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The CRINER Baptist Church, Criner, OK.

CRINER Family Home Page

Hello and welcome to the CRINER family web page! In the past year I have made many additions to the Criner family tree. While it is the accepted thought that Johann Creiner was our first ancestor in America? I believe some government official transliterated his name. The Creiner should be Criner--in my opinion. I have found Criner tombstones listed in German graveyards. A correspondent of mine in Germany thought that the Creiner spelling sounded Dutch. Although, until I get absolute proof I will continue to explore both spellings.

However I do need your help! There is a woeful lack of information on the CRINER’S preceding Isaac and Granville. Any information concerning anyone before Isaac & Granville Criner would be greatly appreciated. There is an abundance of misinformation on the Internet, but if you study it carefully and in context it just does not fit! As you probably know most folks are not very vigilant about what they claim as fact so BEWARE!

When I started this journey several years ago I had no idea of what a large geographically diverse family we had. I have found Criner cousins in almost every state and 4 or 5 foreign countries. We are Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Geologists, Photographers, Politicians, Professors, Teachers and even a few outlaws! I occasionally wonder what old Johann would think of his family now, it’s my guess that he would be proud of his kin.

If you can help with any CRINER or other surname listed I would love to hear from you! Pictures and family folklore is especially appreciated! Please feel free to E-mail me with any comments, info or to just say howdy “Cuz”.

~Jerry Dean Criner

I am currently researching the following surnames:


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