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 The Sammons Lines
Name also found as Salmon/Sammon/Samons

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We're reeling 'em in. Come in and visit... see what we have on our lines.

Crests were designed for specific individuals


A Salmon Crest w/ permission from the owner of:


A Sammons Crest - w/ permission from the owner of:

Do you have other Salmon/Sammons/Solomon Crests?

In Family Names And Their Story by S. Baring-Gould, M.A. and published in London in 1910, we 
learn that the names Salman, Salmon, Salmonds were derived from the name SOLOMON.

Edward MacLysaght MA DLITT MRIA in The Surnames of Ireland published by the Irish University 
Press writes that Salmon, Sammon in Connacht is an Anglicization, by translation of Ó Bradáin, 
so used.  Sammon is the variant in use in Co. Clare.  Salmon is also a name of English origin, 
and as such it is fairly numerous in the sixteenth century which retains the earlier form 
Bradden in Donegal and Leitrim.  The English name Fisher is also used occasionally.

From A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames with Special American Instances by the late 
Charles Wareing Bardsley, revised for the press by his widow and published in Baltimore by 
the Genealogical Publishing Company, 1967: Salman, Salmon, Salmond—Bapt. ‘The son of Jewish 
Solomon,’ these forms represent families of English descent, Solomon representing modern 
immigrations.  Of course the London Directory has several Salamons, undoubtedly Jewish, but, 
speaking generally, our Salomans, Salamans, Salemans, Salmons, Salmans, Salmonds, Sammons, 
and Sammonds, are of English extraction.

Salamone was an old Scots spelling of Solomon, a once popular forename and Salmonde (pron. 
Salmon) is an old surname in Perthshire still existing. [The Surnames of Scotland Their 
Origin, Meaning and History by George F. Black, Ph.D.)

English Wills of Colonial Families by Noel Currier-Briggs, published 1972 lists John SALMON,
Esq. As signing an "Inquisition Post Mortem" (translated from the Latin) taken after the 
death of Edward CHADWELL, of Chipping Norton, Oxon, January 1, 1630. And May 6, 1617 in 
Norfolk, Virginia, one of the witnesses for Prudence Freeman’s will is Thomas SAMMON. 
According to Garroll Salmons in The Salmons Heritage, printed in 1983: "The surnames Salmon, 
Salman, Salmons, and Sammons are English and/or French.  It is said that these names, meaning 
peaceful, descended from Solomon, the colorful Hebrew king of Israel, in the ninth century 
B.C....  The Salmonds family can be traced in Scotland and England back to the 1300 hundreds, 
when a member of the family was knighted.
The Coat-of-Arms is divided in two red over black by a chevron patterned in blue and silver.  
The chevron accompanied above by two gold lions, each holding between its paws a silver coin 
charged with an ermine spot and below a gold cinquefoil strewn with ermine spots.  Above the 
shield and helmet is the crest in which a lion issuing from a row of six gold palisades
placed upon a green mound."

In the early 1700s there were several Salmon and Sammon families residing in New York; these 
were of Dutch extraction and it is doubtful that any of our Sammon(s)/Salmon ancestors were 
connected to these New York families.  However, it is always a possibility that there is a 
connection; one can’t take anything for granted in genealogical research! 
Info From Hope Coslett Pees Notes

This site may be freely linked but not duplicated on any other website. ©All Rights Reserved

My Sammons Line:

James I SALMON/SAMMONS &           Mary
b 1675    d bef 1730               b abt 1675 d bef 1730
m 1693-1694

James II SAMMONS &                 Phillis AVEY/IVEY
b 1695 VA d 1765 Sussex Co VA      b 1709    d 1765

James III SAMMONS &		   Unknown
b 1720-21         d 1781           b         d bef 1854
Sussex Co VA  Surry Co VA
m abt 1747

(James III left a will, but failed to mention Newit in it) 

Newit SAMMONS & 		   Claramond LAWRENCE
b 1749 VA d 1837-38 TN             b1760-1770 d aft 1830 & bef 1837
m 13 Feb 1787 Greenville Co VA

George G SAMMONS & 		   Sarah 'Sally BELL
b 05 JUL 1803 d 27 OCT 1873        b 27 OCT 1810 d 12 MAY 1855
b TN          d Schuyler Co MO     b IL/KY       d Brown Co IL
m 23 Oct 1828 Morgan Co IL

Newton Cassius SAMMONS & 	   Armildae Elizabeth MARCH
b 26 NOV 1845 d 12 Jun 1939    	   b 17 Nov 1855 d 12 Sep 1934 
b in Mt Sterling IL-Brown Co       b Adair Co MO d Pulaski Co AR
m 27 Sep 1874 Bible Grove MO

