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1.  Card Numbers
2.  Company Descriptive Book /Age 18-5'4"-Fair Complexion-Blue eyes-Light hair
3.  Volunteer Enlistment (1 NOV 1862- Mustered out 11 Feb 1865)(Still age 18)
4.  Form for Examining a Recruit
5-10 Muster Rolls & Furlough
11. Charges & Specifications Preferred against Newton C Samons
12. Sentence
13. General Orders
14. Typewritten account
15. Pension Card
16. Declaration for Original Invalid Pension /age 44/ (22 JAN 1889)
17. Department of the Interior - Bureau of Pensions (15 MAR 1889)
18. War Department - Letter to absolve desertion (7 JUN 1889)
19. Department of the Interior - Bureau of Pensions (22 MAR 1890)
20. List of Battles Served In (13 JUL 1894)
21. Department of the Interior - Bureau of Pensions (20 JUL 1898)
22. Declaration for Pension  /Age 67/  (20 MAY 1912)
23. Adjutant General's Office - War Department (7 OCT 1912)
24. Claim for Pension (12 NOV 1912)
25. Declaration for Pension /Age 67/  (8 NOV 1912)
26. Letter to Commissioner of Pensions (11 Feb 1913)
27. Department of the Interior - Questions (18 DEC 1915)
28. Proof of birth of Newton from father George Sammons Bible (7 APR 1916)
29. Statement of Service Reference Slip (1 MAR 1916)
30. Declaration for Pension /Age 72/ (8 AUG 1918)
31. Claim for Pension (14 AUG 1918)
32. Declaration for Pension /Age 80/ (22 JUN 1925)
33. Application For Burial Flag (13 JUN 1939)
34. Claim For Burial Expenses  (14 JUN 1939) by May Kelley
35. Public Voucher & Decision of Questions of Fact & Law-Award Brief Face (7 JUL 1939)
36. Bureau of Vital Statistics Death Certificate /died age 93 1-2/ (14 JUL 1939)
Newton Cassius Sammons was a Private in Company I, 21st Regiment Missouri Infantry.  
He enlisted 01 Nov 1862 in Memphis, Missouri, for 3 years.  He stated he was 18 years 
old, but was also 18 years old when he was mustered out. He was discharged by 
expiration of time of service, 11 Feb 1865.  
He was in the:
Battle of Tupelo, Miss.            14 Jul 1864 
Oxford Raid                         4 Aug 1864 
Missouri Campaign             Oct and Nov 1864 
Battle of Nashville, Tenn. Dec 15 and 16, 1864 
Pursuit of Hoods Army                 Dec 1864  
He was Discharged Feb 11, mustered out by HIS FUTURE BROTHER-IN-LAW, Oliver Fetters. 

Newton Cassius was described as a farmer, born in Brown Co IL, eyes: blue, hair: light, 
complexion: fair, height: 5' 4".

He was nearly court-martialed and had a hearing: Notice the spelling of his name--- VII - 4th--- Private Newton C. Sumons, Company "I" 21st Missouri Infantry Volunteers


Violation of 46th Article of War
SPECIFICATION--- In this, that the said Newton C. Sumons, private, Company "I" 21th Missouri Infantry Volunteers, did, on the evening of the 25th day of November, 1863, while on picket duty, desert his post, went to a private house and stayed all night, not returning until the Sergeant of the Guard went after him, being 4 o'clock in the morning. To which charge and specification the accused, Private Newton C. Sumons, Company "I" 21st Missouri Infantry Volunteers, pleaded, "Not Guilty."


The Court having maturely considered the evidence adduced, find the Accused, Private Newton C Sumons, Company "I" 21st Missouri Infantry, as follows: Of the specifications of the charge, "Guilty." Of the charge, "Guilty."


And the Court do therefore sentence him, Private Newton C. Sumons, Company "I" 21st Missouri Infantry Volunteers to be confined at hard labor in Fort Pickering, Memphis, Tennessee for (1) one month, and be reprimanded by the Commanding officer of his Regiment on dress parade. VIII. Finding approved, and sentence confirmed. The proper officers are charged with the execution of the sentence.
NOTE: That must have straightened him out, since he fought in the above campaigns and was very proud, for the rest of his life, to have fought for his country. It is said that he kept his uniform, and put it on at various times, especially to impress his grandchildren. He received a pension, and when he died, his daughter, May Sammons Mann Nicholas Kelley, applied for an application for a flag. He died at age 93 1/2 in Little Rock, AR.

Newton Cassius Sammons stated in his Declaration for Pension, that he had lived in: On 22 Jan 1889 |On 20 May 1912 |On 8 Nov 1912 |On 8 Aug 1918 Schuyler Co MO |Lankester MO 1889 to 1895 |Kirksville MO 1906 |Queen City MO 35y(1875) Adair Co MO |Kirksville MO 1895 to 1905|Max Creek MO-Camden Co 1909|Adair Co MO 8y(1910) |Macks Creek MO |Meta MO |Bald Knob AR since |VanCleve MO |Meta MO-Osage Co |there on 20 May 1912
Compiled and submitted by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey and Joyce Caldwell Johnson.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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