Helston Parish Records - Baptisms - Surnames A

Helston Barstardy Papers 1729-1823

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MotherFatherChildAdditional Individuals BoundedYeardd_mmmPhoto
HAUCE Joan, Helston, SinglewomanGILL John, Helstonpregnant with childGILL Robert172902-Apr61-1618
THOMAS Margery, Helston, SinglewomanRICHARDS Garrigon the younger, Wendron, Tinner10 Aug last, male babyPETERS Thomas, Helston, Inn Keeper173916-Jan61-1619
CADDY Joan, Helston, SinglewomanTROUNCE Simon, Helston, Surgeonfemale child, still livingWILLS Thomas, Helston, Gardiner174107-Mar61-1620
BROWNE Margarett, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childJOHN James, JOHN William (son of the said James), both of Helston and Clothiers1741(not listed)61-1621
JENKYN Ann, Helston, SinglewomanBURGESS Robert, Helston, Yeomanpregnant with childBURGESS Henry, Helston, Inn Keeper; LAUNDER Robert, Helston, Cordwainer1744(no date) Apr61-1622
WILLIAMS Elizabeth, Sithney now Helston, Widow of Daniel Williams, soldierTHOMAS other wise TRELITT Richard the younger, Sithney. House Servantpregnant with child-175309-Jan61-1623
PAYNE Ann, Helston, SinglewomanHOCKING John the younger, Helston, Labourerpregnant with child-176102-Feb61-1624
PEARCE Jane, Helston, SinglewomanGUNDRY John, late of Helston, Blacksmithpregnant with childPRIDEAUS James, Sithney, Husbandman; WALTER John, Mawgan, Husbandman176125-Apr61-1625
PEARCE Jane, Helston, SinglewomanGUNDRY, late of Helston, Blacksmithpregnant with child-176120-Apr61-1626
WOONE Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanDENNIS John, Helston, Malsterpregnant with childDENNIS Samuel, Redruth, Labourer177525-Jan61-1627
PARKER Ann, Helston, Singlewoman(not listed)with male baby, named PeterROGERS Amy, Helston, Widow177530-Sep61-1628
DAW Mary, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childROGERS Edward, Helston, Sadler; DANIELL Thomas, Helston, Surgeon177618-Sep61-1629
HUTHNANCE Grace, Helston, SinglewomanBRIDGES Francis, Grampound, Officer in the Excisemale baby, named FrancisTHOMAS Walter, Grampound, Pruckemaker177622-Nov61-1630
TONKEN Grace, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childPASMORE William the younger, Helston, Merchant; PASMORE John, Helston, Gentleman177623-Dec61-1631
LANDER Martha, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childLANDER James, Helston, Cordwainer; ORCHARD Francis, Mawgan in Meneage, Husbandman177717-Jan61-1632
THOMAS Jane, Helston, SinglewomanUREN Samuel, Mawgan in Meneage, Yeomanpregnant with childPHILLIPS Thomas, Wendron, Yeoman177731-Jan61-1633
RALPH Ann, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childWEST William, of Gwinear now Helston, Whitesmith; HARVEY John, Gwinear, Blacksmith177812-Jun61-1634
TONKIN Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanPEARCE Joseph the younger, Helston, Blacksmithpregnant with childPEARCE Joseph the elder, Helston, Blacksmith; TUCK Samuel, Helston, Taylor177927-Apr61-1635
LOBB Alice, Helston, SinglewomanODGER William, Helston, Yeomanpregnant with childPOLGLASE Benjamin, Breage; HARVEY Daniel, Breage, Yeoman177904-Sep61-1636
PEARCE Mary, Helston, SinglewomanBANFIELD William, Helston, Shoemakerpregnant with childBANFIELD Ann, Helston, Widow (she is the only one that was bounded)177923-Oct61-1637
PEARCE Mary, Helston, SinglewomanBANFIELD William, Helston, Shoemakerpregnant with child-177930-Aug61-1638
HARRIS Ann, Helston, SinglewomanPASCOE Richard, Sithney, Tinnerpregnant with childPASCOE William, Lennerwell, Tinner; PASCOE William, Plean, Tinner; CORNISH Nicholas, Sithney, Tinner; PASCOE Thomas, Sithney, Tinner177923-Oct61-1639
WHITEFORD Margaret, Helston, SpinsterRICHARDS James the younger, Helston, Gentlemanpregnant with child-177920-Feb61-1640
RASHLEIGH Ann, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childWOOD William, Truro, Builder178027-Jul61-1642
WILLIAMS Mary, Helston, SinglewomanROWE William the younger, Sithney, Labourerpregnant with childROWE William the elder, father to William the younger, Trewenneck in Wendron, Yeoman (son of John Rowe of Wendron, Yeoman) 178010-Jul61-1643
