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Descendants of Alexander Bell Crawford

Generation No. 1
1.  ALEXANDER BELL1 CRAWFORD was born Abt. 1765 in Md., and died Aft. 1790.  He married ELLEN OWENS.
3.	iv.	ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDII, b. May 03, 1790, Ky.; d. April 27, 1876, Carlisle, Ky.

Generation No. 2
2. BETSY2 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL1). She married WILSON. Children of BETSY CRAWFORD and WILSON are: i. EDWARD3 WILSON. ii. THOMAS WILSON. iii. WILLIAM WILSON. iv. FRANK WILSON. v. GEORGE WILSON. vi. MALINDA WILSON. vii. ANGELINE WILSON. viii. JAMES WILSON. 3. ALEXANDER BELL2 CRAWFORDII (ALEXANDER BELL1) was born May 03, 1790 in Ky., and died April 27, 1876 in Carlisle, Ky.. He married CHARLOTTE RIGGS September 08, 1814 in Montgomery Co. Ky., daughter of GREENBERRY RIGGS and MARY HARDY. More About ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDII: Fact 1: 1812-1813, Veteran of the war of 1812....Major (rank) Fact 2: Served under Captain Thomas Morris's Co. of Ky. militia Fact 3: 1860, Lived in Nicholas Co. Ky. Fact 4: 1875, Lived in North Middleton, Bourbon Co. Ky. More About CHARLOTTE RIGGS: Fact 1: 1788, Came to Ky. as a baby. Children of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and CHARLOTTE RIGGS are: i. ROBERT OWEN3 CRAWFORD, b. August 07, 1818; d. August 30, 1894; m. MARY JANE CAMPBELL, February 04, 1847. 4. ii. MARY ANN CRAWFORD, b. August 17, 1819; d. February 13, 1857. iii. ELEANOR CRAWFORD, b. December 1821; d. January 24, 1893. iv. GREENBERRY RIGGS CRAWFORD, b. October 09, 1822; d. October 30, 1852. 5. v. ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDIII, b. March 22, 1824, Carlisle, Nicholas County, Ky.; d. March 26, 1911, Liberty, Mo. Burial at Fairview cemetery. vi. SARAH TAUL CRAWFORD, b. February 1826; m. ARCHIE J. EDMONSON, September 13, 1853. vii. DORCAS HARDY CRAWFORD, b. May 26, 1828; d. Aft. 1919, Ky.; m. BEN F. SOPER, February 01, 1853, Nicholas County, Ky.

Generation No. 3
4. MARY ANN3 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born August 17, 1819, and died February 13, 1857. She married THOMAS JEFFERSON TAUL July 03, 1846. Children of MARY CRAWFORD and THOMAS TAUL are: i. HENRY CLAY4 TAUL, b. July 23, 1847; d. February 10, 1871. ii. NANCY CHARLOTTE TAUL, b. January 01, 1851; d. 1861. iii. MARY ALICE TAUL, b. July 15, 1854; m. MCCLURE. 5. ALEXANDER BELL3 CRAWFORDIII (ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born March 22, 1824 in Carlisle, Nicholas County, Ky., and died March 26, 1911 in Liberty, Mo. Burial at Fairview cemetery. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH BARNARD April 04, 1871, daughter of SAMUEL BARNARD and MAXEY TAUL. He married (2) SARAH (SALLIE) ELIZABETH CHRISTY June 05, 1888 in Liberty, Mo., daughter of WILLIAM CHRISTY and ELINOR MARMON. More About ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDIII: Fact 1: 1859, Moved from Carlisle, Ky. to Smithville, Mo. Fact 2: In the mercantile and farming business. Fact 3: 1888, At age 64 married Sarah E. Christy who was 22. Fact 4: They built a large Victorian home in Liberty, Mo. Fact 5: Three sons were born there. Fact 6: 1910, AB and Sarah began construction of a large brick home (Crawford house). Fact 7: One year later, 3/26/1911, Alexander died before the family had moved into it. More About SARAH (SALLIE) ELIZABETH CHRISTY: Fact 1: 1905, Inherited only $1.00 when her father dies in 1905. Fact 2: March 30, 1943, Fell at home while walking across floor, breaking her rt. hip. Hospitalized Fact 3: April 09, 1943, Died in hosp. of Toxiema from pneumonia, purlent gall bladder and bowel obst. Child of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and MARY BARNARD is: i. BETTIE4 CRAWFORD, b. February 18, 1872, Smithville (Clay Co.) Mo.; d. February 28, 1872, Smithville, Mo.. Children of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and SARAH CHRISTY are: ii. SON4 CRAWFORD, b. June 18, 1889, Liberty, Mo.; d. June 18, 1889, Liberty, Mo.. 6. iii. ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDIV, b. January 07, 1891, Liberty, Mo.; d. September 08, 1943, Liberty, Mo. Burial at Fairview cemetery. 7. iv. WILEY CLYDE CRAWFORD, b. December 05, 1892, Liberty, Mo.; d. April 13, 1978, West Plains, Mo. (Burial Fairview Cemetry in Liberty, Mo.

