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Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen

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  Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen

Convicted of Murder, Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen was hanged at Pentonville Prison, London, England
on 28 November 1910.


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In 1910, a telegram was transmitted by the master of the Atlantic liner Montrose which led to the hanging of Dr. Crippen after trying to flee to Canada for the murder of his wife by poisoning, dismembering and burying her in their Holloway, London cellar.

On 22nd July 1910, 130 miles west of Lizard Point Cornwall, Kendall telegraphed:

"Have strong suspicions that Crippen London cellar murderer and accomplice are amongst saloon passengers moustache taken off growing beard accomplice dressed as boy voice manner and build undoubtedly a girl both travelling as Mr and Master Robinson = Kendall +"

More historic information on telegrams can be

Key dates surrounding the case and subsequent trial can be seen here. Reproduced from The Trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen, edited by Filson Young, first published in 1920 as part of the Notable British Trials Series. this page or for an alternative view 

The illicit photograph taken during the trial showing Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen and Ethel le Neve in the dock at the Old Bailey.

Fascinating facts from the London Metropolitan Police can be found


39 Hilldrop Crescent, Camden Town, London, England

The Cellar at 39 Hilldrop Crescent


Cora Crippen also known as Belle Elmore


Ethel le Neve

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Stockholm Police Appeal

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More interesting facts came to light on a BBC television programme the Antiques Roadshow – text has been reproduced from the BBC Online web-site, 31st May 2000 and can be seen

A copy of Hawley Harvey Crippen’s Last Will and Testament, which has been obtained from the English Public Record Office can be seen

For background information on Hawley Harvey Crippen, his life and subsequent death by Stephen Stratford go to

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