Joseph Sappington Bible

The Joseph Sappington Bible
Nov 29 1786 - Jul 9/19 1848
born at Cross Creek VA-Ohio Co.

About 1983, while coming back from Columbia, Missouri-Boone Co., Raymond and Charlotte Curlee 
Ramsey, of Little Rock, Arkansas, stopped at several Flea Market/Antique stores.  Charlotte 
found a Bible in a box of books and felt compelled to get it.  Then, when she got on the 
internet in 1994, began a search into this family.  After several attempts to find the 
Sappington family, finally, on December 9, 1999 she found this family listed by several 
different researchers on the internet.

The only thing they listed was Joseph's birth and in one, had Elizabeth's maiden name listed 
as Wells.

The Bible has been covered in an animal skin and sewn with string. The Bible has come apart 
in the center of it, in the book of Psalms, so it is in two parts.  Being printed in 1811, 
it is in very small type, and like old documents were written, anywhere there is double S', 
the first one is an F.  The pages are very brown, but to be about 189 years old, I consider 
it to be in good shape.

Inside the back cover, tucked behind the animal skin, I also found a tattered page that must 
have more information on it, but it is in really bad shape.
I can see the words "the year of" written and possibly the beginning of the name Sappington, also an 8, which is probably part of a date. The Bible also has a very interesting table in it, stating "A Table Of Kindred and Affinity wherein whosoever are related are forbidden in Scripture, and our Laws, to marry together"

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The Animal Skin Cover on the back and front of the Bible.

On the inside front cover is handwritten,
Joseph Sappington his Book


		The Bible states:
		Printed by Mathew Carey
		No. 122, Market-Street

On the last page was handwritten:
Joseph Sappington died July 09/19 1848

Joseph Sappington was born November the 29th in the year of our Lord 1786
Elizabeth Sappington was born January the 14th in the year of our Lord 1788
Joseph and Elizabeth was married April the 23 1809

Sara Sappington was born May the 4th in the year of our Lord 1810
Margaret Sappington was born August the 8th in the year of our Lord 1813

Mary Sappington was born July 11th in the year of our Lord 1815
Fraisden? Sappington was born January the 10th in the year of our Lord 1817
Thomas Sappington was born May the 15th in the year of our Lord 1818

Pius Sappington was born November the 7th in the year of our Lord 1819
Christopher Sappington was born April the 3rd in the year of our Lord 1821

The page before the Book of Matthew, handwritten is:
Elizabeth Parke was born the first of October in the year of our Lord 1835