Generation No. 4
6. ALEXANDER BELL4 CRAWFORDIV (ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born January 07, 1891 in Liberty, Mo., and died September 08, 1943 in Liberty, Mo. Burial at Fairview cemetery. He married (1) MARTHA LEONARD KIERSTED October 15, 1912. He married (2) JEANETTE REEVES KIERSTED November 22, 1924 in Liberty, Mo., daughter of WYNKOOP KIERSTED and MEDORA SMITH. Notes for ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDIV: A. B. Crawford, one of Liberty's outstanding men and most active workers in civic affairs, died early Wednesday morning at St. Margaret's Hospital in Kansas City where he had un gone an emergency operation for appendicitis Monday night after being stricken at his home earlier in the day. Peritonitis was the cause of death. At the time of his death, Mr. Crawford was president of the First National Bank, president of the Liberty Board of Education, treasurer of the Methodist Church and member of it board of stewards, treasurer of the Rotary Club and member of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce. Born in Liberty on January 7, 1891, the son of A. B. Crawford of Carlyle, Ky., and the former Miss Sarah Christy of Clay County, Mr. Crawford spent almost his entire life here. He was away for a few years as a young man when he was employed by the Fidelity State Bank in Kansas City, Kansas. Connections with the First National Bank here began for the man, who later became its head, on December 1, 1927. It was on August 3, 1933 that he was elected President at the death of John Majors. Prior to his banking days and after his graduation from the schools of Liberty, Mr. Crawford had worked for a time in the J. J. Stogdale Clothing company store. It was at the age of twelve that Mr. Crawford united with the Methodist church. For several years he was superintendent of the Sunday school there and was one of the leading members at the time of his death. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Jeanette Crawford; two daughters, Mrs. Frank J. Chrane and Miss Louise Crawford and a grandson, Frank J Chrane, Jr., all at home, and a brother, Wiley Clyde Crawford, Liberty, special representative in charge of the HOLC office in Kansas City. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon from the Methodist church. Burial will be in the Fairview Cemetery. (Librerty Tribune 9/9/1943) There was a proclamation by the Mayor of Liberty proclaiming all business places in Liberty to be closed the hour of the funeral to pay respects to his memory. More About ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDIV: Cause of Death: Peritonitis following emergency appendectomy Children of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and MARTHA KIERSTED are: i. SARA CHRISTY5 CRAWFORD, b. August 13, 1913; d. August 18, 1913, Liberty, Mo.. 8. ii. MEDORA SMITH CRAWFORD, b. May 30, 1915; d. 1992, Liberty, Mo.. Child of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and JEANETTE KIERSTED is: 9. iii. LOUISE5 CRAWFORD, b. January 30, 1927, Liberty, Mo.; d. 1983, Liberty, Mo.. 7. WILEY CLYDE4 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born December 05, 1892 in Liberty, Mo.1, and died April 13, 1978 in West Plains, Mo. (Burial Fairview Cemetry in Liberty, Mo.1. He married MARGARET WOODSON NORTON June 08, 1927 in Liberty, Mo., daughter of WILLIAM NORTON and MAUDE FORCE. More About WILEY CLYDE CRAWFORD: Fact 1: 1st WW 11/17/17 to 2/15/19 1st LT. Army More About MARGARET WOODSON NORTON: Fact 1: Attended Monticello Ladies College, Alton, Ill. Fact 2: Attended Northwestern U. in Ill. Children of WILEY CRAWFORD and MARGARET NORTON are: i. WILEY CLYDE5 CRAWFORDII, b. March 20, 1928. ii. JOANNA CRAWFORD, b. September 08, 1929. iii. WILLIAM NORTON CRAWFORD, b. August 22, 1931. 10. iv. DONALD CHRISTY CRAWFORD, b. November 13, 1932, Kansas City, Mo.; d. October 25, 1996, Green Bay, Wi.. 11. v. ALEXANDER BELL CRAWFORDV, b. November 15, 1937, Kansas City, Mo.; d. August 28, 1995, Cicero, New York.