Mandy ‘May SAMMONS &               Samuel Otis NICHOLAS Sr
b 22 Feb 1896 d 6 Dec 1962         b 17 Jan 1888     d 24 Apr 1955  
b Kirksville MO-Adair Co d LR AR   b Water Valley MS d LR AR-Pulaski Co
m 18 May 1920 LR AR-Pulaski Co

Maybelle NICHOLAS &           	   Otis Owen CURLEE
b15 Mar 1921 d 18 Sep 1941     	   b 14 Feb 1919 d 7 Jul 1994
m 18 Feb 1938 LR AR-Pulaski Co

Charlotte Arlene CURLEE &          Raymond Lewis RAMSEY

  This Contents Page introduces you to many different lines of Salmon/Sammons Families.

   I started the page with my Sammons line beginning with George Sammons, the son of Newit 
Sammons and have found many cousins who are direct descendants of Newit.  Then as other 
researchers found the page, their information was added and the submitter listed on the 
bottom of the pages.

   Most of the information is documented with either transcriptions or scanned Courthouse 
Records, such as Land Patents, Land Deeds, Marriage Records, Divorce Records, Wills, and 
Court Records, along with Census Reports and any other proof found.
   But then there are the ones that we don't know exactly who they belong to, all we can do 
is speculate, so we place them on the page in hope that someone has found them in their 
research and can lead us to their correct place.  We would be happy if someone has clues or 
info to help us over our brickwalls.
   Without the Revolutionary War Info and other info William 'Bill Stewart had about Newit, 
that he so generously shared with me, I would never have went on to find a lot of other 
information about Newit.  By me having a copy of George Sammons Bible with Newit listed as 
his father, that was the tie that closed the gap for us by connecting Edmund and George as 
   To this day, with all the documents found about Newit, I have not connected James III as 
Newit's father. It is speculation and may never be proven, since Newit wasn't listed in 
James III's Will. 
   I appreciate SO much the ones who have shared their info, and like I've always said, 
"This page is for ALL my *Cousins* too.!!!  ALL Salmon/Salmons/Samon/Samons/Sammon/Sammons 
researchers are welcome to send me their info or queries to be placed on the page.  We can 
all study it out, and work together to help each other.  
Thanks much, Sincerely, Charlotte Ramsey 

More Links To The Sammons Line:
My Wainscott-Roberts-March-Stice-Elrod-Bell-Perry families are kin to the SAMMONS too.

  NOTE: The signifies a scanned document.
James I SALMON/SAMMONS (1675) | Outline and Notes |  
James II SAMMONS (1695) | Outline and Notes | Son of James I
Son of James II-Brother of James III
Robert SAMMONS | Land Gift Deeded by John Crafton - Williamson Co TN  | Land Deed to Daniel Wilkes - Williamson Co TN | Alleged Charges | Robert & John Roberts  | John Crafton Will pertaining to SAMMONS  |  
William Benjamin SAMMONS | Sons In The Civil War | Wiley Benjamin SAMMONS | Timothy Eugene SAMMONS | Fairview Cem-Wilson Co TX | SAMMONS Obits from Shamrock TX-Wheeler Co  |  
G-GS of John SAMMONS GS of Robert C - Son of William Benjamin
Thomas SAMMONS | Outline | Son of James II
Allen SAMMONS-Land Grant-Hardeman Co TN | Son of Thomas
Son of Allen
James III SAMMONS (1720) | Outline and Notes | Son of James II
William SAMMONS | Outline | Son of James II
James IV SAMMONS (1748) | Outline and Notes | Son of James III-Brother of Newit
Groves SAMMONS | Outline | Son of James IV
Baxter SAMMONS Marriage to Nancy Pate-Williamson Co TN (actually Braxton SAMMONS)  | Baxter SAMMONS as Witness to Land Deed-Williamson Co TN | Why was he always listed as Baxter? | Nancy Pate SAMMONS Guardianship-Williamson Co TN | Son of James IV
Hansel SAMMONS | Outline | Hansel SAMMONS & others VA. Tax Records | Son of James IV