The page after the Book of Revelation and before the Psalms is handwritten:
		My boy Ned was born the 25th March 1835
		Malinda was born the 11 of July 1840
From info I found on the net:
Direct Descendants of Nathaniel SAPINTON 1 Nathaniel SAPINTON b: Abt. 1662 England d: 1713 Cecil Co MD .. +Mary b: Abt. 1666 England d: 1713 Cecil Co MD ... 2 Nathaniell SAPINTON b: 1692 England Or Wales d: 06 Oct 1735 Cecil Co. Md ....... +Margaret HARTLEY b: Abt. 1692 St. Stephens Parish, Cecil Co. M: m: 27 Dec 1713 St. Stephens Parish, Cecil Co. Md ......... 3 John SAPPINGTON b: 14 Jul 1723 Cecil Co. Md d: Bef. 1800 , Madison Co. Ky ............. +Margarett BAXTER b: Abt. 1725 Cecil Co. Md m: 1745 d: Madison Co. Ky .............. 4 James SAPPINGTON b: 1754 Anne Arundel, Md d: 1838 Madison Co. Ky ................... +Sarah DURBIN b: Abt. 1754 Cross Creek, Ohio Co. Va m: 1786 Cross Creek, Ohio Co. Va d: 15 Jun 1803, Madison Co. Ky .................... 5 Joseph SAPPINGTON b: 29 Nov 1786 Cross Creek, Ohio Co. Va d: 18 Jul 1848 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QUESTIONS I NEED ANSWERED --- (Answered by John P. Wells 16 Aug 2001) WHERE DID JOSEPH AND ELIZABETH MARRY? St. Louis, MO. WHERE DID THEY LIVE AND RAISE THEIR FAMILY? They resided in the "Gravois district" near the intersection of what is now Gravois Rd. and Baptist Church Rd. (Crestwood, Mo.?) WHERE DID THEY DIE? In St. Louis Co. Mo. WHERE ARE THEY BURIED? Joseph is buried in Sappington Cemetery on Watson Rd. Crestwood, Mo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found Sappington Marriages in: MADISON CO KY MARRIAGES Sappington, Catharine Crews, Thomas 177 Feb 12 1828 (sister to Joseph) Sappington, Heartly Pursell, Mary 65 Feb 24 1789 (uncle of Joseph) Sappington, James Brown, Margaret 09 Jun 15 1803 (Joseph's father & 2nd wife) Sappington, John Lanham, Sarah 220 Apr 12 1840 (brother to Joseph) Sappington, Lucy Paden, Adam 84 Apr 11 1816 (sister to Joseph) Sappington, Mary Wells, Richard 63 Sep 11 1811 (sister to Joseph) Sappington, Nancy Willis Nicholas (or Wells) 106 Dec 21 1809 (sister to Joseph) Sappington, Peggy Brown, Hugh 152 May 13 1824 (sister to Joseph) Sappington, Sebastian White, Milly 131 Nov 23 1820 (brother to Joseph) Sappington, Zepheniah Parks, Peggy 07 Nov 05 1804 Sappington, James Right, Anny 118 Jun 26 1817 (brother to Joseph) CLARK CO KY MARRIAGES Sapinton, James Stevenson, Arney [Amy] Mar 12 1829 (cousin 1r to Joseph) Sappington, Richard Evans, Polly Jan 14 1813 (1c1r to Joseph) BOONE CO MO MARRIAGES Sappington John Wilcoxen, Rebecca 063 Feb 08 1830 (cousin to Joseph) Sappington Elizabeth Black, John 062 Feb 09 1830 (cousin to Joseph) New Salem Baptist Cemetery-Ashland MO-Boone Co Sappington, Foster 28 Sep 1797 27 Dec 1856 s/o Richard Sappington/Nancy Jones Sappington, Elizabeth 17 Mar 1801 20 Apr 1838 w/o Foster Sappington Sappington, Martin L 08 May 1825 28 Sep 1859 s/o Foster Sappington/Elizabeth Martin Sappington, John 27 Oct 1801 08 Aug 1871 69y 9m 11d s/o Richard & Nancy Sappington, Rebecca 16 Nov 1808 16 Apr 1888 70y 5m Sappington, Mary C 10 Nov 1858 01 Oct 1886 Sappington, Sarah J 20 Jun 1831 17 May 1883 Sappington, Squire 19 Mar 1800 20 May 1852 s/o Richard & Nancy h/o Elvira Martin There were probably more listed on the next page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bible in the possession of Charlotte Curlee Ramsey since 1983.
Photos from the Charlotte Ramsey Collection 
I hope this endeavor will be of help to Sappington researchers.  I have done a lot of research on this family simply because I have the Bible and want to share the photos and info with others. I hope I saved a piece of history from being totally destroyed when I reached down into a box of paperback novels lying on the floor and rescued this old Bible. The scanned pictures are fairly legible on the screen, but due to the color of the pages, and being so dark, they don't print very well. I have some Sappington's in my family also.  I haven't connected them to this group of Sappington's yet, but assume they are related further back up line.   If anyone knows who the ancestors of David Earl Sappington are or if he is related to the above Sappington's, please let me know.   On 14 Aug 2001, Catherine Sappington replied, stating that David Earl Sappington was the son of Pleasant T. Sappington/Ella Tinder. Pleasant was son of Overton Sappington/Margaret Lanham. Overton was son of James Sappington/Arney Wright. Margaret was daughter of Sarah Sappington/ Richard Lanham/ Sarah was daughter of Richard Sappington/Nancy Jones. Descendants of David Earl Sappington 1 David Earl Sappington .. +Susie Etta Anderson ... 2 Bennie O. Sappington b: 15 Apr 1921 Fayette MO-Howard Co d: 02 Nov 1992 Kansas City MO ....... +Geraldine Roberts b: Boone Co MO m: Lincoln NE ......... 3 David Earl Sappington b: Lincoln NE ......... 3 Richard Sappington ......... 3 Sharon Sappington ............. +Schultz

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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