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Welcome!  I am the Chambers and the Mills DNA Project coordinator.  To learn more about each of these projects and about participating, click on the buttons above.  Reflected below is general information that should be reviewed by all potential project participants before joining.

The DNA Projects on this site are all being processed by FamilyTreeDNA.  Reflected below is their descriptions on the tests being performed in these projects.

Y-Chromosome - DNA Tests

Men in the Chambers, Mills, and Barnes DNA Projects are participating by taking Y-DNA test.  On the DNA Inheritance Chart the Y-DNA tests for common ancestors on the outer most left side of the chart.

Participants can join by ordering a 12, 37, or 67 marker test.  To find out more about these tests and pricing click on the button above called 'DNA Prices'.  When you join a project the prices are discounted.  To join and get the discounted prices click on the links to the left.  After you join and want to get additional testing your pricing will be reflected within your personal FamilyTreeDNA page by clicking on the Pricing tab on top.

Mitochondria - mtDNA Tests

Women and men may participate by taking Maternal Match DNA test.  On the DNA Inheritance Chart the Maternal Match tests for common ancestors on the most outer right side of the chart.

FamilyTree DNA description of the test Maternal Match: tests the mtDNA of females and the female lineage of males (HVR1). Results are placed in our mtDNA database and when 2 people show the same identical polymorphism, we will inform both parties if you have both signed the FTDNA Release Form. The customer receives a report generally describing mtDNA, the meaning of polymorphism, your differences from the Cambridge Reference Sequence and the meaning of probability between matches.

Ysearch & Ybase

All Y-DNA participants with results should enter their results into the Ysearch and Ybase database so that they can search for others that have the same Y-DNA test results.  Use of the Ybase site is free.  If you choose to enter your results data into Ybase, I can add a Ybase Search hyperlink in the results table once you provide me your record ID.  To see how Ybase works, go to one of the results pages and click on the Go! hyperlink on the results table.


Y-Chromosome Haplogroups

All Y-DNA results have been categorized into Haplogroup classifications.   The results table reflects each of the participants haplogroups as determined by Family Tree DNA. 


To learn more about haplogroups, click on the button at the top of this page called 'Y-DNA Haplogroups'.

Time to Closest Ancestor

A genetic distance table has been provided so that participants can use the data to determine the probability of having a common ancestor by clicking on the button at the top of this page called 'DNA Close Ancestor?'.


Group participants can click on their FTDNATip buttons on their Y-DNA Matches page to have the probability calculation preformed for each match.


Y-STR Database

Participants with results in can enter their alleles into this Y-STR site and obtain information on where others in Europe and the US have the same alleles.  To learn more about this and review an example, click on the button at the top of the page called 'Y-STR Database'.


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