Edmund Sammons w/Ann Mariah Sammons Executrix - Schuyler Co MO

concerning Edmund Sammons Estate
(in Schuyler Co. Missouri)
Page 134
 			Schuyler Co Mo }	 
	 					The State of Missouri to all
			persons to whom these presents Shall Come Greetings
			Know ye, that the last will and Testament of Edm
			und Sammons Decd hath in due form of Law been
			exhibited - proved and Recorded in the office of the
			Clerk of the County Court for Schuyler County, a copy
			of which is due to annested? and in as much as it
			appears that no person has been appointed Executor
			in and by Said last-will, We cts here by appoint
			Ann Mariah Sammons Executrix to execute the
			Ame? & to the end that the property of the testate
			may be preserved for those who Shall appear to have
			a legal right - or interest therein - therein, and in
			that the Said last will may be executed according
			to Law the request - of the Testator, We do here by auth
			-ize her the Said Ann Mariah Sammons as Such
			Executrix to Collect and Secure, all and Singular
			the goods & Chattels, rights and Credits which was
			of the Said Edmund Sammons at the time of
			his death in whose Soever hands or possession
			the Same may be found and to perform and ful
			fill all Such duties as may be required of her
			by Said will, So far as there Shall be property
			and the Law directs, and in general to do &
			perform all other acts & things which now are
			here after may be required of her by law.
			In Testimony whereof I have here unto Set my
			hand and Seal of vus? County Court Jan 6th
			A.D. 1858			I B Alousen?  Clk

			Recorded Jan 6th 1858
							I B Alousin?  Clk

			Page 135  Bond of Ann M Sammons Executrix

			Know all men by these presents that we Ann
			Mariah Sammons as principal and	
					  	  as Security are
			held and firmly bound unto the State of Missouri
			in the Sum of Sixteen hundred dollars for the
			payment of which we bind ourselves our heirs Execu
			-tors and Administrators,  The Conditions of the above
			bond is that of Ann Mariah Sammons Admin
			-istrating the Estate of Edmund Sammons deceased
			with the will annexed, Shall faithfully administer
			Said estate according to the provisions of Said will ___
			___ for pay and deliver, all money and property
			of Said Estate and perform all things touching
			Said administration required by law or the Order
			or decree of any Court having jurisdiction, then
			the above Bond to be void-  Otherwise to remain
			in full force.		Ann Mariah Sammons (Seal)
						Joab Thornburger   (Seal)
						A.D. Farris        (Seal)
						George Sammons     (Seal)

			Filed & approved by the Court Jan 4th 1858
			& Recorded		I B Alousin?  Clk 

Transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents submitted by William G. Stewart.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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