James William Brown Jr FGS

spouse: Sarah BULL

NAME.................... James William II BROWN ("Diamond R")
BIRTH/PLACE/RECORDS..... 05 SEP 1841 Hillsboro-Area of Ohio
MARRIAGE/PLACE/RECORDS..        1868 Blessed by Priest at Holy Family Mission
PARENTS NAME............ James William I BROWN & Elizabeth COOPER
GRANDPARENTS............ James BROWN &

>WIFE................... Sarah BULL
BORN/PLACE/RECORDS......        1854 (Pergan Indian)
DIED/PLACE/RECORDS...... 12 DEC 1912 Age:58

CHILDREN................ 7

NOTE: James William II BROWN  was in the Union Army-private 20th Ill 
Infantry Co C at Joliet Ill for 3 years. JUN 1861-JUL 1864  Description: 
Age:21 Ht:5'6 	Complexion:Dark Eyes:Hazel Hair:Black Marital S:Single Occ:Farmer
      In 1861-64 Fort Donelson, Shiloh & Vicksburg
         1862-   Wounded at Battle of Shiloh APR 6-7 1862   
         1865-   4th Veterans Regiment-Hancocks Group
                 Guard for President Abraham Lincoln
                 Provost Duty in Washington DC
         1865-   Camp Chase in Columbus Ohio
         1866-   07 FEB Mustered out
         1866-   {See newspaper article} Went West as a teamster with a freight
                 train from Nebraska City to Salt Lake City
         1866-   SEP 1867-Fall-Helena Montana
                 Spring-lived in Fort Benton Montana
         1868-71 Worked as Wagonmaster for Diamond "R" Freighting Co
         1871-   Partner with Joseph KIPP at 1st Trading Post-Belly River
                                             2nd             -Belly River
                                             3rd             -Three Forks
         1875-81 Worked for Hon TC POER at Fort McLeod Canada-Ft Benton
         1890-   Choteau-3 years Assistant Farmer at Old Indian Agency
         1893-   Bought 1,000 acre ranch on South Fork of Milk River on the
                 Blackfoot Reservation 
See: Summarized History on the life of James in another section of this book
* CHILD 1............... Geneva        BROWN b1869      
MARRIED...............1.             Robert STEWART  b
                      2.             George ROBINSON b
CHILD 1 CHILDREN........ 1. Earl     STEWART b
                 MARRIED    1.             Mae  AUBREY b      Div:
                            2.             Rena MARTIN b      Dec:
                         2. James    STEWART b
                 MARRIED                   Fannie ADAMS b
                         3. Virginia STEWART b
                 MARRIED    1.             Charles BIRD b     Div:
                            2.             Robert SLOAN b     Dec:
                         4. Vera     STEWART b      d26 JUN 1983
                 MARRIED    1.             Forrest BARLOW b   Dec:
                            2.             Oscar   BIRD b1900 d1982
                         5. George   STEWART b

She & Robert STEWART, who was a carpenter, married at the Holy Family Mission, & 
had 5 kids. Robert died when the children were quite young, & Geneva opened a 
cafe to support her family. When the children were grown, she married George 
ROBINSON and they also lived in Browning. 
* CHILD 2............... James William III BROWN  b1872 d14 DEC 1968 A:96
MARRIED.................       1898 Victoria LUKIN b1877 d10 FEB 1942 A:64
CHILD 2 CHILDREN........ 1. Sarah Adele BROWN b1899 d1960
                 MARRIED                   Jesse ROMSA b1897 d1965
                         2. Herman      BROWN b1901 d1922
                         3. Sidney      BROWN b1905 d
                 MARRIED    1.             Jane    McKELVEY b        Div:
                            2.             Dorothy KIPLING  b        Dec:
                 {Twin}  4. Angela      BROWN b1906
                 MARRIED    1.             Parker   WILLIAMSON b     Div:
                            2.             Thomas R COBELL     b1900 d1976
                 {Twin}  5. Vera Marie  BROWN b1906 d1906 (3mo)
                         6. Cecil       BROWN b1908 d1909 (9mo)
                         7. Vincent     BROWN b1909 d
                 MARRIED    1.             Evelyn MUTCH        b     Div:
                            2.             Myrtle RUNNING WOLF b
                         8. Woodrow     BROWN b1912 d
                 MARRIED    1.             Carma      MURPHY b       Div:
                            2.             Marguerite PARRENT b
                         9. John Leo    BROWN b1913 d1914 (5mo)
                        10. Benedict    BROWN b1914 d1916 (17mo)
                        11. Rita        BROWN b1918 d
                 MARRIED                   Arturo SANTANA b          Div:
                        12. Valentine   BROWN b1917 d1917 (6 « m)
                        13. Corrine     BROWN b1920 d1920 (2wks)

