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You are missed by many.....

Patty Crow passed away on Feb. 2, 2008

She was an avid genealogist. She spent many late nights tracking down our Crow history and her Boswell and Callister history.  You may have seen the cartoon of the person falling asleep at their computer, that was Patty!   Even before dna testing began she was the first to suspect a connection to the Crow family on the Isle of Man. Patty also was an accomplished seamstress.  She loved making dolls.  She donated many to local organizations including the Newman Museum.  She graduated from San Jose State Univeristy and spent five years as a first grade teacher.  She worked alongside husband Mervyn in the family walnut business.  She had previously belonged to the local Jeep club, was active in the Boy Scouts, the Garden Club and her favorite RV Club.  She was a past president of the California Women for Agriculture.  She loved her dogs and cats.  She had a green thumb and spent many hours working in her yard.  She planted masses of bearded iris and tulips and they were absolutely amazing in the spring and summer.  She also collected succulents.  Patty is survived by her husband Mervyn and her mother Glade.  Her son Mervyn passed away in 1992.   

We were both interested in California history and spent many hours pouring over books and maps together.  We visited many places here in California where we knew our Crows had been.  I miss walking over to her house.  Sometimes I'd stay so late I'd have to walk back through the dark orchard.  But the path was well worn.   Patty is buried at the National Cemetery at Santa Nella, California.  I pass it on my way to the coast and always stop by to put out flowers.  I'm trying to write the book we always planned but it hasn't been possible to work on it since Patty got sick.  I'm hopeful that the book will be published this year.    



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