This goes through the civil war but does not include union soldiers in the civil war.

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1780, May 29.  Ensign or Lt. Cruitt was on American side in "15th Virginia" (his company or regiment or whatever) in battle with British leader Tarleton and American leader Buford at Waxhaw. Ensign Cruitt was sent towards Tarleton with white flag, Cruitt was cut down, then British slaughtered the smaller surrendering American force.  Cruitt was one of only about 6 that survived according to one account, another account says he was killed.

Criut, John b. 174? b. Va. Vol. 37 p. 166 continental army serg. major - from AGBI.  Another place he was spelled Cruit.

Cruit, Robert b. 174? b. Va. continental army.

Lt. Cruit killed at Waxhaw 29 May, 1780.  Fifteenth Va.

All or first two of above from Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolutionary War.

Cruite, John, Lt. 4th.  Schedule of the names and ranks of most of the officers of the war of independence: Virginia.

Cruit, John b. 174? 4th Va. Regiment, continental line.

Cruit, Robert, b. 174? Halifax pension.

<>1824. From the book An Account of General La Fayette's Visit to Virginia: Major John L. Cruit was listed in a group of Rev. War officers who would be present.  John L. Cruit's name is engraved along with other Viriginia officers of the Revolution on an obelisk on the west side of the La Fayette gate, the principal entrance to the Capitol Square in Richmond.

1834. A Revolutionary War vet applied for a pension and in his application stated: John L. Cruit
and James Morton of P. Edward [Virginia] could probably give me some information on this subject, but as
both of them are very old men, it is likely nothing satisfactory could be had.

Virginia Pension  Roll of 1835: Report from the Secretary of War In relation to the Pension Establishment Of the United States 1835.
AGE 80

Cruite, John Lt., Va. mil. Bounty warrant application in state library.

Cruett, sgt.  Revolutionary war court martial.  For concealing stolen rum, reduced to private, continental army.  Probably 9th Mass. Regiment since his coharts were in that regiment.

Revolutionary War service records 1775-83. Serj Maj John Cruite, revolutionary war record group 93 M246 in National Archives. Roll box 110, Roll description: VA

WAR OF 1812:

Cruite, John, Major Woodford's squadron, cavalry, Va. militia, private. War of 1812 service records: roll box 50, roll exct 602.

Cruit, Richard, private, 5 regiment Va. militia, from 1813-14. 

Crewet, Henry. Private in Key's Regiment, Ohio Militia. 


Cruit, Samual S., 1836, 1st mounted vols., Georgia, enrolled Columbus Georgia for 3 mos.  HE APPEARS TO BE IN 1850 GA census.
  More info on him: Upson County GaArchives Military Records..... Upson Light Dragoon January 20 1836.[note: later this became known as Capt Allen's Company, Beall's 1st GA Mounted Volunteers Creek War]  In list of privates is Samuel S. Cruit.


Gilbert M. Cruit.  3 Lt.  Rives' Supporting Force 9 Congressional District, Army of the Confederate States.
Ala. Film E49c Roll 11.  Enlisted Sept. 15, 1864.  Residence Baldwin Co.  Height: 5'5" or 5'8".  Blue eyes, age 49, hair: light.  Paroled June 27, 1865 at Mobile.  From BHM microfilm - Ala confederate records - Roll 504.

Captain Benjamen S. Rives headed Rives' supporting force.  Surrendered by Lt. Gen R. Taylor, C.S.A. to Maj. Gen E.R.S. Canby U.S.A. & paroled at Selma, Ala., June 7, 1865.

Rives's Supporting Force had about 100 men and 4 officers.  Capt. Rives, 3 lieutenants, Gilbert M. Cruit listed as 3rd lt.

Crewitt, Robert F. private, Dec. 31, 1862 - Apr. 30, 1863.  (Maybe that is the time period the microfilm covered?)  Enlisted Feb. 27, 1863, Baldwin Co. by Capt. West for 3 years.  Remarks: pay horse 40 cents per day - $24.40.