Timothy Sammon - b1812

Descendants of Timothy Sammon

Generation No. 1

  1. TIMOTHY1 SAMMON was born 1812 in Galway County, Ireland. He married CATHERINE DUNN
        Notes for TIMOTHY SAMMON: 
        Wisconsin land records show a Timothy Sammon purchased 80 acres of land in Rock County, 
        WI on Jul 1, 1848. He purchased another 40 acres in Rock County on April 15, 1856 and 
        another 40 acres in Rock County on Oct 1, 1858.
        Land records for Winnebago County, IL indicate that Timothy acquired l and there in 1848 
        and 1849. 
        Records indicate that Timothy emmigrated from Dublin to New York in 1833 (age 21) and 
        settled in Philadelphia. The family later moved to Durand, IL and Beloit, WI.  His 
        daughter, Margaret eventually moved to Howard County, IA and spent her last few years 
        in Austin, MN 
        Following from Philadelphia City records. Discovered by Patricia McGrane. 
        Be it remembered that on this 23rd day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight 
        hundred and thirty eight, Timothy Salmon, a free white person of the age of twenty-one 
        years and upwards, being an Alien, who has arrived in the United States after the passing 
        of the Act of Congress, entitled "An Act to establish a uniform rule of Naturalization, 
        and to repeal the acts heretofore passed on that subject, " passed on the 14th day of 
        April, A.D. 1802, and who is desirous to be naturalized, did report himself to the Clerk 
        of the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the County of Philadelphia, in 
        manner following, that is to say: 
        that the said Timothy Salmon was born in the County of Galway in Ireland on or about the 
        year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve and is now about the age of 26 
        years, that he was a member of the Irish Nation and owed allegance to the Queen of Great 
        Britain and Ireland that he migrated from Dublin to the United States and arrived at the 
        port of New York on or about the ___ day of August A.D. one thousand eight hundred and 
        thirty three and that it is his intention to settle in Pennsylvania. 
        Recorded the day and year first above written, by me, ????, Clerk. 
        Be it remembered, That on the 23rd day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight 
        hundred and thirty eight, personally appeared Timothy Salmon before me, Clerk of the Court 
        of Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the said County, who upon his solemn did 
        depose and say, that he is a native of Ireland now residing in the County of Philadelphia, 
        aged 26 years or thereabouts, and that it is bonafide his intention to become a Citizen 
        of the United States, and to renounce for ever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign 
        Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to the Queen of Great 
        Britain and Ireland of whom he is now a subject.     
        Recorded the day and year first above written, by me, ????, Clerk 
    Children of TIMOTHY SAMMON and CATHERINE DUNN are: 
    i.  MARY2 SAMMON, m. BREEN. 
        Notes for MARY SAMMON: 
        Lived in Beloit, WI at the time of her sister Margaret's death in 1918.     
        There is a Mary Sammon buried in Fenlon Cemetery, on Center Road, 3 1/2 miles north of 
        Durand, IL. She died in 1859. I am sure she is related to this Mary Sammon but not sure 
        There is also a Mary Sammon listed on the Rock County (Federal Population Schedule for 
        1860) WI census living in Beloit Township/Town. ID # W1456164149 See search results below.     
        Search Terms: SAMMON (4) Database: Wisconsin Census, 1820-1890 Combined Matches: 4
        Year Surname Given Name(s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type Database ID# 
        1855 SAMMON HIRAM Grant County WI 011 Potosi WI 1855 State Census Index WI00944177 
        1855 SAMMON JOHN Jefferson County WI 006 Milford WI 1855 State Census Index WI00931113 
        1860 SAMMON MARY Rock County WI 067 Beloit Federal Population Schedule WI 
        1860 Federal Census Index WI456164149 
        1850 SAMMON MICHAEL Waukesha County WI 417 Lisbon Federal Population Schedule WI 
        1850 Federal Census Index WIS7a4677452 
        Notes for ELIZABETH SAMMON: 
        Lived in River Forest, IL at the time of her sister Margaret's death ( 1918). 
    iii. JULIA SAMMON. 
         Notes for JULIA SAMMON: Lived in Durand, IL at the time of her sister Margaret's 
         death (1918) . Also lived in Beloit, WI at some time. 
    iv. FRANK SAMMON. 
        Notes for FRANK SAMMON: 
        Lived in Durand, IL at the time of his sister Margaret's death (1918). Also have 
        information suggesting that Julia Sammon may have been Frank's wife.    
