Robert Sammons and Elijah Radford

(and John Roberts)

			     	        Loose Records in Williamson Co. TN
			14 Mar 1813 - John Roberts, planter of Williamson County made oath
			that Robert Sammons and James Carrol beat and wounded him on Robert
			Crafton's land.  Robert Sammons was confined to jail and Carrol
			made bond.  Sammons was charged with 52 days board in jail. $13.50
								   Joel T. Rivers, Jailor
Williamson Co. TN
			This Warrant Was Returned Before thus Executed on the
			11th day of March 1813, and on the Examination of the
			Witnesses Robert Sammons Was Committed to the Jail
			of Williamson County as he Could not give Security for his
			appeareance at, on the first Monday in May next, and
			James Carrol Was Recognized to make his appearenance at Court
			which recognizance is filed herewith
						this the 11th March 1813
						O Williams JP

			Peter Pinckston Constable
			is Entitled to fees for Serveing
			this Warrant on the Defendants
			and Summons and
			Witness in Behalf of
			the State this the 11th
			of March 1813
					O Williams

			State of Tennessee }
			Williamson County  }

			This Day came John Roberts before
			me William Wilson Justice of Peace
			for said County and Made oath that on
			13th Instant and on the Land of Robt
			Crafton that Robert Sammons, and
			James Carol Did Beat Wound and
			Ill Treat him contrary to the ____
			and Dignity of the Male?
			There are therefore No command you
			to Take the R Sammons and Carol
			and Brony? Nrorrs? before me or Some
			other Justice to be further Well With
			according to Law given under my
			hand this 1st of March 1813

			Summons James Cavender
			a Witness in Behalf of the
					O Williams
						on John Roberts
						to appear and
						Prossecute in
						Behalf of the
						State against
						Sammons & Carrol

			State of Tennessee  ) to wit
			Williamson County   )
			Be it Remembered that on the 11th day of March 1813
			John Roberts Planter of said County did appeare Before
			me Oliver Williams one of the Justices of the Peace for
			Said County and acknowledge himself to owe and be
			Indebted to the State of Tennessee in the Sum of one
			hundred and twenty five Dollars to be Severally made
			and levied of his goods and Chattels Lands and Tenaments
			for the use of the Said State, If Defaults Shall be made
			in the Condition under written
			The condition of this Recognizance is that if the said
			John Roberts shall Personally appeare at our next Circuit
			Court to be held for the County of Williamson on the first
			Monday in May next in the fourth Judical Circuit and
			Shall then and there Prossecute in Behalf of the State and
			give Evidance against Robert Sammons & James Carrol
			for Committing an assault and Battery and wounding of
			him the Said John Roberts on the 13th day of March Instant
			on the Land of Robert Crafton, to the Jurors who Shall
			Enquire thereof in Behalf of the State and also to the
			Jurors Who Shall Pass on the hial? of the Said Robert
			Sammons and James Carrol for the Same and do not
			depart thence Without leave of the Court then the
			above Recognizance to be Void otherwise to Remain
			in force.
			The above Recognizance was
			taken and acknowledged before
			me on the 11th day of March 1813
				O Williams  JP

					The Amount of
				Robert Sammons Jail fees own to
				Joel T. Rivers Jailer of Williamson County
				March 14th To 1 Turnkey ---------------- $ 1.25
					   To Commitment ---------------   0.50
				May 6      To 52 days Board @25 cts pday  13.50

				Sworn to in open court
				May 15th 1813
					W Smith   Clerk

Submitted by Charlotte Ramsey and Sue Nicholas Mitcham

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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