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St Martin in Meneage


ST. MARTIN in MENEAGE is a parish just located north of the center of approximately 14 by 14 miles of Lizard Peninsula. 

Its name was taken to honor Martin of Tours. Martin was born 316, became a bishop and died about 397. His body was taken into Tour. The Church of France has always considered Martin to be one of her greatest Saints. The word Meneage means Monkish Land or land of the Monks. This Meneage area is from St. Anthony in Meneage to St. Martin in Meneage, but includes part of Mawgan, hence the Parish name: ‘St.’ ‘Martin’ ‘in Meneage’ St. Martin in Meneage.

The Lizard Peninsula, in which it stands on, is considered a hazardous stretch of coastline known as the “Graveyard of Ships”. Since St. Martin is more inland it is more agriculture but does lead to Heltson, St. Keverne, Portleven and Lizard Point areas. 

St Martin in Meneage Parish Church

Parish Records

I have made my transcriptions available in two formats. You can either display the information sorted by surname or you can download a CSV file containing all the records to your computer and then use your spreadsheet system to look at the records. Please note that however you choose to access my transcriptions, the material is made available to you on the basis that I retain full intellectual property rights. You may use the material solely for your own personal family history research and the information may not be published, sold or otherwise distributed without my express permission.

One further 'health warning' is on dates. Prior to 1752 the calendar year ran from 25th March through to 24th March so, for example, January 1750 is the month AFTER December 1750. In 1751 the days of September 2nd to 14th were cancelled and from that year onwards 31st December became the end of the calendar year. Hence from January 1752 the calendar year runs as we know it today. Note that in these transcriptions the dates are 'as recorded' i.e. as they were at the time. 

You'll find an explanation of the Reference Codes I have used in these transcriptions here. I have transcribed the years shown in the table below but in today's climate of potential identity theft it seems prudent not to make recent records available online. Hence if you are interested in records after 1910 please contact me at the email address on the Home Page and I will look them up for you.

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Other Transcriptions

1834 Voters List

Other Records

I also have access to the following records and can do a search if you give me the exact year:

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