        Many of the early settlers of this area lived along the Wisconsin/Illinois State line 
        in Laona Township. They may have lived in one state with an address for the other 
        state and vice versa.
        The Diocese of Rockford was formed in 1909 and St Mary's of Durand was no longer a 
        mission of Pecatonica. Frank and Julia Sammon were previously listed as members of 
        the parish and lived on the corner of State Line Road and Crowley Road. 
    2. v. MARGARET SAMMON, b. 22 Mar 1839, Philadelphia, PA; d. 18 Feb 1918, Austin, MN. 
    Generation No. 2
    2. MARGARET2 SAMMON (TIMOTHY1) was born 22 Mar 1839 Philadelphia, PA, and died 18 Feb 
       1918 Austin, MN. She married THOMAS MCGRANE 12 May 18511. He was b 05 Oct 1831 Mathe 
       County, Ireland, and died 30 Mar 1896 St Cecelia, Chickasaw, IA 
       Notes for MARGARET SAMMON: 
       Margaret was born in Philadelphia and when a child, came to Durand, IL with her parents. 
       She received her education in the schools of Beloit, WI and Galena, IL. 
       After her marriage to Thomas McGrane, they came to Howard County, Iowa, making the trip 
       overland. They were among the early settlers of Howard county and experienced many of 
       the hardships of pioneer days. After her husband died March 30, 1896, she continued to 
       live on the farm with her two sons and one daughter until November 1912, when she 
       retired and went to Austin to live with her daughter, Teresa (Mrs Louis) Rustad. 
       More About MARGARET SAMMON: 
       Burial: 21 Feb 1918, St Patricks Cemetery, St Cecelia, IA 
       Notes for THOMAS MCGRANE: 
       The McGrane family came to the U.S. during the great potato famine in Ireland. Rumor has 
       it that they may have set sail from Cork, Ireland, in the mid 1850s. The 1919 History of 
       Howard and Chickasaw Counties, IA state that Thomas came to America when he was a lad of 
       16 years old, which would make it about 1847. Margaret and her eight sons and one daughter 
       made the trip alone, without help of her husband, Owen, who had apparently died before 
       their departure. When they first arrived, they settled in Illinois. Early land entries 
       for Afton Township, Howard County, IA, show an entry for Patrick McGrane on February 8, 
       1856 and for Thomas McGrane on March 22, 1855. 
       History of Howard and Chickasaw state that Thomas came to Howard County in 1856 which 
       substantiates the land information. 
       Thomas and Margaret farmed on what was later the George Reiken farm west of Elma. After 
       Thomas died, his wife and two of the children moved to Austin, MN. Following Margaret's 
       death, the old homestead was sold. 
       The other brothers and sisters of Thomas were; Patrick, who built a log cabin at the 
       site of the old Fogarty place, just north of the St Cecelia Church; John settled at the 
       site of the Raphael O'Donnell far m; Richard settled where Cliff Valbrecht later lived; 
       he lost his farm during the hard years of the depression. James was a Dominican priest; 
       Terrance settled where Henry Rosonke farmed most of his life ; Terrance served in the 
       Civil War, Company C 13th Iowa Infantry; Peter was in Company I, Illinois Volunteers and 
       later farmed across from the Rennie Taetes farm. He later tore down all the farm 
       buildings  and moved on; Elizabeth married James Richardson and settled on a farm south 
       of St. Cecilia; and Owen farmed on what was later the Walt Gebel farm.     
       More About THOMAS MCGRANE: 
       Burial: St. Patricks Cemetery, St. Cecelia, IA 
       Marriage Notes for MARGARET SAMMON and THOMAS MCGRANE: 
       Records of Jim McGrane indicate marriage year as 1857 but obituary of Margaret states 
       1851. Jim's information indicates that the family came to Iowa in 1856. Information also 
       suggests that Thomas and Margaret were married before coming to Iowa which suggests that 
       the 1857 marriage year is incorrect. It is probable that Thomas and Margaret were married 
       in the Durand, IL or Beloit WI area. Evidence exists confirming that both families lived 
       in that area at that time. With the oldest child, Mary, indicated as being born in 1859, 
       this supports the 1857 marriage year. 
       Children of MARGARET SAMMON and THOMAS MCGRANE are: 
       i. JULIA3 MCGRANE. 
       Notes for JULIA MCGRANE: 
       Died as infant 
       Notes for ELIZABETH MCGRANE: 
       Died as infant 
       Notes for CATHERINE MCGRANE: 
       Died as infant 
       iv. MARY A MCGRANE, b. 27 Feb 1859, Howard, IA; d. 02 Jan 1936, Elma, Howard, IA; 
       m. THOMAS H ROCHE; d. Rochester, MN Hospital. 
