Robert Sammons Gift Deed from John Crafton - Williamson Co TN

(in Williamson Co. Tennessee)
Book D Page 254 

(states 124 acres at the beginning, and 174 in the document)

 			Robert Sammons 124 Acres  }	This Indenture made the 
			Conveyed by John Crafton  }	nineteenth day of August 
			Registered 14th Dec 1815  }	one Thousand eight hundred 
	 					  }	and fifteen between John
			Crafton of the County of Williamson and State of Tennessee
			of the one part, and Robert Sammons of the County &
			State aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that the
			said John Crafton as will for and in consideration of the
			natural love and Affection which he hath and bear-
			eth unto the Said Robert Sammons as also for the bet-
			In Maintenance and prefurment of the said Robert
			Sammons, hath given and granted and by this pres-
			ents, doth give and grant unto the said Robert Sam-
			mons his heirs all that Missnage or Acuiment and
			price parcel on tract of land Situate lying and being
			in the County of Williamson and State of Tennessee
			on Hay's Creek, Containing our hundred and Seventy four
			acres (more or less) and bounded as follows, to wit, Begin-
			ning At a Sugar tree and White Oak on John Eaton's
			West boundary line, thereon North one hundred and Sev-
			enteen poles to Robert Smiths Corner, thence West one
			hundred and fifty poles to Hayes Creek, thence down
			Said Creek, with its several Meanders to Sarah Ben-
			nett Shilburn's South East Corner, thence East one hun-
			dred and Seventy two poles to the Beginning  To have &
			to hold the Said Piece parcel or tract of land hereby
			given and granted and every part and parcel there of
			with all and Singular the Acuiments, appurtenances
			and hereditaments unto and for the only proper use &
			behoof of him the Said Robert Sammons his heirs and
			assigns forever  In Witness where of I have hereunto Set my
			hand and affixed my Seal the day and year first above
			Written				John Crafton  {Seal}
			Signed, Sealed, & delivered
			in presence of us,
			Joseph Cole, Daniel Wilks, Andrew Craig
					On the back of Which deed was written
			State of Tennessee Williamson County  The mthm? deed
			of Conveyance was duly proven in Open Court October
			Session 1815, by the Oaths of Joseph Cole and Andrew
			Craig two of the Subscribing witnesses thereto to be the
			Act and deed of John Crafton and the Same was
			ordered to be registered,   Let it be done
							Thos H Perkins D.C.
							for N.P. Hardeman  Clk.

Submitted by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from documents searched for by Sue Nicholas Mitcham.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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