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Craycroft, Bresnahan and Bresnan Family Pages
Welcome to the home of the Craycroft and Bresnahan/Bresnan Families

Welcome to the home of the Craycroft and Bresnahan/Bresnan Families

UPDATE NOTE: January 2, 2004 - I have added blank census returns for the years 1830, 1840, 1880 and 1890. These forms, as with all the other blanks, are freely offered to anyone who wants to make use of them for recording census information for their own families.

I have also posted a revised and edited version of The Great Craycroft Book. It reflects the results of my research into the accuracy of this history. I have found that most if not all of the information prior to 1780 is false. It is my intention in posting this to remind family historians the danger of not verifying what you find. The data in the History after 1780 is accurate, to the best of my knowledge, and verifiable.
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Since about 1970 I have been researching both of my family lines, the Craycrofts and the Bresnans. I have collected hundreds of pages of narratives and documents and a large collection of photographs of family members and grave markers. These will all be posted here.

In February 2000 I learned from David Moloney, County Tipperary, Ireland, that my great-great-great grandfather Edward Bresnan was actually born Edward (or possibly Edmond) Bresnahan. I thank David for locating the records that proved this.

As you read the following pages you will find links in the text. These will take you to documents and photographs in support of the statements. Please feel free to download these items if they will help you in your research or just if you find them of interest. If you do use anything here in your research please pay me the courtesy of citing my site as your source of information.

Off and on over the last 30 years I have tried to research both sides of my family. Those of you who have tried to do the same know what I am talking about. For those of you who haven't tried to look up both limbs of your family tree and are thinking about it. . .think long and hard. The problems you will run into won't double--they'll MULTIPLY! I'm only kidding, a little, but it will definitely keep you out of trouble. It can get hectic trying to keep track of two separate lines.

Now I would like to thank as many of the people who helped me as I can remember. Over the years these people have shared their research with me making much of this possible. My thanks go to:

  • Diane Lynnete Smith Gifford
  • Margaret Whippee
  • Denise Miller
  • Dan Craycraft
  • Holly Pace
  • Dianne Hume
  • Betty Gregston
  • Nancy Stull
  • Anne Lariviere
  • David Moloney
  • Bill Henneberry
  • Ronn Knowles
  • Cynthia Salvador
  • Geoff Craycroft
  • Members of the Craycraft eGroup Group
  • and my sister Theresa Gayle Craycroft

I hope that you will stop by often. As I acquire new information or documentation I will be adding it here. As of May 11, 2003 this site has grown to almost 2900 pages and over 58 mb of data and images.

Also be sure and check out my links. They are also good resources and other repositories I have created or make use of.

Oh, by the way. Please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think or what you are looking for or just take a look at it to see who else has come by.

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