John Sammons to James Snell - Rutherford Co TN

(in Rutherford Co. Tennessee)
Deed Book R - Page 155

 		No 192                  }  This Indenture made the 4th day of January, 
		John Salmon             }  in the year of our Lord one thousand eight   
		To} Deed  103 Acres     }  hundred and twenty Seven, between John 
	 	James Snell             }  Salmon of the State of Tennessee and County 
			of Rutherford of the one part and James Snell of the Same County & State
		of the other part, Witnesseth, that the Said John Salmon for and in consideration
		of the Sum of four hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the Said 
		James Snell, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath given,
		granted, bargained Sold Alined, en fe effact, Conveyed and Confirmed 
		unto the Said James Snell & to his heirs & assigns forever a certain tract 
		or parcel of Land, Situate lying and being in the County of Rutherford afore=
		said, and on the waters of Overalls & Stewarts Creeks, and adjoining Ezekl  
		Murphreys, Sarah Stewart, Thomas Woods, Saml Hunt & John Bagus?.
		Beginning at a hickory Ezekl Murphreys Corner and said Salmons' line,
		of fifty acres, thence South with line twenty nine poles to a Cedar,
		Sarah Stewarts Corner, thence East with her line one hundred and
		fifty two to a Cedar & Elm, north one hundred & five poles to a
		Cedar on Saml Hanks line, thence West with Sd Hanks line
		fifty four to said Salmons Corner of his old Survey a________
		And Same course Continued with his old Survey of fifty acres to
		his Corner and part in all one hundred Sixty One & half poles to a
		Stake, thence South eighteen poles to a Stake, thence West Sixteen
		poles to a Stake, in Murphreys line, thence South twenty poles to a
		Hickory, thence East twenty two poles to a post oak, thence South
		thirty seven & a half poles to a Cedar, thence East three and a half
		poles to the beginning Containing one hundred and three acres
		of land, more or less to have and to hold the aforesaid land and
		bargained premises together all and Singular the hereditaments & appur
		tenances to the Same belonging or in anywise appurtaining and the
		Said John Salmon and his heirs doth Covenant & agree to and with
		the Said James Snell and his heirs that the before recited tract of land
		is free and clear of all incumbrances whatever, and that from himself
		and his heirs and from all other person or persons whatever will
		Warrant & forever defend, unto the said James Snell and to his
		heirs & assigns forever.  In witness whereof he the Said John Salmon hath 
		hereunto Set his hand and Seal the day and year first written.
		Signd Sealed and delivered  }			    his
		in presence of us           }			John X Salmon  {Seal}
		Roger Snell					    mark
		Thomas Woods

		State of Tennessee } County Court; April term 1827
		Rutherford County  } The execution of the foregoing deed of Conveyance from John Salmom
		to James Snell was duly proven in open Court at the above term, by the oath of Roger
		Snell and Thomas Woods, Subcribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be registered.		 
								John R. Laughlin    Clk
		Registered Sept 5th 1827.

Submitted by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey and Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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