Philip Hodges/Saml B McCuistion & Others-Bill of Sale - Bedford Co TN

Bill of Sale

Daughter of Newit Sammons
 (in Bedford Co. Tennessee)
Book PP Page 55
 		Saml B McCuistion & others to Phillip Hodges Bill of Sale 
		Whereas the undersigned all being lawful heirs and distributers of the late
		Sarah McCuistion of Bedford County, State of Tennessee, in and to a certain family
		of negroes of which the Said Sarah McCuistion was Siezed and possessed at the time
		of her death, Now therefore, We the undersigned being willing that said family
		of Negroes Shall not be Separated and parted, have Jointly & Severally agreed to Sell and
		Convey Said negroes, to wit, Newry, a man aged about forty Six years and his
		wife, Jinny aged about forty three or four years, and Almedia about Six or Seven
		years old, Caldonia about three years old -- and have Sold Said Negroes to Phillip
		Hodges for the Sum of one thousand Dollars the receipt of which we do hereby
		Acknowledge And we Sell and Convey Said negroes as Sound, healthy & Sensible
		and Slaves for life, and will warrant and forever defend the Title to the above
		named Negroes To him the Said Phillip Hodges his heirs forever, against the
		lawfull claims of all persons whatever.
			Witness our hands & Seals this 2nd March 1846

							ackd S.B. McCuistion     {Seal}
		Test  Thomas Sentz			ackd John C. McCuistion  (Seal)
		      Alfred Mallard			ackd W.J. Chunn          {Seal}
		 					ackd W.W. Coldwell	 {Seal}
							     P.A. Coldwell       {Seal}
							ackd Minos C Hodges	 {Seal}
							     E.W. Hodges	 {Seal}
							ackd Thomas McCuistion   {Seal}
							     Nancy McCuistion    {Seal}
							ackd By Thos McCuistion  {Seal}
								Attorney in fact

    State of Tennessee }  Personally Appeared before me Robert Hurst Clerk of the County Court of said
    Bedford County     }  County, S.B. McCuistion, John C. McCuistion, W.J. Chunn, W.W.
    Coldwell, Minos C. Hodges on the 2nd March 1846, And Thomas McCuistion for himself
    as attorney in fact for Nancy McCuistion on the 4th of July, 1845 the within named
    bargainors with whom I am personally Acquainted, and who Acknowledged that they
    executed the within Bill of Sale for the purposes therein Contained.
    Witness my hand at office this 4th July 1845  -----  -----  Robt Hurst, Clerk

    State of Tennessee }  Personally appeared before me Robert Hurst Clerk of the County 
    Bedford County     }  Court of said County, Thomas Sentz, and Alfred Mallard,  
    Subscribing Witnesses to the within named bill of Sale who being first Sworn depose
    and Say, that they are Acquainted with P.A. Coldwell and E.W. Hodges the bargainors 
    and that they Acknowledged the Same in their presence to be their act and
    deed  Upon the day it bears date.
    Witness my hand at office this 10th December 1846   							
								Robt Hurst, Clerk

    Noted December 11th 1846 at 12 Oclock Noon
		Registered December 11th 1846		Andrew Vannoy  Register

Submitted and transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents searched for by Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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