BROWN Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childBURGESS Henry, Helston; WILLIAMS Jane, Bristol but late of Helston, Spinster178106-Sep61-1644
BROWN Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanBURGESS Henry, Helston, Writerpregnant with child-178105-Sep61-1645
HARRIS Ann, Helston, SinglewomanPASCOE John the younger, Helston, Shoemakerpregnant with childPASCOE John, Helston, Labourer, father to John Pascoe the younger178110-Sep61-1646
THOMAS Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanRALPH Francis, Helston, Labourer17 Aug last, named Francis RalphRALPH James, Helston, Labourer178301-May61-1647
JOHNS Jane, Helston, SinglewomanMARTIN John, Helston, Cordwainer14 Jul last, named WilliamCOLLIVER Thomas, Helston, Inn Keeper178603-Nov61-1648
CLARK Jane, Helston, SinglewomanJEFFERY George the younger, Helston, Labourerpregnant with childJEFFERY George, Helston, Mariner, father to George the younger; CHIPMAN Richard, Helston, Shoemaker178724-Jan61-1649
TONKEN Ann, Helston, WidowHAMPTHORNE Edward the younger, Constenton, Yeomanpregnant with childHAMPTHORNE Edward the elder, Constenton, Talyor, father to Edward Hampthorne the younger178721-Apr61-1650
DAVEY Ann, Helston, SinglewomanROGERS John, Breage, Yeomanpregnant with childROGERS George, Breage, Yeoman178704-Oct61-1651
WILLIAMS Mary, Helston THOMAS Richard the younger, Helston, Yeomanpregnant with childTHOMAS Richard the elder, Helston, Yeoman178830-Jul61-1652
WILLIAMS Mary, HelstonDUNSTAN James, Penzance, Chain (or Train) Driverpregnant with childDUNSTAN John, Penzance, father to James Dunstan179125-Feb61-1653
RASHLEIGH Jane, SinglewomanNICHOLAS William Trezise, Penzance, Peruke Makerwas pregnant, now gave birth-179106-May61-1655
PASCOE Ann, Helston, SinglewomanJORDAN Hugh, Germs, Blacksmithpregnant with childJORDAN Hannah, Germs, Widow179117-Dec61-1658
HAWKE Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanSYMONS Richard, ???, Shipman????pregnant with child-179206-Jan61-1660
RICHARDS Susanna, Helston, SinglewomanJOHNS William, Helston, Esquirepregnant with child-179223-Mar61-1662
PASCOE Ann, Helston, SinglewomanRUTTER Edward, Helston, Blacksmithpregnant with childRUTTER Barnard, Ruan, ???179307-Dec61-1663
SEARLE Jane, Helston, SinglewomanPETERS William, Helston, Shoemakerpregnant with child-179613-Oct61-1667
CLANG Ann, SinglewomanRENOUDENT William the younger, Helston, Labourerpregnant with childRENOUDENT William the elder, St. Martin in Meneage, Labourer 179719-Jan61-1669
HENDY Julian, Singlewoman, dau. of James Hendy, Gunwalloe, yeomanHENDY Joseph, Gunwalloe, Yeoman2 Jan instant, female baby-179806-Jan61-1671
THOMAS JoannaCARFIELD Tho's, Falmouthpregnant with child-180022-Jul61-1673
ROBERTS Ann, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childBUNNY John, Helston, Excise Officer; GLUYAS William the younger, Marazion, Merchant179908-Jun61-1675
FURZE Ann, Helston, SinglewomanWILLIAMS Richard, Wendron, Yeomanpregnant with child-180109-May61-1677
FURZE Ann, Helston, SinglewomanPASCOE Richard, Helston, Carpenterpregnant with childRUTTER William, Sudgoan (or Tudgoan), Miller180214-Dec61-1679
COLLINS Mary, Helston, SinglewomanROBERTS Thomas, Helston, Baker7 Aug instant, male baby-180425-Aug61-1680
ANTHONY Phillis, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)25 Oct last, female babyLEWIS Charles, Helston, Labourer180501-Jul61-1683
PERROW Bridget, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childTHOMAS Edward, Helston, Tanner; WINNAN Grace, Padstow, mother of Edward Thomas180525-Jul61-1685
LIAN Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childBRANWELL Richard the younger, Penzance, Yeoman; PADDY Samuel, Penzance, Yeoman 180413-Jul61-1687
JENKIN Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childHOCKIN William, Helston, Labourer; HOCKIN, Helston, Cordwainer; BILLIN Joseph, Helston, Talyor 180624-Nov61-1689
GILSON Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childBRYAN William, Helston, Liet. in Majesty's Navy; GRAHAM Thomas, Pengalle, Esquire180717-Jan61-1691
HAWKE Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)lately delivered male babyVESSEY Joseph, Helston, Helier and Plaistorer180801-Jul61-1693
