
   1824 in Howard Cty, MO.
4. And parents of Mary GRAY b.10-20-1820 Kentucky, m. William Hopkins OWINGS in 1840 in 

LINDA MARIE HILL CARTER - I'm researching the following on my paternal line: Dorothy Olivene Monroe (b. September 4, 1908) David Hall Monroe (b. May 19, 1874) Henrietta Lorraine McCoy (b. November 26, 1883) Byron Oliver McCoy (b. October 10, 1858) James McCoy (b. 1820) Nancy Elizabeth Tillotson (b. September 28, 1863) George Washington Tillotson (b. May 27, 1830) Rachel Wainscott (b. January 28, 1832) NOTE: Rachel is Dudley Wainscott's daughter, CR's Almarinda's sister. Other family names that I'm researching are: Ashard, Barnett, Cours, Darby, Kobs, Labs, Myklebust, Nider/Neider, Nordberg, Swemke, Voldhagen, Wolverton, Wrasse. GO TO LINDA'S CHARTS

GAIL WAINSCOTT REVELL - She is researching the following names. Gail Elaine8 Wainscott Hardy Ewing 'Scotty7, Charley Ewing6, Ewing Marion5, Thornton Emmit4, Robert3, John C2, Richard I1 Wainscott GO TO GAIL'S PAGE

JANNA SMITH EVERSMEYER - Janna Margaret10 Smith, Janet Margaret9 Evans, Mary Margaret8 Burnison, Gertrude7 Stafford, William Henry6 Stafford, Aaron5 Stafford, Tyra4 Stafford, Elizabeth3 Wainscott, (William2 (Henry) Wainscott, Richard I1 Wainscott Researching WAINSCOTT, STAFFORD, LIONS/LYONS, SHAW, JULIAN, IRWIN, LADD, GRACE, SIMMONS, SPURGEON. These families are descendants or connections of a STAFFORD/WAINSCOTT marriage and were all in Indiana (Franklin Co. area) in the early 19th century. ( Her GGGGGG-GF William2 (Henry) Wainscott and my GGGGG-GF John C Wainscott are brothers - the sons of Richard I Wainscott)

ROY WILLIAM WHEELER JR - Roy William8 Wheeler Jr, Roy William7 Wheeler Sr, Rosa Belle6 Wainscott, Silas5 Martin Wainscott, Alfred4 Wainscott, Richard II3 Wainscott, John C2 Wainscott, Richard I1 Wainscott


GEORGEANN BARTLE COLEMAN - Researching Robert L.8 Coleman, Ella Frances7 Sexton, Charles Haden6 Sexton, Susan Ann5 Ewing, Mary Ann4 Wainscott, Abraham II3 Wainscott, Abraham I2 Wainscott, Richard I1 Wainscott.


JENNIFER STICE ROWE - Also researching: Stice, Brown, Miller, McCreary, Bermingham, McLean, Greene, Bidwell, Stanford, Custis and others. 1. JENNIFER7 STICE, JAMES BERMINGHAM6, ROBERT HENRY5, HENRY PETER4, RICHMOND 3, PETER2, CARL1 STEISS was born November 29, 1955 in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California. She married (1) DAVID ALAN ROWE Nov.27, 1976 in Graham, Pierce Co. Washington2, son of FRANK ROWE and ADDIE HOXIE. Children of JENNIFER STICE and DAVID ROWE are: i. ALEXANDRA BLANCHE 8 ROWE, b. June 7, 1977, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington. ii. JAMES FRANK ROWE, b. June 21, 1980, San Rafael, Marin County, California. iii. KATHERINE STANFORD ROWE, b. August 30, 1982, San Francisco, San Francisco Co. Calif. iv. ROBERT STICE ROWE, b. December 2, 1985, Kirkland, King County, Washington. GO TO JENNIFER'S AND MERLIN KITCHEN'S STICE HOMEPAGE or JENNIFER'S FTM HOMEPAGE

