Newit Sammons/Hartwell B. Hyde Land - Williamson Co TN


and Hartwell B. Hyde
(in Williamson Co. Tennessee)
Book K Page 458 

 		Hartwell B Hyde 120 Acres     }	This Indenture made this 13th day of 
		Nelsons Creek Conveyed        }	November in the year of our Lord one thou 
		by Newit Sammons ---	      }	=sand Eight Hundred & thirty between Newit  
		Registered 3rd March 1831     }	Sammons of the County of Williamson in 
		State of Tennessee of the one part & Hartwell B Hyde of the County and
		State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the
		Sum of Twelve hundred and eleven dollars and twenty four Cents in hand paid the rece
		-ipt of which is hereby acknowledged The Said Newit Sammons hath on the day of the
		date hereof bargained and Sold and doth by these presants grant bargain and Sell unto
		the Said Hartwell B Hyde his heirs and assigns forever a Certain tract of land lying
		and being in the Said County of Williamson and State aforesaid and on the waters of
		Nelsons Creek and bounded and butted as follows, Begining on a large poplar Robert
		Corothers North West Corner thence north twenty Six degrees west to a small
		Maple thence north forty degrees east to a large black gum thirty degrees
		east fifteen to poles to a white oak, north forty Six poles to a honey Locust
		thence east One hundred and thirty nine poles to a Sugar tree and ash thence
		South one hundred and nine poles to a Small Sugar tree Robert Corothers
		North east Corner thence west One hundred and fifty eight poles to the beginning
		Containing One hundred and twenty acres be the Same more or less To have
		and to hold the Said bargained premises and all the appurtenances there unto bel
		-onging or in anywise appertaining unto the Said Hartwell B. Hyde his heirs
		and assigns forever to the only proper use and behoof of him the Said Hartwell
		B Hyde his heirs and assigns forever and the Said Newit Sammons doth
		Covenant and agree to and with the Said Hartwell B Hyde that he Will war
		-rant and forever defend the title of the Said tract of land unto the Said Hartwell
		B Hyde from the Claim or Claims of all persons whatever in witness whereof
		the Said Newit Sammons hath hereunto Set his hand and affixed his Seal the
		day and year first writen his hand Sealed and acknowledged in presants of us
		Jno S Russworm - Jno M Watson - Bartlett Yeargin	    his
								       Newit X Sammons  (Seal)

		The State of Tennessee Williamson County Court January Sessions 1831 This
		deed of Conveyance from Newit Sammons to Hartwell B Hyde is producted in
		Court the execution thereof duly proven by the oaths of John S Russworm and
		Bartlett Yeargin Subscribing Witnesses thereto and the Same is ordered to be registered
					attest Thos Hardeman  Clk of Said Court

Submitted and transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents searched for by Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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