Crawford Family Genealogy Books

Crawford Family Genealogy Books

I would like to ask a favor from you folks, if you run across a copy of one the books listed below, would you take a moment and let us know where you found your copy. It would be helpful for researchers to know if a book is still available or not. It would also be nice to complete some of these listing, we are missing publishers and sometimes it isn't clear who the author is. A short description would be nice too! Thanks for your time and good luck.

ONLINE Books from Crawford Researchers at: webBooks

This site has a very good list of books, however you will have to search it with the Crawford Surname.
Crawford Books
Crawford Family Records.
William M. Clemens.
New York, 1914.
The History of the Crawford Family.
Clements', E.J.T., published in Our Ancestors: Editor: Miss Pauline Young, Box 129, Liberty, S.C., Feb., 1953, Vol 1. Vol 1, No. 10 gives the lineage of Bertha Conan.
Descendants of Alexander & Mary McPheeters Crawford:
Pioneer Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia.

Amanda Crawford Arbogast Forbes and Lucetta Crawford Sammis, comps.
Baltimore, 1980.

Info from Georgia Genealogical Magazine Quarterlies
1984 Issues
Pioneer Settlers of Augusta County Virginia
" the name of Crawford is Scottish & in the early 1600's many Crawfords left Lanarkshire & Ayrshire, Scotland for the American colonies. Some migrated first to the North of Ireland and it is this group coming from Ulster Ireland, that these CRAWFORDS concerned about in this book are thought to be descended". ------------ This 6x9 hardcover edition contains 320 pgs & is fully indexed. Price: $23.00. Order from Amanda C, Forbes, 1209 Magnolia RD Silver Springs, MD. 20904.
One of Those Tall Tennesseans:
The Life of G. S. W. Crawford, 1849-1891.

Earle W. Crawford.
Maryville, Tenn., 1986.
Morris D'Camp Crawford and His Wife Charlotte Holmes Crawford:
Their Lives, Ancestries and Descendants.

Frank L. Crawford.
Ithaca, N.Y., 1939.
Crawfords of Adams County, Ohio.
H. Marjorie Crawford, comp.
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 1943.
Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains
by Lucy Crawford, Stearns Morse

The Crawford Family of Oakham, Massachusetts. 1912.
W. Crawford.

Captain Jack Crawford--Buckskin Poet, Scout, and Showman
by Franklin Folsom
A nun working in a Union hospital taught the young--wounded--Crawford to read; limping about Philadelphia, he visited some playhouses and was swept away with the idea of theater. He became a poet and playwright but first went West to become a scout, a rancher, miner, actor--and showman with Buffalo Bill. Crawford led an incredible life, which Miller ably renders out of material recently made available.
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Thomas Crawford American Sculptor 1813-1957
by Robert Gale 1964

Anna and the King of Siam
(Anna Harriette Crawford Leonowens) 1834-1914
by Margaret Landon 1944

The Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Moore
by John Andrew Moore Passmore,
published by Wickersham Printing Company,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1897
     "Nancy Moore, daughter of Samuel Moore and Margaret Neely was born 2/17/1800.  She married RUSSELL J. CRAWFORD, a native of S.C.  He was born 9/8/1798, was engaged in farming and blacksmithing. He was also a clergyman of the Baptist Church.  In 1859 they removed to Arkansas, and thence in a few years to Denton County, Texas, where Russell J. died 8/--/1867.  Nancy died 12/--/1866."

Our Crawford Cousins, The Past 250 Years
by William E. Rasco.
Virginia to North Carolina to Alabama, from John Crawford (1740) to Alabama Crawfords of the present day and including Farrars, Bradfields, Bonners, McCartney kin.

This book is available at the NSDAR library in Washington, D.C., as well as at the Huntsville, Alabama, public library.
The "Brothers Crawford":
Colonel William, 1722-1782 and Valentine Jr., 1724-1777

Two Volumes, SC, by Allen W. Scholl
was also published by Heritage Books, Inc. (info listed below)
This book is out of print.

Descendants of Moses and Isabell (Clark) Crawford of Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Two Volumes, SC, by Allen W. Scholl
Published 1933 by
Heritage Books, Inc.
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Bowie, MD. 20716
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ISBN 1-55613-795-8

Part One (Vol 1). The Direct Line
Part Two (Vol 2). Some Related Families

The Life and Times of William H. Crawford 1772-1834
by Ship, 1909

Crawford Genealogy
by Mrs. Lucinda Frances Stephens,
published in 1936.
Crawfords of Scottish descent, John Crawford emigrated to VA in 1643. Index, 203 pages
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