William Sammons

William Sammons Outline
(Son of James II)
	1  	[1] William Sammons b: 1725 d: Aft. 05 Aug 1804 Greenville District SC
..		+Rebecca Avey/ Ivey b: 1731 d: Jun 1762
.....	2  	John Sammons b: 1740-1746 Probably VA d: 1812 Greenville Co SC
.........		+Elizabeth 'Betty Walker b: Abt. 1743 Amelia Co VA d: Aft. 1832 Greenville Co SC
.....	2  	Catherine Sammons b: 1747		
.....	2  	Elizabeth Sammons b: 1748		
.........		+Thomas Bruce			
.....	2  	Sarah Sammons b: 1750		
.........		+Samuel Comer			
.....	2  	George Salmon b: 04 Feb 1754 Amelia Co VA d: 18 Aug 1837 Greenville Co SC
.........		+Elizabeth Young b: 22 Dec 1758 Frederick Co VA	m: 10 Mar 1785	d: 24 Oct 1849 
			 Near Versailles MO-Morgan Co
.....	2  	Walker Sammons b: 1755		
.....	2  	Rebecca 'Becky Sammons	b: 10 Apr 1762 Sussex Co VA		
.........		+Duncan McKinley b:  	   m: 12 Jan 1782 Sussex Co VA (Minister's Returns P:257
.....	2  	Harriet (Catherine?) Sammons b: 1764 d: Abt. 1789
.........		+Jonathan 'John Grady b: 1760	m: 1792	d: Abt. 1800
                *2nd Wife of [1] William Sammons:
                +Annis Comer

Deed Book D - Page 350
May 5, 1771
Deed from Matthew Hubbard to William Sammons for 45 acres of land on the North side of the Great Swamp.
(This 45 acres of land joined William Seabourn's land, John Morgan's land, John Sledge's land, Morris
Dunns' land, and according to the deed William Sammons was living on the land at the time of the deed.
Witnesses: Nathan Northington, Thomas Mason, David Mason, and John Battle, Junior.

Book E - Page 208
Indicates that William Sammons, Rebecca his wife, and Morris Dunn and Rebecca his wife sold 99 acres of
land on January 15, 1774 to John Morgan.
According to the deed 45 acres of the 99 acres was the land that William Sammons bought from Matthew
Hubbard in 1771.  The deed was witnesssed by David Mason, Thomas Avent, and Matthew Morgan.

Sussex Co
1782 Personal Tax Records
William Sammons claimed 2 horses, 6 cattle, and 1 white male 21 years of age.

1783 Personal Tax Records
William Sammons claimed 1 horse, and no cattle.

Compiled by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey from data submitted by Hope Coslett Pees, Mary Lou Sammons Martin, Jeri Sammons Beitel, and "Sammons Family History" by David W. Eaddy.

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress and all efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, 
but as in all genealogies there will be discrepancies comparing with other researchers. 

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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