       More About MARY A MCGRANE: 
       Burial: St Patricks Cemetery, St Cecelia, IA 
       Notes for THOMAS H ROCHE: 
       Thomas died at the age of 46 of pneumonia. He had gone to the hospital in Rochester for 
       an operation for kidney trouble. Before the operation was performed, he came down with 
       pneumonia and died. He was survived by his wife and eight children, the oldest being a 
       young lady of twenty one and the youngest a child of three. He had beenin the real estate 
       business in Minot ND for about ten years prior to his death. 
       More About THOMAS H ROCHE: 
       Burial: 20 Dec, St Leo's Catholic Church, Minot, ND 
       v. CHARLES HENRY MCGRANE, b. 22 Apr 1860, Howard, IA; d. 18 Dec 1939, Austin, MN. 
       Notes for CHARLES HENRY MCGRANE: 
       Henry never married. Henry was born on a farm west of Elma, the oldest child of Thomas 
       and Margaret McGrane. In 1897 he moved to Seattle, Washington where he lived for almost 
       forty years. In August of 1937 he became ill and was taken to a Seattle hospital. In 
       September of the same year he was brought to the home of his brother, Thomas McGrane
       where he lived until he was taken to the New Hampton hospital and then was taken to the 
       home of a niece, Mrs Loren Sayles, in Austin, Minnesota where he passed away at one 
       o'clock on Monday afternoon . His remains were brought to the Roche home west of Elma for 
       the wake and the funeral was held at St. Patrick's Church in St Cecelia. 
       Burial: 20 Dec 1939, St Patrick's Cemetery, St. Cecelia, IA 
       vi. JAMES F MCGRANE, b. 09 Feb 1863, Howard, Iowa; d. 19 Feb 1936, Elma, IA; m. MARGARET 
       DEVEREAUX, 28 Oct 1886, St Patrick's Church, St Cecelia, IA2; b. NY, NY; d. 08 Nov 1938, 
       Minneapolis, MN.
       More About JAMES F MCGRANE: Burial: 22 Feb 1936, Calvary Cemetery, Elma, IA (Sec 73-1-4) 
       Notes for MARGARET DEVEREAUX: 
       Died of a stroke at the home of her sister. 
       More About MARGARET DEVEREAUX: 
       Burial: 10 Nov 1938, Calvary Cemetery, Elma, IA (Sec 73-1-3) 
       vii. PETER J MCGRANE, b. 24 Jul 1865, Howard, IA; d. 27 Apr 1932, Howard Co, IA3; m. 
       ROSE MURRAY, 30 Dec 18944; b. Mitchell County, IA. 
       viii. THOMAS H MCGRANE, b. 22 Apr 1867, Elma, Howard, IA; d. 11 Mar 1938, Elma, Howard, 
       IA5; m. ABIGAIL MARIE O'CONNELL, 15 Feb 1897, Immaculate Conception, Elma, IA; b. 15 
       Jan 1873, Elma, Howard, IA6; d. 25 Feb 1946, Elma, Howard, IA. 
       Notes for THOMAS H MCGRANE: 
       Mr McGrane had a closing out auction on Feb 28, 1935 on the farm 2 miles west of Elma. 
       He had for sale, four head of horses, four head of milk cows, one hundred corn shocks, 
       and a full line of horse drawn farm machinery. J. B. Beecher was the auctioneer and 
       Peoples Savings Bank of Elma clerked the sale. 
       The community was shocked and saddened on last Thursday morning March 10, 1938, at the 
       death of Thomas McGrane, a pioneer resident of this city. Thomas was born on a farm 
       northwest of Elma, IA. His entire life was spent in Howard County, and all but three 
       years in Afton Township. He was married to Abbie O'Connell in Immaculate Conception
       Church by Father F. J. Gunn. 
       Mr. McGrane was stricken with a heart attack while attending Mass on the preceding 
       Sunday and had been confined to his bed since that time. His pastor was summoned and 
       he was fortified by the last rites of the Catholic Church. He was an affectionate 
       husband and a devoted father and a lifelong member of the Catholic Church. His passing 
       will leave a large void in the life of the community and his presence will be missed,
       not only by his family, but by the entire community . His friends were numbered by his 
       acquaintances and his life was an exemplary one. 
