Crawford | Lightfoot | Latham -- My Families in Mississippi

Crawford | Lightfoot | Latham -- My Families in Mississippi

My mother, Katherine Elizabeth Latham McKay, gave me my first bit of information about our family. She said that our grandmother was a Lightfoot and she had been told that my grandmother's father was a doctor and that he was a smart man. One day while doing research in the Attala County, Mississippi library I checked the card file of Joyce Sanders, a local genealogist. She had a card on William Robert Lightfoot, MD and had written the name of my family on the card.  Dr. Lightfoot was my great grandfather.  A problem I have encountered in researching our Crawford and Lightfoot families is the absence of records in Holmes and Attala Counties. One of the oldest marriage records in Attala County is that of William Davis and Mary Lena Crawford. Her parents signed for her to marry. Finding the William Monroe Latham Bible was very helpful with the Latham research. It had proof of William Monroe Latham being a son of Lawrence Latham. It also proved William Monroe Latham's marriage to Elizabeth Howell and the birth and death of their daughter. The nicest part of doing this research is that I have met many members of our family that I did not know before. My parents' home burned in 1964 so I didn't have any family pictures when I started. I thank many family members for giving me photographs or letting me copy them. The late Mrs. Hassell (Virginia) Ford of Laurel, Mississippi furnished photos and information on our Lightfoot family.

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