Creeden Genealogy - Timothy Creeden and Descendants

Creeden Genealogy - Timothy Creeden and Descendants

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Sons of Timothy Creeden - Charles (in middle) and brothers, early 1900's

Timothy Creeden
b: 26 Mar 1846, Ireland
d: 14 Dec 1899, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
Parents: Patrick Creeden and Mary Coakley

Spouse: Mary Ann Matson
b: 21 Apr 1851, Clinton County, Ohio
m: 10 Dec 1868, Clinton County, Ohio
d: 08 Sep 1925, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
Parents: Asa Matson and Dortha (Dolly) Clevenger

Timothy and Mary Ann's Children:

Patrick Creeden
b: 19 Nov 1869, Clinton County, Ohio
d: 29 Nov 1872?, Clinton County, Ohio

James E. Creeden
b: 23 Oct 1871, Clinton County, Ohio
d: 3 Oct 1889, Mercer County, Ohio

Mary Elizabeth Creeden
b: 23 Mar 1874, Clinton County, Ohio
d: 13 Aug 1930
Spouse: George Fischer
b: 1874
d: 14 Dec 1937
Children: Hilda E., Godfrey Jack, Beatrice A.

Daniel Creeden
b: 29 Apr 1877
d: 21 Mar 1962, Mercer County, Ohio
Spouse: Lena Gleagall
b: 27 Jan 1879
d: 27 May 1962, Toledo, Ohio
Children: Ned, Ida Belle

Dennis L. Creeden
b: 08 Sep 1879, Clinton County, Ohio
d: 1/17/1930
Spouse: Nellie Burton
b: 03 Nov 1878, Skeels Crossing, Mercer County, Ohio
m: 21 Jan 1901, Mercer County, Ohio
d: Unknown
Parents: James Burton and Clara Metcalf

Edward Creeden
b: 10 Apr 1884, Celina, Ohio
d: 14 Feb 1937, Newport, KY

Charles Acy Creeden
b: 05 Nov 1886, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
d: 09 May 1958, Mercer County, Ohio
Spouse: Anna Theresia Niehaus
b: 11 Apr 1888
m: 27 Nov 1907, Mercer County, Ohio
d: 07 Nov 1968, Mercer County, Ohio
Parents: Henry Niehaus and Anna Rohrer
Children: Carl Edward, Robert Frank, Mary Mae

Julia Dorothy Creeden
b: 10 Nov 1888, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
d: 22 Apr 1967, Pueblo, Colorado
Spouse: Lorenz Richard Balleweg
b: 28 Jan 1886, Verdigree, Nevada
m: 29 May 1913, Pueblo, Colorado
d: 22 Aug 1948, Pueblo, Colorado
Parents: Richard Balleweg and Mary Richling
Children: Richard, Raymond, George, Margaret, Ruth, Robert, Therese

Idabel Creeden
b: 04 Oct 1891, Mercer County, Ohio
d: Apr 1974, Celina, Ohio
Spouse: Harvey W. Stout
b: 24 Jan 1891
d: 23 Dec 1964
Children: James

Joshua Patrick Creeden
b: 07 Dec 1894, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
d: 26 Jun 1964, Three Rivers, Michigan
Spouse: Audria Olive King
b: 22 Apr 1899
m: Feb 1919, Mercer County, Ohio
d: 16 May 1989, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
Children: Marjorie Jean, John Harold, James Patrick

Timothy's siblings born in Ireland to Patrick Creeden and Mary Coakley:

Julia Creeden
b: 01 Jul 1842, County Cork, Ireland
Baptized: 03 Jul 1842 in Carrigaphooca, Clondrohid, Ireland
d: 22 Feb 1918 Mount St. Joseph, Ohio
Alternate name: Sister Mary Felix
Member of Sisters of Charity

Honora Creeden
b: 1848, County Cork, Ireland
Baptized: 06 Aug 1848 in Carrigaphooca, Clondrohid, Ireland

Note: Timothy's father Patrick also had the following children with Hannah Jane Hoover in Clinton County, Ohio:
Johanna, Phebe Catherine, John, Hannah Jane, Roseanna, and Patrick William

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