Sparks Family
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The Sparks Family

William Sparks, born ca. January 1799 in Westmoreland Co. KY, married Nancy Crawford, born ca. 1803 KY, May 1820 in Estell Co. KY.
William died August 1871 in Johnson Co. Indiana and Nancy died ca. July 1889 also in Johnson Co. Indiana.


Lousanna SPARKS
Born: 1821, Estill Co. KY
Married: 1839, Johnson Co. Ind.
Died: 1910, Putnam Co. MO
Spouse: William HOGG

Born: ca. 1823
Married: 1841, Johnson Co. IN
Spouse: Lewis LEGANS

Katherine T. SPARKS
Born: ca. 1825, IN
Married: 1847, Johnson Co. IN
Spouse: Barton DUNHAM

Fanny Jane SPARKS
Born: ca. 1827, IN
Married: 1847, Johnson Co. IN
Died: Before 1880
Spouse: Richard FERGUSON

Born: 1831, Johnson Co. IN
Married: 1850, Johnson Co. IN
Died: 1921, Poweshiek Co. IA
Spouse: Elizabeth Dehart RICHMOND

Elizabeth SPARKS
Born: ca. 1833
Married: 1851, Johnson Co. IN
Spouse: Absolem LEGGINS

Born: 1836, Johnson Co. IN
Married: 1857, Johnson Co. IN
Died: 1933, Dekalb Co. MO
Spouse: Mary Ann BETNER

William Crawford SPARKS
Born: 1838, Johnson Co. IN
Married: 1859, Johnson Co. IN
Died: After October 1916, Ft. Dodge Kansas
Spouse: Miranda WHITAKER

Margaret Ann SPARKS
Born: 1841, Johnson Co. IN
Marriage: 1860, Johnson Co. IN
Spouse: Jesse W. BOLT

Absalom SPARKS
Born: 1844, Johnson Co. IN
Married: 1865, Brown Co. IN
Died: 1932, Johnson Co. IN
Spouse: Mary Ellen DINE

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