Research Documents

Research Documents

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On the following pages I will present various types of research results, including abstracts from U.S. Census forms (taken from scans of the original documents or microfilms), land patents and other sources of information which may indicate locations or events in the lives of my ancestors. They will be grouped together by family lines and then by types of documents or events.

In the Other Bresnan Documents section you'll find a great treat. (Mary) Allane Henneberry Lariviere has the original citizenship papers for our immigrant Bresnahan, Edmond Bresnahan. She was kind enough to allow me to have them scanned and I have reduced copies of them here.

I have also included pictures of the grave markers I've located so far for both sides of my family. They frequently prove to be valuable sources of information, supplying dates of birth and death. Sometimes they will offer up information about spouses that may have been unknown before.

These pages will be updated as I locate and acquire additional records. If anyone has any documents that they would like to have included here or would be willing to share a copy, please contact me at Bob Craycroft and we can work out the details. If you are hesitant for whatever reason to allow me to make or obtain a copy of documents, perhaps you would be willing to point me to a source where I could obtain my own copy.

If you would like a more readable copy or larger copy of any of these documents send me an e-mail at the above address and I will send you a larger file.

Craycroft: Various Official Documents

Other Bresnan Documents
Craycroft Grave Markers

The Great Craycroft Book
Bresnan Grave Markers

Blank U.S. Census forms for your use Completed Census Returns

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