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Mills yDNA Project Overview

The Mills DNA Surname Project began in October of 2002.  Reflected below are the results and some conclusions that can be made so far, however, more lines are being tested.  All DNA participants should read the information at I have the Results of My Genetic Genealogy, Now What Do I Do? which will help them gain a better insight on how to interpret these results.    I have also included many other useful sites for interpreting the results on my 'DNA Project Info' which can be accessed by using the button at the top of this page.  Mills DNA testing is being performed by

Current Project Stats:

bullet123 Participants with Results
bullet23 Groups
bullet1 Pending Results
bullet1 who has not returned their kit to FamilyTreeDNA
bullet5 who have not turned in their pedigree & have results in.


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DNA News

bullet2/10/10 - New results posted. FamilyTreeDNA is having a sell for those that were tested at another lab.  Use this form for sale!
bullet7/13/09 - I got married on the 4th of July, my name is now Charlene Tindall. Please read FamilyTreeDNA's new guide I have the Results of My Genetic Genealogy, Now What Do I Do?
bullet2/1/09 - Are you wondering why your yDNA results, match so many other's results, that do not have the same surname?  Here is an internet site that explains 'Surname history'.
bullet7/8/2008 - New Mills Book The Mills Name in History. Revised the Mills Library.
bullet3/17/08 - I created a Mills yDNA Facebook group to create greater exposure to this project.
bullet2/21/08 - We hit a milestone of 100 results posted! 
bullet11/5/2006 - Members wanting to discuss their results can so here FamilyTreeDNA Forum
bullet10/10/06  - New 67 marker results are coming in.  To view these results, please see this page - look in the Y-Results tab.  The participants' that do not have their earliest ancestor on this site, can add it by going to their personal results page on FamilyTree
bulletThis month's FamilyTreeDNA Facts and Genes newsletter. 
bulletPast month's FamilyTreeDNA Facts and Genes newsletters.

Mills Y-DNA Test Results

The American Surnames book by Elsdon C. Smith 1997 states 'The third most important building in the village would be the mill, and family adjacent thereto would be Mills, Mull, Milne or Trevelyn if British, and Desmoulins, Mullins, or Moulins if French.  Based on this statement and the results received to date it appears there could have been many different unrelated families living near a mill and that took the Mills surname.  Therefore, there could be many unrelated Mills family lines in the United States.  To learn more about surnames history, and how they started, see this site:  What's In a Name? Your Link to the Past

Below are the links to the test results received back so far.  Some of the participants have provided me authorization to provide contact information, to contact them click on the kit number or the researcher's name .  All of the participate have provided their pedigrees which includes their earliest known ancestor.  To view the participants' ancestry, click on the earliest ancestor's name.  Participants with pending results can be view on this page Participants with Results Pending  

Participants have been placed in a group based on there test results.  Matching results and results that are just different by one numbers (different number highlighted in yellow)  were placed in the same group.  Sometimes I put groups into subgroups (i.e. a, b, c) just to point out they are not an exact match.  If the participant has no match or close match, they were not placed in a group.


Mills yDNA Results Groups



Mills R Haplogroup Results - Groups 100 through 190


Mills I Haplogroup Results - Groups 500 through 600


Mills Other Haplogroup Results - Haplogroups G, E, and Q - Groups 300 & 700


Mills All Results - FamilyTreeDNA automatically posts all results to this page.  I only post results for those that have submitted their pedigree to me in the links above.  If the participants earliest ancestor is not shown, it is because the participant has not entered the information on their personal results page.


About Mutation Rates

By Family Tree DNA

It is obvious from our observation of 1000's of samples that some markers change or mutate at a faster rate than others. While that actual 'faster rate' has not yet been definitively calculated, not all markers should be treated the same for evaluation purposes.

The markers in magenta (on the results tables) have shown a faster mutation rate then the average, and therefore these markers are very helpful at splitting lineages into sub sets, or branches, within your family tree.

Explained another way, if you match exactly on all of the markers except for one or a few of the markers we have determined mutate more quickly, then despite the mutation this mismatch only slightly decreases the probability of two people in your surname group who match 11/12 or even 23/25 of not sharing a recent common ancestor.

DNA Books

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Permission required to publish these results anywhere!

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