DONALD & BEVERLY WALKER TIERNAN - Peter Stice is my husband's ggg-grandfather, gg-grandfather was Abraham Morgan, g-grandfather was William Morgan. This is what I have from William Morgan to my family. William Morgan Stice b 1846 mar Cynthia Ann Rupe b Children: Emma J. b 1869 IA mar William H. Cooper Jesse H. b 1870 IA *Bertha E. b 27 Dec 1871 IA mar Clarence L. Harris b 1870 (grandparents Fay/Fannie b 1874 mar Whatley Charles Franklin b Jul 1877 mar Maud Sarah Nixon Merta/Myrtle b 1879 mar Woodley Annie/Anna b May 1881 mar Yerkes Fred b Feb 1883 Bertha and Clarence had the following children Velda May b mar Irving Green Helen Frances b 16 Dec 1902 Boone,IA mar William P. Tiernan b 1898 IA (husbands parents) Ester b ? died at age 8 Helen and William had the following children: Robert Eugene b Sep 1927 IA d 1997 Cody, WY mar Muriel Dutcher (4 kids John (Jack) Dean b 1937 IA mar Evelyn Hanson (they have 3 daughters Donald Lee b 18 Sep 1938 IA mar Beverly F. Walker b 11 May 1939 we have 5 children, and 9 grandchildren.


WILLIAM G. STEWART - William Grant9 Stewart, Mable Nellie8 Sammons, William Harrison7 Sammons, Devrix6 Sammons, Edmund5 Sammons, Newit4 Sammons, James III3 Sammons, James II2 Sammons, James I1 Salmon/Sammons. He and Anna are also researching Stewart, Combs, Campbell, Norrish, Kirk, Williamson, and Legrand. (We have the same line down to Edmund. His GGG-GF Edmund and my GG-GF George Sammons are brothers.)

JERI SAMMONS BEITEL - Jeri 11 Sammons, Robert Hughey10 Sammons, Thomas Eugene9 Sammons, Henry Tucker Sr8 Sammons, John7 Sammons, Whitfield Tucker Sr6 Sammons, Richard5 Sammons, John4 Sammons, William3 Sammons, James II2 Sammons, James I1 Sammons) Researching Sammons, Hinton and Beitel. (Her GGGGG-GF William is my GGGG-GF James IIIs brother / William is my GGG-GF Newit Sammons Uncle)

HOPE COSLETT PEES - Pearl Hope10 Coslett, Elizabeth Pearl9 Caldwell, Elizabeth Clifford8 Sammon, Robert Walker II7 Sammon, Robert Walker I6 Sammon, John B Jr5 Sammon, John B Sr4 Sammon, William Sr3 Sammon, James Sr II2 Sammon, James I1 Salmon/Sammon. She is also researching PEE/PEA/PEAY, HARRISON, SAMMON /SALMON/SAMMONS, IVEY, BRIDGES, BROADWAY, WALKER, ELLIS, and WILLIAMS lines. (Her GGGGG-GF William Sammon is my GGG-GF Newit Sammons Uncle.) She requested that I add her mailing address: 505 Arlington Street, Sequin, TX 78155-5317

JAMES E. 'JIM AUSTIN - James Edward Jr10 Austin, Betty Lou9 Bailey, Pearl Louise8 Sammons, George Washington7 Sammons, Devrix6 Sammons, Edmund5 Sammons, Newit4 Sammons, James III3 Sammons, James II2 Sammons, James I1 Sammons. (His GGG-GF Edmund and my GG_GF George Sammons are brothers.) He is also researching the Austin, Howard, Ross, Harris, Johnson, Humphrey lines. GO TO JIM'S HOMEPAGE:

SCOTT ALAN SAMMONS - Scott Alan10 Sammons, Verna Floyd9 Sammons, Floyd Elmer8 Sammons, William David7 Sammons, John Levi6 Sammons, William David5 Sammons, Hansel4 Sammons, James III3, James II2, James I1 Salmon/Sammons. (His GGGG-GF Hansel and my GGG-GF Newit are half-brothers) Researching Sammons, Sirmons, Corley.

LINDA GEORGE MANIACI - Linda10 George, Lillian Ruth9 Longhauser, Ruth8 Clarke, Minnie Alice7 Sammons, Newton Cassius6 Sammons, George G5 Sammons, Newit4 Sammons, James III3 Sammons, James II2 Sammons, James I1 Salmon/Sammons. (Her G-GM Minnie Alice and my GM May Sammons were sisters)

LINDA BEECHER STARREN - Linda10 Beecher, Jesse Lou9 Bazemore, Alma Gertrude8 Sammons, Seaborn Alfred7 Sammons, Wiley G6 Sammons, Seaborn5 Sammons, Benjamin Seaborn4 Sammons, James III3 Sammons, James II2 Sammons, James I1 Salmon/Sammons. She is researching the BAZEMORE, BEECHER, MIXON, MOCK, SAMMONS, SAULS AND SMART lines. (Her GGGG-GF Benjamin Seaborn and my GGG-GF Newit Sammons were half-brothers)

JOHN HENRY SAMMONS - John Henry Sammons, Louis Henry Sammons, John Hansel Sammons, Robert Wiley Sammons. Researching Sammons, Middleton, Cannon, Fite.

