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Page and Email Buffer
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      March 3, 2004 (updated Jan. 19, 2009)
      Greetings Cousins and friends:

      Due to so much spam being sent to email addresses found on the net nowadays, I 
      find it necessary to use a buffer to try to ward off the spam.
      I have over 1,000 html pages that I will add this buffer. No easy chore. 
      But... it will help when the time comes to change my email, or finally get DSL.

      If you are related to any of the names I have listed below, and would like to 
      submit your information on any of my pages that pertain to them, send me a 
      Gedcom, outline, or .doc file containing the info, and I will format it for a 
page. Generally living folks are not put online, for security reasons.  
By sending me the info, it is understood that you are giving permission to put your name and email address on the new pages, so when others find them, they can contact you.
Kent, Davis, Curlee, St.Clair/Sinkler, Browning, Nicholas,
Wainscott, Elrod, March, Roberts, Sammons, Bell/Perry,
Ramsey, Lewis, Bell, Altom, Brown, Arthur, Moss, Arbogast.

Send your data to: Charlotte Ramsey

      I will also add here that I have transcribed many cemeteries, some local and some
      in other states, while visiting there.
      I get a lot of emails asking about the faraway cemeteries or the folks interred in
      them. Generally, I have put about all I know about them, giving locations and 
      directions if possible.  So the best thing to do is go to the state and county the 
      cemetery is in, and put a query about your information.  You have a better chance 
      of finding someone who has more information.
      Also, I try to keep the local cemeteries updated, but the ones in other states will
      not be updated unless I visit there in the future, or you send me the information 
      to add.
      There are many states and counties that have few cemetery transcriptions.  All it
      takes is for someone to take their notepads and cameras, and start transcribing
      what is on each stone.  Then type them up in html format and send to where ever
      they belong.  'Some body's gotta do it'.!!!  Or else they won't get done.  ...CR