       His funeral was held on Saturday morning from the Immaculate Conception Church at Elma, 
       Iowa with Rev Edward O'Donnell officiating. Rev P. J. McGuire of Waverly and Rev Hubert 
       Pospichal of Elma were also present in the sanctuary. His six sons acted as pallbearers. 
       (Above information from the Elma New Era newspaper. March 1938) 
       More About THOMAS H MCGRANE: 
       Burial: 13 Mar 1938, Calvary Cemetery, Elma, IA (Sec 23-1-3) 
       Notes for ABIGAIL MARIE O'CONNELL: 
       Abby received her education in the rural schools of Howard county. She lived her entire 
       life in Howard county and farmed with her husband until their retirement in 1936. At 
       that time they moved to Elma. 
       Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Elma, IA(Sec 23-1-2) 
       viii. OWEN FRANCIS (FRANK) MCGRANE, b. Apr 1869, Howard, Iowa; d. 1950. 
       Notes for OWEN FRANCIS (FRANK) MCGRANE: Never Married 
       x. MARGARET J MCGRANE, b. 18 Sep 1871, Howard, Iowa; d. 11 Aug 1960. 
       Notes for MARGARET J MCGRANE: Never Married 
       xi. TERESA AGNES MCGRANE, b. 06 Oct 1873, Howard, IA; d. 17 Mar 19696; m. LOUIS OTTO
       xii. JOSEPH JOHN MCGRANE, b. 17 Aug 1878, Howard, Iowa; d. 18 Jan 1963;  m. JANE MURRAY. 
       xiii. EUGENE L MCGRANE, b. 20 Aug 1880, Howard, Iowa; d. 18 Dec 1952, St. Olaf's Hospital,
        Austin, MN. 
       Notes for EUGENE L MCGRANE: Eugene never married. 
       More About EUGENE L MCGRANE: Burial: 20 Dec 1952, St Cecelia Cemetery, Alta Vista, IA 
       xiv. EDWARD MCGRANE, b. 09 Mar 1883, Howard, IA; d. 09 Mar 1892. 
       1. Obituary of Margaret, Elma New Era newspaper.
       2. Obituary, Elma New Era, Feb 1936. 
       3. Elma New Era, May 1932. 
       4. History of Howard County, 1919 Edition. 
       5. Immaculate Conception Church Records, Elma, IA. 
       6. Memorial Card.
    Found in the Sammons Archives at:
    http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cramsey/07_1998.html HISTORY OF ROCK COUNTY, WISCONSIN Frank J. Sammon, one of the progressive and public spirited citizens of Avon township, was born in Winnebago county, Illinois, on July 10, 1855, to Timothy and Catherine (Dunn) Sammon. They were sturdy Irish people whose yearning for a home in a free country brought them to the United States in an early day, believing that a good opportunity for accumulating a fortune lay before them. They set sail for America, and on their arrival, first located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but remained there only a short time, when they decided to move west. They next settled in Cook county, Illinois, where they made their home for several years. Their hearts being set upon a farm home, however, they found their ideal place in Avon township, Rock county, Wisconsin, and very soon located there and established a home for themselves and family. They first came to Avon in 1856, where they lived the remainder of their lives; Father Sammon died in 1878, Mother Sammon surviving him until 1896, when she, too, passed away, leaving her children to mourn her loss. Frank J. Received a common school education in the district schools of the township, and has always lived on the old homestead, which is now owned by himself, his sister Julia and brother William, they, too, having always lived there since birth. Besides general farming, Mr. Sammon takes great pride in raising and breeding fine stock. He has a large herd of Red Poled cattle and his hogs are the Poland-China breed. He is a Democrat in politics and has held a number of local offices of trust, among them being that of overseer of highways, which he held for some four years, and was clerk of the school board for twenty-two years. Mr. Sammon is also a member of Avon Camp No. 1209, Modern Woodmen of America. He is a man of liberal views on all matters, and is ever ready to aid in any pursuit tending to the betterment of the community. William Sammon, brother of Frank, was born in the state of Pennsylvania, June 25, 1835. He came west with his parents when they settled in Wisconsin, and has always resided on the homestead. He is the joining owner of 100 acres of land, fifty acres of it being under cultivation, the balance being in pasture. He is the eldest of a family of eight children, seven of whom are still living. 1871 Mr. Sammon and Miss Bridget Cummins were united in marriage; Mrs. Sammon died in 1875, leaving one child, Sara, who is now the wife of William Clark. May be the same info at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cramsey/samnotes.html and http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cramsey/02_1999.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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