Philip Hodges/William I. Chunn -Deed - Bedford Co TN


Daughter of Newit Sammons
 (in Bedford Co. Tennessee)
Book TT Page 335
 		William I. Chunn Deed To Phillip Hodges, Alfred Mallard & others 
		For and in consideration of the sum of Seven dollars and fifty cents
		to me paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged I William I.
		Chunn have bargained and Sold and do hereby convey to Phillip
		Hodges Alfred Mallard and others Trustees              and their
		Successors as trustees for the use and benefit of the Methodist Episcopal
		Church South, the following described tract or parcel of ground, adj
		=oining the meeting house deed, Known as Burns Meeting house on Fall
		Creek, Bedford County, District No. 6, bounded as follows, Begining
		at a cedar tree the north west Corner of the meeting house acre of
		Land, heretofore deeded by John Burns to Said Church, Running
		East with the Line of Said Acre tract twelve poles to a Walnut
		Sapling -- the north East Corner of Said Acre tract, thence North
		thirteen poles and three feet to a stake, thence South west a direct line
		to the Begining Corner, Containing one half Acre, Be the Same more
		or less, to have and to hold the Same to the Said Phillip Hodges &
		Alfred Mallard and other Trustees as aforesaid for the use & purposes
		aforesaid and their Successors forever, but it is understood that their
		is to be no graves placed upon the ground, hereby conveyed, I covenant
		with Said Trustees that I am Lawfully Seized of Said Land & have
		a good right to Convey it, and that the Same is unincumbered, I
		Further Covenant & bind myself my heirs to warrant & defend
		the title of Said Land against the Lawful claims of all persons ---
		Whatever, this 23rd day of January 1852.

							W.I. Chunn  {Seal}

		State of Tennessee  }  
		Bedford County      }  Personally appeared before me Andrew Vannoy 
		Clerk of the County Court of said County, William I. Chunn the
		within named bargainor, with whom I am personally acquainted,  
		who acknowledges that he Executed the within Deed for the purp
		=oses therein Contained, Witness my hand at office this 23rd day
     		of January 1852
							Andrew Vannoy, Clerk

		Recorded 26th of January 1852
					   John H. Oneal  Register

Submitted and transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents searched for by Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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