The Newit Sammons Line:
Newit Sammons and Claramon(d) Lawrence had the following children: Richard, John, Mary 'Polly, Margaret M, Edmund, Watson, George G, and Abner Sammons.
William G. Stewart's SAMMONS HISTORY Relating to the Newit SAMMONS line  
Newit SAMMONS | Revolutionary War Pension | Page 1 of Pension - | Page 2 of Pension - Actual Doc | (TRANSCRIPT-PENSION APPLICATION)
Newit SAMMONS | Children and Notes |
Newit SAMMONS | Land Deed Transcript w/James Hampton - Williamson Co TN | Copy of Actual Doc |
Newit SAMMONS | Land Deed Transcript w/Hartwell B. Hyde - Williamson Co TN | Copy of Actual Doc |  
Newit SAMMONS |Tax Records - 1811-1837 Williamson Co TN |
Newit SAMMONS | Probate - Williamson Co TN | Copy of George SAMMONS POA Actual Doc | Copy of Heirs of Newit SAMMONS - Actual Doc |Copy of Signatures - Actual Doc |
Probable Son of James III-Brother of James IV
Son of Newit
Son of Newit  
John SALMONS & Polly Blair | Marriage - Williamson Co. TN (Is this John-1793 & Mary?) |  
John SALMONS |   Land Deed from Charles S. Newsom to John-Rutherford Co. TN |  Land Deed John to James Snell-Rutherford Co TN | (Is this John... Newit's son?)  
Daughter of Newit
Son of Newit
Joseph SAMMONS | Notes | Joseph in Civil War | Son of Edmund
James SAMMONS | Notes | James &  Sarah E. Way History  | Willis Cemetery-Hancock Co IL w/photos | Son of Edmund
Thomas SAMMONS and Mary Jane Owings | Notes | Son of Edmund
Susan SAMMONS and Joel G. Legrand | Notes | Daughter of Edmund
Mary Maria SAMMONS and Henderson Legrand | Notes | Daughter of Edmund
Gilbert T. SAMMONS | Notes | Gilbert's gravestone at Mobile AL National Cem Son of Edmund
Devrix SAMMONS and America Legrand/Minerva Jane Swift | Notes | Son of Edmund
Bill Stewart and Jim Austin's | SAMMONS Photo Album |  
SAMMONS stones in Alcona Cem. and Sunset Lawns Cem.  
Son of Newit
Son of Newit - Brother of Richard, John, Polly, Margaret, Edmund, Watson, and Abner
Abner SAMMONS - 1832 | Abner SAMMONS - Civil War | Abner's Gravestone at Jefferson Barracks-St. Louis MO Son of George G.
Julia Ann SAMMONS Fetters | Julia SAMMONS Marriage-Schuyler Co MO | Will Transcript-Schuyler Co MO | Will Actual Doc | Death Record-Schuyler Co MO | Harrison Oliver Fetters - Civil War | Harrison Oliver Fetters - Guardian Daughter of George G. and Twin of Newton C.
Newton C. SAMMONS | Civil War Papers | Marriage Record-Scotland Co MO | Family Group Sheet w/photos of children | Notes | Photos of Newton & Armildae | Son of George G. and Twin of Julia Ann.
Son of Newit
Orphan Files - Who do they belong with?  
| George William SAMMONS-Biography |
| James J.            SAMMONS-Last Will & Testament-Gibson Co TN |
| James J.            SAMMONS-Land Grant 669-Gibson Co TN |
| James J.            SAMMONS-Land Grant 305-Gibson Co TN |
| James J.            SAMMONS-Land Grant 670-Gibson Co TN |
| James                SALMAN    -Land Grant-Hickman Co TN | (Is this the James Salman b1775 in Scotland-marr Nancy Story 3 April 1800 Hickman TN and d Aug 1826 Hickman Co TN)
| John                   SALMON   -Land Grant-Rutherford Co TN | (Is this John, the son of Newit?)
| Nancy                SAMMONS-Marriage to Joseph Cole-Williamson Co TN |
| Paul H.              SALMONS-Land Grant-Carroll Co TN | (Is this the Paul H. who married a Lucindia Jefferson Mar 1859 in Todd Co. KY? If so, who are his parents...?)
| Sally                  SAMMONS-Will-Williamson Co TN |
| William H.        SALMON    -Land Grant-Blount Co TN |
| William H.        SALMON    -Bio-Todd Co KY |
Other Sammons Related Info:  
Revolutionary War Pension Abstracts - SAMMONS  
War of 1812 - SAMMONS  
SALMON-SAMMONS Confederate Veterans  
SAMMONS In The Civil War      
Robert McClain - Misc. SALMON/SAMMONS Lots of Info
Hope Coslett Pees - Misc. SALMON/SAMMONS Notes Very Extensive
Jeri Beitel's Great-Aunt - TALITHA ANN SAMMONS - The Entire Book | Talitha's Family History | Talitha is the dau of John Sammons & Winnie Ann Lynch
Marriage of Thomas R. SAMMONS and Melissa Jane Florey Thomas is the son of Benjamin Sammons & Polly Storset.
Submitted Salmon/Sammons/Samons  
Bill Piper Info - from James I SALMON/SAMMONS line
Bob Palmersheim Info - from Timothy SAMMON - b 1812
Carole Treece Scaggs Info - from John Riley SAMMONS - b 1839
Dolores SAMONS Harvell Info - from James SAMMONS b: 1820
Donna Brown Berner info - from James SAMMONS/Elizabeth "Betsey" Wilkinson
Helen SAMMONS Hamilton Info - from John A/H SAMMONS b1842
Ida Roberts Info - from Barbara Williams SAMMON
Iris SAMMONS Info - from Howell SAMMONS b 1798
John Richard SAMMONS Info - from David SAMMONS b: 1805
Lee Harvell Info - from Thomas SALMON b: 1700
Lena SAMMONS Lambert Info - from Fred SAMMONS & Ed SAMMONS
Linda Starren Info - from Benjamin Seaborn SAMMONS
Mary McIntosh Info - from Mary Ann SAMMONS/Elisha Stafford
Michael SAMMONS Info - from Charlie SAMMONS & Floyd SAMMONS
Nancy SALMON Hooks - from John SALMON b1790
Owen SALMON Info by CR
Patti Sammons Johnson Info - from John H SAMMONS
Sandra SAMMONS Simmons info - from John SAMMONS - 1797
Susan Schnirring Info - from John SAMMONS & Ernest Chalmers SAMMONS