NOTE: He & Victoria married at the Holy Family Mission, & lived on the South 
Fork of Milk River, where they built their home & started a cattle ranch.  
It is still in the family, the house still being used. He also raised & 
trained race horses. At age 20, & prior to his marriage, he lost his leg up 
to the hip, due to a gun accident.  However, this handicap didn't hamper him 
in any way & could do any type of work.  Upon retirement from the ranch, they 
moved into Browning, where he was appointed Tribal Judge, a position he 
maintained for 39 years & retired from at age 86.  He was very knowledgeable 
of the law, & even after retirement, people came to him for advice & counseling.  
He was very clear of mind, & always kept up on current affairs. He believed that 
"age was not a matter of years, but a state of mind". & perhaps this belief 
was what kept him from ever being senile.
When Victoria died in 1942, he maintained his own home, which became the focal 
point of his children and grandchildren, who were all devoted and caring about 
his welfare.  Victoria had served the people of the community through nursing, 
helping the poor, and was very active in church work.  They were always devoted 
to their children and grandchildren. 
* CHILD 3............... Joseph        BROWN b1874 d1963
MARRIED.................             Frances ARNOUX b1877 d1952
CHILD 3 CHILDREN........ 1. Wesley   BROWN b1898 d1948
                         2. Aloysius BROWN b1900 d1965
                 MARRIED                  Marie PAISLEY b
                         3. Theodore BROWN b1901 d1946
                 MARRIED                  Charlotte BREMNER b
                         4. Lawrence BROWN b1903 d1912 (9yrs)
                         5. Alma     BROWN b1907
                 MARRIED                  Milo MCCARTNEY b           Div:
                         6. Carroll  BROWN b1910 d1910 (6dys)

                         7. Earl     BROWN b1914 d1976
                 MARRIED                  Dorothy HILL b             Dec:
                         8. Leo      BROWN b1916 d1962
                 MARRIED                  Betty STOTTS b
                         9. Lorraine BROWN b1919 d
                 MARRIED    1.            Bud BLEVINS b              Div:
                            2.            Mac OWENS   b
                        10. Galen    BROWN b    
                        11. Stillman BROWN b

NOTE: They married at the Holy Family Mission, lived on a ranch in the Houseman 
Hill area, raising cattle & horses.  Upon retirement from the ranch, he moved 
into Browning, & entered the Government service & sat on the Tribal Council, 
becoming a very well know statesman, representing the Blackfeet Tribe in 
Washington D.C.  Well known by many  members of the U.S. Congress, he advised 
them on many Indian issues.  He was a devoted family man, much respected by the 
people of the community.  He died age 89 
* CHILD 4............... Gerusia       BROWN b1877 d1890 13yrs drowned at
                                                               Choteau Mt 
* CHILD 5............... Josephine     BROWN b1880 d1880 (9mo)

* CHILD 6............... Jesse         BROWN b1882 d1955 (73yrs)
MARRIED.................             Catherine GOBERT b1883 d1976
CHILD 6 CHILDREN........ 1. Hazel        BROWN b1905 d1981
                 MARRIED                      LELAND b
                         2. Bernadine    BROWN b1907 d1935
                 MARRIED                  Robert KRAMER b1906 d1960
                         3. Harvey       BROWN b1909 d1982
                 MARRIED                  Alpha ADAMS b1921
                         4. Melvina Mae  BROWN b1911
                 MARRIED                  Kenneth DUNHAM b
                         5. Harold       BROWN b1920 d1970
                 MARRIED                 Theda MURPHY b             Dec:

NOTE:  They married at the Holy Family Mission and lived at he Home ranch of 
his father, JW Sr, who had retired and moved into Browning.  When Jesse 
retired from ranching, he moved into Browning and was appointed Deputy 
Sheriff for the Browning area & served for around 20 years under 3 different 
county sheriffs. He was a devoted family man & respected by the community. 
* CHILD 7............... Leo McKinley  BROWN b1886?
MARRIED.................              Eva CROFF b1898 d1972
CHILD 7 CHILDREN........ 1. Richard James   BROWN b
                 MARRIED                 Helen CONWAY b
                         2. Geneva          BROWN b
                 MARRIED                 Sam BIRD Jr b
                         3. Margaret Louise BROWN b1924 d1953
                 MARRIED                 Bill WAGNER b
                         4. Aurice          BROWN b
                 MARRIED                 Joe SHOW b     d1982
                         5. Leona           BROWN b
                 MARRIED                 Aloysius RACINE b
                         6. Betty Ann       BROWN b
                 MARRIED                 Merlin HALL b

NOTE: They were married at the Catholic Church in Browning.  He worked as a 
car mechanic for several years, as well as the town constable, a position he 
held for many years.  He then went to work for the school district as 
maintenance engineer & school bus driver for about 20 years.  When Eva died 
in 1972, he moved into the home of his daughter, Aurice, where he still 
resides.  He is 86 years old, and for the past five years he has been working 
for the Government "Mainstream" program.  He recently had major surgery & 
came through with flying colors, it didn't slow him down a bit.  He is very 
active and still drives his own car, attends basketball games and rodeos.  
He is a very devoted father and grandfather, and a respected member of this 
community.  Leo is the only surviving child of James William BROWN Jr. 

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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