BILLIE ANN HALEY YOUNG - Billie Ann9 Haley, William Newton8 Haley, Sarah Elizabeth7 Sammons, Newton Cassius6 Sammons, George G5 Sammons, Newit4 Sammons, James III3, James II2, James I1 Salmon/Sammons (Not researching Sammons, is researching Haley.(Her GM Sarah Elizabeth and my GM Mandy May were sisters)


KEN & BARB ROBERTS - Kenneth Paul7 Roberts, Kenneth Lee6 Roberts, Errett Elbert5 Roberts, Elijah Perry4 Roberts, David Anderson3 Roberts, Nicholas2 Roberts, Thomas1 Roberts Researching Roberts, Bradley, White.

CINDY ROBERTS COLLEY - Cynthia Ann12 Roberts, Harry Thomas11 Roberts, Harry Thomas10 Roberts, William Mitchell9 Roberts, Jesse Anderson8 Roberts, Jesse7 Roberts, William L6 Roberts, Nathan Sr5 Roberts, William Sr4 Roberts, John Jr3 Roberts, John Sr2 Roberts, Andrew1 Roberts Researching Roberts, Colley, Cleeton, Byram, Farris, Beasley, Davenport.


DAVID & DEE ECKROAT MARCH - David Harlan8 March, Lendell David "Bud"7, Lial Andrew6, Ruben Dooley5, Rudolph IV Nicholas Buckhart4, Rudolph 'Rudy III3, Rudolph II2, Rudolph I (Martz)1)
She is researching her husband David's line: MARCH, Griffin, Robinette, Bradley, Tinker, Roberts, Johnson, Fosha, McArthur, Spriggs, Ely, Carroll, Howard, Harlan, Millsaps, Haynes, Helm, Upton, Pope, Gaines, Burrows, Dunn, Hull, Gross, Shinn.
And her line: Eckroat, Stoll, Klies, Neyer/Neuer, Hollenback, Schmidt, Kuhler, Kieffer, Ostertag, Fleming, French, Hockett, Tull, Bench, Adams, Mathews, Hartley, Cook/e, Wilson, and Thomas.

DEAN & MERRIE O'BRIEN - Dean Owen8 O'Brien, John Herschel7 O'Brien, Arminta Bell6 March, James Anderson5, William4, Rudolph 'Rudy III3, Rudolph II2, Rudolph I Martz1 Researching Richards, Anderson, MARCH, BARR, ROBERTS, TAYLOR, WINN, Crabtree, Vogel, Hunter, Meyer, Venus/Vena lines. Also Merrie's lines, Peterson, Mongsen(e), and Bodell. His brickwall is his Grandfather, William Vogel - (Census of Pine Co. MN 1900 - Born Dec 1969 in NY) Both parents were born in Germany. Only one clue my mother gave me was that she had an uncle that taught German in a university in NY. Since William was from NY, I assumed that it was his family.
GO TO DEAN'S FAMILY WEB PAGE  The generosity of Dee and Dean are immeasurable. They are my lifelines to the March family.

DARREN PETRO - Darren9 Petro, Donna Lee8 March, Alva Lee7 March, Alva Aneian6 March, Jacob Rudolph5 March, Rudolph4 March, Laurance M3 March, Rudolph II2 March, Rudolph I1 March/Martz


LINDA ALTOM SMITH - Researching Spencer & James ALTOM, Kitts, Barnett, Myers, and Betts lines. I wouldn't have a homepage if it wasn't for her help in guiding me in the setup!) GO TO LINDA'S HOMEPAGE  

NORMA JEAN BRUCE SHEWMAKE - Norma Jean6 Bruce, Ida Mae5 Brown, Charles Robert4 Brown, George Washington3 Brown, James William2 Sr. Brown, James1 Brown. and Norma Jean5 Bruce, Ida Mae4 Brown, Nettie Frances3 Rogers, William H2 Rogers, Wilis1 Rogers. Researching Altom, Brown, Cooper, Arthur, Moss, Rogers.  Her GG-GF Charles Robert Brown married Nettie Frances Rogers. He was Raymond's GF Joseph Edgar Brown's brother, and Nettie was Samantha Azlee Altoms 1st cousin. Norma Jean and Raymond are double-cousins, 2nd and 3rd.)


