Philip Hodges/Samuel Hogg Land - Williamson Co TN

Daughter of Newit Sammons
 (in Williamson Co. Tennessee)
Book H Page 339
 		Philip Hodges            } This Indenture made this 19th day of November
		Deed 200 acres           } One thousand eight hundred and twenty five
		From Saml Hogg           } between Samuel Hogg of the County of 
		Registered 23rd Oct 1826 ) Wilson and State of Tennessee of the one
					 ) part and Philip Hodges of the County of
		Williamson and State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth
		that the Said Saml Hogg for and in Consideration of the
		Sum of Seven hundred dollars to him paid by the Said
		Philip Hodges the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged
		hath bargained Sold, aliened Conveyed and Confirmed and
		by these presents doth bargain Sell alien Convey and Confirm
		unto the Said Philip Hodges his heirs and assigns a certain
		tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of
		Williamson on the waters of Big Harpeth river bounded
		as follows  Beginning at a large Sweet gum in Masons South
		West bound any line running West 172 poles to a Double Mulbery
 		Thompsons South East & George Jordons North east Corner
	 	thence North west the Woods lines 78 1/2 poles to a hornbeam?
		in Stephen Woods east boundary line, thence east 172 poles
		to a Spanish Oak in Hoggs & Masons old line thence
		South with Said line to the beginning & containing two
		hundred acres be the Same more or less.  To have and
		to hold the said above named tract or parcel of land
		with all and Singular the appurtenances thereto belonging
		to the Said Philip Hodges his heirs or assigns forever and
		the Said Samuel Hogg for himself his heirs he doth by this
		presents warrant and defend the title of the Said above named
		tract of land to the Said Philip Hodges his heirs Extrs
		or assigns forever against the claim or claims of all and every
		person whatever either in law or county.  In testimony Whereof
		he has hereunto Set his hand and Seal the day and year
		first above written.	
						Saml Hogg  (Seal)

		Signed and acknowledged in presence of George Jordon James Hodges

		The State of Tennessee Williamson County Court July term 1826
		This of Conveyance from Samuel Hogg to Philip Hodges
		is produced in open Court, the execution thereof is duly proven
		by the Oaths of George Jordan and James Hodges subscribing
		Witnesses thereto, and the Same is ordered to be Registered.
						Thos Hardeman  Ck
						of Said Courts

Submitted and transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents searched for by Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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