Other Sammons /Salmon related homepages:  
If you would like your page listed please let me know...  
Russell Lawrence - SAMMONS Docs On Sussex Co VA USGENWEB
Russell Lawrence - SAMMONS Docs On Greensville Co VA USGENWEB
Jim Austin - SAMMONS FTM Page
David Nolen - SAMMONS Page
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Misc. State Info found for Salmon/Sammons/Samons:

Alabama SAMMONS Info
Alabama SAMMONS Social Security Records
Ashley Co AR-Wilmot - Dry Bayou Cemetery Census
Ashley Co AR-Parkdale - Parkdale Cemetery Census
Carroll Co Arkansas Marriage and Cemetery
Clay Co Arkansas Cemetery
SAMMONS in 1880 Clay Co Arkansas Census
Greene Co Arkansas Cemeteries
Randolph Co Arkansas SAMMONS-SAMONS-SALMON Marriages/1890 Tax List
Arkansas SAMMONS Misc. Documents/Info Found
Arkansas - Garland and Hot Springs Co. SAMMONS Census
Arkansas SAMMONS-SALMON-SAMON Death Records
Arkansas SAMMONS Social Security Records
Vernon SAMMONS Sr Family
1920 Arkansas SAMMONS Census

Georgia SAMMONS Misc. Info
Hazel Green Cem-Morgan Co IL - SAMMONS
Illinois Marriages - SAMMONS Variations
Illinois SAMMONS/SAMMON Misc. Info
Illinois SALMON/SAMMONS 1820-1860 Census Indexes
SALAMON/SALMON/SAMMONS Listed at Rock Island Illinois
1920 Illinois SAMMONS/SAMMON Census
Illinois SAMMONS Social Security Records
Montgomery Co IL SAMMONS Marriages-Land Records-Census
Willis Cemetery-Hancock Co IL
Indiana SALMON/SAMMONS Marriages 1825-1850
Indiana SAMMONS Misc. Info
Iowa Misc. SAMMONS
Iowa SAMMONS Social Security Records
Louisiana SAMMONS Social Security Records
Brushy Cemetery Census - Schuyler Co MO
Thomas Cemetery-Schuyler Co MO
Missouri SAMMONS Births and Marriages
Ripley Co. Missouri SALMON/SAMMONS Marriages
Missouri SAMMONS Social Security Records
SAMMONS in Henry Co Missouri Cemeteries - Page Cem - Blairstown Cem - Englewood Cem - Laurel Oak Cem
SAMMONS in Livingston Co Missouri Cemeteries| Chula Cem |  
1920 Missouri SAMMONS/SAMONS Census
Mohawk, New York SAMMONS - Inscriptions from the SAMMONS Private Cemetery
Tennessee SALMON/SAMMONS Marriages - Census and Misc. Info
Tennessee SALMON(S)/SAMMONS/SAMONS in Social Security Records
Texas SAMMONS in Social Security Records
Texas SAMMONS Misc. Info

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