John Sammons Land Grant - Rutherford Co TN


(in Rutherford Co. Tennessee)
Book 1 Page 49

The State of Tennessee
	   Know Ye, That for and in consideration of the sum of twelve and one half cents, per acre paid 
	into the Office of the Entry taker of Rutherford County, and entered on the 5th
	day of April 1824 pursuant to the provisions of an Act of the General Assembly of 
	said State, passed 23d day of November, 1847, by No. 8           
	THERE IS GRANTED by the said State of Tennessee, unto John Salmon
	A certain tract or parcel of land, containing Ninety Six Acres 
	by servey, bearing date the 6th day of March 1824 lying in said county,
	on the Waters of Overall and Stewarts Creek and bou
	nded as follows To Wit  Beginning at a Hickory
	Ezekiel Murphys Corner.  Said Salmond's line of a track of
	fifty acres on which he now lives.  Thence South with
	Said Murphys line twenty nine poles to Sarah Stewarts Corner
	a Cedar Thence East with her line One hundred and fifty
	two poles to a Cedar & Elm.  Thence North One hundred
	and five and one half poles to a Cedar.  Thence east Seventy
	four poles to an Ash.  Thence North Seventy three poles to
	a Cedar. Thence West Sixty Eight poles to a Cedar in
	John Bogins? line Thence SOuth with his line fifty four poles
	to his Corner a White Ash  Thence West with another of
	his line Sixty poles to a Cedar his South West Corner
	Thence South thirty eight poles to a Cedar in Salmonds
	line Thence east Six poles to a Walnut, his Corner
	Thence South with his line Seventy Six poles to an Ash
	another of his Corner  Thence West with his line One hun
	=dred and two poles to the beginning

	With the hereditaments and appurtenances.  To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of 
	land with its appurtenances, to the said John Salmon 
	and his heirs forever.  In Witness whereof, William Carroll Governor 
	of the State of Tennessee; hath hereunto set his hand and caused the Great Seal of the 
	State to be affix
	ed; at Murfreesboro on the 13th day of October in the 
	year of Our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty- four and of the Independence of 
	the United States, the 49

			By the Governor:  Wm Carroll

			Danl Graham  Secretary
	Note: The lettering in Italics was part of the form, and the bold was written in.

Submitted and transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents searched for by Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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