Generation No. 5
8. MEDORA SMITH5 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born May 30, 1915, and died 1992 in Liberty, Mo.. She married FRANK JASPER CHRANE December 28, 1939 in Liberty, Mo., son of FRANK CHRANE and LETA WALL. Children of MEDORA CRAWFORD and FRANK CHRANE are: i. FRANK CHRANE6 JR., b. May 24, 1943. ii. JEANETTE CHRANE, b. July 14, 1946. iii. RICHARD WILLIAM CHRANE, b. March 16, 1953. 9. LOUISE5 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born January 30, 1927 in Liberty, Mo., and died 1983 in Liberty, Mo.. She married STUART RODNEY BIGGERSTAFF December 28, 1949 in Liberty, Mo.. More About STUART RODNEY BIGGERSTAFF: Fact 1: Residence: 343 W. Franklin, Liberty, Mo. Children of LOUISE CRAWFORD and STUART BIGGERSTAFF are: i. STUART R. (JR.)6 BIGGERSTAFF, b. February 09, 1951, Liberty, Mo.. ii. LOUIS CRAWFORD BIGGERSTAFF, b. March 15, 1952, Liberty, Mo.. 10. DONALD CHRISTY5 CRAWFORD (WILEY CLYDE4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born November 13, 1932 in Kansas City, Mo., and died October 25, 1996 in Green Bay, Wi.. He married DIANE ARLENE HILL July 31, 1966 in Bijou, Calif., daughter of DONALD HILL and ARLENE BARRON. More About DONALD CHRISTY CRAWFORD: Fact 1: 1955, Graduated from UMissouri, honors BSME, with continuing Fact 2: awards in designing, marking his contribution to many future endevors. Fact 3: 1966, Married Diane in Calif. Transferred to Wisc. in 1967. Fact 4: Loved his job in GB. Had a fantastic career. Fact 5: 1996, Diagnosed with Meso. No idea where it came from. No chance to ponder. Fact 6: October 25, 1996, Died shortly after his 30th wedding anniversary. Fact 7: Never gave up the fight. Never felt sorry for himself. Fought to the end. Fact 8: A gallant soldier who made a difference. Fact 9: A guy who loved his family, took care of them and will never be forgotten. Cause of Death: Maligment Mesothelioma Medical Information: Perfect health until 7/96 when chest pain necessitated chest xray and 2 tumors were found on right lung pleura. He lived 17 weeks only as we had no medical treatment available for this condition. Children of DONALD CRAWFORD and DIANE HILL are: i. BRIAN HILL6 CRAWFORD, b. March 29, 1969, Green Bay, Wi.. ii. AMY JO CRAWFORD, b. January 18, 1972, Green Bay, Wi.. 11. ALEXANDER BELL5 CRAWFORDV (WILEY CLYDE4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born November 15, 1937 in Kansas City, Mo., and died August 28, 1995 in Cicero, New York. He married (1) MARY ANN COFFEY. He married (2) NANCY ELIZABETH ANDERSON 1971, daughter of EDWARD ANDERSON and MAIDA SCHEETZ. He married (3) ORENE GOODEN HUBBARD May 24, 1985 in Theodosia Mo., daughter of CHARLES GOODEN and BEULAH LOCKE. Children of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and NANCY ANDERSON are: 12. i. LYNN DRUCKENMILLER6 CRAWFORD, b. September 25, 1962, Phoenixville, Penn; Adopted child. 13. ii. LAWRENCE ALEXANDER (DRUCKENMILLER) CRAWFORD, b. March 13, 1964, Phoenixville, Penn; Adopted child. 14. iii. JENNIFER LYNN CRAWFORD, b. September 13, 1972.

Generation No. 6
12. LYNN DRUCKENMILLER6 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL5, WILEY CLYDE4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born September 25, 1962 in Phoenixville, Penn. She married JEFFREY HARGROVE. Children of LYNN CRAWFORD and JEFFREY HARGROVE are: i. BLAKE ALEXANDER7 HARGROVE, b. April 1982. ii. TIMOTHY HARGROVE, b. September 1992. 13. LAWRENCE ALEXANDER (DRUCKENMILLER)6 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL5, WILEY CLYDE4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born March 13, 1964 in Phoenixville, Penn. He married DAYNA ELIZABETH DOOLEY May 28, 1997 in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, daughter of SANFORD DOOLEY and SANDRA SCRIBNER. Child of LAWRENCE CRAWFORD and DAYNA DOOLEY is: i. MADISON NICOLE7 CRAWFORD, b. May 31, 1998, Oklahoma City, OK.i. 14. JENNIFER LYNN6 CRAWFORD (ALEXANDER BELL5, WILEY CLYDE4, ALEXANDER BELL3, ALEXANDER BELL2, ALEXANDER BELL1) was born September 13, 1972. She married ROB COOK December 31, 1992 in Okinawa. Child of JENNIFER CRAWFORD and ROB COOK is: i. RYAN7 COOK, b. March 30, 1994. Endnotes 1. Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: May 2, 1997, Internal Ref. #

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