Whitby Diary

Passenger List "Slains Castle" 1850-51 from London to Port Melbourne & Port Adelaide

Notes about passengers listed in Mr Whitby's diary:-

Whitby Diary P1

Miss Bishop died during the voyage
Mr., Mrs.  & Miss (Elizabeth) Kay surname is most likely Key
most likely Chittle or Chettle
George -
6 are listed by the Argus but only one (John) a 17 year old carver from Cornwall was still on board when the official list was made a couple of days later.
Tilley -
2 families are listed by the Argus, Thomas jnr, his wife and family (2 sons) and Thomas Henry with his wife and family (7 children), the eldest 2 probably being the 2 Miss Tilley's named in the diary. Names and details of the families provided by Barry Tilley (bredanic@internode.on.net)
Ward  may have been Woods (Thomas Woods later married Elizabeth Tilley)
Henshall was Henshaw
Reece was Rees
Miss Rexter
only appears on this list but was actually Rosanna McCreanor, daughter of Mary Rexter (Information from Jim Taylor)
was Leeson
was Gorman and listed twice
was Johnston
was Burgh
was Jefferey
boarded with 6 children and another baby girl was born during the voyage
was Whatton
Webster Mr & family
only appears on this list so may be the man, Alex, who was travelling alone and disembarked in Melbourne. (Mrs. Webster & family went on to Adelaide)
Mr. Davis & wife
was probably Mr Thomas Davis and wife who were supposedly going on to Adelaide but only he was listed as arriving in SA. He was listed among the single men on the official list in Melbourne so it seems that there wasn't a wife.

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