Fairview TX Cemetery - Wilson Co

William Benjamin Sammons Family Headstones

Fairview Cemetery, Wilson County, Texas

William Benjamin and Arrena (NOBLES) SAMMONS migrated from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to 
Fairview, Wilson County, Texas, about 1875.[1] They came with several of their children, 
including Catharine, Martha, Wiley, William Washington and his family, and Jourdon and 
his family.[2] William Benjamin and his sons were hog farmers.[3] The Sammons family had 
presence in Fairview for at least the next 50 years. Many family members and allied 
families are buried in the Fairview Cemetery. Others are buried nearby at Floresville.

The Fairview Cemetery is west of Floresville about 12 miles. Take County Road 113 to 
Fairview, then turn south on Farm Road 2505. The cemetery is on the west side of the 
road, about 1/2 mile. Just before you reach it is the Tackitt Brahma Bull Ranch. There 
is a small church in the open with no other buildings around. The Cemetery sets back 
about 50 yards from the road. It is fenced, in current use, and about 1-2 acres in 
extent. The survey and recording was performed by Dean SAMMONS WOLBACH between bursts 
of rain during a driving thunderstorm in August 1996.

The SAMMONS stones lie immediately west of a tree line running north-south through the 
cemetery, and slightly north of center. The lay-out of the stones is approximately as 

=> North

                  7   8   9   10

1   gap   2   3   4   5   6

trees  trees  trees   trees
---------- fence/gate/road --------------- 
1. In Memory 
   Delbert Leslie  
   Son of T. G. & _ R Sammons  
   Born Sept 15, 1901
   Died  Nov. 7, 1904

2. Mary D. Sammons 
   Born Dec. 22, 1849 
   Died Jan 30, 1927 
   Gone but not forgotten

3. Jourdan Sammons 
   Born Feb. 18, 1830 
   Died July 14, 1911 
   Gone but not forgotten

4. Dave Sammons 
   born Feb 20, 1889 
   Died Aug 23, 1904 
   It was an angel that vaulted the green earth and _____

5. Joseph B Sammons 
   Born Dec 11, 1881 
   Died July 10 1894 
   Gone but not forgotten Note: Broken off at base

6. Adena Sammons 
   Born Sept. 4 1896
   Died May 25 1900 
   Here rests the Sweetest bud of hope That e’er the human race was given

7. William Sammons
   Born July 26, 1812 
   Died - Nov 13 (or 19), 1902

8. In Memory of 
   Arrena Sammons 
   Died July 30, 1890 aged 76 yrs 
   A Baptist - She died as she lived, a christian

9. Catharine Sammons  
   Died Oct. 19, 1892 - Age 53
   Baptist - Died a christian (broken at base)

10.Infant of J. M. & B. Sammons 
   Born & Died - Feb. 4, 1898
   At rest


1. Birth locations and dates of children of William Washington and Martha (OATES) 
SAMMONS and Jourdon and Delila (CRUNK) SAMMONS

2. 1880 US Census for Wilson County, Texas, Enumeration District 148, pgs 29, 30, and 
38. National Archives, San Bruno CA, Film No. T9, Roll R1333.

3. Wilson County Tax Roll for 1879, pg 37, line 32. Texas State Library Reel No. 

Sammons, Wm Abstract No. 32, Cert. No. 2720, Original grantee, Allen Isaac: 160 acres 
$400, 1 wagon $25, 3 horses or mules $55, 4 head cattle $25, 34 hogs $34, misc property 
$34. Total $573; State taxes ad valorem $2.86 1/2, Poll $__, Total $2.86 1/2, County 
$2.86 1/2, TOTAL STATE and COUNTY $5.73.

Others interred at Fairview Laura A (MARSHALL) SAMMONS Albert Lee SAMMONS May Lucinda (LOVE) SAMMONS Howard Vernon SAMMONS Elizabeth (TOLLET) SAMMONS Janie (SAMMONS) TACKETT Martha (SAMMONS) TIMBERLAKE Others interred at Floresville Perry Allen SAMMONS Frances (ROEMER) SAMMONS Ralph Theodore SAMMONS Sr. Several of the husbands are supposedly with the wives. The list comes from the Floresville (Wilson Co) Library.

Compiled by Charlotte Ramsey from Info submitted by Dean Sammons Wolbach

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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