SHELDING Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childCOCKING John, Helston, Cordwainer; COCKING Thomas, Helston, Cordwainer180829-Jun61-1695
THOMAS Joanna, Helston, SinglewomanREAD John, Helstonpregnant with childREAD Charles, Helston, Watchmaker, father to John Read180931-Jul61-1697
TALLACK Lydia, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)ca 2 Oct instant, male babyPASCOE James, Helston, Soriviner; PASCOE William, Helston, Joiner180904-Oct61-1699
HELLINGS Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)ca 4 May last, male babyWINNAN Edward, Helston, Labourer; MICHELL Charles, Helston, Victualler180931-Oct61-1701
WINNAN Alice, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childHICKS William, Helston, Victualler; PENPRAZE William, Helston, Brewer; MEDLAND Henry, Helston, Brewer180907-Dec61-1703
JOHNS Sarah, Helston, SinglewomanJENNINGS John Hocking, Helston, Cabinet Makerpregnant with childCOLLIVER Thomas, Helston, Painter; RICHARDS Thomas, Helston, ???181015 ???61-1704
JAMES Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)18 Jan last, Female babyPASCOE James, Helston, Soriviner; RUTTER William, Ludgoan, Miller; PASCOE Richard, Helston, Joiner181010-Mar61-1706
PENROW Bridget, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)pregnant with childPOLGLASE Benjamin, Breage, Blacksmith; POLGLASE, Breage, Widow181019-Mar61-1708
HELLINGS Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanWINNAN Edward, Helston, Husbandmanpregnant with childEDMONDS Henry, Helston, Butcher181024-Dec61-1710
TORY (or FORY) Mary, Helston, SinglewomanTOY Edward, Helston, Yeomanpregnant with childTOY Mary, Helston, Widow181111-Jan61-1712
LAUNDRY Susanna, Helston, SinglewomanROGERS Richard, Helston, Yeomanpregnant with childLEMON William, Helston, Yeoman; VINCENT Francis, Helston, Victualler181128-Jan61-1713
CUDDY Martha, Helston, SinglewomanDALE Henry the younger, Mawgan in Meneage, Yeomanpregnant with childDALE Henry the elder, Mawgan in Meneage, Yeoman181211-Jul61-1714
THOMAS Johanna, Helston, SinglewomanCOLLIVER Charles, Helston, Hutlerpregnant with childMARTIN John, Helston, Yeoman181222-Jul61-1716
TRETHEWAY Grace, Helston, SinglewomanVIBERT John, Helston, Carpenterpregnant with childVIBERT James, St. Erth, Carpenter181416-Mar61-1719
IVEY Ann, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)23 Jun instant, Female babyDREW William, Merthan, Yeoman; DREW Richard, Probus, Yeoman181526-Jun61-1721
DUNN Mary, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)16 May last, Male babyTHOMAS William, Helston, Taylor181519-Jun61-1723
HIGGO Mary, Helston, SinglewomanWILLIAMS James, Wendron, Tinnerpregnant with childJAMES John, Illogan, Tinner181611-Apr61-1725
POPPIN Elizabeth, Helston, Singlewoman(not identified)ca 10 Jun instant, two babies, Male and FemaleTHOMAS Richard, Helston, Inn Keeper; MARSHALL John, Helston, Inn Keeper; ROSEWARNE James, Helston, Butcher181719-Jun61-1727
EVA Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanIVEY James the younger, Illogan, Tinnerpregnant with childIVEY John, Pool in Illogan, Miner182012-Jan61-1728
HALL Elizabeth, Helston, SinglewomanPENROSE John, Truro, Mason4 Mar last, Male babyCOCK Richard, Truro, Whitesmith; PENROSE Francis the younger, Truro, Mason182206-May61-1733
TRESIDDER Mary, Helston, SinglewomanDANIELL Charles, Helston, Surgeonpregnant with childROGERS Pearce, Helston, Gentleman182201-Jun61-1735
GILBERT Jenifer, Helston, SinglewomanPASCOE Francis the younger, Helston, Taylorpregnant with childPASCOE Francis the elder, Helston, Taylor182211-Jun61-1736
EDWARDS Ann Parkins, Falmouth now Helston, SinglewomanMUSGRAVE Thomas Moore, Falmouth, Esquirepregnant with childPENDER Francis, Falmouth, Gentleman182231-Aug61-1739
CARLYON Jane, Helston, SinglewomanRICHARDS James, St. Keverne, Marinerpregnant with childDANIELL Mark, St. Keverne, Mariner182318-Apr61-1740
HELLIER Mary, Helston, WidowCURNOW John, Sithney, Millerpregnant with child??? Richard, Helston, Yeoman182320-May61-1741

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