ELAINE RANDALL ENGLISH - Iris Elaine7 Randall, Ruby Lucille6 Moore, Lucy Cornelia5 Bell, Albert Benjamin4 Bell, Mary Frances3 Browning, Albert G Sr2 Browning, Caleb1 Browning /AND/ Iris Elaine7 Randall, Ruby Lucille6 Moore, Lucy Cornelia5 Bell, Albert Benjamin4 Bell, Mary Frances3 Browning, Olive S2 Nicholas, Joseph Henderson1 Nicholas 
Researching the Olive S. NICHOLAS line. {CR's GGG-GF Isaiah's sister} and Elaine's GGG-GF Albert G Browning is also my GG-GM Caroline Irene Brownings sister.) We are double kin on the Browning & Nicholas lines. VISIT ELAINE'S HOMEPAGE

GLEN B NICHOLAS - Glen Buren6 Nicholas, Willie Roy5 Nicholas, Zachariah Taylor4 Nicholas, Zachariah Taylor3 Sr Nicholas, Caroline Irene2 Browning, Caleb1 Browning /and/ Glen Buren6 Nicholas, Willie Roy5, Zachariah Taylor Jr4, Zachariah Taylor Sr3, Isaiah Allen2, Joseph Henderson1. (We are double kin on the Browning & Nicholas lines.
Researching NICHOLAS, BROWNING, POINDEXTER, St.Clair/Sinclair/Sinkler, Shirley, Graham, Spikes, Crittendon, Almon, Hather, Taylor, Clanton, Faust/Foust, Albrecht/Albright, Snotherly, Stout, Wiley/Wylie, Shelby, Morgan, Alexander, Cromwell, Miller, Tatum, Savage, Palmer, Tittle, Benham, Hobbs, Mathis, Shelby, Brantley, Bailey, Littleton, Green, and Riggins. (His G-GF Zachariah Nicholas and my G-GF Stephen Nicholas are brothers.)

JOHN R BROWNING- John Reginald6 Browning, Leonard Thomas Sr5, William Baker4, Benjamin Baker3, Albert G Sr2, Caleb1 /and/ John Reginald6 Browning, Leonard Thomas5 Sr Browning, William Baker4 Browning, Benjamin Baker3 Browning, Olive S2 Nicholas, Joseph Henderson1 Nicholas
Searching for NICHOLAS, BROWNING, St.Clair/Sinclair/Sinkler, and others. (His GGG-GF Albert G Browning and my GG-GM Caroline Irene Browning are brother and sister.)

Glen and John are my lifelines to the Nicholas/Browning family, the sharing of their lines connected them to my line.

Note from Charlotte, y'all try figuring out all these double kinships. Might oughta read the poem, "I'm My Own Grandpa."

DELORES LEE 'DODIE TAYLOR AMES - Researching Browning, among others. Delores Lee7 Taylor, TrellisS Lee6 Browning, James Jackson5, Thomas Wayne4, Thomas3, Benjamin2, Caleb1 Browning

WAYNE W BROWNING - Researching the Caleb Browning line.  Wayne W7 Browning, Delbert Doyle6, Thomas Alexander5, John Story4, Francis Marion3, John G Sr2, Caleb1 Browning 


MARIAN ROBESON DOUGLAS - Marian Jeanette5 Robeson, Joyce Cleo4 Davis, James Calvin3 Davis, Calvin Dr.2 Davis, Josiah1 Davis (Marian's GG-GF Dr. Calvin DAVIS is my GG-GM Lucinda DAVIS Curlee's brother.) She is also searching for Robeson, KENT, Couch, Morgan, Hertz, Leopard/Lepard lines, and the Knoll family from Avoyelles Parish, LA, among others. She was my lifeline to the Davis and Kent families. GO TO MARIAN AND GENE'S HOMEPAGE


GLORIA FUTRELL BINGHAM - Gloria5, A D Sr4, Thomas3, Lewis2 (& Cidy), Winburn1 Futrell Researching Futrell, Bingham, Dunn, and Vaughan.

CARLA BINGHAM ROLLINS - Carla6, Gloria5, A D Sr4, Thomas3, Lewis2 (& Cidy), Winburn1 Futrell  On her side, researching Futrell, Bingham, Dunn, Vaughan, Fitzpatrick, Keener and Sutton. On husband's side, Rollins, Worley, Bible, Harrison, Hall, McLarty, and Moore.

(These two are mother and daughter.) They are also of the KENT/DAVIS line) Gloria's G-GM and Carla's GG-GM, Cidy DAVIS Futrell and my G-GM Sara 'Lucinda DAVIS Curlee are sisters.

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